No Cottage Cheese Please: Check Out These Tips To Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite

October 21, 2012  |  

Guess what? It’s girls night and you finally get to put on that hot black dress that hugs your body in all the best places. You look in the mirror and you got that perfect coke bottle figure…until you look down and you realize those legs don’t look like coke bottle at all. They look more like cottage cheese! So what do you do if you feel self-conscious about it? Well, on a positive note, 70% of cellulite is caused by lifestyle, and 30% of it is genetic. So there is something you can do about it! Here’s how:

Brush your skin

This is probably one of the cheapest ways to get rid of cellulite. Buy a skin or body brush, and brush your legs everyday. The most effective way is to do it before you shower everyday and you can get one of these brushes for only 6-8 dollars.

Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes

Sorry ladies, no more going out for drinks or having that glass of wine after dinner. Too much alcohol and smoking puts excess pressure on your body’s lymphatic system, which is the system that controls cellulite.

Seaweed bath Oil

Okay, this one seems a little unconventional, but it’s definitely worth a shot right? Seaweed contains many nutrients, amino acids and oils that help to give the skin nourishment which helps gives it a silky smooth look. Having a Seaweed oil bath should be done at least three times a week to be effective.


This probably the most obvious solution that least wants to be heard, but let’s face it, exercise is always good for the body.  One of the simplest ways to improve the look of cellulite is walking. It should be done for at least about an hour six days a week. If that seems like too much, try to incorporate it into getting your errands done. If that’s not what you prefer, you could also try yoga, but it is the more difficult of the two.

Wall Squats

If cardio and aerobics are not for you, here’s one aspect of exercise you can choose. First off, any sort of squats will improve the look of your legs by making them more firm and toned. However, wall squats are specifically targeted to the muscles behind your thighs. A wall squat consists of leaning against the wall, and sitting on an imaginary chair.

Eat more leafy greens and fruit

Yum! Sounds great doesn’t it? Well no, to some people it actually sounds gross, but unfortunately it’s one of the best ways to have great skin. Unfortunately, one of the biggest causes of cellulite is an unhealthy diet. This is because cellulite is built from water, toxins and fat cells that build up under the skin. So naturally, eating less fatty foods and more organic foods will decrease the amount of fat cells and toxins in your body.

Anti-Cellulite Cream

This one is for some of you looking for a short-term fix. Brands like Nivea have created creams that can change the look of your cellulite but not necessarily improve the amount of cellulite you have. This means that the moment you stop using the cream, it will likely revert back to the original appearance.  This is why you should try the other options ahead of this one…


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