Where You Been Kyle From Living Single?

November 3, 2012  |  

As you can tell here at Madame Noire, we’re huge fans of Living Single which is why we’ve made it our personal mission to track down every cast member and see what they’ve been up to (we’re still waiting for you to hit us up Maxine Shaw!)

Check out our interview with T.C. Carson, who played the ever-debonair Kyle Barker, on the show, who tells us what the days were like on the set of Living Single and what he’s been working on these days.


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  • Ayanna

    SOOOOOO fine still!!! Just picturing him in my head with salt-and-pepper baby dreds…..yum! Fine wine, good cheese and fine women get better with age, and so does Mr. Carson! He can whisper in my ear ANYTIME.

  • roo08

    he’s 54 years old and his skin is smooth and glowing…

  • TX2Hi

    He used to be so good looking. WHat happened?

  • monalisa15

    I love bro and all. But the producers could have hooked my man up with some chapstick. Damn.

  • MsFaye

    I love me some Kyle. There’s a little frost on the roof, but he still looks good 😉

  • Guest

    His lips have that cracked look that a lot of alcoholics have. 54 is not that old. He should look better than that

  • Neuronerd

    Without watching the video I’m just gonna guess….Raking in that God of War money?

  • That’s it… so short?? NOoooooo Funny Valentine was to best, you can see it on you tube. I would love to see Kyle on the big screen.

  • nubiennze

    I wish I’d known he had a show in Memphis; I would’ve checked him out.

  • Cass

    WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn Kyle, really! LOL. I have a couple of things to give you.Napkin to wipe your greasy face, a trash can for those bifocals, coffee (large) and a box of clairol (black dye for men).

    • chanela

      do men and women really have separate hair dyes?!?! i bet the men’s one is cheaper -_-

    • JRoc85

      I hate saying this, but KYLE YOU HAVE AGED, lol!!!!!!!!! Maybe if he lost the glasses & got some hair dye, TC would recapture that “Kyle” essence. You can start a campfire with those glasses. hahahahaha. All jokes aside, it really is great seeing TC again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dany

    Loved Living Single. He looks good, not loving those Rickey Smiley glasses though.

  • I always thought he was gay. The way he shut down talk of him liking one of his co-stars kind of confirms it for me. That and that damned striped vest.

    • He is gay. He’s been with b.d.wong for years.

  • Sakinah


  • Miss Bossy

    I’ve been searching for this man T.C. Carson on twitter. I always thought him and Erika Alexander held up a great portion of the show. Both dark skinned beauties, I idolized their black beautiful and dynamic relationship.

  • svhillard

    nice piece!!! He looks like David Ruffin….

  • yeah he aged ….and keep living and we all will…..kyle you still look good and sounds Great!!!!! good interview

    • Exactly. Will we all be able to take the flack we give to other people?

  • I didn’t know Kyle was that much older than his cast mates. Either way, its good to see he is doing well. I would love for a book to be released detailing the show with interviews from the cast.

    • shehiplocki

      Kim Fields in her fifties as well. Every one gets older if we live long enough.

      • Marguerite

        no, she’s 43.

  • Wow I would so buy his cover CD and oh my goodness he’s so grey now! I mean all grey!!

  • JL

    he actually looks good. i think the glasses are what’s doing him and injustice. i can’t stand how people judge you based on looks and not the accomplishments and good you do these days. i admire anyone, especially those who do good, to keep going, despite those naysayers who have nothing better to do but complain about a “look”

  • He does voice overs for Kratos in the God of War series for PS3

  • Ann

    I hated when the show ended. Unfortunately, it is not a lot of good quality shows about blacks out there. I just watch the reruns on tv if I can catch or purchase the dvd season series.

  • hey, where’s the other male friend?? I heard he died is tht true? Geez I hope not

  • guest

    There is nothing wrong with the way this man looks. I think he looks a lot like David Ruffin, from the Temptations. He looks good.


    hold up he’s 54??? if he dyed his hair, he would still look young. the man skin has no wrinkles from what i can see in this video, what is he using?

    • I knooooo…His skin is soo beautiful…I wasn’t ready for the gray hair but he looks dayum GOOD…I don’t know what these haters are talking about.

  • che

    His skin looks great. I really miss the good ole days of ratchet free tv. Living single is in my top 5 of best shows off all time.

    • che

      oops…of all time

  • shame on you

    ”what wrong…he was so cute…

  • Not sure why all these negatives comments about his looks,he still looks good to me..And FYI people aged,you don’t look the same as you do 10-20 yrs ago….

    • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

      Right, because only is it ever right when people comment on a woman’s looks.

      • chanela

        right? lol it’s a crime for a woman to have a baby and gain weight.

  • serenity1125


  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    He might not look too hot but his voice is still so velvety smooth and sexxxxy as h***. Yum ^_^

  • Cal4real

    He actually looks better than he used to. Those glasses make him look a thousand!

  • lovely1016

    When will they make all seasons of Living Single available for purchase???????? I’ve worn out season 1!!!!

  • FromUR2UB

    The only things that have changed about him are his eyes and hair color. People who are going to go gray, begin graying in their late 30s and 40s, and features change a little as people grow older. I don’t think he looks as broken down as many have suggested.

  • BTJ lover

    He looks like he’s been embalmed.

  • LadyT

    That joker looks like the blind, Black, Howdy Doody! Good grief! What the heck has happened to that man! I loved Living Single! Let’s remember Kyle as he was….

  • wow! Kyle got so old looking! eww…

  • Machelle Kwan

    This poor man hasn’t aged well AT ALL and I hope sickness is not the cause.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    He was around 40 when he played on Living Single so he is definitely in his mid 50’s now.

  • Rebecca

    He looks sick or going blind or something. Nonetheless it was still a great interview

    • Machelle Kwan

      He really doesn’t look well.

  • DeepThinker

    He was never a looker, but WTF happened! How did he get to looking like Deacon Rolly Forbes on Amen!

    • 1Val

      Its his gray hair that ages him. Other than that he looks well.

    • Topazhoney

      LOL! Now, I got to look up Deacon Rolly…is he still alive?

      • LadyT

        He died in 2000 at the age of 98. I’m dying laughing. Poor Kyle.

      • oh my goodness! if he was alive he would be wishing for death lol tht man has gone on to glory lol. he was old as dirt on the show anyway! 🙂

    • Is It 5:00 Yet?


  • Laine

    Wow…., has it been that long ago…???? I’m probably getting old too…. OOPs!!

  • Candacey Doris

    It’s been so long. He’s gotten old! I wish the show had never ended.

    • Mia

      Well he is 54 years old.

      • Marco, The Great Master

        Agreed. Keep on living, people …soon they’ll be comments about you too.

      • Candacey Doris

        O.o i forgot how old he was.

      • Lulu012

        omg i had no clue!!!

    • MLS2698

      He looks like ” Uncle Junior ” from the Jaime Foxx show.

      • Candacey Doris

        You thought that too? He just has a thinner head.

    • CF Sista

      I know! I looked at the screen and had to do a double-take! T.C. has aged a lot!

      Aside from that, Living Single was one of the best shows on in the 90s. I miss it, too, and watch it online when I can find the episodes.

  • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka


  • NM

    Awww, so good to know he’s doing well. I loved Living Single (still do) the energy between the original cast was out of this world.

  • KJ23

    That was a really good interview! I liked that!

  • Mia

    Man I used to love me some Kyle when I was little! I still watch the Living Single re-runs, it hasn’t aged a bit, the show was our version of “Friends”!

    • Nikkita Michelle

      Actually the premise of Living Single was ripped off by the creators of Friends.

      • Ellenyc

        Yes! It is well known that L.S. came first…NBC took the time to nurture and grow the show while Fox basically turned a blind eye

      • Mia

        I never implied that Friends came first. I just said that LS was our version of a show that was popular for whites. Read a little slower dear heart.