The Distinguished Gentlemen: Six Fine Celebrity Men 50 And Over!

October 13, 2012  |  
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In the world of entertainment, you don’t often get to be the best actor/performer you once were after you reach a certain age. However, these men are 50 years old and older…and FINE.  If you’ve never been “into” older men, I get it, but you’ve to look beyond the age and see what I see!


James Pickens Jr., age 57

*cues Nivea’s Don’t Mess With My Man”* Hands down, James Pickens has been my favorite distinguished gentleman over the last three years.  I don’t know how it happened but I was watching Grey’s Anatomy one day and thought, “Well now, the chief (his character on the show) is looking niiiiiiiice.” Realistically, if he weren’t married, I’d be doing everything in my power to hook him up with my mom!


Julius Erving, Age 62

It is my opinion that Dr. J is quite the “Cat daddy” and he knows it.  He seems real mellow, sometimes with his glasses and sometimes without, looking like he’ll whisper something to you that might make you blush.  I watch him every year during the NBA All-Star Weekend and he’s always looking real good.

C. Smith/

Denzel Washington, Age 57

Of course he’s on here…I don’t want any of you tracking down my location and beating me down for leaving him off. It has truly got to be something to have been fine your entire celebrity life. He didn’t “grow into his looks” or anything like that. Denzel has just always been…”it.” I wonder if he had all the women sweating him back in his college days too?

Ice-T Age 54

No, your eyes are not deceiving you and yes, I’m serious.  I know many of you consider him a joke and would never give him “that eye” but you are really missing out. Look at Ice!! That is a good looking man. I’m just saying…

Rob Rich/

Richard Gere, Age 63

Now what I’m going to say sounds shady but it isn’t meant that way. Richard Gere has always seemed like an older man. In every movie he’s in, I see him that way. But the thing is, he always looks well put together and like he probably smells really good!


Leon, Age 50

I can’t even believe he’s 50 years old!  Granted, ladies always go back and forth with how fine they think Leon is but I can tell you right now that he is looking really good lately.  He was very lowkey at a concert last week but not low enough for me to think, “Leon…YES. AMEN.” Such a nice piece of eye candy!


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  • Ann

    Leon and Denzel yes. You are exactly right about Ice T that is a joke!

  • Kayo Halana Malie

    No, no, no. And who is ‘Leon’?

  • Chassie

    Richard gere, yes!!!!!!!!!

  • Shirl

    You can remove Leon from the list…really…he goes only by his first name…like Prince hehehe. That man thinks he looks better than he actually does. I’m sure he kisses his reflection in every mirrored surface he passes. Also, there is nothing attractive about IceT other than his $.

  • pearl87

    Whoever wrote this is so messed up! Denzel, yes, but the rest of these dinosaurs aren’t fit for a museum of natural history display. What kind of drugs are you on, Drenna? Just say NO to ugly old men.

  • FromUR2UB

    Ice-T?? Okay. I never thought of him like that. He looks better since he got rid the tired ponytail. But…(shrug). Jackie Jackson is stll handsome. He was downright FINE as a young man. He doesn’t look like a man i his early 60s.

  • dbatt001

    damn Leon…damn

  • FAMURattler85

    Leon, mmm mmm good! I’ve been in love with that man since ’97.

  • ‘…I’m sure he smells really good…’? Seriously? that made him sound like a grandpa more than anything…

  • glad-b

    Leon and Denzel definitely get better looking the older they get.

  • Just saying!!

    Leon is my cousin. *shameless plug* LOL!! 🙂

  • prettypanties

    He wears 50 well!!! I would date him. 😉

  • YoYomarie

    Denzel isn’t 62…he’s 57. He’ll be 58 in December.