Tiny Speaks On Critics: I’m At The Point In My Life Where I Pretty Much Don’t Give A S**t What People Think

October 26, 2012  |  

Source: Rolling Out

Tiny looks like a whole new woman on the cover of Rolling Out magazine this month talking about everything from business to the bedroom. Though these days Tiny is mostly known as T.I.’s wife, she is slowly but surely making her own name for herself (again) with a reality show with her family and a coming late-night talk show on VH1. Rolling Out asked Tiny how she feels about her new projects in light of all the criticisms she receives — and what it’s like to lay up with T.I. every night. Here’s a bit of what she said.

How she handles criticism
I do it with confidence. I believe that confidence is everything for a woman. You just have to be comfortable with who you are and what you bring to the table. I’m at the point in my life where I pretty much don’t give a s— what people think … but if I see something that I don’t like on Twitter and I feel like I want to say something back, I will, because that’s just me. I’m not really quick with my temper, though, and I stay positive and surround myself with positive people. At the end of the day, positivity is the thing that you need the most … that and confidence.

How she deals when she doesn’t feel her prettiest

Again, it’s all about positivity. You’ve got to know that today is just a bad day, and you just have to take it in and keep moving because tomorrow can be a better day. I never let things keep me down, so if it’s a bad moment right now, I will deal with it keep it moving. And if I’m feeling like I’m not looking right, I just don’t take any pictures.

Whether marriage has changed anything between her and T.I.
A lot of people say that things change — and maybe my husband might say something different — but I don’t really see much of a change. I just feel like I’ve been doing some of the same things as a married woman, that I was doing years before … so it’s kind of like continuing on with the papers now. Honestly, I’m just enjoying it. I’m enjoying being called a wife, because it’s different than just being in a relationship … it feels a little better now.

How she felt when T.I. called her his wife for the first time
I was kind of like ”damn, that’s me.” I felt like a lucky lady and I love it every time I hear it. It just does something to me … it sends a signal to my body and tells me to jump all over him whenever possible [laughs].

How to spice up your relationship
You have to try new things and be open and talk about things that you’re interested in. You also have to talk about things that he’s interested in and see if you guys can come to a happy medium, and just get wild … that brings a little something extra to the bedroom.

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  • Kayo Halana Malie

    The way I see this – People talk about Tameka’s physical
    looks because to them, the fans, she doesn’t have the appearance of a woman who
    rappers like her husband rap about.
    I don’t think Tameka is an attractive woman, but what I think about her
    appearance doesn’t matter. The focus that people put on her appearance is borderline obsessive. I’ve seen comments where people stated that even though she is unattractive, she ‘holds down her man’. I didn’t know that being attractive and being supportive of someone go hand-in-hand. This is patriarchy and double standards at work. Women are expected to date and marry men who may not be the most attractive, but men are expected to ONLY date and
    marry women who society deems attractive.

    I don’t think people are ‘hating’ on her. They are just being overly critical.

    • Sheena

      STFU. Anything you say is irritating.

      • Kayo Halana Malie

        And do you suppose that what you are doing isn’t? Instead of you commenting on my comments about how much you don’t like them, why don’t you try adding something that is germane to the article!

  • Meyaka

    I don’t care what people say either,I like the dark hair it makes her look less ghetto IMO.

  • Jenn

    I just need sub titles whens he speaks #ijs

    • Nenah

      LOL! Heck yeah. I can’t watch the show because I can’t understand her or him. Plus I hate the sound of her voice. Maybe I should try closed caption so I can support the show.

      • omg. both of them sound terrible. I cant understand most of what they say.

  • AJ389

    Great interview Tiny! Loving the hair, keep it right there, really cute plus brings a lil softness, and better accents facial features, let the blonde rest a minute. Beautiful pic.

  • Candacey Doris

    I don’t know why anyone hates her, she seems so nice.

    • TRUTH IS

      Keyword: seems

      • Candacey Doris

        Since we don’t personally know her, seems is all we’ve got. When you become bffs with her or hang on a regular basis, then you’ve got the right to say you don’t like her or not. Or when she starts talking out of her neck like some celebs do.

  • TeeM

    Tiny is so cute, always loved her. People just need to quite and be happy for someone for once. She, Tiny is happily married to TI and they have a lovely family. The world would be a better place if people start sharing love instead of hate, I guess in order to do that, you first have to love yourself. I guess that is where the problem starts first, with self. I wish Tiny & TI the very best and I pray that they will continue to be happy as a couple with their family and each~other. Love them both♥

    • Kayo Halana Malie

      No, people don’t need to be happy for other people.

      • sheena

        Here goes this crazy chick again.

        • Kiyoko Kayo Hisoka

          If you don’t like what I have to say, that is fine, but don’t f@ck@ng reply to me with your bullcrap.

  • People hate on her because of how she looks, which is foolish. She is a beautiful woman with hustles on her mind, is family-oriented, and is just as sweet as can be. She doesn’t start drama, mess, and keeps it classy and adult. She’s a real woman and I see no reason to hate. She is all herself and confident in doing so. I’d rather have her as a role model than some of these other females today, making it a mission to dig gold and start social networking fights….

    • Nenah

      Actually I hate on her because she talks like she has crack mouth.

      • psylocke_2001


  • tiny looks good in this picture. she would look better if she didnt try and ‘look young’ all the time. but she seems to be genuinely sweet and loves her man.

  • Jay

    So the miss piggy comparisons dont hit a snout… I mean tail.. So sorry i mean a nerve

  • ANTMilf

    And she shouldn’t. People who waste time on someone who they don’t personally know need to get a life already! Tiny seems like a sweetheart and not afraid to be herself.

  • lalatarea

    Damm she REALLY looks like a whole new woman lol “lil kim”! She needs to stop with these botched ask plastic surgeries!

  • Shonda Johnson

    Excuse me,why would anybody wanna “hate” on Tiny?? Please,stop playing yourself!!!! Anyway,Tiny seems like an genuine persona and she has a nice personality.

  • LOVE her, country accent and all! Like I said on another blog, the only folks that constantly hate on this woman are the ones jealous of what she has! Folks are too shallow! Looks aren’t everything anyway. Her personality is what makes her gorgeous anyway, and she’s been holding her family and her man down! Got nothing but respect for Tiny! She was always my fav in Xscape!