An Open Letter to All the Jean-Dragging Saggers: Pull Up Your Pants, Son!

November 29, 2012  |  

When I was younger, I thought it was Hot. Nothing screamed rough and tough more than a handsome young man with a little sag to his swag. But as I’ve gotten older, I can’t help but to shake my head at the trend that sprouted from the confines of the jailhouse and transplanted with liberty to the streets. I now understand why old-timers twist up their faces and grit their teeth at the sight of a young man (or manly woman) with pants hanging below their bottoms. They roll their eyes and toot up their noses, barking about how lost and misguided this generation is, never hesitating to yell “Boy, you better pull up them pants!”

And I couldn’t agree more. Plain and simple, it’s not cute. I mean, what’s the point of wearing a belt if you’re going to show your business to every passerby anyhow? Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s the wave right? It’s cool and fashionable to have your underwear hanging out. Yet anytime a woman walks outside with a thong gripping her hips, everyone’s quick to think that she’s dressed inappropriately. And you’re not?

Don’t you all see how ridiculous you look with your a** half out and your britches hanging to your knees? Especially the ones who can’t walk straight because they’re too busy trying to keep their pants from falling to the ground. Seriously? You’re a grown man and don’t know what size jeans you wear? You spend hundreds of dollars on clothes and don’t own a decent belt? And not a belt just for fashion and flashing, but one that will hold your trousers up so the world’s not staring at your behind.

As outrageous as it is, this sagging thing is a true epidemic. When I walk the streets, it’s all I see. Whether I’m in the middle of the ‘hood or chilling in the ‘burbs, I’m met with the sight of boxer drawers and butt cracks. Even the skinny jeans some young men wear are somehow sticking to the leg but stopping way under the butt. Why do you want to get on public transportation with your underwear touching seats covered in germs?? People upload flicks on Facebook and post pics on Instagram, posing with their pants so low you wonder why they even bother to put any on. It’s to a point where parents—ratchet ones anyway—are dressing their kids in oversized jeans that showcase everything from the roota to the toota and proudly flaunt them to their friends like they’re trophies in a case. Sad.
What kills me most is that half the saggers out there are—or pretend to be—homophobic. Really? Funny how you’re advertising all your goods, exposing the very thing men in prison prize the most. The same thing that many of you would damn near go ballistic over if a woman even thinks about touching. How ironic.

Although you may not think it’s a big deal, there’s an army of onlookers who strongly disagree. Call me crazy, but the only people who need to know if your boxers read Calvin Klein or Fruit of the Loom are you and the ones you screw (and whoever funds the underwear you wear). Do the rest of us a favor and pull your pants up on your behind and save the sagging for when you’re at home–alone. Please.

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  • mjazzguitar

    What’s hip today will become passé. I can’t imagine guys 50 years old doing this.

  • kickash

    lol this is my brothers right here. im so sick of seeing the little polo horses on their boxers. my bf wears his pants properly and one day we were in the car at a stoplight and a man in a truck pulled up next to us and said to me, “you smart, you not with one of them “saggin pants boys”, so random, but true.

  • Alohilani

    I’m tired of seeing boys and men walking around with their butts hanging out, over their pants. I’m tired of seeing these same boys and men walk or stand with their hands down their sagging pants. I’m tired of seeing boys and men tug on their pants to pull them up but fall right back down because they are 3 sizes to big. I’m tired of seeing the fabric of shorts hanging over the waist of a boy or man’s pants. Nobody wants to see that mess!

  • ANTMilf

    I was at a grocery store with my 5 year old daughter and this guy was saggin and he was lifting a case of bottled water and my child saw his butt crack and she screamed “EWWWWW bootie crack!” I told the guy off and he had a guilt look on his face and pulled his jeans up.

  • tjack

    how about you ignore them or even better just dont look?

    • Alohilani

      How can you ignore something or not look when it is constantly in your face?

    • ANTMilf

      Gee, that would be hard to do since it’s been in your face for over 20 years!

  • the sagging of the pants is a subconscious invitation for homosexual activity………the next step is them coming out the sagging pants and putting on a dress

    • Live_in_LDN

      Eurgh you’re comment sounds really rapey. Like the guys who dismiss rape cases because she was wearing a skirt and that meant she was ‘asking for it;

  • GeekMommaRants

    This is gay liberation, right? The ole pull and insert, right? This is the only explanation I can come-up with as to why we get to see a young man’s underwear, right?

    • Alohilani

      No, that is not right.

      • GeekMommaRants

        How so? Straight men do not want anyone to see their underwear from behind. How is this wrong?

        • GeekMommaRants

          I would think that straight would realize that the pull and insert does not apply to them. Straight men in our community are too homophobic to confuse anything gay with them. Sagging is not a good example of alpha maleness.

  • Live_in_LDN

    Yeah…you know you’re getting old when you start the whole ‘the youth of today and their fashion choices gar gar gar!’ grumble.

  • Vic

    “What kills me most is that half the saggers out there are—or pretend to be—homophobic.”

    Evidence? And why is the the homosexual agenda constantly injected into discussions about black male behavior?

    • I agree. In this case however, she’s referring to the myth that sagging started in prison for the purpose of males looking for some booty action to signal they were *ahem* open and ready for business.

    • TK

      Because the trend originates from prison where men would sag their pants to signal to the others that they are available for sex. Most young boys don’t know this or believe it but my husband works in corrections and says it still goes on today. We need to teach our young men to stop feeding the stereotypes.

      • Vic

        Im sure young many or most young men do know where it comes from – it isn’t like elders and critics aren’t constantly saying this and beating it into everyone’s brain. In fact , it’s one of the man things so called pro-black people mention when they are inevitably criticizing black people. I do not deny that it is evidence of the continued effeminization of black males in general. However , there is already an agenda in place that attempts to paint black people as largely “homophobic” when black people are not any more homophobic than any other group.

        Also I would just like to add that whether a young black male’s pants are around his ankles or if he’s wearing a 3 piece suit – he is still black and it doesn’t change our image no matter what is worn. Any behavior that black people do in unison is heavily criticized and demonized as something unethical. We can even enjoy a piece of water melon or have the natural texture of our without criticism.

      • Alohilani

        Actually, I think most of them do know, but they do not care. Sagging pants means the opposite for them. Sagging pants means masculine and not homosexual.

    • GeekMommaRants

      Why would showing ones behind be attractive to the opposite sex? This is very very gay!! This is pull and insert and we women cannot do that.

      • Vic

        Agreed! However , where is the criticism of white males ( as a collective ) who do the same thing or wear clothing in an unprofessional or less than masculine manner?

  • Nikki

    I’ve seen a guy sagging his pants as well as a nice little brown stain…

  • get real

    I agree but sagging pants didn’t start in prison. Back in the day our mothers were to poor to buy our right size, so she had to buy them 2 or 3 sizes up. That way you grow into them. Just wondering do people care about the butt crack showing plumber out here? What about the low rise jeans, thong showing women out here?

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      Umm no! When momma used to buy those pants she would get a belt! When I was in grade school, the teacher would tie a piece of yarn around your waist. Mind you this was like 10 to 15 years ago. Not the olden days.

    • UmmYeahOK

      Sorry, but you are dead WRONG. Sagging pants DID start in prison. It was the gay mens’ way of letting the others know they were “down” for whatever.

  • AmyFinehouse

    I think I might just print out copies of this letter and hand them out to every little boy I see with sagging pants….

    • bluekissess

      Well, “studies” have shown that black boys hardly read so good luck with that

      • Nikki

        Oh, darling; it’s not just black boys that sag their pants. You’re in dire need of a culture shock.

  • Ann

    It is ridiculous how these guy want to wear their pants down to show their underwear. Then they have nerve to try to run while holding their pants. I actually stopped by car just to see this foolishness myself . A young running trying to catch the bus with his pants down to his knees holding them and trying to run and could not hardly run because he was holding on to his pants. It was one foolish sight.

  • MKayy

    I remember walking around in the mall and I saw this boy sagging his pants, and had the NERVE to have a HOLE in his boxers right on the left cheek!!!