We Like To Partay! 7 Best Things About Black Homecoming

October 19, 2012  |  
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By T. Hall

It’s autumn, which is my favorite time of year for three reasons:  sweater dresses, the pumpkin patch, and HOMECOMING SEASON!!! As an HBCU alumni (go Hampton!), homecoming has a special place in my heart – it’s a time when I can reunite with friends who knew me back when I had a terrible perm and braces, and reflect on how far we’ve all come. For those of you that don’t know (and even those of you who do), here are the seven bomb-est aspects of an HBCU homecoming.


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Every year a new crop of songs rises to the top of the charts (and hearts) of HBCU grads looking to capture the spirit of the homecoming season. All the clubs, parties, boat cruises and kickbacks will no doubt be rocking to music that gets the crowd crunk at the first drop of the beat. My personal predictions for this year’s Homecoming anthems include Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” “Pop That,” and Two Chainz’s “Birthday.” Miguel’s “Adorn” counts, but only as a slow grind anthem.

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The Tailgate

Where else can you see freshly graduated alumni and old heads party together in unity? The tailgate, my friend. Food, liquor (hidden if your campus is dry), music, and all around debauchery, the tailgate is where people go to catch up on old times and to stunt on people that played them in college. Make sure you stay hydrated, wear comfy (but fly) clothes, and bring a flask! And steer clear of the hopping grandpa bruhs – old habits die hard.

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The Band

Poor football players. They think that people are coming to see them in the Homecoming game. When will they ever learn that spectators are only here for the band? Because Bandz A Make Them Dance! Bad joke, I know, but it’s true: after the half time show the stadium is emptier than Naomi Campbell’s edges. Drumline, please!

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The Hunt

Everybody knows that the single people come to play during homecoming – it’s at the height of cuffing season, everyone has jobs, and folks are trying to get that old thing back. You can tell when people are trying to get chose by the clothes they wear and the lingering look in their eyes. Just be careful, you don’t want to come back with something you can’t get rid of!

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Vendors sell everything from dreams to dashikis at the Homecoming bazaar. Always an essential homecoming.  Rings, music, books, almost anything you can think of will be on sale.

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The Food

I don’t know about you, but there is something about the food at homecoming that just tastes better than food from other places. My first stop is always the fried fish sandwich spot, and nothing beats an after-party Waffle House run.  Comfort food always makes you feel at home during homecoming.

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The Day After 

If you are strategic, you’ll think ahead and submit your PTO now. You’ll probably be hung over, bloated, and tired, not to mention that explaining  “the tailgate” to your co-workers would be damn near impossible.  Take two Advil and drink plenty of Gatorade – get your electrolytes back up because it’s quite likely you’ve partied like a rock star.

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  • anony

    Can someone click through these pages and just tell me what they say?! #tiredofclickingallthesepages

  • Dawnn

    It ain’t nothing like a HBCU homecoming. It is electrifying. Amazing people and food. NCCU home coming is Oct 29th – Nov 3. Please HBCU alumni, I know somebody is going to get upset and I am going to burst the bubble, we also need to financially support the HBCUs. Please also keep in mind with all the budgets cuts, and I do understanding SOME schools has poor customer service, squandering the funds, (this is going on at the mainstream schools as well you don’t hear about these cases) please, we still need to support the HBCUs with our money. We have to in order to compete in getting quality people who really wants to attend an HBCU. We have folks that want to attend an HBCU but sadly they don’t give out enough money for these folk to come there. Instead, the mainstream school are stepping up and giving more money, we have to step up as well. All HBCUs have slamming homecomings!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Trisha_B

    My homecoming was last week. (school set us up, by having midterms the same week). At our concert, we had 2Chaniz, Miguel, & Elle Varner. There were parties every day of the week lol. Our pep rally is a real big deal for my school. The frats & sororities, get shout-outs & they’ll step & show what their working with. I only go to the football games to see our halftime & see all the old heads. They are the cutest, they are always telling their stories of when they attended Morgan & i love how a lot of them are still married to the person they met at Morgan…& yes people be on the prowl! lol. I had my eyes on a few Q’s lol. But my fav part was the food trucks/vendors that were lined up outside the football game. The food was amazing! lol…I always wanted to go to a Howard homecoming

    • Anon

      I am a proud Morgan Alum! The absolute best time of my life and some off the best friends and people I have ever met. Morgan is a special place.

  • diggy.p

    My alum is in New Orleans! Xavier. I will try to go this year but it is so darn far!!

  • afroveda

    NCA&T’s homecoming is next weekend. I’m soOoOoOoOoO excited and I’m not even in school (graduated 2 years ago).

  • brandy

    This article made me sad! My homecoming is this weekend and I may not be able to go….still working on a plan. Love JSU.

  • Charla

    I went to a pwi but loved going to hbcus homecomings! My school had a large band but its proudest moment was playing the theme song to the movie incredibles (side eye). And the biggest entertainer they had for homecoming was Wayne Brady (another side eye). So I always went to Howard’s yard fest and homecoming activities!