So D.L. Hughley Doesn’t Like Women, Especially Angry Black Ones

October 31, 2012  |  

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Bus, meet black women. Black women meet the bus D.L. Hughley has thrown us under in his new book and then used to back up and run over us yet again in an interview with NPR.

It’s clear D.L. Hughley is on a mission to be seen as a serious voice in the political realm but every time he does so, his efforts go awry and the end result is him being seen for the joke that he is. Remember the white kid crack he made about Obama? Well now the comedian has written a book titled, “I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up: How the Audacity of Dopes is Ruining America,” and according to “Tell Me More” host Michel Martin, inside he has some pretty harsh things to say about black women. In a recent interview, the NPR host took him to task on his allegations, reading an exert from Chapter 17 which reads:

Being a dad to daughters is very different from being a dad to sons. The dangers are different and the way they listen to you is different. I’m sure every father feels the same way that I do about his daughters. I love them, but I don’t like them. Who likes women?

Here are the highlights from the Q&A that follows:

MARTIN: You don’t like women?

HUGHLEY: I don’t like the way they process – no, I don’t. I enjoy their company. I do not like the way that they reason. You can’t understand them.

MARTIN: Well, for a man who has been married for 26 years and has two daughters – you have three children overall, two daughters and a son – you don’t think you’ve figured it out?

HUGHLEY: Do you think any man has figured it out? Anyone? Anyone? Name me a man who says I’ve figured women out, I got it.

My daughters, who I love immensely, are so certain, like if a man can have a face only a mother can love, then women can have personalities only fathers can love.

MARTIN: OK. That’s fine. But I have to ask you, though, and throughout the book, though, you do make some impassioned discussions about just how cheap you feel black life is viewed in this country.

HUGHLEY: It is viewed.

MARTIN: OK. But then to go on and in many parts of the book have some very harsh things to say about black women – African-American women.

HUGHLEY: Like what do you think is harsh?

MARTIN: I have to ask, you don’t think that’s a contradiction? Well, this argument that you’re saying that….

HUGHLEY: I don’t – I think my life has been a contradiction.

MARTIN: …black women is – the only black woman you could be married to is your wife.


MARTIN: Beacause…black women are so messed up? I mean what – or because she’s so great?

HUGHLEY: Well, in her ability to kind of tolerate my – it’s her ability to tolerate me, A) and B) I’ve never met an angrier group of people. Like black women are angry just in general. Angry all the time. My assessment, out of, just in my judgment, you either are in charge or they’re in charge, so there’s no kind of day that you get to rest(ph).

MARTIN: I have to ask whether is it because black women are an easy target?


MARTIN: And so you can say these things because nobody is going to…

HUGHLEY: Do you think black women are an easy target?

MARTIN: Well, I mean I’m thinking you or – one of the ways you came to public attention is your defense of Don Imus for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team nappy headed ho’s…


MARTIN: …and I understand that your defense was free speech, which I think many people understand. But if you think he’d said that about another group of women, that that would’ve been considered funny?

HUGHLEY: I can’t, really, that’s like, I can’t disprove or prove a negative, but I can say this: that I have defended any number, I have defended Michael Richards for the N-word. I’ve defended Tracy Morgan for his comments. I defended Rush Limbaugh. You know, to me, you know, what people are talking about has never really kind of worked its way into my mindset. It is the idea that they have the right to say it. So I think that’s really kind of an unfair – optically, that looks different than the way I see things. But…


HUGHLEY: …I don’t think black women are easy targets at all. I respect them great – a great deal. I think that to pretend like I don’t see things the way that I do is to do a disservice to them.

I really hate to throw out a blanket statement on top of his gross overgeneralizations but seriously, some black men have the nerve to question us about our loyalty when this guy is out here talking like this? I refuse.

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  • psylocke_2001

    Is there no one in our corner? Is there no one on our side? I mean damn. I’m not an angry black woman. I am a tired black woman. I am tired of being insulted by everyone including our own. I’m tired of..nevermind just forget it.

  • Yah

    Black women are angry because too many give a f*ck about what Black men think and say. Quit worrying about what black men think and you’ll be a lot happier. Black men don’t own you – they obviously don’t like you, so forget about them.

  • Does DL stand for Down Low??? Might explain his disdain for us. And frustration.

  • shehiplocki

    ..After this episode of crap from him, I’ve come to the conclusion that he is just extremely lucky or knows some people to keep him in the entertainment business. I have watched his Hughley’s show and all his comedy shows [cause i support our people within reason] but he always rubbed me the wrong way with his insulting of the audience and neurotic acting abilities. But now I am done with him, some other comedians are way more deserving! Oh and don’t bother to apologize I believe you meant every word, I feel sorry for your wife and daughters, Kim
    P.s. and I’m not angry just disgusted with your ignorance,

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  • NSimonefan

    @Get real. I know you’re not referring to me as a “Black idiot”. I was not defending the rappers who came to Paltrow’s defense. THAT’S why I said that I agreed with Guest because of her criticism of Black men who defend White women who make racist slurs against Blacks. Read my post again. ITA is internet lingo for “I too agree”. Get it now?

  • Jennifer H

    Kick Rocks DL!

  • Darling

    Maybe Black women are angry because you call them nappy headed h*’s and no one defends them. So, they have to defend themselves.!

  • NSimonefan

    The Original Kings of Comedy. Cedric the Entertainer has a successful career and is in demand, Steve Harvey’s career is hugely successful, and Bernie Mac (who was the funniest one of the group) had a highly rated TV show and was an A-list movie actor. Now compare these men to D.L Hughley. This loser can only get work appearing on CNN, Bill Maher’s show, and doing comedy in very small theaters. His comedy is insulting an mean-spirited to Black people as a whole. D.L. is the least funniest of the Kings of Comedy. If anyone is angry, it’s D.L.

    • Sure-…..Yes he’s a sought after political commentator. Yes he has a comedy central special coming out this weekend but No mention of his TV show that ran for 5 years and is in syndication. No mention that he has created more television shows than all of the other “Kings” combined. No mention that he’s a touring comedian who sells out every venue he visits. He’s more successful than 95% of all working comics but to you he’s a loser. I wonder if you’re in the top 5% of the people in your profession. If not, have some respect.

      • NSimonefan


        1) Politiical commentator on a bigot’s show, Bill Maher, and CNN, a network that promotes negative images of Black people.
        2) His show, The Hughleys, has been off the air for several years. Since you’re bringing this show up, why don’t you mention Friends, I Love Lucy, Green Acres and other shows that are no longer on the air.
        3) He has a comedy special on Comedy Central, an extremely racist network. Comedians who are far less popular than D.L. have specials on Comedy Central, big deal! Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey had comedy specials on HBO, the big league network. As long as he has been in the business and Comedy Central is the best he can do?
        4) What other shows has he created besides the Hughleys? Quit lying!
        5) Selling out venues? I’s easy to sell out venues when the entire building is the size of a studio apatment.

        • Forget asking “What other shows has he created?”- What have YOU created? I like his act. He’s talented IMHO and he’s created more for himself than 95% of all working comedians. Does Dee Ray, Bruce Bruce, Earthquake, Ricky Smiley, or any other comedian that people think are popular, have a network show? Are called on to appear as a political commentator? No. All they do is show up at the local YuckYucks for one night stands. The only reason why he’s even relevant is because ….he is RELEVANT. If he weren’t, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  • he’s gonna be all on the tom joiner show trying to get folks to like him again. Who cares about him anyway. Wasnt he on a tv show one time ? I remember thename but havent heard anthing bout him in a while.

  • Tee

    All of us Black women need to boycott D.L. Hughley. The American Black woman is the most disrespected woman on the planet. No other race throws their women under the bus for money or fame, only African American women are done this way. We must demand respect and the best way to get anyone’s attention is through their wallet. Stop supporting artist, comedians and actors that openly voice a dislike for us. Time to stand up sistas!

    • Boycott yourself.Black women show an obvious hatred for themselves. What none of you like is that now the WHOLE WORLD sees it,and no longer glorifies you.

  • you don’t know me, and you don’t need to know me. so what you have to say does not matter so much.

  • sunra

    soon, he too will be coming out of the closet and walking down the street with a white man.

  • I agree wholeheartedly. Start scrolling down to prove DL’s point to yourself.

  • On_Point

    Like i give a damn what he has to say, he is a nonmothaf*ckin factor.

    • Angel


    • You’re talking about him but quoting one of the most racist, stereotypical women and television shows in history. Very smart- NOT!

      • On_Point

        welcome to the internet! Please have a seat.

  • Guest

    I can imagine the headaches and hell this man must put his wife through. He seems as though he is always complaining and nagging about something, especially a woman. Hmmm… I guess the initials “D.L.” speaks louder than his ignorance or big mouth does.

  • hollyw

    Psssh….this dude is ridiculous. If EVERY Black woman he’s met been angry, it must’ve been the common denominator, i.e. HIM. =|

  • Candacey Doris

    Moving on to someone of actual importance now.

  • Jacqueline

    I’m so tired of this battle. Thus, to each is own; I’m throwing up my hands. At this rate it’s going to take another 400 years to undue this mess. I’m tired of talking about it. Men, invest love and self-esteem into your daughters and sons. Women, choose men that you can respect, submit to, and pro-create with. Everyone, bring honor and respect back for self. Then over time, we will see an improvement in our people (African-Americans).

  • alottiejones

    Perhaps the only angry Black women he knows are the ones he’s associated with. And listening to his foolish speech answers the question, “Why are they angry.”

  • Rickeshia

    Wow and HE use to be my favorite comedian smh. Black women aren’t just angry. Black women are the least respected women out of any group of women in America. We constantly have to prove ourselves to society in order to be taken seriously. No one should understand this more than a black man. So thank you D.L. for showing them that our black men misunderstands us and hates us as much as they do.

  • LadyParmelee

    Mr. Hughley, we are not all angry. We just get angry with you. You seem to have a profound disrespect for women in general. That is evident in your demeanor, so people will respond in kind. Just because you were never shown how to be a gentleman (or rebelled against it), do not blame it on us. It’s distasteful and quite sad. As my beloved nana always said, “You go to point a finger at someone, there’s three pointing back at you.” In other words, you reveal more about yourself in the way you speak of others. Do better, sir… Thank you.

  • sound like an angry black man to me

  • Canada Dry

    This is disappointing. I paid to see him once at Caroline’s on Broadway. I won’t pay to see him again.

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  • DeeDee

    He has a new show coming soon something about “saving the black man.” He needs press so he decided to bash the black women. How can you save a black man without saving a black woman? or any man and any woman

  • Wow

    Isnt that in the rule book on how BM can get a foot in the door, talk shiit about BW, he’ll be invited to every talk show on the circuit now…his daughters must be so proud.

  • Datgirl4509

    SOOO sad..maybe he needs a to see a psychiatrist about his issues with black women or maybe he needs to move on to men or another race of women he feels is not “angry” but I got news for him there is a angry section of ALL RACES and SEXUAL IDENTITIES. SO maybe it is you DL, maybe that is all you attract. Feel sorry for your daughters that you don’t like them. What kind of sh@t is that. So you are producing future black women that have anger issues cuz their father has issues. So are you not going to take anymore $ from these angry black women…I think not. Really think he is doing this for publicity…so sad..never thought he was funny..maybe he needs to talk to Steve Harvey lol. I am not a angry black woman…just a smart beautiful one..

  • In All Honesty

    Looks like Hughley paid a visit to MadameNoire before he wrote the book. The black women here stay angry. Just read the comments. They are the only women who will take what one black man says and judge ALL black men for it. Black women did not judge ALL white men when Imus and John Mayer said what they said. Brothers if you want your life to be pleasant, date out! You don’t deserve to be treated like this! Most white women actually have fathers and were taught to respect the men that show them the same. Successful men marry women who have been groomed to foster that! Why achieve success only to be miserable!

    • get real

      “Most white women actually have fathers and were taught to respect the men that show them the same. Successful men marry women who have been groomed to foster that! ”


      • Black men don’t stick around to teach his kids anything. Your statement was actualky a diss to black men, silly rabbit. We cant respect something that isnt there. The “angry black woman” is so despised, but yet this black man is making a book to PROFIT from her. He’s a black man who wants to do what everyone has been doing to black women for years….Make money off her. Point blank.

        • When the indian man makes money off b/w,none of you care,when the asian man makes money off b/w,none of you care,when the white man makes money off of b/w, none of you care.They ALL disrespect you,yet when the black man does it, you feel you now have POWER to punish him for the disrespect you ALLOW other groups of men have you.Then you feel b/m ,the very group of men you sh*t on to feel some obligation to defend your honor.

        • When the indian man makes money off b/w,none of you care,when the asian man makes money off b/w,none of you care,when the white man makes money off of b/w, none of you care.They ALL disrespect you,yet when the black man does it, you feel you now have POWER to punish him for the disrespect you ALLOW other groups of men have you.Then you feel b/m ,the very group of men you sh*t on to feel some obligation to defend your honor.

  • canadianbeauty

    African American men and women have issues, stop saying black men and black women. You’ll probably never hear an african man bashing African women on YouTube or in the media. You guys need to get it together, the women need to be more nice and submissive. And the man need to step up and be the leaders in their community.

  • Dhgwen

    My problem with D.L.’s comments, misogynistic music, and black men’s attitudes towards us in general, is that all these categories of “our” men seem to go OUT of their way to insult and to not defend us, as if we didn’t come here together (chained ankle to ankle). “Oh, she ain’t with me”, like they are seeking indemnity or sympathy from the society at large for being saddled with this stereotypical, mythical angry black woman. When the truth is, the behaviors of YOU, the black man, have been the stain on our community; and it has been the black woman who has stood behind you and held up the household waiting patiently for you to get your sh*t together! How ’bout some praise and respect instead of the persistent and public disdain (that we always turn the other cheek for)?

  • gracie

    Lots of angry black women here! I am black and I am scared of me too!

  • kb

    After listening to the interview, i think he was being provocative , but he lacked irony or arbsurdity so it just seemed mean -spirited

  • get real

    Women on this site:

    If this isn’t classical midnight calling a dark room black then I don’t know what is. Are you women here psycho? I read “dam the black man” comments here on a daily basis now your panties (no pun intended) get in a bunch when calling someone throws it back a you? Stop the “he’s generalizing” HE’S TALKING TO A GENERAL AUDIENCE IDIOTS. GOSH. If your not angry why does this bother you? If this had been John “I don’t like blk women and my private area is a white supremist” Mayer you wouldn’t say a thing. Oh maybe comments like “I don’t see a problem with what John said he’s just not into blk women” would run rampant on this board.

  • Really????

    Yes, I’m angry. 1) You walked out of the house looking like that, and thought you could hide behind your iPhone when the paparazzi jumped from behind the bushes, and 2) You speak as if you know all the black women in America. Dude, I’ve never met you. Believe me, I would remember YOU!

  • Jazzy Jay

    For a minute, I thought that was Steve Urkel. My bad!

  • DeepThinker

    What’s the most disturbing about what he is saying is that he doesn’t like women period or understand them. You would think this married middle aged man raising daughters would have addressed this issue by now and have learned to embrace the things that make the nature of men and women unique. Maybe he feels emasculated or weaker than women. There was a time when he couldn’t read and his wife had to teach him. Maybe his viewing black women as angry influences the way he behaves towards them in turn can result in bad interactions. Or maybe he just married the wrong woman.

  • Yvette

    I could care less what D.L. Hughley thinks. Point blank period!

  • What is it with SOME brotha’s that feel the need to down talk sistahs? We have it hard enough we can definitely do without the labels so STOP IT!! You don’t hear any other race down talking the females in their race! Sigh…DL Hughley you are a nonrelevant factor please have a sit.

  • Please, this dude stopped being relevant in…oh wait, he was never relevant in the first place. I’ve never found him or his comedy amusing. I think that he has some serious self-hatred issues going on. He’s already shown from his previous actions and statements that he has problems with being Black, and with women as well. I feel sorry for his daughters. That’s a very detrimental thing to have their father speak about them in that way, as it shows what he really thinks about them.

  • Dee

    For a man to have been on this earth as long as he has I would have hoped he’d have something much more thought provoking and inspiring to say. I guess not. No one cares that he doesn’t like angry black women. Now I know I don’t have to pick his book up or have the angry audacity to pay money for it. I will take my angry black woman dollars elsewhere.

  • beautiful mic

    He’s objectifying black women and their anger. He’s a misogynist.

  • Old School

    The only people that are specified as “different” in scripture are the rich. Everyone else – according to God (who is impartial and following his example we too should be) is viewed the same – according to whether or not they follow Him. Even the rich can do right if they so choose.

    To judge a whole group of people as “angry” is worldly minded. When you do so, you’ve allowed yourself to be brainwashed by this Eurocentric world. But remember, as you judge so you shall be judged.

    Black on Black bigotry, racism and prejudice is real. Real ugly.

    To say that Black women are different from other women is incorrect. If that were the case, we would be singled out in scripture too. We are not.

    The bigotry against Blacks is historical and was an excuse for slavery, segregation and other evil. GENDER SPECIFIC bigotry is still bigotry and it is still evil.

    Black people as a whole have been targeted as being worse than. The last thing we need is to target each other.

  • ammergene

    BIG DEAL!!! I don’t like angry black boys who called themselves men–what worse angry christian black men.

  • get real

    Title: Such and such doesn’t like broke men especially the black ones. And y’all would be standing and applauding. He doesn’t like angry so what’s the problem? Don’t you guys hate unemployed men? Ok then what’s the dfference? I don’t a man with 2 working brain cells that’s gonna be around a crazy woman or anybody for that matter. I see what D.L said about SOME blk women on this site daily about blk men and just about every woman cheers the article. If your not angry or crazy then what D.L said shouldn’t be a problem. The guilty is always the first to speak out. As a matterof fact REAL would somewhat agree with him.

    • gee

      I have to agree with you on that. I am not offended by what he said, he does not describe me. I am not the least bit angry. It does seem a lot of black women are either mean, angry or crazy. All of my lady friends are not black and that’s not by choice. Ever try to make small talk with a black woman? All I ever get is a the “up and down look”. I hate to say it, but white women seem easier to befriend.

  • FromUR2UB

    He didn’t articulate that well, at all. Not that I would have agreed with his assertion. It’s just that, if you’re going to say something really stupid, at least sound smart saying it. I can’t figure out what he’s supposed to be saying based on those muddled bunch of thoughts. I’ve never liked D.L. Hughley anyway. I don’t find his humor funny, or his observations, wise. The only thing funny about him are his looks.

  • shutupDL

    So why does he get to be angry?…and if he has the solution why not tell his people his daughters? It seems to me like he doesnt like women in general like we are suppose to be belitted black woman especially. DL your a sorry somebody if you dont see your mother,daughters,and your wife as the queens they are which say something about you lacking the ability to be their king!

  • KJ23

    I couldn’t even make through the entire interview. Like, this was seriously like the cinnamon test, it pained me immensely and I couldn’t allow myself to digest it and the only way I would subject myself to his dribble again would be on a dare. Sir, please go and get your life together.

  • 1Val

    Poor D.L. and his issues with black women. May someone please refer him to a therapist.

    • he will be on Tom Joiner trying to wxplain himself causeU know he cant do it on those white folks show. let the white folks have him

      • 1Val

        No explanation wanted or needed for me. D.L. can think the sky is yellow and it would not make a bit of difference to me as a BW.

        I learned a long time ago not to make others problems mine.

        Therefore, D.L. needs to talk to a therapist and God not Tom Joyner regarding his contempt for BW. D.L. is too old to be that self-destructive those BW in his circle should encourage him to seek help.

  • Meyaka

    Why does it matter? I wish black women would stop taking every word that come out of a black man as gospel or blasphemy. How many of you would actually give this clown or any other black woman hating fool the time of day? Don’t let this imbecile get to you ladies.

  • realadulttalk

    Uh yeah…what’s he like 5′ nothing, not really attractive, a voice like nails on a chalkboard and the personality of a wet rock. Sooo, I’m really ok with him not liking me…heck, I don’t like him either so the feeling is VERY mutual.

    • Yes, that says alot about his upbringing and who he was/is surrounded by to have an opinion like that about his own black women. That’s kind of bad coming from a dad and a husband and a son of a black woman. What a pitiful family life he must have. Poor thing

  • kiki

    this guy….. why do people keep listening to the nonsense he spews out his mouth? and buy his book??????? lmbao whatvevs hughly, try doing something funny again and maybe you’ll you’ll get an audience

  • MEH

    BW really need to stop giving a DAMN what BM think, say, do, believe, hear, etc. Move on.

    • 1Val

      Say that!!! The only people consumed with BM are BW. It is simply unhealthy fixating on them. No wonder BM think BW care what they think, do, say, etc…

    • Herm Cain

      you already don’t give a damn look what it got you 70% out of wedlock and not a ring in sight

  • NicPal

    WOW “speechless”!

  • Cleo

    I’m so tired of black men the coons, it seems this is every black man’s favorite thing to do smh.

  • X’s Dad

    Maybe if Black People in general were to unite and unify like White, Asian, Spanish or Jewish people, then it won’t seem like black women get it so bad from black men. The problem is not black women. The problem is not black men. The problem is black people in general…

    • gracie


    • Asian, Spanish, and Jewish people marry outside of their heritage/ race than both black men and black women. They are not unified in any way.

    • NSimonefan

      Black people cannot unite because most of the black men are uncle toms.

      • Vince

        Interesting that you think most black men are uncle toms yet, you’ve not met 1% of the black male population to draw such an uninformed conclusion. Random comments to see if anything sticks will never be confused with fact based information.

        • NSimonefan

          Whatever Vince, LOL. You’re accusing me of not meeting 1% of the Black male population. I’ve lived in Detroit, D.C. and Atlanta. Detroit and D.C. alone are way more than 1%. Watch a White man talk about a Black woman negatively. The majority of the Black men observing will remain silent and won’t defend her or they will agree with that White man and laugh along with him. This is especially prevalent in the work place. Maybe not you, but a lot of your brothers are like that and you know it, man. The main ones wo fit this Uncle tom category are the ones who have been born and raised in the U.S., the mainland section.

  • C’mon son

    Please. D.L. Hughley’s book “I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up: How the Audacity of Dopes is Ruining America” needs to be his autobiography. He publically states that he loves his daughters but doesn’t like them? Overgeneralizations aside, sometimes it’s not women having “daddy issues”, it’s just women having a dunce for a dad.

  • Shebe

    Who is this again? Oh yeah I remember him! *sarcasm* WOW! He wasn’t too mad when those same angry black women were paying to see his not funny arse on stage! He clearly needs to find a new group of women to hang around or something. I don’t know a bunch angry black women like some people. I know they exist but this is ridiculous. And his wife “tolerates” him? That came across more like she has become settled with his foolishness and expects it to happen.

    • Mel

      yeah, but he also has a right to state his opinions. And as a Black woman, I can see where he’s coming from if he said ‘most of the Black women he sees on tv, or in particular venues, etc’. However, I know too many sweet, God fearing Black women to ever really believe that. The problem though, is that there is a LARGE amount of us who constantly act like our hair is on fire, and unfortunately, we’re the ones who get cast on reality tv programs.

      • J

        The “Large” amount IMO is not a true statement. To me its more of the ones that talk the loudest are the ones that people choose to see. I and many others I know are not at all loud or angry and I’m truly tired of SOME black men making blanket statements like D.L.

        • Nenah

          Thank you!

      • SheBe

        He didn’t say that his experience of angry black women has come from reality TV. It appears that he is speaking from personal and very real experiences. You are right though; he is completely and utterly entitled to his opinion. The problem here is that he states his “opinion” as if its some sort of fact based off of extensive research. He seems to have taken a few rough experiences and grouped ALL of our black women together. That’s where a lot of frustration comes from. I’m all about us as a community recognizing what our flaws are and working to better our group as whole. On the other hand I realize that what’s good for goose isn’t always good for the gander. I think most women would agree that if reality TV is a “real” determining factor on how we behave collectively then yes he and so many other men would have a valid point.

      • kierah

        However DL Hughley is NOT isolated. He knows more Black women than those on reality TV. It’s one man’s opinion. He thinks if he kicks up some isht, folks will pay more attention to him.

    • PacMan

      you sound pretty damn angry..

      • SheBe

        Not sure how I “sound” angry from my comment but I’m not. I have no reason to be. He doesn’t affect my daily life. I was responding to an articles headline like everyone else.

  • Shonda Johnson

    I’m tired of African American men belittling African American women. You don’t see White,Asian,Spanish,or Jewish men belittling or criticizing their own women. If you have a problem with black women,then maybe you need to look in the mirror and stop making these generalizing.

    • Dawnn

      I agree. I am tired of black men putting down black women. It is amazing to me if a white woman or a woman of another color cusses them out or call the a N****R, or have a attitude, they would smile and not have one problem with it. DL and these black men do need to really take a look in the mirror. They talk out of both sides of their mouth. I will not be buying his book. All black women do not have attitudes or are not angry.

      • Ron

        Please post your prove to prove your allegations.

        • Nikki

          Ron, not all people are like their stigma. If you’re around angry black women, you probably think all black women are angry. If you travel around the country, I’m sure you’ll meet plenty of black women who aren’t angry. You need a culture shock…

          • MEH

            Sure many BW are angry and many of them have a right to be angry! But at the same token, there are many who aren’t angry at all. So take a look around your social circle. But I also think that once BW detach themselves from BM’s and other people’s opinions of them and just live their lives there will be many more happy BW.

      • 1Val

        Why are random black men opinions of black women important to black women? D.L. Hughley has no bearings on black women’s lives outside of his circle. Black women who are offended by his perspective don’t have to listen to or support his talent. It must be a slow news day for D.L. to be mentioned in the media

        • Kisses

          Clearly from all the responses, that’s not true, because we’re nowhere near his circle. As irrelevant as some say he is, he still has a voice that reaches millions–that type of influence is dangerous in the wrong hands. Many of us are offended because he’s got nothing but negative statements and ideas to spread about the same people who supported him for years.

          • 1Val

            I see your point. But bottom line for me, D.L. is a messed up dude in serious need of therapy. He is too old to be self-destructive by biting black women’s hands that fed him. How can anyone be upset by a fool’s opinion? This black woman hopes D.L. seeks help.

      • get real

        Lady plz. White women know better then to call blk men “N’s”. T. Howard doesn’t count. You guys go thru that dating these lice carriers. First you are on your best behavior with white daddy but as soon as the ‘angry” starts to rise then you become N****R B*****S. So plz don’t go there. You chicks need to have mental evalutions.

        • Guest

          Um what world do you live in? White women call black men n*****s all the time even since day one. They chant it like litany, while many of you swallow it down with a smile and try to defend them for calling you that. OAN: D.L. Hughley is an anger, bitter, thirst bucket trying to gain relevance.

          • Guest


          • NSimonefan

            @Guest. ITA For example when Gwyneth Paltrow referred to Kanye and
            Jay-Z as N*****s in Paris, a bunch of high profile black male rappers ran to her defense tor using the N word.

          • get real

            Lol. Lady if you know good and well that you pulled this stupidity out of the crack of your backside. Show me a case where blk men smile at being N****R? A blk man will knock the white off of a white woman or man for that. White wome are extremely submissive to blk men when dating (plz keep your 1 or 2 extreme cases to yourself). The only group of people who get called N’s and other racially charged insults are blk women who date Massa.

            • entyce

              What is up with this “white daddy” and “Massa” crap? LOL! Dude, are you serious??? Is that what YOU call them? I guess……smh!

        • sunra

          Regarding the last two statements, you have said nothing less than the truth.

    • Ron

      A few things come to mind.

      1)If black women are so strong why is it D.L. Hughley’s words offend you?
      2) White, Asian, and Hispanic women don’t behave like black women so what was the point of mentioning them?
      3) Instead of respecting his dislike for ignorant black women why don’t black women look in the mirror and consider his feelings?

      • Tejee

        …Where does it say strong people can’t be offended?…You can respect his opinion and disagree at the same time just as you disagreed with her opinion…though it seems you don’t respect her opinion… By your logic, you are not strong as evidenced by your response to her. All women/men of any group (race, religion, & etc…) do not act the same way; it is ignorant to believe otherwise.

        • Where in his statement did he not respect her opinion?See what you are upset about is that he analyzed what she said,then poked holes in her argument showing how bogus it really is ,which bw like yourself hate.You all like smart b/m until they call YOU on your b.s, then the series of “shaming tactics” get pulled out.Nice try.Not buying it.

      • I’ve seen some of the trashiest women of other races do some trifling stuff, but black men put up with it. Let’s not pretend that there are not double standards. Black men put up with a lot more if the woman in not black. And you know this.

      • Nothings wrong with him thinking black women are angry. I wish he would stop shilling his dumb a** comedy routine to those ‘angry’ black women. Sure in the hell didn’t have a problem taking all their angry money. This big joke throws on some thick rimmed glasses gets invited to CNN and suddenly he’s so above half of his fan base. Yeah ok . . .

      • NicPal

        Ron a few things comes to my mind as well and here they are.

        1.Black women are extremely strong so if you do not believe that then its obvious your relationships with Black women aren’t strong. We are human beings we have feelings its just as simple as that.

        2. We as “black people” continuously make these comments and its obvious that we really are not reading our history. I am not merely implying that you do not I’m just saying if we did these ignorant comments would not be made on a consistent basis.

        3. I agree with your number three however, its not just black women that need to take a look in the mirror its us all. So before we speak we need to look at that man or women in the mirror accurately and with the same harsh judgement we put on others.

        4. I sincerely come in peace with everything I have stated here it is not intended for any disrespect to you in anyway.

        • Nenah

          As a black woman, I don’t like it when people say that we are extremely strong. We just deal with things because we have to. Personally, I’m a cryer. And when I do cry, I’m not hard enough or strong enough or hood enough. Maybe if there were more black men that black women could depend on, black women wouldn’t have to be so strong.

          • NicPal

            Nenah this is true that we just deal with things because we have to however, not discrediting any other culture but black women has had to deal with things that are a more greater scale. That’s the reason why I said what I said but however, way you think about it is fine with me.

            • Nenah

              I totally felt what you said, but people want to act like we don’t have feelings because we are strong. I agree with you as well.

      • 1Val

        D.L. Hughley like other random black men’s opinions of black women does not matter because they do not matter to black women. As quiet as it is kept there are black women who don’t care about black men or their opinions.

        • Except this one does matter to at least 3 black women.

          • 1Val

            So nice for D.L. that he has 3 BW he matters to. Unless a BM is directly involved in my life his opinion is moot to me. Its the epitome of arrogance for D.L. or any other BM to speak for BM en masse . D.L. and his ilk are free to think and say what they will about BW just as I am free as a BW not to care. And the world will go on.

        • NSimonefan

          Val, speaking as a Black woman, I need to get to that point.

          • 1Val

            I mean really ,what did D.L. think was going to happen after trash talking BW? Are random black women supposed to overcompensate for BW who wronged him? Are BW supposed to be apologetic for existing?

            D.L.’s anti-BW rant just does not make any sense. LOL. D.L.’s BW attention seeking are issues he should divulge on a therapist couch. Because D.L. knows random BW don’t give a hoot about him and it is a shame that he is unable to shake off their rejection.

      • FromUR2UB

        I hope you marry into Honey-Booboo’s family. I’m sure you’ll be very happy.

        • Black men love women who look like Honey Boo Boo’s mom.

          • SheBe

            BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! MY husband, a black man, says that all the time!!!! Its never one that easy on the eyes unless he has money.

            • get real

              To debunk this nonsense that disgruntled white boys have started and you bitter blk women have taken on. Who is Honey Boo Boo’s mom married to? A fat white boy. Who is Honey Boo boo’s father? A fat white man. I bet your husband has a chubby whale for wife himself. More then half of the women on this site are overweight and have self issues. Now BWAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!! at that.

              • SheBe

                BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You must be married to Honey Boo Boos twin sister…. Sorry, but your lame description of my hubby and I don’t apply here. Good try though….

              • Guest

                Ughh! Will you go away already?!!! You added you 2 cents already where they were not needed. Now kick rocks! Go find a MAN website to comment on.

                • SheBe

                  He won’t. I think he is trolling around the other articles too. When you are a man that is LACKING in many areas, you would post your disrespectful, mundane, grammatically incorrect, ignorant “opinion” on female based websites too. I’m sure his mom is proud.

              • cynt


          • If that`s the case,you must be WORSHIPED by black men.

      • Nenah

        How come Black women are always lumped togther? No one says all white women are this or all Asian women are that? Isn’t that like saying all black men are felons? Or all black men sell drugs?
        As a black woman his words are offensive because they’re not true.

        • Wash821


      • DeepThinker

        I think the problem black women are having with what he’s saying because he is generalizing. Or if he has had a signifcant amount of encounters with angry black women give examples and why he may think so. At that point, people might be able to understand where he’s coming from instead of viewing it as bashing.

      • Numero Uno

        Well the way he said it, he wasn’t just talking about ignorant black women. He seems to be grouping us ALL as a whole. That I can’t respect because his opinion is incorrect. Black women as a whole are not angry. Are Black men as a whole gangsters destined for jail? No. So why do all these blanket statements keep being made about black women. And a lot of times it’s a black man making such crazy statements. Kind of makes you wonder if they’re not aligned with black women, then who are they aligning themselves with?

    • ANTMilf

      Thank you, I’m tired of these black men putting us down and they wonder why we have attitudes, because black men treat us bad and we had ENOUGH! Not all black men are like this, just the ones who think they’re the s*&t.

    • I agree. What I don’t get is that people like him make these asinine, loaded statements, and then when Black women have a reaction (a rightful one), we get classed as being “angry”.

    • Mina

      Exactly. We are the easy target because instead of standing up for us and taking a hit they step aside like this clown. Ain’t nobody crying because they missed the boat with him.

      • Black women are an easy target because(most) of you are so gullible,desperate,and needy,you will go for ANYTHING if the right emotional buttons are pushed.And as far as taking a hit,no one signed up to be your protector,your strong and independent,remember?

        • So you have talked to most black women in the world? If not you’re just making another unqualified generalization. The great majority of black women that I know are anything but gullible or needy and the only thing that we are desperate for is a chance to exist and thrive without having to fight daily against race and gender oppression.

          • Unlike the black man who has free reign?Listen whitney,the difference b/tw blk/m and blk/w is that blk/m KNOW WE ARE HATED.Plenty of white ppl hate me for reasons no white person would be,but i KNOW this.I can`t cry on the internet at every slight,that takes away from the things i NEED to do.

    • Mel

      That’s not true, George Lopez came along in the tradition of Black comedians and dissed the heck out of his race.

      The difference is, there’s only one of him, while it seems like we have hundreds, all over twitter, etc. who do it.

      • Nenah

        No George Lopez and other Latinos talk about Mexicans and it’s funny. What you don’t hear from them is them putting down there women in such derogatory ways. I had a black black history teacher who pointed out that black comedians make it a point to put down black women.

    • Jewish men just love to criticise Jewish women.