You Want Me to Sign WHAT?! 6 Reasons Signing a Pre-nup May Not Be a BAD Thing

October 27, 2012  |  

The man of your dreams has finally popped the question, and you’re looking forward to planning a fabulous wedding. You’ve already picked the date, the dress and the flowers. But, there’s only one pesky little detail left that you’ve been avoiding: the Pre-nup.

Sure, it may seem like you’re planning the divorce before you actually get into the marriage – but if he’s asked you to sign one, there’s no need to be offended or angry. A prenuptial agreement – an agreement between two people that deals with the financial consequences should your marriage end – could be a GOOD thing, and work in your favor. Whether he asked you, or you’re wondering if you should ask HIM to sign one – here are 6 things to consider before you jump that broom.

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  • Am tired of hearings about. women who make a lot of money where the Hell they at. and what city.

  • I feel that if someone is offended by the question itself they are defending themselves without being accusated of anything. Defense without accusation is self-accusation. If someone has a hard time to coöperate there is a reason for it and I don’t think it’s burning passion..

  • AB

    Hello captain obvious. This article was dumb.

  • Pivyque

    Prenups and premarital counseling should be mandatory. That way, no one will feel offended that they are being asked to sign one.

    • JaneDoe

      Totally agree with you. Marraige is a contract all in itself so why not just put it all out there. I’m all for prenups. And its not about money. Everyone should know what they are getting themselves into especially when children are involved. I will not marry someone who expects me to walk away with nothing in the event of a divorce.. That will not happen.

      • Pivyque

        Exactly…people don’t take marriage as seriously as they used to. Marriage shouldn’t be so easy to get into. It’s not always easy to get out of.

  • Meyaka

    No one is obligated to get married,I wish people will stay single and stop all this foolishness.

    • Reese

      I kind of agree with what you are saying. Some people put too much emphasis on getting married and at the end of the day it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Let’s face it, some people don’t need to be married it goes completely against their nature. But at the end of the day some people are marriage material and they feel that they need that for their life to be complete.

  • Ann

    This is why people with money don’t need to get married for the sake of getting married or playing games, the person is fine or looking good. Like Judge Mablean always says, look deep before you leap! People unfortunately don’t look at it.

    • Machelle Kwan

      Exactly. That’s why these rich men want prenups. They know the type of superficial women they are dealing with even though they pretend they don’t when it’s all over. These prenups end up looking like rental agreements. Marriage is a joke and a game to wealthy people. So if they’re going to play, they better have something in stone of what its going to cost. On the contrary, regular working people will never amass the amounts of money that prenups usually involve.

  • Big Mike

    Stay Single!

    There, I had to beat L-Boogie to it……

  • Nope

    I’m all for prenups. I feel sorry for any man hoping for the best once the woman he’s legally and financially tied to gets her feelings hurt.

  • Reese

    Personally, I have nothing against signing a pre-nup agreement. I know people who have gotten screwed because they didn’t have one. I have a relative whose wife cheated on him with numerous men (he had concrete evidence) but since they didn’t have a pre-nup he has to pay her $2,500/month for the next two years. My philosophy is that we both need to leave with what we came with unless children are involved.

    • Mrs M

      Maybe your relative should have not married a hoe. No prenup no problem

      • Reese

        I doubt my relative would have married her if he knew she would have turned into a gold digging monster, she wasn’t that type of person when they met she just got too use to the good life. In today’s world, it is too much at stake not to have a pre-nup especially if you live in a communal property state. I don’t want a man taking any of my hard earned money, when he didn’t earn it or help me to earn it. Because men can take women to the cleaners, just like women do.

  • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

    Please if my fiance doesn’t sign a pre-nup, we aren’t getting married.

  • I personally don’t believe in a prenuptual agreement it makes a marriage into a business transaction more than a romantic emotional attachment. look at Raphael Elkind & Melissa Newman they don’t have a prenuptual agreement and have been married 18 years nor did her parents have a pre nup and they would’ve been married 55 years in January. a pre nup doesn’t always mean a marriage will last

    • get real

      Of course you and Thavoiceless don’t because if you divorce you are going to want half even if you didn’t donate a red cent to help start the business. This is way alot of men don’t marry and those one’s that do marry, are scared to divorce because you and the judge are going to knock his block in court. And all you did was marry into nice situation and know you get half? That’s ridiclous.

      • JaneDoe

        Saying “I DO” is a binding contract. For better or worst until death pretty much solidifies the marraige as an agreement a partnership. Whatever happens within that marraige without a prenup your spouse is and in most court of law will be entitled to half.

    • Nope

      If you’re familiar with the history of marriage, you’d know that it has always been a business transaction. Love was pretty much optional, and the religious context came much,much later. Yeah that’s right people, god didn’t invent marriage.

      • Machelle Kwan

        God did invent marriage for the purposes of righteous procreation.But he didn’t invent marriage licenses. Marriage is supposed to be spiritual not a business. The world made it into a business. Marriage is to solidify the family structure. But these days most people just see it as convenience for relations or money. “He that finds a wife, finds a good thing.”.

        • Abby

          He also did not want divorces, but He allowed Moses to allow divorce and separation. What most people do not know according to God if you separate or divorce from you husband or wife you can only remarry them and not another person if the divorce or separation was not cause by adultery

    • It’s rather a sign it’s not going to last..

      • Machelle Kwan

        I don’t think a lot of wealthy folk intend on staying married in the first place. When you have lots of money, you probably feel as if you don’t need anyone else. Regular people need helpmates a lot more.

  • Nikki

    I don’t like the idea of not getting any money at all because we both put money towards our marriage.

    Khloé & Lamar did something like: She gets $500k initially, then $50k for every year they were married, and the house. I’d consider something like that; downscaled of course.

    • Reese

      Yeah that is called an elevator clause, most rich people have those in their pre-nup.