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In a younger, simpler time, people who were born in the late 80s and early 90s could plop down in front of the TV and watch some good quality Nickelodeon shows.  Between the cartoons (“Rocko’s Modern Life,” “Aaah, Real Monsters!” and “Ren and Stimpy”) and between the sketch comedy styles of “All That,” there was “My Brother and Me,” the first Nickelodeon scripted show that had a majority black cast.
Even though the show aired for only 13 episodes, it still holds a special place in its old viewers’ hearts.  Wanna know where these stars are now? Don’t hold your breath!  Just pour yourself some Goo Punch and get ready to click!
Arthur Reggie III/”Alfie”
Alfie was the athletic, popular brother who showed a talent in basketball but had to humble himself down and stop being a ball hog.
Before my “Brother and Me,” you might remember seeing him in episodes of “Martin.”  After “My Brother and Me” he appeared in the movies Bulworth, and Sliders.  He also did some voice acting in the show “C-Bear and Jamal.”  But now he mainly focuses on a rap career, under the name “Showbizness.”  He released a mixtape named “Purple Heart,” and in this interview he talks about releasing another mixtape that was in the process of being finished.
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Ralph Woolfolk IV/”Dee Dee”
Alfie and Melanie’s baby brother, Dee Dee, just seemed so innocent in decision making and he had those cute little dimples too.  Who could forget the episode when he was bullied by the girl and tried the art of bluffing by telling her “hit me!”  and felt embarrassed when she actually did.  Good memories.
 After the show, he gave up acting and went on to be a graduate at Morehouse College.  He played on their baseball team, pledged Alpha Phi Alpha, and is now married.
Source: tinypic.com
Aisling Sistrunk/”Melanie”
Aisling played the oldest sibling, Melanie who was sometimes the foil to Alfie’s plans and the full time love interest of Goo.
After the show, she gave up live acting and ventured into voice acting.  She has stayed out of the limelight.  From what I could find, she’s married and has children (rumored to be twins).
*No Current Picture Found
Karen E. Fraction/”Jennifer/Mom”
As the lovable mom and wife, Karen E. Fraction made an impact on viewers.  Before the show, she was trained dancer and started off on the Broadway stage that allowed her to tour around the world performing in Europe and Japan.  The exposure she got from being on “My Brother and Me” lead her to a recurring role in the series “seaQuest 2032.”  She continued to act in television shows, movies, and did two pilots.  Unfortunately she battled with breast cancer and after fighting it for five years, she sadly died.  She’s remembered by her husband and two children.
Source: youtube.com
Jim R. Coleman/”Roger/Dad”
As the father, Jim Coleman shone in his very first acting role.  After the show, he continued to act in television shows (“Law and Order,” “Army Wives” and “E.R.”  just to name a few) and had bit parts in movies like American Gangster, Monster, and The Crew.  He reconnected with his former “My Brother and Me” wife as they stared in TV show “Sheena.”
He’s an avid golfer and continues to act.  He also wrote and produced his own pilot named “Strokes” that has won multiple awards, so let’s hope that happens.

Jimmy Lee Newman Jr./”Goo”
Goo, the mischievous, quick witted, best friend to Alfie, and unrequited lover of Melanie.
After the series he acted in a after school special for CBS warning kids about violence. He continued to do bit acting roles in shows like “Sister Sister.”  Now, he continues to live in California, and is reportedly now married.
Amanda  Diva Seales/”Deonne”
Deonne was Melanie’s best friend, the long winded, butt of Goo’s jokes.  After the show, Amanda took a break from acting, and re-emerged in Russel Simmon’s Presents Def Poetry as Amanda Diva.  Da Diva continued to work as a DJ, did pop culture commentary for documentaries and shows, and was the host to MTV’s Hip Hop POV.  But in 2012 she gave her “Diva” moniker the boot and talked about it and urban culture in her one woman show “Death of a Diva.”
Stefan Wernli/”Donnell”
Donnell was Dee-Dee’s best friend and Deonne’s brother.  Stefan had that catch phrase:  “Don’t hold your breath,” that I will admit that I sometimes still say.  He attended Harvard University as a Computer Science and Physics major and participated in an acapella group as an undergrad.
Keith “Bubba” Naylor/”Harry”
Dee Dee’s other best friend.  He was too adorable with his one liners and bowl cut, but it seems that after this show he went back to life as a regular civilian.  I was able to find a Keith Naylor who was an actor living in “Guilford,” and I was able to find a Keith Naylor that was a musician.   However, since we all know that names aren’t as unique as we think they are (heck, google Kendra Koger and you’ll about 8 of us) I can’t say that either of them are the same one from “My Brother and Me.”
Source: Youtube.com
Kym Whitely/”Ms. Pinckney” 
The comic book store owner whose one liners were fantastic!  Now, we should all know Ms. Whitely.  She has had a steady acting career since the show ended, appearing in movies in the Friday franchise, Deliver Us from Eva, Transformers, and We Bought a Zoo, just to name a SMALL few.  She also does voice acting in movies like Rango and “The Boondocks,” and she has been a series regular in multiple programs, currently “Black Dynamite,” “Let’s Stay Together,” and “Animal Practice.”

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  • °ThaNiggaYaLuv2Hate°

    Deonne & Melanie Wuz So Damn Fine Smh It Ain’t Make No Sense Lol i Wish The Girl Who Played Melanie Still Acted

  • Darrin C. Winston Jr.

    Amanda Seales is also the host of VH1’s Master of the Mix!

  • Jerome

    Harry goes by the name bubba these days. Bubba naylor, went to Florida state university, lambda chi alpha fraternity.

  • BP

    I loved this show!!! I’d always have to catch this and Cousin Skeeter!

  • SheHasTea

    So… the Sister’s name is now Aisling Schenck and she is married. She’s on FB.

  • You’ve taught me something today…Kim Whitley was on this show. Now, I will admit that I vaguely remember this show, I love Kim Whitley!!!

  • roo08

    How did I know the first kid became a “rapper” and has made mixtapes….zzzzzzz…

  • I loved my Brother and Me, but what black couple names their son ‘Alfie’ lol? Another thing, did anyone peep the Delta and Omega displays in their home?

  • This was one of my favorite show when i was a kid.What happened to today’s kids shows?

  • Nora

    In 1999, I was the manager of a retail store in the mall. Aisling worked for me part time. I had no idea about her acting past until one of the assistant managers told me that he recognized her and asked her if she was the sister on this show. She was so sweet and an incredibly hard worker. I remember how pretty she was and wished you had been able to find a recent picture. I’m glad to hear that she married and has children.

  • chanela

    *eye-roll* @ the guy who played alphie and his “mixtape” who the hell DOESN’T have a mixtape? we need to find another hobby for black men to do. why is every black men an aspiring rapper? why not a chef? or business owner (i don’t mean the type of business they already do “hustling” by going on each train car all day selling blunt wraps,bootleg dvds,incense and candy -_-),scientist? or inventor? they make good money and at least it’s positive! how could any mother be proud of their son while hes making money by being extremely disrespectful and violent in all his songs? it’s so tired! do something constructive fella! *end rant*

    • cake211

      how you gon come away from this article with that negativity? yeah, obviously, homie made some questionable decisions, but you have other actors that went to Ivy League schools, who live good lives with their families. you gonna choose to focus on the one bad example instead of the other good ones? not cool man, not cool.

  • Ona2684

    I’m sorry, I understand that ads are how you guys pay the bills but this is ridiculous. I cant even get to the next page w/o my computer freezing. You guys need a new plan or need to work something out. It’s getting less and less worth it to even visit this site.

    • What browser do you use? There are ad blocking plugins/extensions for ALL!! That will get rid of all the ads and make the pages load faster……

  • Guest

    I loved this show! Sad to hear the actress who played the mother passed away. And Alfie is looking rough! My bro just brought this show up recently lol

  • You can watch these episodes on youtube!



  • Meelah

    I don’t remember this show at all…

  • A-Tay

    This was my absolute FAVORITE show back then! Then it was Rocko , Rugrats and Doug

  • clove8canela

    Wow. Talk about a trip down memory lane! I wouldn’t know the show by name, but I remember all the characters, down to the way that guy used to say “don’t hold your breath!” I had such a crush on Goo! I’m an early 80s baby btw and I loved this show. I actually loved everything nick had to offer in the 90s.

  • ladylyons

    I loved this show!!! I’ve cheesing hella hard reading this. Goo Punch! Goo Punch!

  • Kisses

    They weren’t the best actors but this show was still great! “HIT ME!” Lmao

    • LQQK

      LMAO!!!!! I LOVED that line!!!!!


    Im getting old!! I can remember watching this with my 19 year old daughter!!

  • were they’re really only 13 episodes? Damn! When i saw Goo, it took me back to the episode where he was dreaming and singing “Goo Punch, all together now Goo Punch, everybodyyyy Goo Punch” lmao

  • For the longest I’ve been feeling like I’ve seen Tyler the Creator somewhere before and then you post this, ALFIE!!!!!!

  • Zettai

    I’ve been waiting to see this show since teennick started their 90s Are All That lineup… cross your fingers!

  • YesImHere


  • Janelle

    I loved this show when I was a kid!

  • ijs

    This must have been before my time bc lol i def dnt remember this show i LOVED nick as a kid. and Go KIM i LOVE black dynomite

    • Mia

      I don’t remember this one either. But I remember the guy Arthur. He played “Water head” on the xmas Martin episode.

  • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

    Yikes@ Alfie and Goo!

  • anonymous

    You can keep mostly all of those “now” pictures. #dead.

  • I SWEAR everyone I’ve asked about this show does not remember it!! I watched Nickelodeon faithfully as a child, and I loved this show!!

    *Waves hands in the air* “GOO! PUNCH! GOO! PUNCH!”

    & I did NOT know that was Amanda (Diva) that played the sisters best friend!! Wow!! Learn something knew everyday!

    • They have these episodes on you tube! LOL at “Goo Punch”

      • Awwwwwww shoot!! I’m about to go watch all thirteen of them right now!!

  • Oh and how could i forget how i loved Dee Dee? OMG he was my boyfriend… HA!!! Childhood….

  • ANTMilf

    I totally forgot about this show, I sure do remember watching it back in the day and was mad when it got cancelled. Glad that MN brought up this show.

  • I LOVED this article cause i grew up on this show!

  • chanela

    i LOVED this show as a kid! i was like 5 or 6 when it came on.

    also, this show was the first time i had noticed the pattern on tv shows when the dad and brothers on a television show are dark black men, yet all the daughters (sometimes the mom too) are super light skinned with sometimes golden curly/wavy hair. lol

  • Ala1991

    I’ll love to see what the cast of gula gula island up to!

    • That was my show. I’ll sometimes catch the repeats with my son in the early mornings I believe on Nick Jr.

    • meemes

      I know the girl who played the cousin, Vanessa Baden, went to Florida State University. She was friends with my sister when I first enrolled in 2007. (I’m guessing she was maybe a junior or senior), and she worked at Old Navy. I never personally met her, but my sister says that she is very nice and pretty “regular”, if that makes sense….

    • Mia

      Oh I had such a crush on the boy in that show! Can’t remember his or his characters name, but I was in love! LOL

      • chanela

        RON!!!!!! lol

    • LOL…I remember that show as well.

    • Aly

      yes that was a wonderful show!

    • I’ve always wondered about the cast of Ghostwriter.

    • Terry

      I caught an article about 15 reasons Gullah Gullah Island is an amazing show. I loved how they broke it down and showed it for the gem it was

  • R2B

    Omg I was just thinking about this show!! #80sbaby