In It For The Long Haul: DeVon Franklin Says He Went More Than A Decade Without S-E-X

October 18, 2012  |  

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We know both Meagan Good and her new hubby DeVon Franklin weren’t sexually active before they got married, but what some might be surprised to know is how long DeVon was celibate before he and Meagan even got together.

In an interview with Global Grind, the producer, author, and part-time pastor told the interviewer he went without sex for more than 10 years before jumping the broom. He explained his decision to forego sex, saying:

“Sometimes we want to be this person at home, this person at the office, and this person at church and then we get the lines mixed up. We want to be different people in different situations and it tears you apart.

“What was happening with me is I would go and preach one thing, but then I was living another, and I could not do it. I could not look at myself in the mirror. No, I could not live like this. So, I had to just stop and say,  ‘until I get married, that’s off the table.’”

Since DeVon is 34 now, that means he gave up sex somewhere in his very early 20s which is virtually unheard of for a man, and any undergrad, male or female, on a college campus, let alone USC. Suddenly the meaning of his book Produced by Faith is starting to become a lot clearer. Abstinent days now behind him, DeVon is certainly enjoying the fruits of his labor.

“I’m happy,” he told Global Grind. “I just got married. It’s great. Things are great because she’s great. We’ve been married for just over three months and that was a key to happiness.”

“Men, sometimes we run from [marriage.], but I’m telling you it’s a blessing. It is the greatest blessing of life to have be able to have love because then you’re at peace…no matter what happens career-wise, you have a home base.”

Looks like he made the right choice. Do you think you could you go more than a decade without sex?


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  • sabrina

    Love me some Devon Franklin!! Y’all ever heard his sermons? SO. GOOD.

    I definitely read his book too and it was amazing! DEFINITELY brought me to the place where I am now. Praise!!

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  • L-Boogie

    LOL! Good for him.

  • lucygoosey

    “virtually unheard of for a man, and any undergrad, male or female, on a college campus, let alone USC” You guys did not ask everyone, some folks what to wait, have self control, or just tired of the game. stop making it seem like we’re all animals with no control.

    • Candacey Doris

      Agreed. There were plenty of celibate people on my campus, including myself. On the flip side, there were a few sl*ts, but there were more people that respected themselves, or at least did not go crazy.

  • Alexa

    This article is super inspiring as well as you ladies commenting! I’m totally on my journey of celibacy and working on my faith. It’s definitely rough but I know its possible.

  • Mia

    He’s the only attractive guy who’s sex life (or lack thereof) I’m tired of hearing about. Utterly annoying. Devon and Meagan just be cute and in love, please stop talking!

    • lucygoosey

      They are being treated like they’re caged animals in the zoo and this is so new. All others are just waiting on the street with legs open.

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  • Her body count evens things out LOL. Really tho, who cares?

  • Meyaka

    I don’t know hoe long I could go without sex, but I know that most guys now aren’t about anything so I probably could save myself for someone worthy.

    • The safe assumption is that because you don’t know how long you could go without sex, you are having it on a regular (enough) basis. Cool. If most guys aren’t about anything, then it’s safe to assume you’ve been having sex with at least some of them. If that’s the case, then what, exactly, makes you think that you are worth anything to a good guy if you’ve been giving yourself away to guys who aren’t about anything? Just a chicken nugget of a thought to nibble on… 🙂

      • Negress

        A lot of Samsons go for Delilahs.

      • MLS2698

        And who are you giving it to? Some chicken nugget?

        • Meyaka

          Girl where did this punk come from?

          • MLS2698

            The troll factory!

            • Meyaka

              I never even said anything about Vince Herbert, and he attacks me like that. What is this world coming to?

        • “Womp womp…”

      • Meyaka

        That was ride and I don’t ever want you to address me.

        • “Boo!” I’m addressing you. LOL. Calm yourself down, ma’am. I’m just an intelligent fellow posing intelligent questions (that obviously enrage you). Anyway, there’s no space before a comma (unfortunately, you did that like 15 times and it’s not okay…)

          • Meyaka

            Girl are you okay? You’re on your Mensies? You’re acting a little crazy are you bloated?

            • The correlation between ignorance and the manner in which one chooses to communicate has never been so apparent. Start your entire life over.

              • Meyaka

                You’ve said it, I am not giving someone like you enough respect to engage in a civilized conversation. You are an ignorant, overweight troll and you shall be treated as much. Drink bleach.

                • Where’d you go to school? If you were going to provide an answer (which you’re not), I’m betting you’d do so with the name of a high school. SMH

    • Meyaka

      And to prevent further a$$holes from insulting me , by “I don’t know how long I could go without sex” I mean , I couldn’t give you an honest estimate , it would be lying since I can’t tell you for sure if I could go 10 or 20 years , however I know that I wouldn’t be having sec if I wasn’t married because a lot of guys are a$$holes and I won’t sleep with anybody that disrespect me , hope its clear enough , because the next person to step to me like that other imbecile is going to get it.

  • ddrhoward

    Celibate 28 years and counting…

    • We have nuns commenting on this joint now?!?! SMH “I’m outta here…”

      • Get a life Drew Smith


        • Awww… devoting a screen name in my honor. Scary as f*ck, but thoughtful, nonetheless. Thanks.

      • MLS2698

        I’ve been celibate for over 6 years, so hush nicca!

  • Adrina

    There’s probably only one man in the world like this and Meagan got him lol

    • me

      haha tru. she is lucky she got one of the few diamonds

  • Gigi

    It will be a decade this December for me.

    • me

      keep it up

  • Pat

    That is smart. He waited until he got married which what the author has said it is unheard of for a man.

    • me


  • kierah

    That is part of the reason this brother has been so successful. Instead of making the pursuit of sex the center of his life, he put God first. He wasn’t as distracted.

  • ANTMilf

    Wow, if we had more men like him around, the world would be a better place (and less STDs going around). I’ve been celibate for 3 years now and loving it!

    • ANTMilf

      Um…never had a STD in my life, had my daughter who wasn’t born out of wedlock, never had a one night stand, never had s3x with benefits, was raised by both parents to know my worth and respect myself, yeah, I DID better and still doing it.

      • That’s awesome.

      • MLS2698

        Don’t pay any attention to Drew because he is obviously more concerned with what the media keeps trying to push in our faces about s-e-x. Your stats is what matters, not the world as a whole. What women need to do is start kicking these guys to the curb who have been around the block too many times; rate them based on their previous activities. Debunk the double standard!

        • Meyaka


      • Meyaka

        So did I, drew just wants some attention, he probably roams the club every week end , looking for the exact thing he is criticizing here, keep doing better.

        • If I spend m time roaming the clubs looking for the exact thing I’m criticizing, then you spend your weekends freelancing as a speech-writer for Obama. I really wish you were more intelligent.

          • Meyaka

            And I really wish you would do something about your weight… Can’t always get what we want tho. Tell you what, ill read more and you put cheeseburgers away deal?

    • DEEPDX

      Who are you to judge the decisions she makes in her life?

  • me


    I am 21 and still a virgin so it is possible.

    The thing is:
    the fact that he had been celibate that long enabled him to focus on God and made him a better man because instead of fooling women and lying just to get into their pants, he went to find the woman to marry. If a lot of our brothers were like these, problems such as children out of wedlock, baby-mama baby-daddy drama, teen pregnancies, STD, HIV and emotional breakdowns would be eliminated, or at least reduced.

    Not having sex until marriage makes you stronger and closer to God and by the time you get married, YOU WILL BE READY SPIRITUALLY and also HUNGRY!!!!!!!

    • SunshineBlossom

      Beautifully written. I respect him for holding steady to his beliefs. I feel that most people these days forget their faith so easily to get the hottest thing, and they sit and cry when it’s all taken away. God can give you the world, but misuse it and he can take it away just a quickly.

      • oh ok…

        Greats comments!

    • mochaaa

      yes yes im 21 and a virgin as well and i too am HUNGRY lol its great though because i know im std free and dont have to worry about being pregnant. hi5 “me”

      • me

        hi 5

  • Jay

    Lucky girl Meagan.. Hope she doesn’t mess that one up.