‘Basketball Wives’ Can Surely Work With This: Stephon Marbury’s Former “Chef” Gets Her $1 Million Pay Day

October 21, 2012  |  


Word on the street is that Tasha Marbury, wife of former New York Knicks player Stephon Marbury, is in negotiations to join the cast of Basketball Wives and by the looks of the news of the past 24 hours, we can bet that Tasha’s per episode rate just got negotiated UP amidst the exposure of her husband’s affair.

According to The New York Post

Marbury carried on an affair with chef Thurayyah Mitchell, and offered her nearly $1 million so his wife and the Knicks — who were dealing with their own sexual-harassment problems at the time — wouldn’t learn about it, court papers disclose.

The Coney Island native hired Mitchell as a “private chef” in January 2006, the same month the team and coach Isiah Thomas were hit with a $10 million sexual-harassment suit by one of their executives, Anucha Browne Sanders.

Mitchell was soon serving up more than hot meals to her boss, the papers say. “Starbury” fired her in 2006, and Mitchell complained that she’d been the victim of sexual harassment.

SMH. Marbury says that he considered the relationship consensual and that he offered her the money to keep her mouth shut. On her end, Mitchell says she  had sex with Marbury five times and that the reason she decided to take up the case against him is because he stopped making payments and still owed her over $300k (he had already paid her $600k). Wow, so this chef made about $200,000 per lovemaking session? Who knew Marbury had it like that?

The arbritator in the case awarded Mitchell what she was owed: $330,000, and noted that the decision was partially related to the fact that she could have made more money selling her story or suing Marbury. In other words, she’s a meticulous mistress. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that Tasha is Stephon’s current wife – not his ex…yet.

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  • Guest

    Reminds me of the song, Your husband is cheating on us!!!!!!! What a mess!!!

  • eyeconci1

    Men cheat because women give them the oppurtunity..not their wives…other women. Some women dont care, they are oppurtunist. If women had more respect when they know a man is married and dimiss him. The oppuntunity will go away. Women see a married man and equate that to a good man. Some think, he will leave her for me because I am that good in bed or look this good, etc. None of those things matter. But, til the end of time sex, lies and videotapes will be the reason most relationships break off. Men say all the things we want to hear when they are in a position to get what they want. As soon as these women flip the script and want “more” the men want no parts. Your vajayjay is not a gateway to my house, my children, my world, my life. You are just a scapegoat, from my routine. Hey, all of us want the relief of the everyday norm of not paying bills, waking up at 3am to a screaming baby, disagreements, long days at work. These womens feelings get hurt and now the mistress is doing a tell all. I don’t fault these women when they dont know. Thats a whole nother story. Bottom line, stay in your lane, seek waht is for you not someone who belongs to another. It will never work!!!!

    • Mia

      Aww, poor married man, just going on about his day and that lecherous vixen comes along and tempts him! What’s a poor wuttle guy to do?

      I know your man cheating on you because you stupid as f a c k! LOL

  • iluvm

    I bet he will keep his wee wee in his pants now!

  • Ann

    Wow, Stephon ‘s wife if she gets divorced will be a candidate for Basketball wives and will get more money. These people still refused to learn to stop cheating outside of the marriage. It is sad. Who is the next entertainer, athlete, actor, regular person who thinks they are immune and refuse to learn?

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  • Meyaka

    The men will stop cheating when their wives stop blaming other women,and kick those dogs to the curb.

    • CarlaKah


  • guest510

    The only victim in this is his wife. She should’ve gotten the money

  • JaneDoe

    Waitng for the day when people start respecting the institution of marraige and stop sleeping with married men. The men will stop cheating when women have the respect and decency to send them back home to their wives.

    • smh

      “Waiting for the day when people start respecting the institution of marriage and MARRIED MEN stop sleeping around”

      SMH so pretty much all falls on the woman. Then let me guess next it was the wives fault their husbands went to the other women. Men will always cheat around because their never held accountable and shamed for cheating. You have other men accepting it and you also have women accepting it, so no responsibility. Most women blame the other women, Men will shame the man if he was to get back with a cheater while women think it’s ok for a man to cheat.

      • Mia

        Thank you! I’m so tired of people always blaming the women

        • Kay

          Blaming the women? They deserve to be blamed. Nobody made her sleep with a married man. Same as noone made him step outside his marriage .the “blame” falls on both of them. The women is at fault just like the man.

          • Mia

            God you’re dense. My comment was to the previous poster who placed blamed SOLELY on the ow, and I disputed that. Of course they both should be blamed, but more blame should fall on the cheating husband. HE made the vows and broke them.

            • Kay

              and your delusional.. The women and man should both equally be at fault. This isn’t some sort of game in which we try and play who is more guilty. It’s wrong no matter how you look at it the women in the situation knows the man is married and sleeps with him anyway, completely ignoring the sanctity of marriage. This is what’s wrong with so many black women they think like you. Oh I slept with married man, but it’s all his fault cause he took the vows? Lol that makes no sense whatsoever

              • pfft…

                I would give you thumbs up a hundred times if I could. You’re right. They think because they didn’t make the vow they’re not guilty or some how absolved of wrong doing. Sorry but if I’m done dirty I’m coming for BOTH their a**es, because they’re both wrong.

              • pfft…

                One correction though, I don’t think it’s just black women who don’t repsect marriage as much as it is people in general.

            • Mia

              Girl bye. You are a joke. So cheating is a r a c
              i a l thing now? With so many blond b i m b o groupies around sleeping with
              married men you want to bring r a c e into this? Get your cartoon a s – out of
              here. And YOU are the one debating who’s debating “who is guiltier”,
              otherwise you would not keep commenting on this topic. You believe one thing
              and I believe another- leave it at that. And just because another woman was
              able to s n a t c h your man don’t think I’m a home wrecker too. You do not know
              me to make such an absurd comment, unless you are Miss Cleo

              • Kay

                Lol K.

            • Mia

              You better believe if I ever find myself with a
              cheating husband, I’m coming for HIM, not his mistress. If he doesn’t love and
              respect me and our union enough not to cheat why would I expect his mistress
              to? You are obviously b i t t er so I’m done talking to you, reply if you want
              to, but after this post I don’t see why you would unless you are a m a s o c h
              i s t! LOL

      • JaneDoe

        Don’t twist my words.. Where in my comment was I blaming the woman? I am prowomen all day but when it comes to cheating both parties are to blame. All I was saying in this case if she had put him in his place as a married man it wouldn’t have happened. I hope that is clear enough for youto comprehend. You people kill me

      • Kells

        Men will cheat. As long as women allow them to cheat. Works both ways

    • Mia

      Your husband left his boxers on my dresser. Sorry

      • Meyaka


    • ANTMilf

      How about the MARRIED MAN take more of the blame than the woman, know his dumb decision is costing him $1 million because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. He’s the one with the wife and kids here. Yeah the woman was stupid for sleeping with the married man too, but the blame should go to him mostly because he made a promise to God to be faithful to his wife and he didn’t.

    • JaneDoe

      Let me clear this up… People meaning both men and women before I get attacked.

    • Meyaka

      The man solely is at fault,those men go to extreme length and lies and preying on other women’s insecurities to get some nookie away from their stupid,weak and tired wives. Yeah, you’re stupid and weakif you think another woman can steal your man. I know for a fact NO FEMALE on this PLANET can take my husband away; now can he decide to cheat? Of course,but he can’t be taken away from me.