Nene Leakes Covers The Next Issue Of Ebony Naked In A Tub Full Of Diamonds

October 31, 2012  |  

I’m sure “Real Housewives of Atlanta” breakout cast member Nene Leakes is more than happy to be the face of Ebony magazine’s “Money & Power” issue. After all, the reality TV star, and now legitimate actress, is very rich.

Showing off her new money, Nene covers the December/January issue wearing nothing but diamonds which are covering her body in a bath tub while she sips champagne as part of the mag’s annual Power 100 List.

The EBONY Power 100 spotlights African Americans who personify “power” in all its manifestations—strength, focus, commitment and determination—those who innovate, elevate and shape the world in new and different ways. EBONY Power 100‘s 21 categories include “The Anointed,” “The Environmentalists,” “The Powerbrokers,” “The Thought Leaders” and “The Young Gifted & Black.”

The 2012 Power 100 list will appear in the Dec./Jan. issue of EBONY on newsstands the week of Nov. 5.

I imagine Nene is a part of the “Star Appeal” category with her RHOA gig, her recurring role on “Glee” and her permanent part as a cast member on “The New Normal,” not to mention her shoe line with ShoeDazzle. She’s definitely getting her hustle on.

Other people included in Ebony’s Power 100 List are Attorney General Eric Holder, Cam Newton, Catherine Brewton, Cathy Hughes, Cee Lo Green, Debra Lee, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Jamie Foxx, Jay-Z & Beyonce Knowles, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Lebron James, Mara & Salim Brock Akil, Kerry Washington, Joan Smalls, Karen Civil, Kevin Durant, Shonda Rhimes, Oprah, Toni Morrison, Wendy Williams, Tamron Hall, Steve Harvey, Robin Roberts, and Tyler Perry.

What do you think about Nene’s cover?

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  • Joe Broadnax

    Please tell that fat azz NeNe Leakes to put her clothes on…damn, my eyes hurt

  • Kim

    She is a low life jealous pig with no education whatsoever

  • Nene worked very hard.. and she deserves everything that she has. Don’t hate the player..hate the GAME!!

  • dbatt001

    Hustle Nene…Hustle…dont hate on the Hustle!

  • ohemaa

    can’t hate on her hustle!!

  • Blessed

    She is extremely blessed,and any negativity towards “Ebony” is just hatred. Learn to be happy for others,and their endeavors

    • chanela

      how is she blessed? i highly doubt that god would approve of someone making money by insulting and fighting with others….

  • LOVELY 99


  • IllyPhilly

    Magazines have just become gossip sights in written form.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Hate her or love her Nene is doing what you’re supposed to do when an opportunity arises. Take advantage of it. We hate on the Kardashians, but we can’t support a sister who’s trying to improve her acting craft? She was acting prior to RHOA, but didn’t get the attention she needed until after the reality show. Now she’s getting the opportunities that weren’t available to her prior. Good for her. I don’t care for the picture. I would have preferred to see her in a beautiful gown instead, but I’m not going to hate her for hustlin’.

    • Blessed

      I know that’s right. Spreading positivity is the right thing to do

      • chanela

        nothing about this woman is positive! SMH

    • chanela

      see? only black folks will support any type of indecent and negative behavior as long as the person is making money. SMH that is ALL people are able to say is ” she makin her paper. yeah girl!” “can’t hate on her! don’t knock her hustle!”. how embarrassing!

  • There are enough people in the world putting us down as a people already. It is sad to read and hear all of the envy, jealousy and strife against this woman. We are to lift one another up, not tear each other down. Television, mags, or whatever Ms. Leakes gets her employment from, is a step up from where she was. So, congrats to her for doing her thing in an honest way. I am tired of seeing people “damned if they do and damned if they don’t.” Get real people! This woman is trying to earn a living to take care of herself and others. Try finding YOUR niche in life, instead of tearing down hers.

  • Ann

    I am disappointed with Ebony magazine. I understand that they may be trying to boost sales, but, I don’t understand why all these reality stars get way more than actually people who are honestly trying to do quality television without cussing and the fighting. It is sad this is what it comes down to………………..

    • Nikki

      Nene has used her popularity from RHOATL to get into acting, and has roles on “Glee” and “The New Normal”. She’s more than just a reality star now.

      • you’re right…she’s a reality star who has roles on television shows

  • KJ23

    I’m not even going to lie, but when NeNe went on her whole “I’m rich!” tirade, I was hoping and waiting for her downfall so she could just slink back to reality obscurity. If I’m honest with myself it was probably out of jealousy and wanting to see her fail because it seemed like her head had gotten too big from acting a fool on RHOA and Celebrity Apprentice. But… I have to admit that I was wrong and she is actually winning. Wow…

  • JaneDoe

    Somewhere in Nene’s head she is saying “take that take that” to the other bitter housewives of Atlanta…

  • 1Val

    Really Ebony??? SMDH!

    • JaneDoe

      Whats wrong with Ebony? Its a step up from Kontrol and all those magazines that no one has ever heard of.

      • 1Val

        Ebony used to be a venerable black publication. Now Ebony has been reduced to featuring caricature NeNe Leakes on the cover to boost sales. How the mighty has fallen.