He’s Just Mad: President Obama Responds To Donald Trump’s $5 Million Offer

October 25, 2012  |  

I think everyone (aside from right-wingers and folks who just can’t stand President Obama) was equally disgusted by Donald Trump’s extra thirsty proposition to the President. If you live under a rock, the man with the worst comb over in history, too much money and a lot of time on his hands put out a message saying he would give $5 million to a charity of the President’s choice, if he turned over his college applications, records and his passport. The fact that he would only feel like giving such a great amount to a charity in need for the sake of trying to prove something negative about President Obama says a lot about this man’s character. And while he could have totally ignored Donald Trump’s dumb arse all together, during an appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” last night, the funniest commander-in-chief since…maybe President Clinton, decided to poke fun at all the speculation about where he was born and the fact that “The Donald” is just a little jealous, but not for the obvious reasons:

“This all dates back to when we were growing up in Kenya. We had constant run-ins on the soccer field, he wasn’t very good and resented it. When we finally moved to America, I thought it would be over.”

After his comical claim, Leno asked the President if he had ever even met Donald Trump before for this man to have so much animosity towards him, and such an obsession with his life. The President said that no, he hadn’t ever met the man, and I’m sure at this point, he doesn’t want to meet him. EVER.

Check out the clip from last night and tell us what you think of the President’s comments about everything. And big LOL at Jay Leno for comparing the POTUS and Donald Trump’s beef with his against David Letterman. And on a sidenote, am I the only one who thinks that any black person who gets approached to sign up for “The Apprentice” should say HELL NO!? Clearly that man is just trying to exploit the black celebs who come on his show because he thinks their behavior will garner big ratings, but the disrespect towards our black president is unacceptable at this point, and those in the community that he’s trying to profit off of should take a stand. But that’s just my opinion. Carry on!

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  • the real question is why didnt he take the money if he has nothing to hide

  • mre

    President ofailure increased his wealth by 10m plus in 4 yrs while the economy sucks. Great another celebrity appereance by the president , get to work man…. loser. Donald has more power any way you flip it. All ofailure can do is make jokes. What is he hiding?

  • Nj

    Obama is a complete disrespectful idiot who is not an American citizen.
    He tried to cover it up and I knew he couldn’t produce. Yay for Donald Trump who proved it!!!!

    • american

      He proved along time ago he was a citizen u douche. TRUMP IS TRYING TO SAY HE GOT IN TO SCHOOL BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. THAT HIS GRADES WERE NOT GOOD.

  • IllyPhilly

    What if he was as educated as he is, but looked like Mike Tyson? Would POTUS get this much disrespect?

  • SistaFirst2

    Michelle has been on 16 million-dollar vacations since she moved into the white house. But, she feels our pain???
    Fool, you think the Obama’s actually care about YOU?

  • Cakester

    That’s right Mr. President! Trump, put your money where your hair line is!!!

  • Patricia

    It is a shame that the President have to take time out of his busy campaigning schedule to get on Jay Leno and deal with this foolishness and non sense. He does not have time for this ignorance he is trying to win a second term.

    • ya it sure cuts into his busy vacation plans to make a call and say release the info

  • Patricia

    Not only black should not get on the show, people should stop watching the Apprentice all together. Like the other people on the blog indicated, he needs to put that 5 million out there for somebody to get Romney’s tax returns that he fail to submit all of them as a require to run for president. Or take that money and donate it to a HBCU who really needs it. If Trump was smart, he really needs to sit down somewhere.

  • Jenn

    My president doesn’t have time for this bafoonery…he is too busy presiding over the NATION!

    • f obama

      Yeah.. by being on Leno while still not responding to 4 americans being murder. U can have him as your president because i sure dont want him

  • Kisses

    Trump getting senile. Maybe its time for his fam to stage an intervention and throw his hindparts in a home…

  • Jessica

    There was a black man that won apprentice a few years ago. I remember he asked him if he wouldn’t mind having the second runner up co-apprentice with him. I suppose he didn’t think the black guy could do it all by himself. I knew then that I didn’t like D. Trump. He’s a tool.

  • wveronica7

    lmao!! Obama is one cool dude.

    • Mia

      It was a brilliant response! lol

      • Cooper

        it was not a brilliant response, a brilliant response would have been “I’ve contacted my secretary and she is gathering the paperwork for these allogations and the paperwork for the people that are in need of that 5 million”. What kind of person turns down 5 million bucks for charity for probably 5 minutes of his time. I say take trumps money and put it to a good cause… that is unless he has something to hide then I would just laugh it off and hope America laughed with me. oh wait that’s already happening.

        • Mia

          President Obama taking money from Donald would have been the same as kow-towing to him. Donald is a media h o o r whom no one takes seriously. Trump has been repeatedly disrespectful to our President since day one. P. Obama treating him like the joke he is was brilliant. The fact that Trump will supposedly donated this money by denigrating our president speaks volumes about his character- or lack thereof.

  • Na Na

    *Devil’s Advocate Here* But I would have to disagree with your call for all African and Black Americas to decline appearing on the Apprentice due to the way The Donald has treated President Barack Obama. I am happy to be alive to see the day that this country is run by an African American, however President Obama has made it very clear that he will not and does not give special attention to or address laws specifically targeted towards African Americans just because he himself is an African American…..sooooo African Americans please don’t turn down that “Donald Trump” money over a personal beef with him and the Pres. do you, and get your money and shine on!

    • lovely

      All money is not good money. I will not give the show a rating and will not watch. I have watched the past seasons, even with all the stuff Donald has said in the past about the President, but now he is getting pass ridiculous.

      • Mia

        Exactly! Donald isn’t picking blacks for their ability, he’s exploiting them for ratings. I will not watch his drivel either. But I don’t watch reality tv anymore anyway.

        • Sheena

          You all are willing to not advance your future because of some other people’s personal beef with each other? Im not speaking on anything else “The Donald” does which may make you dislike him, of course there are hundreds of reasons to, BUT his personal beef with Pres. has nothing to do with you or I. I’m sure you guys wouldn’t take a job at a Fortune 500 Company because your sister thinks the CEO’s shoes are ugly. YOu guys are ridiculous.

          • Your comparisons are ridiculous. Refusing to take a job from a fortune 500 company because your sister thinks the CEO has ugly show is completely different and worlds apart from refusing to support an egomaniac like Donald Trump. That has got to be the most stupid comparison i’ve ever heard. Furthermore I don’t see any blacks that has benefited or advanced from being on that show. If anything they’re worse off. So what future advancement are you going on about? and for your information the president doesn’t have beef with Trump. Trump is one with the problem.

        • IllyPhilly

          I never watched the show and never will, but if somebody can get him fo his money, do it!!

    • IllyPhilly

      I agree NaNa.

    • Sharell Taylor

      It amazes me how African Americans want to dismiss President Obama because he hasn’t done enough for the black community. But on the flip side want to call Bush, Romney, McCain and every other President or wannabe President racist or classist when they look out for their “interest.” President Obama is not a President for the blacks. He’s a President, although black, who’s responsible for EVERYONE. But, if you want to be technical, let’s look at the breakdown; Increase in Pell Grants – a plus for the black community Obamacare – plus Lowered payroll taxes – plus I can go on and on but nobody has that type of time. Let’s stop looking at what he hasn’t done for the black community and start looking at what he’s done for AMERICA, ALL OF US, not just some of us…done venting, now back to your regularly scheduled program. 🙂 PS: Donald Trump need to take a short walk off a long pier!!!!

      • Na Na

        That’s my point Sharell Taylor, Most Presidents look out for their interests, however barack Obama (and this is facts not my opinion) has clearly stated, “I am not President of Only Black and African Americans so I will not address issues only specific to black and African Americans) cool fine, do you Pres. However this constituency of Black and African Americans shouldn’t limit their potential in life for a person (President or not) who isn’t willing to the same bold step for them. That’s what amazes me, how people value others over them selves, now that’s truly amazing.