Did Marsha Ambrosius Just Come Out The Closet And Get It Over With?

October 12, 2012  |  

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Girl-on-girl action has become the hot thing to do for attention these days, Nicki Minaj being the most recent (and grandest) offender. But some are wondering whether Marsha Ambrosius might be in the lesbian for play play camp now after looking at the video for her new song, “F**k N Get it Over With.” Of course there’s always the other possibility too, that she’s actually into women and this is her creative coming out.

The track, which I’m sure will quickly become the club closer at the end of the night, is definitely a bedroom boom jam and the video backs up the late-night, let’s get it right tempo. Marsha is the only one we see for the majority of the clip, preparing for an intimate encounter with someone she clearly plans on finally going to bed with after much anticipation. As we watch her set out her bra and mini-skit and hop in a car scantily clad, we assume she’s headed over to give a man some good loving. But then the biggest shock of all, besides Marsha having a song with such a raw title, is that a woman in lingerie answers the door and leads Marsha into the house, so they can finally eff and get it over with.

So what’s the big deal?

One, we’re not used to seeing two women in a sexual way in a video without it being overly salacious. Some might say this scene also falls into that category, but there was something very matter-of-fact about the way the other woman was presented that I can appreciate. No one was grinding on the other for the sake of male attention as is so often the case with displays of lesbian love. These were two grown women about to do what they do because that’s what they like to do. Two, if, in fact, this is Marsha’s own coming out or even just a nod to lesbian women, I can value the presentation without all the hype over a “gay scene” so to speak or all of the theatrics over her announcing her sexual preference.

Since Marsha’s Floetry days there have been questions over her sexual orientation, and even speculation that she was in a relationship with bandmate Natalie Stewart and when they broke up as a couple, they also broke up as a group. Neither woman has ever spoken on those rumors, and though Marsha has openly talked about her connection with gay audiences, she’s never been open about who she’s laying with at the end of the night because, truthfully, it’s irrelevant to her craft. But now she seems to be letting us inside her world just a bit with the cliffhanger ending of her new music video, which incidentally debuted on National Coming Out Day yesterday. Coincidence? I think not.

The singer has yet to confirm whether what’s seen in the video is a reflection of what she does in real life, although after looking at the video what more is there to say? Kudos to her for artistically showcasing her truth without all the pomp and circumstance. Unless of course this was just a publicity move to get people to listen to the song in which case I’ll just say congratulations!

Check out the video below. What do you think about it?

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  • Sapphire

    Its funny because my kids told me some time ago when she was with Floetry that she and her poetry partner were gay and I thought it was funny that they thought that….I’ll have to tell them they were right….

  • Tellitlikeitis

    This song is disgusting and that heavy hippo woman answering the door at the end…NO BUENO. I could only imagine how much her coochie smells with her thighs rubbing together like that. Eewwww!!!!!

  • Tamz

    I like the song….as for her sexuality, as long as she is making good music, I don’t really care.

  • Okay, so she is trying to pull a Frank Ocean. Look what coming out did for his career! Marsha had bills too!


  • saintsinno

    Yes, what’s the big deal….Marsha is really a man! That’s not gay:)

  • What?

    Stupid song and you can’t eff and get it over with if your partner was not born with the right equipment.

    • UnflinchingSpirit

      Not true. You should at least have sex before making comments like these.

  • She is NOT Gay. She confirmed that with Necole Bitchie

    • Yes, I’m that Leah

      It’s not what you say, it’s what you actually you. Your actions that matter.

      • and as an ARTIST she sees life from every spectrum. She doesn’t speak for ONE demographic she speaks for MANY.

  • goddess8281

    Marsha’s not gay and Nat is married to a man. They stated in an interview a long time ago they were not gay.

    • Guest

      I thought Nat came out 5-6 years ago as bisexual.

  • Shirl

    She is an unfortunate looking woman…

    • slyredd85

      Lmfaooo at “unfortunate looking”

  • dbatt001

    is coming out even an issue any more?…not newsworthy

  • resheart

    She’s actually a very talented artist, she’s the one who wrote Michael Jackson ” Butterflies” . Idk what she’s doing with her own music…. maybe she’s just going through alot in her personal life… idk but i know she is a talented singer and song writer…but i haven’t been feeling her music as of lately. I hope she gets it together.

    • Observing

      I adore her. Her vocals are sick.

      I REALLY miss Floetry. They were so unique. They made beautiful music (and I mean that literally).

      I liked when they sung the song Butterflies more than when MJ recorded it (although his was dope too). My favorite song (or one of as I have many) was Sunshine.

      And not that her bedroom prefernce makes any difference I have always suspected her and the other bandmate were together. They were basketball players before becoming recording artist.

      Regardless of her love life…. she is the business and no one sings like her. No one!

  • Either way she makes some good music! I’m gonna listen to her either way… gay or straight she still can sang!

  • Candacey Doris

    Eh. I don’t care for the song.

  • Guest

    Gay or straight, this chic is just not attractive!!!!

  • iReezy

    I don’t think Marsha Ambrosius is vocally talented. Her voice is kind of deep, but not in the good Toni Braxton way, and hard to listen to.

  • I love it

  • Cubanitaqt1

    I like the song and who gives a rats a$$ about her sexuality!!! People need to get a life. That Bi-Dude Frank Ocean has a song about another man!! It’s a money thing people don’t take shyt so serious!

  • klynn

    I’m not a Marsha fan and this video does not help at all. I don’t get it?! what kind of R&B music is this? It dosen’t matter if she is gay or not, what kind of message is she trying to send? Is this what couples are doing today, just f___ing!

  • Snow RedBone

    Who really knows… She probably write the song, but whose to say she produced the video? You know nowadays that’s what sells records, that’s tge prospective I look at it from.

  • Alexa

    Wasn’t feeling it. This is what Neyo was talking about when he said R&B artist’s were experiencing an emotional disconnect in their music. In addition to that almost everything in music now is so vulgar and sexually explicit and its getting corny, couldn’t even enjoy the song.

    • Anti-believer

      Please, you’re going quote Ne-yo of all people??? He had a song about ad I believe called Masterbation in 2011. Majority of Marsha’s lyrics on this song are not explicit or vulgar. WOW she used one word F–K. Big deal! She ain’t the first and won’t be the last. I don’t have a problem with the song. Don’t think it is bad either. Biggie Smalls and Lil’ Kim have been way more explicit than Marsha. You must be a virgin or something.

    • Anti-believer

      Ne-yo song is called “She Used Me (Masterbation).”

  • Ambitious12

    okay so what does sexual orientation has to do with the artist? why is everybody so obsessed with celebrities’ s sexuality? I don’t understand

    • beautiful mic

      Why are some of them so obsessed with their own sexuality and what the public thinks about it?


    • Diamondntharough78

      It’s a presidential year??? Lol I don’t know. It’s not my place to judge

  • Sonja Newsome

    Old news people.

  • LaTonya Blount

    Did not care for the video. I think the title put me off more than anything. It really did not make any sense in the song after the first time she said it. I guess I do not think you have to put vulgarity into everything but to each his/her own. And my own says – no. I have no opinion on her sexual preference. I am not for same sex relationships but I judge not. I let people be people.

  • TeahMonae

    Dont know or care if she’s gay or not, but that song is FIRE!!! That girl can sang!

  • Pseudonym

    The title cracked.me.UP!!! hahaha

  • She already said on her fb she not gay

    • beautiful mic

      Put promotes the gay lifestyle in her craft. Hmmm. Is she being ingenuine – deceptive? Is this double speak – a game?

    • beautiful mic

      She wouldn’t be the first to play this game…The contradiction between what she’s portrayed on video, visually, and what she’s stated could, simply, equate to her underlying suggesting that “It’s no one’s business. Think what you’d like.” Albeit, IMO, a genuinely straight person wouldn’t invite that type of mystery, having people trying to decipher to blatantly contradicting messages.

      Many celebs have done this in the past, and many continue to do it today. She’s like the 2nd or 3rd, that I’ve noticed, black celeb to do it this week. They come across as being very deceptive – liars, if you will.

      Why does one have to entertain inquiry about any aspect of their by addressing it with deception, untruth, and/or contradiction? Why isn’t saying “It’s none of your business” enough?

      • UnflinchingSpirit

        Because she is an artist and she can express herself anyway she wants and there really isn’t any thing you can do about it. Also, she has never contradicted herself. She has always said she isn’t gay. New Flash: Most music videos are not real life. It is fantasy.

      • Yes, I’m that Leah

        Thank you. Straight people don’t play this game. She’s l e s b i a n. No straight woman going to be in a video h a l f n a k e d with another woman. Marsha needs to stop playing games and focus on making decent music again. She lost half her fan base with this garbage.

  • Kay

    Who cares ???

    • Gogetter

      obviously you care otherwise you would haven’t taken the time to comment on something that means nothing to you Kay

      • Nenah

        She’s saying it’s not relevant to her music.

      • Kay

        Well I was saying her sexuality has nothing to do with her music career so you can stfu