Ask A Black Man Follow Up With Devale: “My Friends Thought I Was A Traitor”

October 24, 2012  |  


The 27-year-old husband Devale stirred up the most comments on our “Ask A Black Man” series, and with good reason; his “candor” was very much on display in both the Dating and Marriage episodes. As one of the few married men on our panel, Devale says he had the luxury of being totally honest since he wasn’t trying to impress the ladies. Hear him tell it, his honesty has been the source of some major hate from commenters and also from friends that thought he divulged too much info about the way men think. Do you agree with Devale’s assessments? Check out his follow up interview and let us know what you think.






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  • Ladybug94

    Well, if his friends think being honest is a “bad trait” according to men and makes him a traitor, it sounds like he needs some new friends are at least some who don’t worship being a trifling person who thrives on deception. ijs.

  • mochaaa

    if u guys really want to get inside the mind of a black man hotdamnirock on is great

  • flyygirl_84

    I believe that some women don’t want to hear honesty because they do not want to admit that the problem is not always the man, it’s them. As a young, single, black woman hearing the opinions of black men is very helpful for me in understanding how they think, feel and why they do the things they do. I am not going into a dating or relationship “blind” because I get it and I have an understanding from real sources. Devale, I think that you are a good guy and I am glad that you were frank and candid- that’s what we need, even if we don’t admit it. Thank you and hopefully we can see you again!

  • Kayo Halana Malie

    So, normally he lies to women to impress them?

  • qui8tstorm83

    I appreciated his honesty! As women we often ask the truth from Men but when they don’t say what “we” expect them to say then they are harsh or may be considered bad guys. Listen sometimes! That’s why some women can’t get and keep a quality man. No rule applies to everyone but if you are hearing the same thing over and over from guys to the questions you have…then it probably applies. I hope they do another panel with some of the same guys and hope Devale is one of them. Women toady need more of this…the more info. the better! 🙂

  • JJ

    Deval didn’t say anything that hasn’t been said before. So I don’t understand why his friends would think he is a traitor. I don’t think that anything he said was that harsh either. Only thing I didn’t like is that he came off a little cocky.

  • His opinion does NOT equal “real”. You ppl need to stop allowing these “men” to think they can redefine the word ‘real’. They can’t.

  • sabrina

    i actually liked devale. even though his honesty was a bit harsh sometimes, i did respect it nonetheless. and i appreciate what he said about what he loves about black women! amen my brotha! lol

  • m.t

    His honesty was very well appreciated. I enjoyed hearing all the fellas answer these questions us women would like to know. I never had too much male influence in my life to talk to me about their insights about dating, marriage and sex, so it was refreshing.

    • Blackhawk

      Ur a smart girl. I learned a lot about women from my female friends who i knew would keep it real with me and tell me the naked truths about a woman’s mindset.