Still Messy: Author Who Put Phaedra’s Criminal Past On Blast Claims Deion Sanders Slept With Her Daughter

October 12, 2012  |  

Source: Bossip

You remember Angela Stanton right? She’s the woman who wrote a book about “Real Housewife of Atlanta” Phaedra Parks and put her alleged criminal past of racketeering and insurance fraud all the way on blast in Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil.

If you didn’t realize the author was messy from that move alone, check the foolishness she unleashed on Twitter this morning. Not only is she accusing Deion Sanders of being unfaithful to Pilar, which I’m sure she won’t mind considering all the dirt she throws on her own estranged husband’s name, but she’s also throwing her own 18-year-old daughter under the bus, claiming Deion cheated on Pilar with her.

Going on a #StopTheSilence Twitter movement, Angela sent out a slew of Tweets directed right at Deion Sanders and even Pilar, exposing the former NFL stars taste for teenage girls.

A few people began to question Angela’s daughter’s innocence in the whole situation based on some suggestive modeling pics of her floating around on the Internet which prompted the mother to respond:

@UrsulaESQ True, but Ursula you cannot compare the mind of an 18 yr old girl, to a 50 yr old on any level

@UrsulaESQ That man was married all he wanted 2 do was to leave her w/ a wet tw*t, lying & deceiving 2 get what u want is never fair

@UrsulaESQ but @deionsanders flew my baby to NY under the presumption that he was going to invest in her lipstick line, he had no intention

@UrsulaESQ then when she got there w/o my consent or knowledge he was on something totally different! She was wrong but he DEAD WRONG

 Then later Angela seems to take a more “comical” approach to the whole situation, tweeting:

Come on up to my hotel room baby so we can talk about your lipstick line *wink* put something Hot on! (In my @deionsanders voice)

Umm, I’m sorry is she talking about her daughter or a random woman on the street? I obviously can’t confirm how much truth there is to her story but if it’s true, why is Angela putting her daughter’s life on blast so cavalierly for the sake of attention, especially a daughter she claims is now a third-year law student with a 4.0 GPA?

I need Angela to find a new hobby other than messiness ASAP.

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  • dbatt001

    ooooo wee Angela face is beat, not in a good way

  • jnic

    Unless I’m confused how are you 18 and you are a 3rd yr law student?????

  • fanny

    But why is everyone blaiming the mother & the daughter what about Deion’s perverted az, & why didn’t you guys print an honest story like Bossip? You guys are obviously friends w/ Phaedra Parks

    • Ummmm Angela was NEVER credible, anybody in Atlanta can tell you shes been in and out of jail since she was of age and shes always looking to place blame. That child is 18 not 16 not 15… LEGAL. She took her fast behind to NY on a whim and got PLAYED. Mama didn’t raise her to know better so she learned the hard way thats just what it is

  • can you say “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”?

    • UmOk

      Diary of a Messy Black Woman. lol. Im sorry but she is just too extra. Antics like this bring her credibility into question.

  • KJ23

    Oh my goodness! She is ruining her daughter’s future with all of this. What law firm would want to hire her if this stuff is out, and they’re afraid that if the mother is so cavalier to throw her own daughter on the bus, what if she got a hold of some classified papers from the law office. If this thing doesn’t blow over, her daughter is s c r e w e d…

  • Common Cent$

    What is it with these new school moms?!?! Even if this is true why would you expose your daughters private life on twitter you moron. Clearly she’s trying to break into show biz by any means necessary even if her daughters expense how sad.

    • SunshineBlossom

      And that is why many children today are bitter and cutthroat when it comes to the lives of others. When will parents realize that the burdens you carry will inevitably pass on to their children if they don’t stop acting like fools! But then again… Mothers today are young enough to be playing in the playground with their children. That is a sad sight.