I Know You Meant Well, But That Was Wack: 10 Video Visions Gone VERY Wrong

November 9, 2012  |  
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Ever watch a music video and think to yourself “Whoa, what was that about?” or how about “Hmm, a crap video to go with an even crappier song.” Don’t worry, so have we. We’re sure some of these video’s directors and artists in front of the camera meant well, but some things just weren’t adding up–or they were just plain ‘ol terrible. Check out our list of video visions gone completely wrong.


Keri Hilson, “The Way You Love Me”

If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching this video, you may be wondering why Ms. Keri Baby is making such a “stank” face in the above photograph; however, I’m sure those of you who have seen it before can understand how fitting that face actually is. I know that sex sells, but this video was a bit much. Who am I kidding? The sex “sold” in this video was way overdone, from the barely there wardrobe choices to the erotic choreography, licking doors and coo poppin’ in the screen. I mean, all of those pelvic thrusts, really?  If BET’s “Uncut” was still on-air, this certainly would’ve made the line-up. There’s a thin line between swexy and  slory.


Drake, “Best I Ever Had”

I’m not even gonna front. This used to be my jam. But every time I see this video I have to ask, “Why, Drake, why?” This was such a great song and fans were absolutely convinced that there would be a fly video to accompany it. Unfortunately, we were wrong. I’m sure they meant well over at Cash Money Records, but this was not the right song or the moment for Drake to go all “Coach Carter meets after 1 a.m. Cinemax movies” on us. It looked like he was coaching a basketball team full of Adult Video stars and honestly, maybe that was the goal considering the many sexual references made. It seems like this video theme was chosen completely at random as it has nothing to do with the song and that slam dunking mascot? No comment. Now, don’t get me wrong, the video had its humorous moments, but overall, the dots just didn’t connect. One more question, why did all the sistahs have to come in towards the end looking like the “Monstars” from Space Jam?!


Nelly, “Tip Drill”

Ummmm, yeah. If raunchy-meets-rachet music videos had a hierarchy, the “Tip Drill” video would be the reigning king. Now, I will say, simply judging by the name of this song as well as the lyrics, rachetry was to be expected. But, almost no one expected it to go as far as it did. Thanks to the St. Lunatics, the infamous card down the crack scene will forever be etched in our memories. This video was pretty much a low budget porno flick, with big named rappers on the soundtrack being utterly obnoxious. Look over your shoulder and make sure your boss isn’t around, because this video isn’t for the faint of heart.


Erykah Badu, “First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”

Okay, so we all know “Auntie Erykah” for being a little eccentric, but this video had a few folks questioning her sanity. I wasn’t sure if I was watching a skin flick, a documentary on National Geographic, or a reenactment of a bad dream. The nudity, that blood bath and most certainly that semen bath left many pondering what the point of this video was. Maybe you have to be in touch with your “inner artist” to get this one. Or possibly, it just wasn’t for us to “get.” But Badu did say what was released was an unfinished visual that she hadn’t approved. But I’m not to sure there would have been any way to make the video tasteful…


Jay-Z and Kanye West, “OTIS”

A video such as this one isn’t too far fetched for Kanye and since most people couldn’t tell you what Jay and Yeezy are talking about in this song any way, we won’t even go as far as to say that the music doesn’t match the video. We get it, you guys are so filthy rich that you can afford to cut out the roof and dismantle the doors off of a perfectly good Maybach to go joyriding for your amusement. One question though, all those snow bunnies and not a sistah in sight? *Side eye* The abrupt conclusion of this song as well as the video left us all wondering if this video ever had a “vision” to begin with. While “OTIS” may have been the song of the summer, this video was a complete let down.


Rihanna, “You Da One”

I’ll admit, this is a pretty cool song…but, that video is a totally different story. I realize every music video isn’t going to have some superb dramatic storyline that keeps us enthralled from beginning to end, but it seems like they didn’t even try with this one. They brought her some nice clothes and threw a grill in her mouth. It’s like a magazine spread in motion. I’ve watched YouTube lyric videos that are most interesting.


Beyonce, “1+1”

I for one thought this song was simply beautiful. And yes, I believe that Beyonce is stunningly gorgeous. But, as touching as the lyrics of this song may be and as lovely as Beyonce is, no one wants to watch her do absolutely nothing for four minutes and twenty-nine seconds with glitter all over her. B, this video bored me to tears and considering the fact that you co-directed this one, it was a bit narcissistic as well.


Khia, “My Neck, My Back”

When I think of low-budget videos, Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” is certainly one of the first videos that comes to mind. First of all, I’m not sure who was in charge of wardrobe, but the way that they dressed her was wrong on so many levels. I guess one could only expect so much for a music video for a song with lyrics of this nature. When it comes to ratchet hierarchy, this video doesn’t fall too far behind the aforementioned “Tip Drill.” Side Note: Did she have on pajamas and a jean jacket in that BBQ scene?


Wale, “Pretty Girls”

There was a bit of an uproar surrounding this video. Not because it was offensive or degrading to women, but because this is supposed to be a video where Wale is supposed to be praising pretty women (well, “girls”), and while there are a host of different models in this video, the black ones are far from diverse. Many felt that this video played into the stereotypical mold of black male hip-hop artists, constantly glorifying all women except their own. Wale may have meant well, but it wasn’t received that way.


Mystikal, “Shake It Fast”

This song was probably the anthem in every strip club in America for a period in time. It was a bit on the raunchy side, but hey, grown folks make music for other grown folks I suppose. What many can’t seem to figure out are the children that were shown in the video just before all of the debauchery began. It’s kind of like “Whoa, where did those kids come from and why are they there!?” Possibly they should have reconsidered using children in a project this racy, but ya’ll know Mystika doesn’t have good sense.

What are some other music videos you felt missed the mark completely?

Jazmine Denise is a freelance writer living in New York. Follow her on Twittter @jazminedenise

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  • E.M.B.

    I honestly don’t remember the tip drill video being that bad until I just watched it again, I’m beyond speechless. It made me clutch my pearls.

  • breezy

    Is that Keri Hilson video old. I have never heard it before. Either way I was only able to take a couple seconds of hearing her screeching and watching her shuck and jive across my screen before I shut the video off.

  • d

    i still dont get wth people were talking about with the “pretty girls” video…they were brown girls in the video as well. maybe they meant women of a darker complexion like his own?

  • I was so disappointed when I saw Beyonce’s 1+1 video…bc all I did was stare at her face…um … ok we get it your beautiful but still and LOL @ Mystikal’s video…I didnt even notice those kids back in the day!

  • MsT

    Part of the reason why Khia’s video is so ratchet is because Artemis, her label at the time, was an independent that couldn’t afford anything better. I was working for the parent label at the time, and when that “My Neck My Back” single blew up, they did not expect it to, had no promotional items prepared to support it, not enoungh singles pressed, and despite its success didn’t want to allocate much money towards it. Can’t blame Khia entirely for that.

  • OMG I can’t even continue clicking bc I felt the EXACT same way about Keri Hilson’s video when it came out…like D*MN we gotta go there to sell music…I remember being outraged and no one else was…thank you !

  • It’sMe

    I’m not even gonna lie, I loved that “Best I Ever Had” video. I thought it was hilarious. But, to each it’s own.

  • Suchalady

    I liked the “You Da One” video.

    Beyonce = narcissist. No surprise there.

  • ShanaeShines

    I think they didn’t put a sista in the video because they were trying to make a point to how far Black people have really come. we can afford to tear up a maybach, ride around clowning-with your “white daughters” in the BACK seat, all in front of the “American’ flag. Our Sistas have been expolited enough, it was their turn.. it was as statement and i get it. They made it. Now the other videos…..I dont really know… LOL

    • I get what your saying…never thought of it like that!

    • wordblaze

      And can i tell you that is EXACTLY why I think ‘Ye is with Kim?! To say ‘look what i got!’ I got this white woman acting like my bottom b…!’ when i saw her in that see-through skirt i thought ‘ohhhh. he’s her pimp! he tells her what to wear and she does it’. And that skirt seemed like a direct message: he’s flaunting his ‘success’ in the face of white American men. As in ‘see this azz?! It’s mine!’

      • SMH_shameonitall

        That skirt was disgraceful! I’m not a fan of Kim K’s but as a woman I don’t think that skirt would look good–or should be worn WITHOUT UNDIES by ANYone. I’ve lost what little respect I had for Kanye because he is so SMITTEN & WHIPPED by that slore, which totally contradicts his past public statements and some of his lyrics. Folks are in awe of her curves yet her shape mimicks what black women have–and have had for years. Whatever!!

  • ijs

    All i can say is Nelly caught sooooooo much flac for that tip drill video i mean every one was on his a s s for the credit card swipe. lol smh i’m like well for one that woman didnt mind the swipe obviously smh and 2 you had to watch the enitre video to get to that part so if the video bothered you that bad then you would’ve turned it off well before. i’m just saying lol either way these vids are ratchett

    • PPL were boycotting him and everything ! Crazy

    • RIGHT!! AND it was clearly made for Uncut, so unless you were actually staying up until 3 AM to even catch that, why would it matter? & on his Behind The Music, he said it was the stripper’s idea! Yeah @twitter-113499768:disqus I thought the boycott was silly, especially when Spelman did so in the middle of him trying to find a bone marrow donor for his sister! He had to cancel the trip to Spelman, and who knows, he could’ve possibly found her a match! It was just sad watching him speak on that in his BTM, you could tell he was so hurt! 🙁

    • SMH_shameonitall

      But the bad thing about that is, as Nelly said, it was the GIRL’S idea!! Then he got so much bad press for it…Spelman refused to let him perform there or have a benefit or something (because he was trying to find a bone marrow match for his sister)–it was terrible. You can look at videos for 5 seconds and know what era they came from. Back in the day all a woman had to do was be cute–**fully clothed*. Then it was cute but still in lady-like clothing, then form-fitting, to skimpy–now its practically NO clothes and bumpin’ & grindin’. #sad!

  • ANTMilf

    Kanye directed that Drake video BTW. Also, that Tip drill and that Khia chick’s video and song so n a s t y, I felt like taking my TV to an OB/GYN clinic to get it checked for a virus.

  • LOL… I actually liked the Otis video, because I cracked up watching Jay and Kanye clown, but yeah, I have to agree… they could’ve put a sista in the video!

    • I loved the video cause it had Aziz Ansari in it. Dude is effin hilarious to me… and i forgot they had no black women in the video.

  • IllyPhilly

    I agree with all of this and wished ya actually added more. Videos are just horrible nowadays. The same theme (skanks in skimpy clothing), the same types of women (racially ambiguous or just plain ole white girls), the same stupidity (some dumb dance, liquor, cars, and dumbness). I get annoyed when my kids tell me there’s a video to a new song that I enjoy because I know it’s a let down. However, that damn 2 Chains Birthday song (not in any way, shape, or form a song I enjoy) made me wanna call Al Sharpton cuz that looked like something somebody mocking rap would make.

    • Isn’t it sad from how videos and music have come from? But you know what when I was younger my parents said the same thing about ‘our music’ so I guess the generations have to out freak each other to win? IDK But I def agree with what your saying ^^^ there