There’s Nothing Sweet At Sweetie Pie’s: The Family and Crew Are At War! Could This Be The End?

November 3, 2012  |  

I bet it has something to do with that man pictured above.

According to Variety, tensions are riding high on the set of OWN’s highly successful Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.  While the audience is accustomed to seeing the star of the show, Robbie Montgomery, fuss with her son (and restaurant manager), Tim (that’s the man pictured above), and the rest of the family on a regular basis, they never see what’s happening behind the scenes.

The report says that in October, Tim, the restaurant staff and the production team for Pilgrim Studios allegedly got into a very heated argument.  While the details are sketchy, this apparently hasn’t been the first time the sides have been at war.  The network sent co-president Erik Logan to the set of the show with security in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Variety reports that OWN believes all the anger from Tim stems from his many stresses as a manager, a father and soon-t0-be husband. So basically, he has the same problems as everyone else but he just chooses to lash out? Oh okay.  As someone who’s seen the show and watched Tim lose his cool on everyone, including his mother, for no reason at all, it comes as no surprise they’re having so many issues.  Whether or not they decide to air this on Sweetie Pie’s has not yet been determined.

The arguing is coming from all directions. The family is in such disarray that OWN actually offered them therapy from Iyanla Vanzant whose had a breakout show on OWN, Iyanla, Fix My Life. OWN reps did confirm that cameras filmed the sessions but it is ultimately up to the family if they want any of it to hit the airwaves.

Poor Miss Robbie.  She’s got one of the few successful shows on OWN and it is being jeopardized by what is likely some foolishness.  If her son is indeed a big part of the problem, she needs to make some tough decisions about her son and how he fits into her businesses.

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  • terry macon

    Tim should have seen a life coach upon his release from being away for ten years.He lost ten years and time did not stand still,someone should
    Have told him to slow down on the comment with janae. Tim is unhappy and do not want responsible he is like Charles only older soiled rotten.
    Janae was right for moving out and moving on. Its better to raise a happy child as a single parent then to raise a unhappy child with two parents.

    • Serena

      All these negative post about Tim is sad and wrong. Tim is alright with me. Cut him some slack. A person will only do what is allowed by the reciever. If Ms. Robbie is ok with it then that’s all that mattet. Tim could try to tone up but no one can really help their shape but so much. If Janae is ok with his shape that’s all that matters. Get a grip people.

      • Neecee

        I think Tim definitely has some issues. He needs to appreciate and recognize that he is blessed. Oh, and yes ladies, I do agree that he has very big womanly hips and thighs which are not appealing at all. Can someone who knows tell me if his arms are muscular or is it just fat? Looks like muscle that turned to fat to me, but I may be wrong. And do not let me get started on his haircut.

  • Tena

    I love this show very much! I’ve not witnessed the anger in Tim towards his Mother. I do however, note this with his puppy eyed, liver lip, suppose to be his fiance Janae. This woman seems to expect so much from Miss Robbie’s money, and son. She’s too demanding, and practically begs Tim to marry her. Janae acts as if she’s laid the golden egg, with gold strings attached to Miss Robbie’s bank account, thinking she’s secured her position as least for 18 years. Miss Robbie ain’t nobody fool….hey Janae girl!

  • GoldenGraham

    Janae is a fool if she continues her relationship with Tim and a damn fool if she marries him.

  • NSimonefan

    I’ve never noticed Tim’s “womanly hips”, LOL. Next time, I’ll have to “check them out” when I watch, LOL.

  • Guest

    You’re right, she has some tough decisions to make about her son and restaurant. Basically Tim just needs to grow up and start acting like a grown man with responsibilities and stop acting like a teenager. What’s with the attempt to be a rapper? Seriously!!! I know he spent 10 years in prison so he has some catching up to do as far as his social skills, but dude, who comes out of prison into a situation like the one you walked in. Everything was already established, so you just literally walked into a goldmine. Very few black people period much less black males being released from prison have such a luxury!!! GROW UP ALREADY!!!!

  • allie1234

    I believe the problems that Tim and his mom have are long stem for his childhood. His mom use to be a singer for Ike and Tina turner and maybe she wasn’t around. I’m just assuming that something had to happen for him to act so coldly towards women like his mom and Janae his girlfriend.

  • Caramel Apple

    I can’t stand Tim…he has moments of likeability, but then he goes and acts like crap the next second. His body shape and hair are so awkward too lol

  • realadulttalk

    I can’t stand Tim’s big ol’ stank lookin’ booty.

  • Tim is an a***ole…His disrespect for his mother makes the show unwatchable. He disgusts me, I bet that underneath that retarded-ass haircut his head really does come to a point.

  • StephLuv

    I hope this is not true. Love watching this show.

  • nursej

    Ms robbie loves her son, but that love is gonna b her demise. And tim acts like he can giv a fuk r less. Sicken

  • msmissy

    Never trust a man with big hips and a smile!

  • Lola

    He’s an idiot!! He doesn’t know he good he has it.

  • afterthekiss

    Y is Tim so angry? If anything, he is blessed and doesnt even realize it! He has served 10 years in prison and came out into money and now co owns a successful restaurant, has a wife (who probably wasnt with you while in prison) and a baby boy! He living better than most people I know and way better than ex inmates! That anger will cause you to lose it all…hope u read this
    A Fan

  • Tim’s blatant disrespect for his mother is the reason I quit watching after a few episodes. Plus he had wide, womanly hips……

    • Girl, I thought I was the only one who saw that weird shape he is sporting! I don’t like him. He is a very selfish person and I crack up at how he really believes that Mangrove is “His” restaurant! I’m sorry, didn’t you just get out the pen? That is your momma’s restaurant and you “work” at it!

    • sincere

      Yes he do , look like a girl

      • Negress

        It’s that food. He’s built just like his mamma. He was a fat kid if you see the pics on the show.

    • ProKidHustle

      Birthing hips! My homegirl and I call those dudes B.H.T.’s [booty. hips. and thighs]

    • almondebrown

      Yoooooo, icant with Big Booty Judy either!