PDA: Is It Gross For Couples To Feed Each Other In A Restaurant?

October 12, 2012  |  


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Have you ever gone to a restaurant with your guy and ordered a milkshake with two straws? Yes? Well, that’s adorable. A milkshake is a nice item to share. Sure, it’s cliché, but at least there’s no mess.

But what about other foods? Is it romantic to share an entrée and to feed each other your dinner? After reading this article on The Gloss, I’ve decided that I think it’s gross when couples feed each other in public. And there are certain foods that, if I saw a couple feeding them to each other, would make me absolutely nauseous. Such as:

1. Spaghetti. Eating spaghetti by myself is a chore. I always end up with sauce all over my face and noodles falling out of my mouth (please tell me I’m not the only one). I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a set of hands that aren’t mine feeding me this messy dish. It would most likely end in the restaurant being cleared out because our fellow diners are disgusted. The Lady And The Tramp thing is just a fantasy!

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  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    It depends on the food lol. I witnessed my aunt and uncle sharing a peach….. X__X. I was in the backseat mentally gagging.

  • Gross.

  • FromUR2UB

    Awww. That’s one of the things that make food pleasurable. Especially when you decided in advance to order something different so you can try the other’s food. It’s kind of sweet when he forks or spoons you some.

  • Miss D

    Why is it that when people find PDA inappropriate, they are labeled as lonely or sad? It is a difference in taste. I, and many other people I know are in happy relationships and happen to be conservative when it comes to the lovey dovey stuff. Just because I am not publicly showing the world much I love my man at every opportunity doesn’t mean I have a strained relationship, nor does it mean that I am jealous of anyone else. Others are more open and don’t mind doing the romantic stuff in public, and while I personally don’t like it, they are entitled to do what they want as long as it isn’t obscene or offensive. Everyone is different and differences should be respected.

  • Jenn

    We’re super affectionate in my household so if you don’t like…don’t look #simplesolution

  • Lady G

    Yeah it kinda sucks when u realize that your PDA with your man is not cute and but tacky. Yes i realized this when even I felt uncomfortable. I feel it was disrespectful around his family especially his mom but he doesnt care. Tongue kissing around everyone is just disturbing and uncalled for especially in restaurants.

  • IllyPhilly

    Why am I paying attention to anything another couple is doing unless I’m that lonely?

  • Meyaka

    Dude, just get a life. I’m not taking food off your plate and giving it to my man, so what’s it to you? I swear people are just miserable, twitter love annoys you, people enjoying their and each other’s meal gross you out, gtfoh and find a mate!

    • Miss Anonymous

      I didnt even know people watch other people eat, like sure I look at someones food and think “hey that looks good” but never full on “eww s/he chews like a horse”.

      • IllyPhilly

        Plus one!

      • Meyaka

        I know!

    • Africanpride

      LOL…I think it depends on how you do it. I’ve seen some couples do it, and I thought it was cute then some was not bad, they just look awkward. But, when two people are in love, they do corny things and nothing wrong with it.

  • glad-b

    As someone who loveees food.. I think its hot!

  • Candacey Doris

    I think it’s fine. Food is fun. As long as they don’t take it too far. A bit cheesy, but not gross.

  • Guest360

    It really depends. If you’re giving each other bites of your food just to TASTE, sure. Why not? If you’re legit feeding each other? It would gross me out. Not going to lie lol. Sorry but neither one of you are babies. You shouldnt be feeding each other, no matter how “romantic” it looked in a movie.

  • Miss D

    Feeding each other…seems like something out of an unrealistic chick flick. I would offer my bf a piece of something if we were out to eat, but not feed him.

  • Kayo Halana Malie

    Yes, it is. It is inappropriate.

  • I dont think it’s gross, i just find it corny for some reason