Is It Just Me, Or Is Everyone Trying To Copy Aaliyah’s Style? 9 Celebs And Folks Who Tried (And Failed)

October 16, 2012 ‐ By IndigoBlack

Photo courtesy of HooplaObsessed

I could possibly be alone in my opinion, but I feel as though I’ve noticed open references to Aaliyah, her music and her style more than ever these days. Blame it on Drizzy Drake and his Stan-like I’m-bringing-Baby-Girl-back-to-life-whether-you-like-it-or-not campaign, but everywhere we turn, there’s a style spread or a make-up tutorial to tell you how to look exactly like the late singer. Add to that the actual singers dressing and acting like her in their videos and you’ll notice what I’m saying. I’m not saying I didn’t love me some Aaliyah, and some people actually do her legacy some justice with their tributes from time to time, but most folks know they need to quit while they’re ahead. We have both types of examples to show you in this slideshow. Keep on a-clickin’.

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  • Guest

    Lolita doesn’t really look like Aaliyah to me. I think Aaliyah look better. I’m sorry, but that’s what I think

  • Run

    And Aalyiah herself wasn’t bitin’? I distinctly remember TLC, especially Left Eye, wearing some of the looks Aaliyah wore well before Aaliyah blew up.

  • JAE

    This article is full of shade………… indigoBlack, you might really just be alone in this. Aaliyah was at the top of her game when she passed…..unexpectedly. There’s that whole “What If” factor. Even when she was alive, Aaliyah was mysterious. Her legacy and death, while tragic, is intriguing to alot of artists and so they emulate her to pay homage and also to keep her memory alive. There is nothing wrong with paying homage to an industry great, dead or alive. How many artists will emulate Beyonce (intentionally or not) in the future, and even admit it in interviews?? Beyonce pays homage to people like Tina Turner, Patti LaBelle, even Josephine Baker. That’s what art does sometimes. So unless someone comes out and says ” I am the NEW Aaliyah,” I really don’t see the problem.

  • Kath

    Its just you.

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  • Kristina

    I think this post is ridiculous, i’m sorry. I love Aaliyah so much and may her beautiful soul love on. It’s not too hard to manipulate her style, it’s easy for any girl, to wear baggy jeans, brown boots and have a side fringe although in my opinion she pulled it off the best, because her one in a million personality shined through. I say let her memory live on. It’s not about who ‘copying’ or ‘who’s better’ Aaliyah was not that type of person, so whoever goes around posting these kind of things is very different to Aaliyah and not respecting her inspiration to the world. I say let’s all try to be like Aaliyah the good person that she was, she would smile at that. RIP Baby Girl forever. <3

  • waawaa

    is it that they want to look like AAliyah or is it that thier stylists are that unimaginative?

  • medammit!

    how bout taking it back to where aaliyah coped her style…believe it came from somewhere long before…

  • Naomi

    Okay I don’t really like people imitating Marilyn Monroe either because it always turns into a disrespectful thing in my eyes, same with Michael Jackson. Sometimes, the greats’ work should be left untouched. @FabienneDesrameaux:disqus
    Also, the BIGGEST person who tries to steal Aaliyah’s style was not listed in this!! And that person is Beyonce. If you look at all her modeling work and even her videos, you will see something that Aaliyah once did. (Minus all the illuminati stuff)

  • Yes I DID

    WHO ELSE COULD THEY BE??? “ORIGINAL” where would these artist be if they werent trying to look sound like somebody else….”Attack of the Clones”

  • IllyPhilly

    This was a reaching a$$ list.

  • Rebecca J

    You totally missed off the female rapper from The X Factor USA, she was one third of Lyric 145. She has a really similar style of dressing as Aaliyah, she’s got the straight dark hair and facially there’s some resemblance.

  • HiHiBear

    You guys are absolutely HORRIBLE with your articles.

  • Injynqbs

    Wow Imitation is truly the most sincere form of flattery! What a beautiful thing of how people are still trying to keep her likeness alive…Nothin like the original though! lol

  • Liyah

    You forgot Ciara… She pretty much stole it all from Aaliyah lol

  • Ladybug94

    I love Aaliyah but I was rocking this hairdo in 1985 originally trying to imitate Lisa but the folk I see trying to wear it now are hit and miss.

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  • JustMe

    Y’all forgot to put Ciara .

  • BAP

    yeah there’s only ONE lih lih but keshia is what her daughter would look like IMO…she is beautiful as well

  • cbaby

    where is the slideshow ??

  • Jamie

    She’s an original and an original can’t be copied!

  • TeeM

    AAliyah is one of a kind, she was beautiful and I don’t blame anyone for wanting to copy her style. She was unique and stunning. Whether they will succeed in looking like her is a whole nother thing. I would say, get your own style and be you. There is only one AAliyah and i miss her dearly. She was a superstar and talented beyond words.

  • Im TinkerBell

    Aye that chick Angel Haze is cold! Look her up on Youtube….

  • Taryn Bryant

    OMG!!! Give it up. Aaliyah did not invent these styles. Her hair …was a simple style one wears when they have no short bangs. It’s been around for a long time. And her clothing style with the bandana, jeans and crop top, has been around forever, especially in the 60’s and 80’s. Every chola on the block dressed like that in the 80’s. The flowy skirts and such, hippie chick, including Stevie Knicks who has dressed that way since the 70’s. Not new. Just new to you.

  • YouCanCallMeBully

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t much of Aaliyah’s style influenced by street fashion? Doesn’t fashion (just like music) get recycled? Wasn’t Alliyah an icon ? Isn’t she STILL an icon? So… did people really think that she wouldn’t influence todays generation with her style, music and overall presence? These questions are rhetorical.

  • Teshia C

    Wow Keisha Chante look just like Aaliyah in that one photo I’m not gonna lie. I think that is why Drake dated her back then. He is Aaliyah obsessed like that. Anyways, I think everyone should just leave Aaliyah be like the one post said below Aaliyah marched to her own beat and drum she had her own style. I love the 90’s fashion a lot of the female singers and actress invented their own styles.

  • Lakerlover

    I loved Aaliyah’s style and I would wear my hair like that sometimes… Is that a crime??? I didn’t see anything wrong with these ladies emulating her style. I don’t understand why people are getting all worked up over it…. Damn.. There are more important things in the world to be worried about.

  • sonya burton

    not even close…only one Aalyia

  • Уɑɡí Mοиtаиа™

    A lot of the female singers / entertainers were influenced by her..because she was different. She didn’t have an Aretha / Whitney or Patti voice; it was soft and actually easy on the ears and she knew exactly how to carry a tune which helped create a sound all of her own. Just like with her style – sure, she didn’t exactly “create” the feminine/ tomboyish style but she definitely made it popular, she added her own special twist to it which made people like it, even the folks who don’t even like R&B or the urban culture knew and liked Aaliyah.

    Only the people who were original, unique are emulated (2pac, Biggie, Left Eye even Big L, Eazy E, Big Pun) etc. So what’s the big deal? It’s paying homage to her, none of these people in these pictures are doing it out of disrespect, or saying anything bad about her.

    RIP Aaliyah

    • Han Li

      How about a round of applause! Now you my friend made the most sensible point…

      11 years gone and this woman legacy is stronger than ever…

  • jellybear

    none of these girls favored aaliyah at all!. Cassie, Kim Kardashian…can they put some real black women in here

  • jenn

    I literally know no one on this list…I was thinking Ciara?

  • coastalkid

    This is a generational thing Aaliyah died about 10 years ago at a time when most of these women were around 10 to 14 years old. So she had alot of influence on them even rappers like J. cole and drake. So Aaliyah is to them what janet and whitney was to monica, brandy, and herself

  • Rehana

    not to discredit aaliyah in anyway (rip) but this style definitely
    wasn’t created by her but she did do it well. the s3xy tomboy look will,
    in my opinion, always be cool.I
    am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I
    joined —blackwhitePlanet.С0M—–it’s where to- connect with
    beautiful and excellent people!Some of them had it down. But the problem is, I’ve never seen another
    young singer with her swag. It’s that often imitated never duplicated
    thing going on. Aaliyah was just different. She marched to the beat of
    her own drum. She wasn’t a follower. Neither she, Brandy or Monica were.

  • Maria Ferrer-Mims

    Also check out CASHA in the video with The Dream, she looks just like Aaliyah in it!

  • Li

    There is only one Aaliyah, she was sweet and genuine and her dancing was effortless just flawless!Sabi does look like her but to me she looks like Cassie too,I like keshia chante and she favors aaliyah alot,seeing all of these women just make me miss Aaliyah even more

  • saintsinno

    While this article doesn’t effect me one way or the other…the “low self-esteem” having writer really p’ed me off! She had something negative to say about every black chic that copied the look and then had the nerve to say that she didn’t see why so many people were upset by Kim K’s photo. Girl you really need to get it together…Kim Kardashian wants to be a Black Women!!!

  • Janee

    I find it interesting that a certain Canadian rapper who is openly obsessed with Aaliyah used to date Keisha Chante. Just me? Okay…

  • realadulttalk

    Who are these people??? I’m so confused!!!!

  • Shawn Steele

    sounds like the author is a hater.

  • BumDaBum

    In all seriousness Angel Haze’s personal style is wayyyy more androgynous, so I’m guessing her label is making her go more tomboy-ish or the aaliyah look because of this.

  • christmas808

    Kim Kardashian had my blood boiling when she said that….but twitter went in it was a great episode

  • christmas808

    Aaliyah was true to herself, genuine, and she never came off as fake…others should follow

  • anon

    Some of these women were just inspired by Aaliyah, others just had their hair parted to the side -_- People act like others can’t be inspired. Do you guys say all this mess any time someone draws from Marilyn Monroe or Lena Horne??? Grace Jones? If these ladies did it and paid respect to Aaliyah and acknowledged that they were inspired by her, let it go. Nobody its trying to “take” AALIYAH’S “place”. calm down

  • Leah Ashton

    There will never be another Aaliyah. She was uniquely her. If you listen to Ciara and Ashanti’s music, its totally different from hers. Ciara has even said she’s nothing like her, with all due respect. These women really just need to go sit down somewhere.

  • Black

    Why the facination with Aaliyah now? Is the music business running out of ideas? Just let it go, this is just creepy!

  • Mariah Bolton

    it’s Michelle Phan

  • ANTMilf

    I know Aaliyah is rolling in her grave over these girls trying to look like her, there’s only one that can look like Aaliyah, Aaliyah herself. Plus I named my 5 year old daughter after her because she’s still my fave female R&B singer over any other female singers out here.

    • Racquel Chittick

      everybody and their momma named their child after her!!!

  • Da Black Goku

    Who are these women? Outside of Cassie and Kim K, I’ve never heard or seen nay one of them before.

  • vredd

    Who? What? Why in the hell? Stop. I can’t. Was this Michelle Pham chick serious?!?! She morphed herself into….Well, I’m not really sure about that but it damn sure was NOT Aaliyah! All these chicks need to get their life and go sit in a corner with it. Smdh

  • Cleo

    I just wish people would let her rest in peace, some of it is getting pretty annoying.

  • Trisha_B

    That Phelo girl needs to have several seats! She really had her home girl wearing a jersey dress lmfao…Yes, Aaliyah was known for her style, but she didn’t invent that style. A lot of female’s like wearing their hair like such after combing it out a wrap. I see nothing wrong w/ Kim K saying “my aaliyah hair-do” since that style has been coined the “aaliyah hair-do” just like there is the cassie hair-do, there was the Rachel do from Friends. It’s not like Kim was trying to look like aaliyah (no matter the decision/ topic, Kim K’s name is somehow always brought up. smh i’m tired of her). & the whole tomboy look, was the it look in the 90’s, & that style seems to be coming back around. (Isn’t this the look Teyanna T is saying Rihanna stole from her lmao)…3 & 6 was in hopes of getting a movie roll, it’s not their everyday look.

    • Janice

      I’ve actually looked up Teyana Taylor since so many people go in on her and she doesn’t copy Aaliyah at all to me. I mean no disrespect to Aaliyah but the body alone is like damn. She defintitely has her own style which I like a lot. She actually reminds me of Lauryn Hill not in her clothing choices but in how she mixes haute couture fashion with street fashion. Nobody did that better than Lauryn when she released Miss Education and nobody has since then till her to me. Nobody will ever own a tomboy look which is what Aaliyah, TLC, hell damn near every female in the 90’s rocked. Some did it better than others but it always has and will exist. Again this is just my opinion.

      • christmas808

        You lost me when you compared Lauryn to Teyana

  • Guest

    Some of them are but some are not. The hair thing. Aaliyah was not the 1st woman on earth to wear her hair to the side. I don’t think anyone who has their hair to the side is copying her. That’s a little ridiculous.

    • Guester

      Exactly, everyone should web-search “Veronica Lake”. She was the original hair-to-the-side-and-over-one-eye celeb. Every time I looked at Aaliyah, when she first arrived on the scene, I thought about Veronica. Remember folks, everything OLD is NEW again. It’s just recycled styles!

  • Candacey Doris

    None of these people look like her. While it’s ok for them to be inspired by her, they can’t take her place. She was just so natural that everyone else seems lie a fake.

  • mdoubs

    Aaliyah in SKINNY jeans…? never

    • Jessica Lucinda Williams

      she was always about the loose, baggy pants with the tiny waste!

  • mdoubs

    How can you copy something that CANNOT be copied!? this is borderline disrespectful!! R.I.P…


    WHY ISNT CIARA ON THIS LIST OF NOBODIES??!!? Ciara is the reining queen of Aaliayh copy cats..

    • That’sWhy

      So was Ashanti!!!!

    • Lataurean J. Ezell

      I guess cause Ciara’s style is more of Micheal/Janet Jackson then Aaliyah it always have been.

  • bebe

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the Sessilee Lopez shoot was suppose to be a look at what Baby Girl would potentially be wearing today.

    • Trisha_B

      That’s exactly what i was thinking. She’s not “biting” Aaliyah’s style & it wasn’t suppose to be Aaliyah’s typical 90’s “swag.” It was a way to show what Aaliyah might be wearing today

  • mochaaa

    not to discredit aaliyah in anyway (rip) but this style definitely wasn’t created by her but she did do it well. the s3xy tomboy look will, in my opinion, always be cool.

    • Ladybug94

      Exactly. I wore my hair like this in 85 (telling my age. lol) I was actually trying to look like Lisa Lisa but….hairstyles are continually recycled on and on and some wear it better than others.

  • sabrina

    LOL at Michelle Phan! Girl, stop!!

    But besides her, I have no idea who all those other ppl are!

  • curlyque

    I LOVE Aaliyah and her style, but couldn’t you say that some of these women are inspired by her style and that it made a great influence on their own personal wardrobe instead of copying? Don’t get me wrong, the shades, baggy pants, the bang, and tomboy steez are highly associated with Aaliyah, but she wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to express these styles.

    • Shawn Steele

      thank you!!! i agree. they are inspired and they love and miss aaliyah . . why try to knock down their efforts, just because they thought of doing it and you (the author) didnt.

  • Milo

    Her name is Michelle Phan…

  • Mia

    “Harpo……Who dis woman?”

    MN, I don’t know half these ole’ tight head nuts!

    • TRUTH IS

      Exactly….am skimming the list and am like who the eff are these nobodies….I expected Ciara to top the list….this list is lame!!

    • AJ389

      Lol!!! My sentiments exactly. I only know Kim K and Cassie, I’ve neva heard of these otha broads.

      • IllyPhilly

        2 were considered for playing Aaliyah.

    • psylocke_2001


  • Tagirl

    Wow, these chics are really trying to bite Aaliyah’s style! Some of them had it down. But the problem is, I’ve never seen another young singer with her swag. It’s that often imitated never duplicated thing going on. Aaliyah was just different. She marched to the beat of her own drum. She wasn’t a follower. Neither she, Brandy or Monica were. I miss those days of individuality and not doing things for shock value.

    • christmas808


    • Jessica Lucinda Williams

      i wish i could like this 10 more times!!

  • nationalboss

    Who are these people?

  • That’sWhy

    I’m not even going to lie, I get mad when people compare Sabi to Aaliyah. Yeah Sabi is pretty and fit, but her singing leaves something to be desired and she’s robotic in her dancing. Aaliyah was very fluid and had an amazing voice. And I’m out.

    • anon

      you’re kidding, right? I’ve never heard of this Sabi chick but Aaliyah had no range; her voice was simple. Please stop acting like this girl was just IT because she passed. I liked Aaliyah but I refuse to lie and act like her voice was amazing. her dancing was decent.

      • christmas808

        i personally thing her voice was amazing and angelic…u don’t have to be yelling to make beautiful music

      • Emmeaki

        I think her voice was great, but the music she sang was formulaic. The 90s is when music started to become so contrived. Let’s do x, y, and z to produce a hit. So many songs sounded alike, had the same beats, etc. I wish that Alliyah would have been able to branch out and really create her own style of music.

    • Ladybug94

      Well I guess this is where I exit the conversation as I don’t even know who Sabi

  • Sherrie Quannea

    I didn’t feel like I could form a solid opinion on any of these ladies because aside from Kim K and Cassie… I’ve never heard of any of them… Maybe the term celebrity is being used too loosely here. ijs…

  • trishdish

    Who are half of these people?


    Who are these people?? I knew like 2 out of the whole bunch. lol. Yes, I have been noticing a lot of Aaliyah riding lately. Let the girl RIP…

  • Lola

    You deleted my comment because I said Kim Kardashian is tr@sh and that a p0rn actress should not compare herself to Aaliyah? MN, do better.

  • @imustbeacat

    This article is one major hating joint.

    • Tamara

      I agree with you. I should be on this list because from ages 12-16 I tried my darnest to look like Aaliyah. I did it because I thought she was beautiful and I loved her music. Why can’t these young ladies be doing the same thing? including Kim K. She’s around my age so she probably admired her too. And who hasn’t combed their hair over their eye and started humming “If you girl only knew” in the bathroom mirror. lol

  • Monica Fay

    and LOLLLL at the Kim Kardashian slide. omfg. YES hahahah any time she pays homage to anyone, its just like omg you’re beautiful but you’re so cheesy, i might pass out from laughing

  • Lola

    I officially hate kim kardashian. She is trash!

  • L-Boogie

    There is only one AALIYAH DANA HAUGHTON!

    • anon

      was….she’s dead and gone. rip

      • Anesha Johnson

        You could have that stupid comment to yourself……disgraceful….

    • FabienneDesrameaux

      Imitation is the highest form of flattery when women try to emulate marylin monroe noone complains…just chill damn

    • Anesha Johnson

      True that, one and only…..<3

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