So Basketball Wives LA Is A Ratings Fail

October 12, 2012  |  

Source: Gossip On This

Based on our mentions when we live-tweet through “Basketball Wives LA” on Monday nights we kind of had an inkling no one was really watching the show, but we didn’t realize no one was watching.

Rhymes With Snitch sort of blew the lid off the ratings fail, using data from TV By The Numbers which shows this ranking for BBWLA this past week:

Basketball Wives LA 2VH18:00 PM1.1980.6

FYI, 0.6 is not a good rating. The slip has actually been pretty gradual for season 2 of “Basketball Wives LA” which premiered with 1.81 million views in September, dropped to 1.4 million the next week, and is now hovering somewhere below the 1.2 million mark. Just to be clear it’s these ladies and not VH1, “T.I. and Tiny,” which comes on after BBWLA, is pulling in better rank with 1.34 million views this past Monday, and even “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” beat out both of them with 1.41 million views.

None of these shows is anywhere close to the figures rache’ “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” pulled in, which hovered around 3.7 million viewers during its first season, but if BBWLA’s rank keeps dropping these ladies could soon find themselves unemployed. And since none of the cast members appears to have a plan B (besides being video chicks) I’m thinking they better step up their side hustle game in the next few weeks.

Have you been watching “Basketball Wives LA” at all?

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  • Noraaaaaaa

    This should be called the Jackie show.

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  • Shirl

    I don’t find it entertaining to watch women sitting around restaurants, each others homes, going shopping and talking about each other while drinking wine because they think it makes them look sophisticated. Do any of these ladies have jobs (please exclude photo shoots)?

  • StephLuv

    This show is straight up BORING! They should call it the I Hate Jackie Show cause all they ever do is complain about Jackie!

  • beautiful mic

    I just watched the last episode, but I have missed most of the season. I’m embarrassed for Jackie. I rooted, for her last season. I try to believe that these shows are scripted, but I don’t think all of what these ladies portray is scripted. Those women and their lust for each other is really coming through this season. IMO, Gloria, Jackie and Malaysia must, also, be bi along with Draya. And they’re making the whole ordeal between Gloria and her sister pretty vague. How much you want to bet the root of their discord is over some man? Jackie and her husband just need to be real, they’re both bisexual swingers. They HAVE to renew their vowels every year to help them believe the lie they call their marriage.

    The whole series just needs to drown, already. Most of the cast members haven’t even been basketball player wives. At the least, all of their relationships/marriages are really, and truly, shams.

  • Nenah

    Yo, I’m not going to front: I save all my ratchetness tolerance for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta! I don’t watch none of that other bs, but LAHHA is my show!

  • nursej

    I watch, tho i honestly dont know why…smgdh

  • jo

    Its not surprising jackie way too old for the show as the viewers says and say it best its ratchet

  • Accountability007

    @lmj82:disqus You are so correct. Where’s the accountability?!?! DO BETTER ALL AROUND MADAME NOIRE!! The writing style at this site is at 11 grade level (and obviously the ppl @ this site act as such). She was just giving you CONSTRUCTIVE criticism…learn, CORRECT (as you did), and grow!! This is sad!! LOL!

  • No i dont watch it… its not enough drama for me…

  • They just don’t really have personalities made for interesting TV and they never seem like they’re doing anything exciting. Bottom line the show is boring…its a wasted 60 minutes of your life.

  • Chocolate

    I didn’t even know the season has restarted!!!

  • Jessica

    Never watched a single episode…but stay up on BBW- the original version.

  • Candacey Doris

    People are showing how much shows like this mean by staying away. Finally.

  • LMJ82

    So….Not to be a b*tch but in “Rhymes With Snitch sort of blue the lid off the ratings fail”…..Does anyone else see the grammatical error? “Blue” is a color – a noun, not a verb. I believe the word the author was looking for was “blew”. “Blue” and “blew” are homophones (words that sound the same but differ in meaning and may differ in spelling). I mean geez, if you’re going to be hired as a journalist…shouldn’t you know this?? And where is the Editor…no spellcheck? :-/

    • Not that serious. Mistakes happen. Thank you for calling such grand attention to it.

      • LMJ82

        Actually, it is that serious if you’re going to be a professional journalistic publication…SMH. Black people, step yo game and your expectations up! Oh, and you’re welcome Brande. 😉

        • MNEditor2

          “Step yo game and your expectations up!”
          But you shall be back tomorrow. And the next day, and the next. Have a blessed weekend.

          • LMJ82

            Egh, oh please grow up. You would think the tone you all would take would be one of Gratitude that someone actually pointed out the mistake. I even started out my comment w/ saying “Not to be a b*tch”…I wasn’t coming in a negative spirit but one of constructive criticism.

            As an English & Biology double major in undergrad, MD professional (UPENN Medicine), and current Masters student – excuse the crap out of me for being intelligent and knowing proper English & Grammar
            *deeply apologizing* 🙁 NOT! Lol, I’m not going to let the Black snob come out even though you are pulling at her…..

            FYI, I was done w/ Madame Noire months & months ago b/c I seriously think the professionalism and quality of writing and originality is Lacking. My guilty pleasure is Bossip and they have your little articles on the side so…I was curious today while on a break from the OR, that’s operating room.
            You’ve only proven my point…Smh.

            Oh and Ms. Editor, instead of engaging in catty rhetoric w/ your readers, do a better job at proofreading your employees’ work! That is All.

            • MNEditor2

              The shade! You don’t have to read off your credentials to us, but if it makes you feel good, go right on ahead. And I guess you go to Bossip for professionalism and quality of writing? Riiiiiiiight. You were in no way positive in your message to the author, aka, your attack on the word blue. And on a post about “Basketball Wives”? Never that serious. All you had to say was that the word was supposed to be “blew” instead of “blue.” No need to start attacking people’s intelligence (“I mean geez, if you’re going to be hired as a journalist…shouldn’t you know this??”) or saying why they should and shouldn’t be in a profession. It’s awesome to be intelligent, which I can tell you are, but there’s no need to talk to adults like children. You came off very catty, and as the saying goes, you get back what you give out in this world. And as you would say, instead of engaging in catty back and forth, go back in the OR (once again, riiiiiiiiiight) and save a life, please. But thanks for coming back and reading the “little” article. And that is really ALL. Go in peace.

              • Briii

                Is this really the editor?! If so this is a strong testimony to just how basic the MN staff truly is. You should be thanking @LMJ82 for pointing out the mistake made by the careless “writer” (if you can really call her that) b/c it really does make you lose credibility with your educated audience. YES it does matter and YES we do care. These are the type of errors I’m used to seeing on Media Take Out & up until now I thought MN was a step above them, but apparently not. Especially seeing that the “editor” is on here arguing w/ readers instead of double checking the work of these simple broads you have the nerve to refer to as “journalists”. From looking over the comment section (which I read more faithfully than your articles) it appears that most of your readers are better educated and more qualified to write than your staff. You should be ashamed!

                • MLS2698

                  I feel what you are saying, but correction is better than name calling. I actually use MN to improve my writing, so if a mistake is spotted, just letting them know is enough.

                  • GrwnWmn

                    Who name called? I didn’t see anyone call anyone a name……LMJ pointed out a fact and then Brande and the Editor…namely the Editor went IN! If anything, the Editor called the reader a “liar”…in more or less terms. Smh. And why all the sensitivity?? I mean, this is not a 4th grade writing project. This is a national (international??) blog…..Should there be no expectation for adequacy and professionalism?? Most people assume that the writers are educated women speaking on various topics. Expecting proper spelling and grammar is not far fetched, I mean, come on!!

                    • MLS2698

                      True. I didn’t mean you were name calling, but it did get hot in here.

                • Guest

                  Wow! I’m so concerned that the staff of an online magazine is trying to go ham on a reader behind a post. The height of unprofessionalism in my opinion. I honestly have no words at this moment after reading this. Wow! SMH.

                  • Pseudonym

                    I agree! Even more concerned that a publication is defending poor grammar and middle school mistakes from their writers.

        • Nenah

          Girl you need a timeout! I know some people get their rocks off pointing out mistakes but you are really over the top. Too bad all your education couldn’t give you a life!

        • Nenah

          Girl, you are a liar. I got your response comment. If you’re so busy being a dr and traveling and your man is so good, why are you on the internet being the grammar police? I know this is the internet but people can still smell bs.

      • I agree!!! It’s not that serious…

      • Na Na

        Brandeeee! I am always so on your side. I think the articles you write are witty and informative however as a fan I’m disappointed that you wold try to rationalize poor grammar by a WRITER! We tackle tough topics about race and gender all the time on MN and I feel its a disservice to ourselves as constituents of your online publication, a disservice to African American writers to hold them at sub par standards and a major disservice to women that the info we are fed does not have to be accurate or professional. The moment you begin to tell a client you don’t need them (See editor below) is the moment your business begins to GO OUT of business.

        • Hey Na Na, I wasn’t attempting to rationalize anything. I wrote this article. I made a mistake in my haste to publish the post and consequently used the word blue instead of blew. It was a mistake, something everyone has made in their professional lives at one point or another, whether they choose to admit it or not. I think it’s extreme to assume my mistake means that I don’t know the difference between the two words, or that I don’t have any standards as a writer, or that I don’t care about the information I dispel to black women. If that was the case the mistake would not have been corrected. I don’t think anyone would appreciate being patronized in the manner I was over something so minute that didn’t affect anyone’s ability to understand the content presented. It was clear the intent in pointing out the mistake was to embarrass me and the site not drop a helpful FYI. In the same way some readers are disappointed with MN’s response I think it’s also disappointing to see such hyper-critical taunts thrown at us under the auspice that we don’t care about what we do and we’re not qualified professionals. Trust me, we care. I read every comment on every article. I take the congratulations and the criticisms to heart; and overall we try to do better and be better for you all. I apologize on MN’s end for clearly being in our feelings, as evidenced by the responses below, but please try to remember we are real people and we’re not perfect. Thanks for always reading 🙂

  • afroveda

    I understand why someone would not be a fan of the show, but y’all are throwing a lot of shade. If the show is discontinued, these women will not be unemployed. I don’t follow them extensively but can see from the show alone some of the avenues in which they make money. Gloria is working on acting and a cook book. Draya and Brooke are urban (read: TnA) models. Jackie has a fashion line. Malaysia (sp?) has a jewelry line.
    They aren’t the most upstanding individuals but Patricia is incorrect of her accusation that they are all gold diggers looking to get knocked up by wealthy men.

  • Toya

    I think we’re over Basketball Wives period.

  • Not surprised!!! I can’t watch it for the life of me, they all look like men except for one!!!

  • Patricia

    Brande, you forgot the other plan B. Some of them are drawing huge amount of child support. If not, they probably find a ignorant baller or entertainer to get pregnant and make a living off of that. LOL!

  • CA Pullen

    No. I will not be watching. I be glad all these reality shows go off the air.

  • mspurplerain

    Good cause It suxxxxx……

  • Box

    Good!!! Every week is a discussion on whether their talking to Jackie or not. Like, either be friends with her or drop her they keep stretching it every episode.

  • Not at all..glad to hear this news..

  • Negress

    I was turned off with the commercials! It took me all this time to realize Imani wasn’t back this season.

    • baddvixentype

      *just clicked* Wow she isn’t huh!!!??

  • TeahMonae

    The LA spinoff was never as entertaining as the original version anyway.

  • Guest

    I can’t take another reality show. How is it reality when most of it is scripted. I will be glad when they are all gone.

  • ANTMilf

    Now I know God is at work when ratings fail on ratchet shows like this!

    • beautiful mic

      Not when there are other new ratchet shows to take their place.

  • gracie

    Best news this week I hope they keep failing.

  • jackieOsassin

    thank the stars the ratings are terrible. i hope the whole show and its ratchet, ratchet counterparts get cancelled and buried in the cold, dead earth.