Shaunie, Here’s A Lifejacket: 7 Ladies Who Could Make Things VERY Interesting On BBWLA Next Season

October 30, 2012 ‐ By

The “Basketball Wives” franchise is losing. Ratings appear to be plummeting and fans of the VH1 series are finding this season painful to watch with its sub-par storyline and uninteresting characters. A few weeks back we reported that viewers are literally begging Ms. O’Neal to put an axe to the Monday night train wreck. When one man took to Twitter to voice his concerns to the “Basketball Wives” visionary, she suggested that a possible solution is giving the show a complete makeover, which can be assumed to mean a new cast. Well, you know what Shaunie? That idea doesn’t sound half bad. Actually, it is probably one of the best things to come out of your mouth since…well, I don’t know when. But, you catch my drift. And she wasn’t kidding, she cut a majority of the cast this week leaving only Jackie Christie and Draya. So now that we’re back to the drawing board, here’s a lineup that might work next season. If you there will actually be a next season…

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  • Some of those wives don’t qualify because they’re married.

  • Monique

    sigh how i long for the nineties when television had actual shows with scriptwriters 90s sitcoms were the best!

  • Shaunie would have a better chance being Governor of FL, before any of these above women mentioned would EVER BE INVOLVED in this H.A.M. call BBWLA…….

  • JustSayin

    How about… Canceling the Basketball Wives franchise all together? Why try to keep ignorance on television anyway? I am not even going to front. I don’t CARE what those women have to say. SO what? Ain’t NOTHING positive coming from those shows. I wonder… did people put up this much fight for when the Cosby’s went off? Or how about Girlfriends? Yeah… But we fighting to keep BBW? I swear I am growing up in the most ignorant era of all time. SMH. No wonder drug & alcohol addiction is at an all time high.

  • trublu

    Isn’t it funny how the two that remain are in conflict with each other? The women aren’t behaving bad enough. There’s no jumping on tables, no weekly smackdowns and all the other ratchet behavior that makes the original a ratings hit. That’s the message on tv today, bad behavior gets you stardom, but behaving better means you’re cancelled as being “boring”.

  • WhoMe

    Ummm no! Just stop the show completely!!!

  • kaye

    Shaunie wont pay the dollar amount required to make (most) of these women even “consider” do her show

  • lalatarea

    Hoopz is the only one I see desperate enough to do this! All of these other legit basketball wives don’t need the exposure or money.

  • MsAdamas

    Just stop it! The entire BBW franchise should be cut then…because the original is nowhere better than the LA one. They both suck…in fact the original sucks double time…oh, and I don’t think the ladies on this list will stoop that low.

    • Ann

      I agree, Ms Adamas, both shows needs to be cancelled. Tamia is WAY TOO CLASSY AND SMART to get involved with this foolishness. I pray she does not stoop that low.

      • Tammi

        I believe she has MS also. A show like that could really cause her to flare up. She definitely checkin’ for Shaunie’s show.