Do We Really Need Hoda Kotb To Represent For Black Women?

October 19, 2012  |  

It may come as no surprise that while we go throughout our day looking for stories on relationships, ratchet entertainment, and crazy news to entertain you with, we find inspiration from morning talk shows like The View and the Today show. This morning, while watching Kathie Lee & Hoda and wondering (yet again) about how these two manage to drink merlot at 10am, one of the editors inquired about Hoda Kotb’s ethnicity. When I noted that she was Egyptian, my co-worker asked “how come Hoda doesn’t identify as a Black woman?”

Well, I didn’t realize that she didn’t identify as a Black woman. Does she really need to publicly exclaim herself to be a Black woman continuously in order to show pride?

Black folks are definitely representing in morning media: we have Robin Roberts, Al Roker, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, and Michael Strahan to name just a few. Although Hoda doesn’t necessarily come to mind when we think of Blacks in the media, do we need her to make a big to-do about being an African-American woman?

Personally, I don’t feel any type of way about it mainly because Hoda doesn’t seem like she’s trying not to be Black. She’s just herself. To be fair, when does she have the chance to speak out on Black issues on The Today Show? Between segments on makeovers, budget fashion and fluff celebrity interviews, I don’t know when she’d have the chance to really make references to her “Blackness” although I faintly recall her referencing her African roots when she discussed her personal hair care. The only thing I know about her that makes me question her self-identity is the title of her book: “Hoda: How I Survived War Zones, Bad Hair, Cancer, and Kathie Lee.” The fact that she refers to her hair as “bad hair” may or may not shed some light on how she interprets her ethnicity. But since I haven’t read the book, I’ll withhold a lot of my comments on that subject.

Who knows if she is embracing the “ambiguity” zone she’s occupying, alongside celebs like Rashida Jones and Maya Rudolph, and playing it to her advantage? Who knows if she simply doesn’t think about her ethnicity?  Although I’m a strong proponent of Black celebrities leveraging their star power to advance Black causes, I can understand when certain celebs choose to keep a low profile on issues of race and rather lead by example.

What do you think? Does Hoda need to be more outspoken when it comes to her identity and speaking out on Black issues? Sound off in the comments section. 







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  • reta

    NO let the woman be why do we always want someone to stand up and say I’m black or whatever. I myself am often the only black woman in my circle and it is a chore to represent for everyone . Not to mention impossible. Her self Identification makes no difference to me. I know many African people who do not Id themselves as blk or AA She is Egyptian that is on the African continent so her heritage is not a mystery . Doesn’t change my life one bit Let HODA be.

  • Brooklyn Beatnik

    If you’re mixed with black, in America, you’re black, famous or not. It’s not as if she can pass, she can’t. She’s plainly, obviously, black. This is a ridiculous discussion. Yes, she’s mixed, many of us are, but she’s clearly phenotypically black. There is no arguing the point, in my mind. The degree of ignorance demonstrated about race on this thread is frightening and makes clear that we know nothing. Egypt is in Africa people, get it together.

    • Angrytomato

      She’s an Arab you f-ing idiot. Sorry, I know you think all blacks BE EGYPTIANS AND BUILT DA PYRAMIDS AND SHEET but Egyptians see NO connection between themselves and AA’s (being on an entirely different side of the continent from where AA’s ancestors originated).

  • Rob

    Many if not most Egytians and other northern Africans of the last couple of centuries have at least some European or Asian ancestry and don’t consider themselves Black. Many actually have very little if any Black African ancestry.

  • Renata Barnes

    She is definitely from Arab Africa and not Sub-Saharan Africa. There is a difference but that being said, she is an African-American woman albeit not in the sense that most of us are thinking. Most Egyptian will not put themselves in the same category as Sub-Saharan Africans but more Arab Africans like Libyans, Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians, Northern Sudan. I think she may see herself as an African-American woman from that aspect but I am not sure how much she identifies or chooses to identify with African-Americans who are descendants of slaves since I believe she is firs generation Egyptian American.

  • Ammoguy

    I think she’s an “Aunt Tom” (vs an Uncle Tom)

  • jasmineyarra

    Who the hell cares? Everybody does NOT have to look out for Blacks. Get over yourselves! The way most Black Americans act is an embarrassment to other Blacks around the world and other cultures. I’m Black and have no interest in dealing with the many ghetto loving attitude having crabs in a barrel blacks that are alive and well in the U.S! A N.African will never admit to being related in any way to Black Americans. NO WAY!!

  • Ejira Films

    She’s Egyptian with sub-saharan African roots.

  • Ephany

    Hoda Kotb is NOT black. She is white. If you look at the rest of her family you can see that. She has different coloring but that is par for Middle Eastern people.

  • Cosita

    They asked about her ETHNICITY. Black is a not an ETHNICITY. Neither is white. Those are races. Furthermore not all black people are African American so stop acting like it’s interchangeable. I am black but I don’t ID as African American. You need to hire more educated writers.

  • ElleM

    She’s Egyptian. Egyptians do not consider themselves African actually majority of North Africans do not. If you have ever been to North Africa, you will notice that some of the male and females have hair just like Hoda.

  • meme

    my question is what does she say she is…. i dont want to say she is part anything. Both of her parents are Egyptian. i am of egyptian decent.. i have red (no dye) hair… and sea green eyes that are spooky they are so light) (smh). i have NEVER deemed myself white NEVER. always “i AM AFRIAN.. NO AFRICAN AMERICAN…STRAIGHT AFRICAN …BLACK. i have traced back at least 1000 years of african bloodline. i wouldnt change it for the world… i am rich with amazing purity.

  • Victoria

    She’s not black she is egyptian. Wiah do some Wikipedia before you write your next post. .

  • Howardlady

    This entire post is ignorant and the comments are worse. Educate yourselves people! Yes, she’s African and also Middle Eastern. Egypt is in the ME! Because of the Saudi migration, many coastal Egyptians are mixed with Saudi and Black Egyptian blood. Including her. She is black but her cultural background has Middle Eastern roots, as well. She really doesn’t have to fit anywhere but in her skin. Her posts pics of he chocolate skinned niece all the time. This kind of black thought and black “journalism” limits us and questions our capacity and growth. What a shame.

    • Howardlady





  • I think she considers herself Arab, which is not black. North Africans don’t consider themselves black or African, but Arab.

  • tracy

    Black is very stereotyped, to be black according to many non-black people who have no idea of what is black (and many blacks do not either) you have to be very dark skinned, kinky haired, large lipped, wide nose and that is not true. Black is the most diverse race on earth. There are many variations of blacks and blacks are not heavily mixed if they do not have these features. With all the discrimination against blacks no one would really claim black unless they were not actually black. Most of the non-black world is racist and insane in thier concepts of blackness.

    • Angrytomato

      Boo hoo hoo everyone is against my pooor race!

  • tracy

    I think Americans really need to travel outside of America . I am a black South American woman and im definitely not typical hispanic looking , even though I have native indian and white blood, I look black and dark skinned. But Egyptian or Hispanic are not a races, they are cultures. There are many many black Egyptians who identify as such. Some I know who look like Hoda. Its odd that a person can be black, with majority African blood and if they have a non black ancestry relative the genes can return. Or the person may be majority non black and the black genes can return ie. Paula Abdul.
    Just because a person has ancestry or another race does not take them out of being a black person. All races are mixed.

  • Black wifey

    Africa is a Continent…Egypt is a country in Africa.
    So that would make Hoda an Egyptian American!!!!!
    Why do we care about her “blackness”!!! Honestly, I really don’t.
    I just want people to realize what they say when referring to Africa.

  • Wow

    Honestly never knew what her ethnicity was, you know she’s not white but she doesn’t elicit the question of “is she or isn’t she black?

  • Lesley

    I agree with Candacey below. I don’t think she even identifies herself as Black (American). I would more identify her with her Egyptian heritage which relates closer the middle eastern culture. I think she is very authentically Hoda which is why she is so widely adored.

  • pfeiffer87

    You know what I think that this shows – that the rest of the world don’t think in terms of black/white. Europeans don’t identify as “caucasian” or “white” they think of themselves as German or Swedish or Bulgarian etc. Asians don’t think of themselves as “brown” or yellow” or “black” they identify as Tamil or Korean or Pashtun. Black and white was created by the white man to make black folks different from then.

    “I am Nigerian because a white man created Nigeria and gave me that identity. I am black because the white man constructed black to be as different as possible from his white. But I was Igbo before the white man came.”
    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Half of a Yellow Sun

    • Angrytomato

      Europeans do identify as white you moron.
      Love the whole “there is only one race y’all”, vs “men of the WHITE race invented the fake concept of race”. Idiots can’t even keep your story straight.

  • Appalled

    Hoda is not black. Not throwing shade or anything but people from Northern Africa or the Middle-East do not characterize themselves as black cause they simply aren’t. They are Arabs. Granted they have darker skin, but if y’all characterize them as black then I really don’t know what to say to y’all. And for those of you saying that because her hair texture is similar to ours it makes her black then you’re honestly just ignorant.

    • Thea

      She’s not “black American” but she clearly is of African descent, hence black. Learn the difference between race and culture.

      • Angrytomato


  • Roni

    Although Egypt is on the African continent, most do not consider themselves “Black” or African. I believe Eqyptians associate more with Asians (Middle Eastern).

    • Roni

      Meant Egyptians

    • Berengere French

      Egypt is the last country on the East side of Africa. So they can be considered African or Arabic. I think it’s a personal choice on how Hoda identifies herself. I respect that.

      • Really?!

        Not true. Egypt is a country in Africa which makes it an African country. It’s very simple, so stop believing the hype that mainstream has told you. I was born and raised in Michigan, so does that mean that I can claim Canada too? No!

        • Angrytomato

          You don’t even know what you’re disagreeing with. Nothing he said was incorrect.

  • Anitra Farmer

    According to the federal guidelines to self identify, those born in northern Africa and the middle east are listed as Caucasian. To my surprise they are NOT considered African.

    • Thea

      And if this were 200 years ago, I’d be 3/5 human due to “federal guidelines.” Take them with a grain of salt.

      • Angrytomato

        Yet I’ll bet you advocate one-drop rule, which was invented over a hundred years ago by the same type of racist whiteys, LOL.

  • Hey, I like you Hoda, whatever your ethnicity! And Kathy Lee, I’ve always admired you (on so many levels)!

  • @candacey Doris…It really doesnt matter what you THINK..Hoda is a woman of color, be it black, latino, persian or EYGPTIAN and in what continent is Eygpt???? AFRICA. Thank you very much!!

    • Candacey Doris

      I never said she wasn’t a woman of color. I said she wasn’t black. Middle eastern is definitely ethnic. I never said she wasn’t African either. I have a very caucasian friend from South Africa who loves to mess with people by choosing african american on forms since technically, it’s true. There is a reason several countries make a distinction between the place you come from (Africa/Europe, etc.) and your race (black, white) and your ethnicity. They’re not the same thing.

    • Angrytomato

      Egypt be in Africa, Africa be in Africa, CHECKMATE BIGOTS PWNT WE BE EGYPTIANS AND SHEET

  • Marie

    I just have to say I disagree with the african american part..She’s not african american…She is american and has egyptian roots (so northen african) but in no way is she african american nor black! And I’m saying it because I’m black, african and living in the States and I have to say I don’t like when people refer to me as african american. I mean don’t get me wrong I got nothing against african americans! Give me the nationality and then call me african american I’d love that! But until then I’m just an african girl that happens in America where black people are called african american just because it’s “politically correct”. If you wanna refer to my skin color just say black because that’s what I am point blank period.

    • The last time I checked….Egypt is in Africa. therefore, she is African American.

    • dave matthews identifies as an ‘african american’ and not in a jokey stupid way, that’s what he is. he was born in africa.

  • Di

    I don’t think she is black. I know that she is Egyptian, but I’ve known Egyptians in the past who have identified as Caucasian, even though I wouldn’t exactly put them in that same category. In the end, does it really matter?

  • Egyptians are mostly Arab identified. The days for prominent black African identity among North Africans were back in the 60s and 70s. I never cared, and still don’t care. Why should I care? If she doesn’t represent blacks, she doesn’t represent blacks. Having one drop of SSA ancestry means nothing in many cases….

    • monitorette

      “The days for prominent black African identity among North Africans were back in the 60s and 70s.’= ???????????, shaking my head, rolling my eyes.

  • She may have Black ancestry but she is not Black.Just because someone is mixed with Black…it doesn’t make them “Black.” Most likely she will identify as an Arab and in Arab culture if you’re father is an Arab, you will identify as an Arab.

    • get real

      Using your logic “having an Arab father doesn’t make you an “Arab”. Look at her coarse hair, wide nose and lips. This woman is paper sack brown, clearly a black woman. You folks act like most Arabs aren’t brown and black as tar? Alot of Arabs are of African descent, some aren’t. You (not u literally) can run and identify with whatever u want to but you can’t run from blackness. We have the strongest gene pool on earth. So like I said, Hoda sit your blk behind down somewhere.

      • I said in Arab culture. In their culture if you’re father is an Arab, they are considered an Arab. I also said she might have Black ancestry and just because she’s paper sack brown doesn’t mean she’s Black. Skin color does not always determine race. Most East Indians are considered Caucasoid and they do not look White. Also, just because Arabs are of African decent doesn’t make them “Black.” I’m not running away from my Blackness or anything since I didn’t even mention anything about that in my post. I’m Black and i don’t have a wide nose or lips.

        • get real

          Who cares “what they are considered” if they are of African descent??? There’s plenty of Dominicans who are of African descent but don’t claim it. Whatever. I’m not about to keep talking in circles. Black folk are black folks …. Nigg** ends with “ga”

          • For the last time they are not Black. The issues with Dominicans is different if you actually know the history of that country and why some don’t admit their African roots. There are 3 or 4 races: Negroid(Black)), Caucasoid(White,Most East Indians, Middle easterners or Arabs), Mongoloid( Asians and Amerindian), and Australoid(native people of Australia)

    •’s some news to ya…my daughter’s father is white/ jewish…my daughter identifys herself as a young black female.
      I am a black American.
      So she is if mixed race.

      • I said Arab not Jewish. That’s their culture and many of them have gone by this for centuries or more. It’s similar to how many in the Jewish culture identify as Jewish if they have a Jewish mother. People can identify themselves however they want.

        • Berengere French

          I totally agree. We must have humanity in our hearts to accept people as they chose to identify themselves. A lot of times it’s not about race, it’s about culture. It’s kind of arrogant for anyone to think they have the right to say who is what and what identity someone should be. We know nothing about their family traditions, values, culture so what gives us the right to force our opinion on how someone should identify? I say live and let live.

      • Angrytomato

        Probably because you told her to identify that way.

    • get real

      Once again arab is not a race.

      • monitorette

        Arab is an ethnicity as there are ethnic Arabs, but it is most of all a culture as most of the people calling themselves Arabs belong in fact to another ethnicity. Something that they know.

      • And where did I claim being Arab is a race? All I said is in Arab culture if you’re father is Arab you are considered an Arab.

    • bits

      So what constitutes being “black”? for example all “african-americans” or black people of american ancestry are mixed with white. so technically all black people in america are mixed and yet they are called black.

      • Angrytomato

        Being mostly black and looking it obviously, you idiot. 1% black is not the same as 90% or even 60% black.

    • Berengere French

      Totally agree. If you are 99% Arab and 1% Black, that doesn’t make you Black. There is no scientific or biological proof to the one drop rule. It was born out of discrimination and fear and not wanting people of color to have the same rights as caucasians. It was about being Superior. If you’re 99% irish and 1% Asian does that make you Asian? No. If you’re 99% French and 1% Mexican does that make you Mexican? No. it’s a very negative thought to say that if someone has 1 drop of Black blood they are Black. Think about it. When a White person gets a blood transfusion, you do not know whose blood you are getting. So this whole thing is stupid. Americans are so hung up on race that it’s unbelievable. We are all from Africa so we are all related.

      • I think the one drop rule is ridiculous and outdated. You’re right it came out of discrimination and you have people who always want to claim everyone as Black. These are the same people who will complain about the media using biracial women as Black but they do the same thing.

  • Breakdown

    I wager that truth is one ugly/unattractive cousin, How on earth does disparaging remarks flow so freely from a mouth about someone you don’t know. Even if you knew them it would not justify your comments. Come on Truth level with us, I bet you hate yourself, I suspect you find it difficult looking at your image in the mirror because unfortunately two people got together that genetically should not have mixed thier seeds.

    • TRUTH IS

      Woohoo am getting some love from breakdown…tehe….you hv no depth to think someone is ugly and hating themselves from what they post on the internet….rofl…it ASSuming someone is good-looking and has no problems because they write good comments you agree with…..get cho life….u flatliner!!!

  • get real

    Uh Hoda needs to shut her black you know what up. People here who are saying that she isn’t black, how can you other black folks not know other black folks when you see them?? This woman’s hair is like my sisters and moms and probably every woman on this site. Clearly this woman is black. What is wrong with yall? And not only does she needs to rep for black women, but black people in general. Stop the bs division. Black people WE are all WE got.


    Maya Rudolph is biracial, everyone knows black Minnie Riperton-who was black- was her mother. And, if you seen Minnie’s:”Unsung” you would know Maya’s father is white and she married a White man. Maya just doesnt look as black as other biracial ie Halle Berry!

  • Breakdown

    I thought I read Egyptian, she looks black to me. As a matter of facts she looks like family from central virginia, around the Charlottesville area.

    • get real

      Thank you. This woman is blacker then Akon. These folks are caught up in her Egyptian locale. If i were to ask these people were did these brown skinned, nappy headed Arabs come from they will have that puzzled look.

  • Most egyptians, and people from that region identify as caucasian

  • Lisa

    SMH How do you know she’s black? Most Egyptians are arabs not black. Morocco Egypt and Algeria are arab countries in Africa. Going to Egypt is like going to Lebanon or any other middle eastern country.

    • get real

      Didn’t I address this up top? You do know that she’s from the states right? So no need to scream about Arabs who invaded North Africa. She also lived Nigeria. But hell you can look at this woman and see that she is black. Look at him. Gosh

  • What is black? How do we define it when it comes to ethnic make up? If you are of african descent are you black? It makes me laugh at times when i see people say middle easterners arent black. How dark does a person from the middle east need to be to get a pass? Is it their hair? Last time i saw its some middle easterners that are black as a brand new tire. Whats even funnier is that people will quickly scream at white people that “WE ALLLLLLLLL COME FROM AFRICA”…smh middle easterners are of african decent just like us AMERICAN blacks are of african decent. I’ll take a bit further…look at pictures of the singers celia cruz and la lupe and tell me those women are not of african decent. Either we all have african roots or scientists, biblical and historical scholars are wrong.

    • Sofia

      There are millions of black Cubans and celia cruz and la lupe are of course black. Afro cubans are a big part of Cuba. Nobody is denying that. You say that middle eastern are of african decent and that’s not true. Majority of middle eastern are not of african descent. Are there blacks in the middle east? Of course, but to say that middle eastern in general are of african descent just like african americans makes you sound very foolish and you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. I guess you think Salma Hayek is of african descent and could basicallly call herself black?

      • Salma Hayek is spanish..There is a difference..Hell, why dont ya just ask Hoda or Salma who or what they identify themselves say tomatoe I say tamatoe!

        • S

          Salma Hayek is not Spanish, she is Mexican.

        • Sofia

          No Salma Hayek is a Mexican woman who happen to be half arab. Her dad is Lebanese. According to that crazy dude middle eastern are mostly of african descent. If that’s the case then Salma Hayek should be of african descent.

          • They are of African decent because the they are originally from Africa. Read your history. There really is no such thing as “Middle East/Eastern.” The reason the white man made this up was because he wanted them to align to the white race. Race is a social construct. There is no place called, “black or white.

      • Science has shown that all ethnic make ups come out of africa. not some but ALL come from africa. The first human remains are found in africa. Africans have the least amount of genetic mark up changes. Even white people whose mitochondrial (sp) dna has been tested and found to be linked to africa. How is there any group of people that are NOT of african descent?

      • The term, “Middle East/Eastern” was made up from the white man. You are aware that the “Middle East” is northern African, right? The reason many are light is because of early migration. The dark-skinned Sub-Saharan Africans mixed with those who migrated north, farther from the equator. Egypt is in Africa right?

    • Middle easterners aren’t Black. Scientifically they are categorized as part of the Caucasoid race. Just because they’re from Africa doesn’t make them Black.

      • Candice Lee

        I have been to the middle east and Africa. Middle easterners are BLACK. Look at the bedouin tribes-people. Whatever history or pseudo-science book you think you have read is wrong, and this way of thinking is wrong.

        • What makes them Black? How is race determined?

          • get real

            Being of African descent dam. What’s wrong with you?????? These people can be dark skinned, nappy headed, wide nosed and thicked lipped (clearly of African descent) and you will still say “that doesn’t mean they’re black”. Location doesn’t mean anything. Lots of Dominican, Cubans, Samoans, Ricans etc come from West African slaves. But according to you their locale disqualifies them from being black. Hell us black folks here in America aren’t black becaue we don’t live in Africa according to you.

            • No, I’m saying just because someone is from Africa it doesn’t make them Black. Most of North Africa isn’t Black. I don’t see anywhere where I posted that you have to live in Africa to be considered “Black.”

              • get real

                You keep saying “most of North Africans aren’t black”. No ish Sherlock. “this woman isn’t black because she’s Arab” etc .But this woman is clearly black. How many times have you said “being of African descent doesn’t make you “black’? “having African ancestry doesn’t make you black”. If being of African descent (Not just North freakin Africa) doesn’t make you black then 13% of the USA pop, 48% of Latin America (which is 48% black) need to go back to drawing board and figure out what we are then. lol.

                • By your logic, continents define race. Most people in Africa are Black but places like Egypt, Morocco, etc.. are the non Black part of Africa. It’s West Africa that is Black. It’s real simple, most people from Africa are Black but not everyone from Africa is Black.

                  • So I guess those Africans from the eastern part of the continent aren’t black? David, you really need to read the history/origins of Africa and why the “Middle Easterners” look the way they do. People migrated and mixed with the Sub-Saharan Africans. That’s why they are lighter skinned.

                    • They are not Black and it wasn’t some conspiracy created by the white man. We are the only group who are full of people who want to claim others as one of ours when they are not. Most of those Middle easterners would never mix with us. Arabs in the middle east have hated us for centuries and enslaved us. They are not black and I don’t know why Black people insist on creating false history by claiming others are one of us.

      • @David…well from your stand point then there are no black folks. Because most people know that Africans are mostly black. Except for in South Africa and thats because it was taken over by whites.

        • The majority of North Africa is not black. Sub Sahara Africa is Black.

          • Anonymous

            well, she’s definitely not any “whiter” than me and I’m “black” so she is too.

            • There are many East Indians and some other Asians who are as dark as me or darker but they’re not Black neither. Skin color doesn’t always determine race.

              • Anonymous

                No sh*t. Where did I say I was just talking about skin color?

                • You say she’s not any Whiter than you so you are talking about skin color.

        • Berengere French

          I recently met a white woman born and raised 10 generations from South African. I asked how she identifies herself and she said, “I was born and raised in Africa, I became American, so I am an African American.

      • get real

        “Catergorized” white by who? Themselves. They are “self proclaimed” Whites. As a matter of fact whites call them “Sand N’s”. Because whites know the origin of Arabs. Remember when they try to slander Obama? They call he’s black behind an Arab. You must think “Arab” is a race? I love debating white boys like you. Next you will tell me that Ancient Egyptians weren’t black people to huh?

        • They are categorized as Caucasoid by science not me. Just because ignorant racists call them Sand N’s doesn’t make them Black. Many people call East Indians Asian N’s also, are they Black too?Most of the do not have our features. They call Obama an Arab because most of them think he’s Muslim and many people associate Muslim with Arabs.

        • monitorette

          Barack Obama’s father was Kenyan, not Arab.
          As I have written on previous posts, to believe, for a Black person, that the Ancient Egyptians were Blacks, that is a sign of discomfort with the fact of being Black, as this person is claiming what is not theirs. Claim what is yours.

          • Candacey Doris

            Actually the earliest ancient egyptian rulers were black. Egypt was taken over in turn by Arabs, then Greeks, then Arabs again. Please learn some history.

            • monitorette

              Those Arabs were soldiers, they were not settlers with wife & children, so the Arab stock is very little among Egyptians. The Ancient Egyptians were Caucasian people, like North African people were / are.

              • get real

                Chile please. Ancient Egyptians were black African people. Why would white people build things (that stills baffles scientist today) in Africa that they didn’t build in Europe? FOH. Napeoln and his army (you know when Europeans heard about the teachings, gold etc in Africa)shot off the noses and lips of most of the statues there. And why? Because of the “Africoid” noses and lips and they statues possessed.

                • monitorette

                  Those Ancient Egyptians belonged to North Africa, not Europe, they were Caucasians from North Africa. The history of Ancient Egypt does not belong to Black Africa as it does not belong to Europe.
                  Claim what is yours.

                  • get real

                    Respond to my post. Not your dumb opinion. Why did whites (when they finally discovered” Africa” blow the fat big noses and lips off of those statues? Not just North Africa but West Africa structues are sitting off in Europe museums. white folks robbed Africa blind. And white folks are not gonna robbed this website blind with bs. I know what yall did in Africa and the history yall try to rewrite. Not here. I know about my black African Eygptian folks. Most black women here don’t but me………FOH.

                  • get real

                    Another thing black folks (women), don’t let these white folks act like “North Africa” is apart of the Middle East and NOT apart of Africa. As if Egypt broke off and floated off to the Middle East. LOL.Black folks from Ancient Egypt were black African folk from the South. Ethopia, Sudan, Nubia (esp Nubia) then North Africa. The nile floats from Ethopia up to Egypt Dummies. North Africa today is Arab folk from Saudia Arabia etc. Whatever . Don’t hurt yourself debating history with an African American scholar.

                    • monitorette

                      LOL at ‘African American scholar’ : wondering where did you get your diplomas….
                      OK, now respond to my question= how is that possible that we found no trace of great civilizations in Sub Saharan Africa that could be equivalent to civilizations found in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Palestine, Ancient Syria or Mesopotamia????
                      Furthermore, great civilizations thrived during the Omeyades Ages in Syria, the Abbasydes times in Irak, and to go back to Egypt during the Fatimids times, but if we take the same period of times, there are no equivalent in Sub Saharan Africa. You will tell me that those Black Africans had the genius to invent the Ancient Egyptian civilization, and all of a sudden, lost of their knowledge and could not invent a written language, or a simple city? Somekind of brainwash?
                      I am not throwing shades towards Sub saharan Africa, but I can only point out facts towards comments like yours.

              • desiderata

                The name of the people is in the name of the place and that is why its called Egypt, they are from gypsies who over time became desert Arabs. And where do gypsies originate from? ..India, for those who dont know. All of north Africa became populated by people from the Indian sub-continent who made their way there along old trade routes as well as following behind the armies of Alexander the great. As their population increased they gained enough strength and power to chase out the original negro African inhabitants who were sent scurrying west, east and south. So there you have it, they are not native to Africa even if they call themselves Africans. They are actually more Asian than African. Problem is we blacks easily forget or dont know our history, therefore historical events keep repeating on us.

                • monitorette

                  Oh , and how do you explain that Gypsies are also called Roms? Maybe they also come from Romania…? Egypt? Romania? I think you should give up on drugs….

      • The white man made that up. Read the history of Africa and find out that erroneous term, “Middle Eastern” came about.

        • Is everything still a conspiracy about the white man keeping us down? Black Africans who know more about Africa’s history than Americans would never claim that Arabs are Black. they know better and they know most of them hate us.

          • Candacey Doris

            I’m going to have to disagree that “most” of them hate us.

          • get real

            Who said anything about “dumb white men keeping us down”? White whites always run to that bs when black folks educate them about REAL history. Esp black history. So David go back to Stormfront and bellyache with those losers.

            • Do you ever have anything of substance to add?
              I can’t go “back to Stormfront” since I’m not White. I’m just responding to the whole conspiracy that it was the “white man that lied to us/.” Unlike you I don’t buy into fabricated history that can’t be proven.

    • get real

      Who in their right minds would say some dumb ish like “just because you are of African descent doesn’t make you black” Lol. Wtf?

      • Guest

        The first of humans are believed to come out of Africa so by your logic everybody is Black. Continents don’t define race.

  • Sha

    She is not Black. Take a look at the rest of her family. She still has bad hair. Dumb article.

  • Well, I love Hoda and she only needs to represent herself. And the fact that I’m jealous because she can drink wine at 10am.

    • cee


  • Candacey Doris

    I don’t really think she is black. Not throwing shade, i just always assumed she was middle eastern. Even if she is black in some way, we can’t force her to identify as such.

    • rita

      She can identify however she wants, I don’t need her to rep for me. She should be who she is. I have known some Egyptians to look like black or b/w biracial people. I mean, their cultural history has a lot of overlap with SSA. A lot of the the Pharaohs (including the ones that built the Pyramids) were black. Actually the census is looking into changing to make Middle Eastern a category like Latino — culture not race.

      • Candacey Doris

        It should be. My middle eastern friends hate having to choose white on their forms when it’s not true and they get in trouble if they choose african american, so it’s got to change.

    • Ammoguy

      Tell you what “Guest” in Louisiana she wouldn’t be drinking from the white water fountain,..she couldn’t pass. I have white looking people in my family who had to drink from the colored water fountain!


    I do not find her remotely funny, attractive or interesting. Probably sucked the right corks to be where she is today?!?

    • Candacey Doris

      Not cool. Don’t degrade a woman just because you don’t like her.

      • L-Boogie

        Totally agree. So rude.

    • Sheena

      What does this have to do with her being black Truth? I’m going to start talking to you like you’re my cousin cuz I feel like I can predict your comments!

      • TRUTH IS

        It’s my opinion, they are like asholes, we all have one!!…who care about her race…am more intrigued as to how she got on TV. What’s soo interesting about her?!? And I didn’t degrade I said she PROBABLY sucked the right corks…don’t act like theses ppl are so wholesome/righteous…sheez

  • Ann

    This woman is not black. I didn’t think she was. IF SHE IS MIXED with black it will shocked me.

    • get real

      So this brown skinned, big nose, wide lipped, coarse haired woman isn’t black? Lol.

      • Ammoguy

        LOL, thats a good one. In Louisiana where I am from she’d definitely have to drink out of the Colored water fountain, she’d have a rude awakening coming!!

        • Gazelle

          I’m from Louisiana too and my own grandmother had lighter skin than she does.

    • anonymous

      She’s as black as I am and I’m “black.” There are certain features all black people have in common regardless of culture. Sure, she’s obviously not 100% black racially and not “African-American” but she’s still part black.

      • Ammoguy

        Oh she’s black,..I am from Louisiana and the 2% rule,.I have white looking people in my family who are considered black,..sorry Hoda,.Koda or whatever her name is

    • Ammoguy

      The question isn’t if she thinks shes black,..its what the white people think she is,.and being from Louisiana I can tell you she won’t pass. So you can think you’re the president of the United States in your mind, but I’ll bet you won’t be getting into the white house!