Did You Know They Procreated? 11 Famous Folks Who We Didn’t Know Had Babies Together

October 30, 2012 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

From famous couples who dated, got married and even just had flings, they all ended the same way in a sense–with a baby. Now, if these past couple are happily co-parenting is a whole other story. Did you know these people had children together? Let’s take a look and see if there are any surprises! And per the usual, be prepared to click…

Kenny Anderson and Spinderella
Before he was out here dogging Tami Akbar (aka, Tami Roman) during their married years, Kenny Anderson was involved with everybody’s favorite female DJ, Spinderella (sorry Solange). The two have a daughter together named Christenese, better known as Christy. The young lady wound up appearing on an episode of “My Super Sweet Sixteen” on MTV. Thankfully, she wasn’t as trifling as most of the kids who end up on that show. Christy is Spinderella’s first and only child, but the second of Kenny’s seven children.

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  • I wonder is there is an update on this story anyone know ?

  • This Chick

    Haha I probably knew 5 people here

  • Ronny

    Are ya sure Stacy and Chris had Austin because I Googled him and that boy is atleast part african-american but not 100%…also their is a pic of him with a guy that looks like it could be his dad (they have the same forehead) and sister

  • TheSpasticAvenger .

    This site is totally RACIST, get a life Clarke

    Clarke Gail Baines
    Clarke Gail Baines
    Clarke Gail Baines
    Clarke Gail Baines
    Clarke Gail Baines

  • Billy Kay

    1. I never heard of a single one of these “famous” people
    2. From the looks of things, I’m sure I’m not missing anything.

  • LiddyBug86

    Musiq Soulchild needs to put a ring on her finger period! No babies out of wedlock for me! I think it’s bad luck for the child!

  • Bob price

    sh!t too,,,, look at that sh!t…. all 11 of 11 ,,, black, black and black…. surprise!!!!! Like monkeys,,,, they only want that puffy pink. cant think of anything else. OOPS,,,,, did I say that?

  • Derek

    They could have left the title at “11 Famous Folks Who We Didn’t Know”…no one on this list is relevant.

  • Angela R. Ingram

    Christopher Williams and Stacy Dash was a big surprise.



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  • mandcmom

    er…famous means that the average person knows who they are. forrest whittaker is the only person mentioned who qualifies.

  • lili1967

    David Smith had a girl with Mary Jones. Can you believe it? My point is, I don’t recognize a soul, by name or looks on this useless article. Who cares? Nobody probably.

  • Chris

    Who in the hell are some of these so-called celebrities?!? Anyone who knows all the “celebrities” listed, needs to get a damn life….wow.

  • hexagonate

    i thought these were supposed to be famous people

  • everclaire

    The only person I have ever heard of in this article is Forrest Whitaker. No kidding we don’t know about these nobodies.

  • bite

    Who are any of these losers!? They aren’t worth mentioning let alone writing anything about.gmafb!

  • frobenius

    I did not recognize a single one of these people.

  • nursemonster

    Yeah, I’m kinda noticing that there are no caucasian couples in this list….. and people wonder why there are stereotypes…. SMH.

  • Katy

    Am I counting wrong? I see 22 people – 11 couples – but 22 “famous folks”. Poorly written headline.

  • Justin

    Where are all the white people at?? Racist media at its finest!!!

    • Victoria Uwumarogie

      Oh how the tables have turned. Madame Noire stands for “black woman.” This is a black website, so we try to highlight black people as much as possible. Mainstream media (aka, white folks) do these type of stories all the time, and I’m sure you can find some white people who you didn’t know had children together via Google. Good luck with that.

  • This is a website for African American right???? So that’s why it’s only black couples don’t like it it’s plenty other websites who are all about the others

  • Dog face

    Whats with EVERY couple having one or more Black heritage?

  • you you

    So, what I learned from this article is that you have to be black to make this list…

  • Pretty Ricky got their group name from an episode of the Martin show (co starring Tisha Campbell) and them Baby Blue gets Tisha’s little sister pregnant.

    • MsNisha

      LMAO!!! Isn’t it IRONIC!!!

    • Hey do you know if there is an update on this story? Haven’t anythig after while I wonder how tisha’s sis is doing

  • Cynthia


  • Beyonce’s lace front

    Joi and Big Gipp, Aaron Hall and Gloria Velez, Stacey Dash and christopher Williams is OLD news.

    • Cynthia Payne

      And everyone knew about all of them.

  • Pretty Ricky tho?! I don’t know why that bothers me so much…I need an
    inhaler and I am not even in the Campbell family…Pretty doggone
    Ricky?!I am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I
    joined —blackwhitePlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with
    beautiful and excellent people!Rubber or not, if you had sex with a woman, there is SOME POSSIBILITY that the child is yours.

  • S H

    Calling some of these people famous is a real stretch.

  • chanela

    Notice how the article says nothing about marriage. SMH

  • Jhene Aiko and O’Ryan? They have a 3 year old son? B2K is like 2001.

  • opinionated_too

    Didn’t any white people procreate?

  • Gimmeabreak78

    This article should have been titled “11 VAGUELY FAMILIAR Folks We Didn’t Know Babies Together”. How can you reference anybody from Pretty Ricky as famous? Tisha Campbell is vaguely familiar herself, so how can a person claim her sister is famous? Wow.

  • kierah

    If you have to explain who these folks are, then famous may not be term you want to use. Just saying!

  • Taylor

    I think they forgot Slick ‘Em when they said Diamond Blue was the most interesting looking one in the group….

    • toya


  • CurlyBoo

    Musiq Soulchild and Kameelah Williams, i know that child is beautiful.

    I had no clue Jhenel Aiko was a mother-cute daugher.
    (this was a very entertaining post!)

  • realadulttalk

    I have some random relatives who have kids with nobodies…shall I send pics? I swear they are just as famous as most of the people on this list.

  • TanTan78

    MN, will you stop it with the Stacey Dash/Christopher Williams obsession, already? We were all there when he announced their future train-wreck of a relationship. We were ten. Watching Video Soul. No shade; I love both of them, but if they no longer claim each other without cringing………………

  • No, I’m thinking “Why is this the first time MN is mentioning Jhene??” She is so talented! LOVE her Sailing Soul(s) mixtape!

  • Tiza

    I wanted to see where this was going — nowhere. The title, slant, comments and contents of this piece is utterly embarrassing – supermarket tabloid “The National Inquirer” quality! These folks are parents. I’ve reversed my FB Like!

  • OH GOD!!!! My heart is too heavy for Tiara Campbell. A dude from Pretty Ricky?! Your sister is Tisha Campbell and you have exposure to some of the most savvy people in the entertainment industry and you link up with a dude from Pretty Ricky?! Pretty Ricky tho?! I don’t know why that bothers me so much…I need an inhaler and I am not even in the Campbell family…Pretty doggone Ricky?!

    • TanTan78


    • Lmfao! damn

    • realadulttalk

      I just spit my tea! Lmao

    • Suchalady

      I’mliterally crying because this is the first comment I read…LMAO!

    • MsNisha

      Your comment was everything I was feeling and then some!!! Lord have mercy I know Tisha “Gina” (Cause that’s how I reference her in my head – don’t judge me) was like “… you said who… he like Tommy, he ain’t got no job man!!!” Oh, Lord, hope for her sake he not the daddy cause that would be a TRAGEDY!!!

  • JaneDoe

    DB Woods is fine.. Go golden.

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    I find it very TACKY when men say things like “the kid can’t be mine”. Rubber or not, if you had sex with a woman, there is SOME POSSIBILITY that the child is yours.

  • can we stop bashing this woman for her political choices? and aside from her and Golden Brooks, I don’t know who any of these people are.

    • Mel

      Thank you! I thought that was really embarrassing and ignorant how it seemed like all the black sites and people on twitter were going in so hard on her for having a political viewpoint. It actually feels like they don’t realize people like MLK fought and died so we could have a voice, not just chime in with what everyone else thinks.

  • Ay

    Knew most of these.

  • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

    It’s actually more well known that Jhene has a daughter with ‘Omarion’s brother’ as he is affectionately known.

    • Nenah

      I didn’t know who Jhene was either!

  • Jelly

    Clarke Gail Baines are you serious? Tisha Campbell’s sister…O’Ryan, who are these people? The editors must be hunkered down because I don’t see how this article full of irrelevant people made it onto this site. MN just keeps getting irrelevant. Ok, I’m done.

    • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

      People love to throw around the words ‘irrelevant’ and ‘relevant’. Some of these articles may not be RELEVANT to your reading interests, but they are to others.

      • Nenah

        But it says Famous People! The brother of so and so is not famous! LOL

        • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

          He was at one point in time.

        • Resheart

          Both O’rayn and Jhene actually had singles out . Music video and appearances so technically…. at one point in time… for a second there… to some people lol… they were famous.

          • Deceased

            DEAD @ ALL of this!!! True but funny!

          • Mia

            Chile you can’t even spell that O’ryan’s person name which proves how irrelevant he is, lol! I don’t remember hearing anything by that Ichabod Crane looking dude, and the only thing I know about the girl is that she has a whiny voice and always mentions her multiracial ethnicity in songs, like she’s a racial miracle or something.

            • jhene is dope and i listen to her daily, i have neva heard what u talking bout lol Space Jam & You vs Them r nice and say nuthin in reference to her race…

        • toya

          LMFAO @ “the brother of so and so”

    • Aside from 2 people, I didn’t know them either…wait Forrest Whittaker makes three people!

  • Breakdown

    This is evidently a hurricane “SANDY” article. You could not get to the office so you dug through the archives and phoned this BS in.