Close Polls, Leaning Pundits And Swing States: Why I Can’t Wait For Tuesday’s Election…To Be Over.

November 2, 2012  |  


I remember it like it was yesterday. 2008 was the first time I would ever get to vote in a presidential election, and it was my first time voting in general. I remember thinking how blessed we were as a people to have come so far as to finally have a black candidate make it so far in the presidential race, and for him to actually win? Man, oh man. My roommate and I were in our apartment with our “I voted” stickers stuck to our chests balling on the floor in the fetal position after we heard the news, but we were ecstatic! An African-American president! My vote really mattered–now if only my brother and my grandmother could have been around to see THIS. Yeah, that day was a great day.

Flash forward four years later and all the glitz and celebration from that last election night are long gone. We’re just a few days from this year’s election, which will determine whether or not President Obama will have the opportunity to finish what he started with a second term or if Mitt Romney will be allowed to take his business expertise and 47 percent mentality into the white house to work for the people–some of the people of course. I can’t wait to vote. Not because I’m particularly excited about the election process anymore (But I’m proud to vote because I know what people went through so that I can), but I can’t wait because I’m tired as hell. I’m tired of being forced to watch political pundits and newspapers tell me the opposite information on the same day about alleged “new polls,” what independent voters think, what early voters are doing, and what folks in the swing states are all wondering. Don’t even get me started on the fickle folks who are being fought over like the last bit of food for claiming to be undecided.

The ads are annoying, the language used on the campaign trail is petty and I could barely get through the debates without wanting to scream “SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!” And there’s something extremely maddening about knowing the lengths some people are going to in order to stifle the vote of the people, particularly, older minorities who don’t have particular forms of ID. And on a sidenote, if Mitt Romney doesn’t win then we’ll have wasted almost a whole damn year having to hear the opinions of an individual who might become an afterthought this time next year (I wish Sarah Palin would disappear gracefully already). My boyfriend now knows from my huffs and puffs and grunts that when I enter his home, I am not trying to watch Al Sharpton yell on MSNBC, Sean Hannity’s smug a** on Fox News, anybody on CNN and any other channels that are reporting on the election. I barely want to watch “The View” these days because I know Elizabeth Hasselbeck will say something out of the side of her neck to irk my nerves.

The Internet has allowed for election news and flip-flopping updates to be everywhere, and while I’m all for being informed to make a wise decision at the polls, I’ve honestly known how I was going to vote since before Republican’s nominated their candidate (I can’t run with people who aren’t down with protecting women’s rights, point blank period), therefore, being inundated with every new poll or projection to try and rattle my spirit and have a sista doubting everything is irritating. Remember that story about the Canadian station who found a way to block any info about Chris Brown and Nickelback from showing up on your computer? I could use that right about now…

But don’t get me wrong. As Diddy and friends said years ago, go out there and rock the vote. Take your friends and family and the fool down the street with you to the polls and exercise your rights. But I know I’m not alone in tiring of this political process. I’m especially tired of news that the polls are too close to call because I know folks want us to spend the weekend biting our nails and panicking about the “What ifs”, yet depending on the link you click on or the station you watch, somebody is already claiming to know who’s going to win. So who’s in denial here?

I know who I want to win and who I want to pack up their binders of women and go away, but at this point, I’m ready for whatever news I hear next Wednesday morning. All I can do is contribute my vote, pray on it, and hope that this time around it will make a difference once again. But for the next few days leading up to election day, I don’t want to be bothered with what the leaning pundits, the back and forth publications and even the folks on “The 700 Club” think about who’s going to come out the victor. Only God knows and that’s all right with me. I’m just hoping we can all come out with our sanity when the electoral votes and popular votes are all counted, because I can’t wait to move on with my life and be election-free and in peace.


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