Don’t Forget! 9 Annoying, Forgetful Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Day!

November 13, 2012  |  
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We’ve all had those moments…you’re running late for work or some big event, and just when you start feeling relief that you’re on your way, then it hits you. Wait a minute! I forgot my…yup, you know the feeling. In some cases, its no big deal, but in these cases, you might be in for a terrible day! Let’s have a look at those forgetful mistakes that happen when you’re in a rush to get somewhere. Unfortunately with these mistakes, you’ll still be in a rush…a rush to get back home!



Wearing Deodorant/Antiperspirant

Hmmm…what’s that smell? Oh wait…it’s me! Damn it, I forgot to wear deodorant today.  This is one of the worst possible mistakes you can probably make. You’ll be lucky if you realize it before things get too funky! In cases like this, it’s best that you stop at a CVS, or gas station and deal with the situation promptly. If not for yourself, then for the sake of everyone around you!




Forgetting to shaving

It’s ladies night, and you know you look damn fine. You’re wearing a cute sleeveless dress that rides just above the knee with a cute cardigan to match. You finally arrive at the club and you’re ready to show off what you got. You take off your cardigan and BAM…you realize you forgot to shave your armpits! Better hope it’s not a hot night…because now you’re going to be wearing that cardigan all night!


Forgetting your lunch

Mmmmmm… just thinking about last night’s leftovers is making your mouth water. After putting your lunch in the fridge in a neat little Tupperware last night to get ready for today, you’re all set to dig in! Too bad you forgot that neat little Tupperware at home! Yup, it’s sitting neatly in fridge right where you left it. Now you’ll have to settle for some fast food joint…


Leaving your jacket at home

Damn it, I forgot my coat! It’s okay; it’s not that cold anyway. This is exactly what’s going through your mind as your on your way to work. Under normal circumstances,  it should be a smooth ride to work. Too bad you didn’t pay attention to the weather forecast! Now you’re not  only are you running late, but you’re going to arrive there looking like what the cat dragged in…

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Forgetting your wallet/money

If it also happens to be one of those days where you were planning to buy lunch, then get ready, it’s going to be a long day…. Not only are you walking around with no ID, but you’ll also be walking around on an empty stomach. Better hope you have generous co-workers…



The skies were clear and blue when you leave the house; but if there’s one thing we can say about mother nature, it’s that she’s one some-timey chick. As a black woman, being caught without an umbrella during a light sprinkle, let alone a downpour can ruin your whole day, especially if you’re trying to be cute.

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Forgetting Your Deadline

There is nothing quite like the sinking feeling you get in your stomach, when your teacher asks for an assignment, paper or project, you had no idea was due today. You know you’re either going to have to do some serious pleading, or take the F. This one isn’t just for the students either. Just because you’ve managed to graduate, doesn’t mean that you can’t be caught slipping at the job when your boss asks you to see that project you were supposed to have completed today.


Forgetting your cell phone

Not only will you be screwed in the case of an emergency…but you’re also going to look like a complete jerk for ignoring all your messages that day. Is it worth it to turn all the away around to get your phone and risk being late? You’d be surprised how many people would rather be late than leave their cell phone at home.



Forgetting a scheduled outing/event

On the topic of looking like a jerk, here’s another scenario where you might as well start using “You’re a Jerk” by New Boyz as your anthem. Forgetting an important meeting? That’s not cool! Forgetting a dinner date? Once again, not cool! Yes of course you’ve been so busy doing this and that, but who’s going to believe you when you used that same excuse last week…

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  • dbatt001

    kind of a dumb article, but I enjoyed it lol.

  • sabrina

    I forgot my phone this very morning. I definitely turned around and got that joint! I’d rather be late than not have my cellphone.

  • Reese

    I am guilty of forgetting to put deodorant on. To remedy that I keep a stick in my glove box as well as in a little cosmetic kit in purse. I forgot to get an umbrella this morning and it was pouring so I had to run to my car and ended up busting my butt in the middle of the parking lot.

  • Veronica

    If you forget tampons/pads and your period starts and you’re randomly out in public it’ over for you smh

    • Reese

      OMG, this has happened to me. I was on a birth control at one point in time and it caused me to have erratic periods and my period broke down in the movie theatre. I had to run out and leave my homegirls to find their own way home. Needless to say, I changed BC immediately after that.

  • Miyo K.

    I’ve forgotten to put on deodorant a time or two, but fortunately for me, my underarms never create a smell strong enough for other people to get a whiff of.

    • Irritated

      You seem like you stink.

  • SheBe

    I hate forgetting any of my jewelry (watch, wedding bands, earrings, etc.).