In Sad News: Texas Pastor Attacked And Fatally Beaten To Death With Guitar In His Church

October 30, 2012  |  


It was just last week that a former employee of Creflo Dollar’s World Changers Church International in Georgia went into a morning prayer service and proceeded to shoot the leader, Greg McDowell, to death in front of church members. Less than a week later, Rev. Danny Kirk Sr., head of the Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church in a suburb in Fort Worth, was attacked in that church by a crazed man wielding a guitar.

On Monday, a man (whose name hasn’t been released as of yet) drove his car into a side wall of the church, proceeded to run after Reverend Kirk, who was in the parking lot, chased him into the church, and beat him to death with an electric guitar. According to the Associated Press, while the secretary hid for her life and called police, Reverend Kirk fought back against his attacker as much as possible. And when police finally arrived on the scene, they found the suspect beating him with the electric guitar and proceeded to use a taser to subdue him. Kirk had was dead by that time and another church worker was hurt while trying to help Reverend Kirk fend off his attacker. After being taken in custody, the suspect was later found unresponsive. Interestingly enough, the suspect was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival. Authorities aren’t sure if the beating he might have received while attacking Reverend Kirk was trying to defend himself played a part in his sudden death, but according to the AP, an autopsy is being done to determine his cause of death. Investigators are trying to figure out what the motive was for the attack, and if the reverend and the suspect even knew each other at all.

Those who are part of the congregation, which is around 800 people, are in mourning over the loss of their beloved Reverend. Kirk was known for his kind heart and love of volunteering at hospitals and schools. As one churchgoer, Montonya McNeil, put it, “He really was concerned about our souls. You looked forward to being here. … I’m not asking God why, because I know where he (Kirk) is, but we won’t get those big bear hugs and those great sermons anymore.”

Such a sad occurrence, and unfortunately, Kirk can’t get the real justice he deserves since the suspect is dead. However, in such a time, it’s best for those at Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church to remain confident in their faith, and as McNeil noted, know that Rev. Danny Kirk Sr. is in a better place.

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  • Gimmeabreak78

    Thanks for you unsolicitez criticism of Christianity. Whether you like it or not, certain places have been deemed by society as holy, inviolate ground, whether it’s a Jewish temple, a Muslim mosque, or a Christian church. The fact that a place of worship was turned into a killing field should give us all pause, whether the house of worship suited our religious beliefs or not. I’ll just treat your insensitivity as ignorance and move on with my day. I hope you enjoy yours.


    There’s more to this story . . .

  • CommonSenseAintSoCommon

    Wow if “God” can’t protect you in church, the what are people to. Get off your knees praying to a fairytale a take your life in your own hands. I don’t want to say less him because its a waste. I definitely wouldnt be rsuhing to see someone that watched me died in his own house or worship. I do give my condolences because I know thats tearing his family up.

    • FromUR2UB

      People should take responsibility and action for their own lives, and not use faith as an excuse for doing nothing to help themselves. But, there has to be more…something bigger than oneself. When people believe only in their own power, then what sustains them when they face the inevitable: their own limitations? What do they do when they encounter circumstances beyond their control, like natural disasters? Also, how does the person who believes God is nonexistent, maintain consistency in what he or she believes. They can change their rules at a whim: what’s good for me is the only good that matters, or what was wrong yesterday, can be what’s right today. Sometimes life can deal such profound heartbreaks, that people have to focus on something outside of themselves and their circumstances, to come through it. People have a need to make sense of things which seemingly have no explanation. You may call it a belief in fairytales, but if faith provides people some comfort, then why take that away from them? If faith prevents some people from committing acts such as this, then it serves a good purpose.

  • Reese

    Wow, just when you’ve heard it all something comes along and further blows your mind. My thoughts are with Rev. Kirk’s family as well as his church family.

  • 1Val

    At a loss for words. God bless the lost and dead.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I cannot believe the times we live in. Churches are now killing fields. Lord have mercy on us.