Toxic Relationship 411: Signs You Bring Out The Worst In Each Other

November 6, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin
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You’re scared to speak up

When you’re with the wrong person, your throat may close up. Anytime you want to complain about something, or speak up, or stand up for yourself, before you can even word what you want to say, this happens in your head: “Will he get mad? Will he break up with me? What will his rebuttal be? Will he make me feel stupid? Will he blow up at me?” You shouldn’t be worrying how they will argue back at you. If you’re with the right person, you truly feel that what they want is to make you happy, not argue with you.

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  • Who will be the president

    Good article, but as odd as it seems this reminds me of my relationship with my mother, controlling, insecurities, competitiveness, change in my personality, isolation from friends, etc. No wonder why I’m screwed up and pick the same type of men…who are no good 4 me.

    • Maria :)

      thats a shame. I wish I had my mother. She passed when I was 20. We were sooo close & I miss her. She was cool. The best. I feel for you two. i WISH YOU TWO HAD WHAT WE HAD & i WISH i HAD MY MOTHER!!! I am 56 now & I am married, but no man can give you what your mother can. I hope you two can make it happen… I will pray. Don’t waste what you’ve got with her. The right man will come along, from GOD.

      • shekiki

        maria i cannot firnd the right and better words to say except you are very sick.
        not every mother is as nice as your mother or perhaps you.
        Some bad mothers, that obviously you cannot imagine, can mess you big time untill you need therapy more than you need a wife or husband!

    • shekiki

      its late to comment.
      The article is especially good for “family” not just “friends” who have been having a great time pushing you down under the water every other time.

  • @MissOneE

    Great post! I read and shared with friends.

    We can say these things a million different ways, but sometimes it just helps to hear them from someone else.

    • shekiki

      hey that is just what i have commented.
      it just helps to hear them from someoene else
      thank you.

  • Sheena

    They keep letting you write these 15 things about so and so lists huh…….smh

    • Box

      Lol I just clicked on her name to see her articles they pretty much all happen to be 15 pages… Don’t understand why this site don’t want to listen to the readers. I stopped at the second one not clicking through all these pages!

      • Sheena

        Girl you got to 2? I stopped right here!

      • shekiki

        i know its late to reply to this.
        I know some of these articles are junk and even sometimes misleading.
        But ocaasionally you get your opinions validated.
        Of the fifteen points here i badly needed to hear someone state them out aloud.
        Because while i have encountered many “friends” and “famiy” who want to “put me down” or “up one man” me i could not tell what they were doing to make me so
        Thanks to this article the blurred images have clarified.
        Now i am free to deal with these fake energy draining people.