“She Wanna Act Like A Man, Ima Treat You Like A Man”: Cleveland Bus Driver Upper Cuts Teenage Girl

October 12, 2012  |  

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I don’t know how many times, we have to tell these kids to leave people alone. But they just will not learn. And the latest example of teenage ratchetness comes from a teenage girl in Cleveland, Ohio. It all started as a verbal altercation that went left once the bus driver mentioned the girl’s personal appearance. He mentions a scar on her face saying that “it looked like her face got sliced up.” Apparently, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The teenage girl lunges at the bus driver, putting her hands on him in some way.

Since it’s a federal offense to put your hands on public transportation operators, the bus driver tells her, as he’s standing up that she’s “going to jail now.” What happens next is probably nothing like you’ve ever seen. The bus driver, squares up, and upper cuts the girl in her chin, knocking her backward. I know I just described it; but to see it is something entirely different. Watch the video below.

This little girl is something else. I don’t know about you but if a man knocked me out, I’d stay down for a good minute. Since the man threw her stuff off the bus as well, you’d think she’d quietly collect her belongings and take her behind home. But that’s clearly not the type of girl she is. Apparently, the bus driver was awaiting her return and snatched her ponytail, put his hands around her neck and threw her to the ground.

When one of the other passengers reminded him that he was attacking a “female,” the bus driver responded quite matter of factly.

“I don’t care. She wanna to be a man, I’ma treat you like a man.”

So, I know some of you are ready and willing to debate who was right in this situation, did the girl deserve it or not? Well, I’m here to tell you everybody in this situation was dead.azz.wrong. The girl was wrong for arguing and then putting her hands on the bus driver. Certainly, but for him to get out of his seat and hit her like a grown man in a street fight was completely uncalled for. She would have already been arrested, if he had just found some way to put her off the bus, you know without the uppercut, then maybe I would be a bit more sympathetic. But clearly, neither one of them knew how to act, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out if it ends up going to court.

What do you think about this video, did the bus driver take it too far? (Duh?!) Did the girl deserve it?


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  • Jawel

    I wouldn’t have punched her in the face because that’s just unnecessary. She’s still a child. But she definitely needed to be restrained, and I would’ve given her a nice back-hand.

  • First off she is NOT a teenager she is an adult and second she is harassing a man trying to do his JOB why is it HIS responsibility to be the ‘bigger’ person when this dummy started the fight in the first place lecture HER stupid butt on not getting into fights thinking she is a harda** wrong! And if she wants to be treated like a lady then her stupid a** should ACT like a lady not a hoodrat.

    • Chlo

      Everyone is saying respect elders, if you want to be respected like an elder then you need to be the bigger person

  • This fool is a GROWN WOMAN!! NOT A TEENAGER! Please stop making excuses for this idiot and saying she is ‘too young’ to get it bulls***! She is an adult who thought she could step up to a man old enough to be her father and got spanked and judging from what he said up her face being ‘cut up’ she is obviously too stupid to stay out of trouble. She probably thinks she is the queen of hoodrats and had a lesson learned oh well.

    • It’s like that DJ said about black women talking so much trash to a man ‘don’t say anything to me you CAN’T say to Laila Ali’.

  • The Rain

    Ah,she was a 25 year old hood rat,not a teenage girl.

  • He didn’t have to comment on her scarred face, he is just as responsible for what transpired as she is. He sounds like a jerk , I bet he wouldn’t talk to a grown-ass man or a white person like that.

  • she wasn’t a teen age girl, she was around 25. Have you notice how a lot of these girls act these days? They are more violent than the boys. They’re not the docile creatures you must be thinking of

  • She wasn’t a teenager, she was a young woman. She spit in his face, had him in a headlock and bunched him in his face. Recently there was a video of two hood rats jumping over a counter at Mc Donalds and that boy beat their butts. Some people think they can say and do anything they want to someone working with the public. I bet she’ll think twice before spitting and hitting another person.

  • yup

    She wasn’t a teenager – she was 25 years old!

  • yup

    That “little girl” was a 25 year old woman. She spit on him, choked him and hit him, so YES, she deserved it. That poor driver, who had worked for the company for 22 years, was suspended and will probably lose his job – all because this ghetto trash chick wasn’t paying the fare.

  • that’s the problem with these young people today, they’ve been sliding since birth, ” oh don’t hit her she’s a female”. She should’ve acted like a female. You act like a rat you gonna get stomped. This is why police kill on sight, if you knock them down they come back at you. You have to make sure they don’t get back up, knock them da hell out! She could’ve been packin and pulled out a piece and that would’ve been the end of him. There is no middle ground. Once you start you go all in.

    • I so agree with you. Some people posting what the bus driver should have done. For every action there’s a consequence. People better start teaching their children that or they’ll end up like that hot mess or worst.

  • unknown

    these comments are on the mark! i work with kids in the cleveland area and they are soo truly disrespectful ,even the preschoolers will SPIT in your face and cuss you out! shid disrespectful hoodrat just the Cleveland normal

  • whtie dude

    black people shouldnt act like animals

    olus he didnt have to punch her, just kick her off the bus
    44like a push from a teenage girl could have killed him

    its like my 3 year oldcousin kicking me

    i just move him away from me

    why couldnt the bus driver put her off the bus


  • this girl way out of line, he could not have known what was coming next, a blade or anything, had he called the police, next she could have did more then spit or punch… thumbs up to him… she deserved it for EVERY person she has ever step to crazy! haha!! THAT’S WHAT SHE GET!! disrespectful self!! She took advantage of the fact that man was on his job, and THOUGHT he was not going to defend himself, FOOLED YOU!! GOOD JOB BUS DRIVER!! If they Don’t give your Job back, GOD got something better for you… for giving her a Life lesson learned, because somebody else would have sent her to meet her maker… he saved her life. Cause I BET she will think twice about coming at anyone else crazy.. silly rabbit!!

  • WhoMe

    Punks jump up to get beat down. If you put your hands on someone you better expect to get hit back and then some. I DO NOT condone violence but ole girl had to learn in the hard way. And I dont think she’s a teen and she hit the driver and SPIT on him. I’m TEAM BUS DRIVER

  • June Watson

    I disagree. She needed her butt whipped for disrespecting her elder, for spitting on another human being, and not paying her fare. It all could have been avoided had she simply paid her fare. She didn’t have money to pay; so she’s going to argue until she gets to her destination and get off the bus. Why didn’t she pay her fare, sit a ignorant self down and kept her mouth shut. She got on the bus harassing the driver who was trying to do his job and get off and go home and relax, until this young fool gets on his bus. I hope he gets his job back and his pension. The man has worked all his life why should someone who cares about no one or herself take that away from him? Did she ever pay her fare? No, because she did not have it to pay which is why she provoked him to act out on her. It’s unfair if that man losses his job over someone’s stupidity. She was wrong and he acted in self defense.

  • Lady A

    I’m going to be the party pooper and say I don’t agree with people happy and joyful because a male assaulted a woman. I wonder if the roles were reversed would the comments be the same? I wonder if both were equally jawing with one another in the beginning he got up and came at her or in everyone’s worlds touched her first, then she retaliate and fights him back but he wins would people be upset with him? Or would we still be upset she tried to fight a man though she didn’t initiate the first touch? Because that’s really what it’s all about. Be happy a person defended themselves “YES” but to cheer because a man put a woman in her place is pretty telling of the black community. The tones of the comments in here are very “Sexist” and “misogynistic”.. That’s a big problem in the black community the devaluing of women by both men and women because of belief in gender roles. Even non-religious black people still feel gender roles are neccessary. Now I want to ask where were these take the man side people when it came to the Rihanna/Chris Brown situation? People were content on reminding us “No matter if the woman started it or not, or what happened a man shouldn’t lay his hands on a woman”. People were saying he should have just walked away and controlled his anger. Is it because this woman deemed of a certain demographic we feel she’s not worthy? I’ve noticed people sympathize quicker if the person isn’t considered beneath them in certain situations. Fastforward to this video where both argued, threatened “verbally” one another which the male’s part was ignored (not shocking since we associate unruly with masculinity) one another all it took was touching him first and people are cheering for him punching her. This is the same logic that can be used for police, Andrew Zimmerman the “I felt threatened so I decided to retaliate” but we’ve seen black people express their opinions about that. It wasn’t about this man’s safety or the passengers for the viewers, read any comments elsewhere about this video and the majority are mentioning gender and her demogrpahic. It’s about this woman acting in a way people felt isn’t the stereotypical way a woman should act. More people were upset that she was a hoodrat, ratchet etc and challenging a man than his safety. I don’t understand black people Before this video most people were hell bent on making sure were reminded “A man was to never hit a woman no matter what” but looks like all the woman has to be is a hoodrat and low poverty all of that goes out the window. You got people preaching about how sexist and misogynistic the bible is every day and why they stop reading it but can sit here and applaud their misogynistic view about a situation. Black people for ya.

  • sh0ndi

    You people need to check your facts before you write articles. That “teenager” is actually a 25 year-old woman.

  • I actually think the bus driver didn’t go far enough. Had it been me, I would have beat the BREAKS off of her…..or for that matter any man that did the same thing. All are equal in my eyes. Men And Women. You dont get a pass because you are a woman, absolutely not.

  • Shirl

    The bus driver has everything to loose and she doesn’t . He won’t even qualify for unemployment because he went against company policy. She has an attorney and is getting ready to get paid while he just threw a 20 year career down the drain. While she’s out recklessly spending her settlement money he and his family will be filling out a food stamp application. No one else is gonna want to hire him because he is a liability… Betcha if he could do it over again instead of arguing with this hood rat he would pull over and call the authorities.

  • kimberly wilson

    he needs to lose this job because you cant go around hitting females i really hope he get it by her man and learn never to hit a women again.

  • that chick is like 25, so that makes it even worse, you would think she would know better than to not just hit but SPIT on anyone. She was out of line and the bus driver put her back in line, that situation could have been avoided but she wanted to play tough and got knocked back into reality. Im not an advocate for hitting women, but Im a advocate for keeping your hands to yourself

  • appassionata

    ok y’all. It turns out she is not a teenager, she is a 25-YEAR-OLD WOMAN. (And, she got on the bus with attitude, wouldn’t stop talking smack and wouldn’t stand behind the yellow line when she was told to). Still have sympathy for her now? ’cause I don’t.

  • Great point!

  • I’m kind of on both sides of the situation because men should NOT EVER put their hands on a woman, but you know what vice versa!! There are some women to deserve to get them hands put on them because they take advantage of the fact that men can’t put their hands on them and the problem really comes in when these girls are basically gambling because you don’t know WHO you’re coming across now days. You might come across a man that no matter what will not put his hands on you and then you’re gonna come across the FTS (eff this ish) men and they will give you the business! So in fantasy she deserved it but in reality he should have restrained his self more.

  • G

    She got what she deserved period. She threatened that man from jump. Then you spit on him that is degrading and after that you put your hands on him. He asked her to sit down she refused, He then asked her to get off the bus she refused. True before it went as far as it did he could have called the police. She assaulted him. He had every right to defend himself. We all have been taught that men should not hit women but women hit men as well. So if you can dish it out than you are man or woman enough to take the consequences. These children these days have the idea that adults should show them respect and if you look at it when you have so many young mothers now a days that are still babies themselves having babies; the mentality of this generation and their children is going to be messed up. Too many young parents and some older ones are trying to be friends to their kids. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. THEY ARE YOUR CHILDREN.

  • Cinnamon71

    Exactly, Jango! A lot of people are walking on eggshells and are extremely stressed due to how life now is so fast paced, the economy, layoffs, forclosures, etc. You just don’t know what someone is thinking or how someone is feeling. They just may have that one last nerve left and someone stomps on it. The Golden Rule is not prevelant in our society as much today and it’s sad. Hopefully, this “life lesson” has sunk in and she will straighten up and fly right otherwise her future will be prison or death due to her foolish false bravado.

  • SO WHAT!! That term no longer has the shame it once did because of savage hoodrats like this one.

  • Just a little side note.. she’s actually 25 years old.. No where near a teen. Also.. I hate when females feel as though they can bully or hit a guy, and that he can’t retaliate because it’s a female. Smh.. I agree with the bus driver. She was being an irate nuisance. Making all that noise and not saying nothing.

  • JettMane


  • Yvette

    My mom always taught me that if they come at you like a man or woman, handle them in the same manner.

  • Guest

    Once upon a time, I would have thought the bus driver was dead wrong, but after a decade or so of watching disrespectful teenagers act a fool on public transportation, I’m sick of all their little no home training, rude mannered, loud, obnoxious, dumb a$$es. I live in NYC, so pubic transportation is the way we get around and I try to avoid being out in the streets when school is dismissed. It’s disguisting and all parents think, “Not my children. They would never behave like that.” Well I have news for you, your chidren are little savages that are nothing short of an embarrassment!!!! I’m with the bus driver, she wants to act grown and be disrespectful, then she deserved the beatdown she got!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well I have news for you, your chidren are little savages that are nothing short of an embarrassment!!!!


    • She is not a teen she is a stupid person who didn’t grow up yet.

  • Anna O. Jay

    I don’t care what this girl did to that man, all he had to do was call the police. PERIOD. He had no right to put his hands on her at all. I understand that she was being disrespectful- I’m from Cleveland so I ride the bus with people like her all the time HOWEVER at the end of the day he is still a grown man who should have handled the situation better. People can call him a hero if they want to, this hero doesn’t have a job anymore. If nothing else, that should have stopped him from going off, how are you going to let some disrespectful little girl mess with your money? This man had choices. He could have thrown her off the bus, he could have called the police, instead he chose to clean her clock and he and his family will have to deal with any consequences that arise.

    • Candi

      I’ve been working for the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority ( RTA ) for 27 years, And I see this nonsense from passengers everyday. He could have taken another route to avoid this. But it has been an ongoing problem with this young lady, He’s not the only employee to have a problem with her, she’s a well known troublemaker. We are instructed to notify transit police when there’s and issue of any sort. Needless to say this young lady not only hit him which is assault, she spit on him also! Sometimes we as bus drivers dealing with the public take on people from all walks of life. With that being said we deal with everyday life also who knows what might have happen to him or what was on his mind, when he got up that morning. The fact is she was wrong as to left shoes, and he has opers and a great union backing him . He’s damn near up for retirement and can press charges as well as she can . Personally she got what she deserved! nine times of out ten she’s going to run up on another driver and my not be as lucky next time and seriously be hurt. On that note I’m backing my co-worker all the way !

      • Thanks for your comment. That incident was off the meatrack

    • So what your saying is b/w have the AUTHORITY to brutalize men,without any consequences.That dosen`t sound like the equality b/w on these sites like to rant and rave about.

      • You know that equality = supremacy for women. They want the POWER of MEN, the PRIVILEGE of WOMEN, and the RESPONSIBILITY of NEITHER. Sad!

      • Anna O. Jay

        No, not at all. I didn’t say anything about anyone having the authority to brutalize anybody. Let me be clear: I think they are BOTH wrong. She is absolutely wrong for coming at the driver the way she did. Period. And you’re right, there should be consequences for her actions, but the consequences didn’t have to be getting punched and choked. There were other ways of handling the situation.

    • True, but as a BM I only trust the police as far as I can throw them

  • ieshapatterson

    he was just as responsible she deserved the beat down,because she touched him first.however,he kept on talking and even told her,he was going to get his GRANDDAUGHTER on her.what adult talks like that?? he should have called the police,if she was causing that much trouble.

    • Dat negro from the Jim Crow era, he don’t play that ish

  • Prepping Wisely

    She violated federal law. That Bus Driver has a legal responsibility to contain that scene and ensure the safety of the other passengers, and has the legal right to defend himself and rid the bus of her criminality – as well as the right to make a citizens arrest and apprehend the criminal.

    Let this serve as a valuable lesson to all the women alive today. For 50 years men have been giving you everything you complained about. There is not a single right women lack today. We die and work for your way of life. If you want equality, expect it in every way possible, until you realize no such thing exist anywhere on earth, except in the mind of humans. We all have roles. When you infringe on another playing a role you chose, expect repercussions.

  • khrismommy

    I came back hours later to see if maybe this site updated the fact that this was NOT A TEENAGER, its been reported and verified this was a 25 year old woman. Im sorry I was already in defense of this driver, but after finding out this was a grown woman my age, I am even more adamant he did not deserve for the RTA to suspend him. People say “oh he should of walked away or whatever”, this lady continuously got in his personal space and would not stop, laid hands on him first. I don’t believe in the whole “its a female” argument when she didn’t act like a lady in the first place. You can not scream, hit, attack someone, and then when you face consequences want to shout “don’t retaliate cause I’m a lady…guess what it’s time to make a general rule that NO one, regardless of gender should be allowed to physically assault another person, females are not exempt.

  • sweetpea

    Her neck should be loose after that mortal kombat uppercut lmao

  • editorn

    If you spit on me I will just have to lose my job. Unacceptable.

  • Chassie

    I’m of 2 minds. Baby girl, Stevie, Ray, and Helen Keller saw that beat down coming. She hit him then backed up 10 feet. Ole Man uppercut took 20 mins to walk over there, pose, ready himself, then hit her. If you see someone coming to you and you just hit them and you wait for the hit, its a wrap.
    On the other hand. she DID back away. When the McDonald’s worker beat the crap out of those women who jumped over the counter for him, I fully supported him. He panicked, he was in the middle of being attacked, and he reacted. But this bus driver was not in the middle of being attacked. If he had punched her immediately when she attacked him, ok, self defense. But he didn’t. He decided to teach her a lesson. Actually, no. He decided to put on a show because his ego was hurt. Why do I say that? Because clearly from the way he was tossing her and body slamming her around, he had more than enough strength to restrain her, call in authorities, and have her arrested. If he had called the transit police from the beginning, he wouldn’t be in this situation right now. That wasn’t defense, that was a testosterone display. Yes, baby girl was dead wrong, but there wasn’t a responsible adult anywhere on that bus, everybody was wrong. Furthermore, the fact that ole man uppercut was sitting there playing the dozens with a teenage girl in the first place indicates his level of maturity.

  • Bringiton

    First Chris, then Ocho (Johnson) now a hard working man. I sense a trend coming along or is it me. I guess men are staring to put women in their right place establishing who is a man and who is a woman. Cant have both men in the world…..Im just saying…….. I believe World War 2 started this mess…..

  • RaynaT

    My question is would he have down all of that if that was a grown as man bigger than him. I be on NYC buses all the time. Notice that when a man just walks on the bus, the bus driver does not say anything. But when a child asked to ride the bus and they do not have any money, or just walks on than they get called out. I do not believe that elderly man would have challenged a man like that, and that is what makes it wrong. He knew he had the upper hand, he could have restrained her and called the police.

    • You have to size of the situation. I believe had that been a man, the bus driver would have handled his business. But I know of the males who only aggress on females that you are low key sh*ttin’ on.

  • More information has been released on the story. The driver had a 20 year career without incident. (that says ALOT). She is not a teen but actually 25 years old. Witnesses have stated that she spit on him as well as hit him.

  • TulaniKai

    He could have handled it differently. As a teacher I deal with all types of ghetto nonsense and I have yet to upper cut a child I didn’t give birth to

  • Katze

    is not going to jail, SHE HIT FIRST, started the situation. He can
    very easily say Self-defense! He could have crashed the bus and more
    people could have been hurt because of her ghetto no class self. She
    was acting like an aggressive out of control loud tacky animal, SO…
    that’s what she got treated like! What floors me, is that this girl is
    acting like a FOOL, like she wants to fight, and be the bad girl who
    everyone watches…THEN, when she gets hit, someone had the nerve to
    say, “Don’t do that! She’s a female, a girl! A lady!” ARE YOU SERIOUS?
    That was a female? A lady? I didn’t see a lady, I saw an out of
    control person who was quickly brought back to reality…AND THE MORAL
    OF THIS STORY IS…Don’t let your mouth write a check, you’re a— can’t

  • Katze

    you all see the video where the kids verbally attacked an older
    grandmother monitoring them, and talk so viciously to her, she cried?
    That pop was for her and all other adults who have had enough from rude
    disrespectful young people! House train your pets and KIDS!! In the
    words of the late great Bernie Mac, “If you old enough to talk back, you
    old enough to get f—ed up!”

  • jZ

    I want to contribute to the bus drivers legal costs!!! It’s amazing that a disgusting, uneducated, low life piece of female trash like this can ruin your day! I bet she thinks twice before taking public transpo again

  • Candacey Doris

    He went too far and she was a fool. He should have done his best not to escalate the situation (close the doors and call the cops!) and she must have gotten the sense knocked out of her when he punched her because she should have walked away.

  • lalatarea

    Why is it that yall videos NEVER play?

  • Yas

    SHAME ON YOU BUS DRIVER!!! I watched a 10 minute video of this (grown man) argue with a CHILD!! He is a damn fool. He is going to lose his job..& for what! He wanted an altercation. I could only imagine what it is like to work with the public. Look at these comments..he had a right… & children these days…SHAME ON YOU.People are way to violent. The ADULT way to handle it would have been to pull over & call 911.

  • Katze

    Did you all see the video where the kids verbally attacked an older grandmother monitoring them, and talk so viciously to her, she cried? That pop was for her and all other adults who have had enough from rude disrespectful young people! House train your pets and KIDS!! In the words of the late great Bernie Mac, “If you old enough to talk back, you old enough to get f—ed up!”

  • Wow

    This comment section and that video kind of enforces the stereotype that we always resort to and condone violence and savagery. Honestly, do we know of any other way to respond to something that pisses us off other than violence? step on someone shoe, first reaction is to fight, disagree with the other person, first reaction is to fight, have on a better outfit than the next chick, first reaction is to fight. Walk down the street and you have to be wary of your own people because in a second somebody will want to fight over a look or perceived slight. All of this hate and animosity we have towards one another is sickening. What is REALLY the problem?

  • Lissa

    run up like a man, be prepared to be swung on like one. You have to always expect that when you step out of line, people will respond accordingly. Yes, throwing her off the bus by the neck was a little far; sounds like he had some built up anger somewhere else. But she really should have kept it moving after he mentioned the scar on her face. She should have just said, “don’t ask me about that” he probably would have left her alone. Sometimes older men can be grouchy or say things out of turn to young ladies, but this just went way too far, too fast.
    People, especially young people, are so quick to think that someone is “disrespecting” them that they fly off the handle so quickly. Young people are SO angry these days its sickening. What is there to be upset about or stressed about all the time? All these random jumpings, the Chicago killings, and everything else these kids are doing is truly disheartening.

  • big daddy

    The “teenager” was 25 and had already spit and put her hands on the driver while the bus was in motion, thereby endangering the other passengers on the bus. Perhaps he should have called the police and stopped the bus, but it was nice to see a little instant Karma served to this spoiled, foul mouthed adult. Is this what Martin Luther was fighting for?

  • Charles

    The bus driver did not take it far enough. He should have thrown the girl and her friends off the bus. She deserved it. I’m with the bus driver.

  • L-Boogie

    Okay, he should not commented about her face; however, act a fool and get dealt with.

  • He deserves to lose his job and go to jail too. She should be
    cited for misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct, at the very least.
    In customer service, you will have to deal with trashy, rude people
    from time to time. What he should have done is call the police. His life
    wasn’t in danger. He wasn’t wounded. He escalated the situation
    dangerously. What if he had killed that girl? What if this were a father
    beating on his daughter? Where does it stop– for those of you who say
    he was justified?

    • guest

      She assaulted the bus drive while he was driving the bus. She put everyone’s life in danger. If she didn’t strike him at all then it would have never got to this point. This is all her fault. If you can’t see that I serious question your reasoning skills and feel sad for the lack of thinking of the younger generation.

    • We know what you think.The b/m is SUPPOSED to be abused.Big dumb gorilla can take it.He`s not entitiled to be protected against abuse.O.k,gotcha!!!

  • eyeconic1

    Sorry, but as bad as these kids are getting out of control..and they think they are in control. I been waiting for the day for one of them to meet their match. They talk that ish to the weak, the elderly, the mentally challenged, the unaware. Well, square up with somebody that got sense and what happens. You got knocked the &^* out. Seeing how she runnign her mouth and kept comign back for more, her mother should have whooped her behind a long time ago. These kids have no respect for themeselves let alone their elders. Although, he is a man. You want to act froggy then jump. She did and it back fired. O, well take notes youngins. Don’t let the uniform and the suits fool you. I am from Philly and these kids are buck wild. I dont advocate violence, but I am all for protecting yourself. Good for him. Say what yall want. If parents and people in the community would stand up to these kids vs backing down these kids wouldnt be out of control. Gain control of your kids and your household.

  • beautifulrose

    Anybody who thinks this is funny is a bottom feeder. The girl was dead wrong for being in his face and hitting him first. She put herself at risk because of her stupid choice. But for the bus driver to do an upper cut punch on her, is just crazy. He’s not fighting Mike Tyson. All he had to do is grab her up and throw her off the bus or detain her and call the police. This dude has probably been waiting for the day when a woman hits him so he could bomb on her and use the “If she acts like a man, I’m gonna treat her like one” excuse. I get the feeling that this isn’t the first time he’s hit a woman. I’m speculating of course, but I have a gut feeling about this. Both of them are in the wrong and both of them need anger management because clearly their parents never taught them how to handle conflict. And that dude in the vest who just stood there and did nothing… shameful. Those girls doing the recording and laughing should have told girlfriend to sit down and shut up. They thought everything was so funny. Again, anybody who finds this funny has some serious psychological issues going on.

    • eyeconic1

      Well, she obviously didnt have enough, because she jumped right back up for more. As a woman, and I use that term loosely because these young girls act anything but…you never step to a man like that, nor put your hands on him, nor spit on him. After all that he should have sat there? No. Thats when the driver hat comes off and the respect my gangsta hat is put on. She stepped to him like she was tough and then jumped back up. Now, she crying. O, you not so tough now, now you gonna call your boys now. Please learn to shut up ans sit down adn have some class and respect vs. jumping around like a damn monkey. She got what she deserved, male felmale, adult or kid.

  • oh most definitely all parties were wrong, but i thing the bus driver should have responded differently because he was the adult in the situation. kids can’t learn how to act or respond to these type of situations correctly if they see an adult respond poorly or like a kid.

    • khrismommy

      She was a 25 year old woman…not a kid

  • This left me open mouthed that was one serious (RYU from streetfighter) uppercut! She clearly has no behaviour and needs to learn some damn respect! That said he as the ADULT in the situation should have been grown enough to simply throw her off the bus and call the police! The art of self control and having the ability to take the “high road” comes with age and maturity he should NOT have stooped to her immature level. Two wrongs do not make a right,He is the ADULT she is the CHILD end of.

    • It`s like someone else said.If you don`t disipline your child,someone else will.

      • Cinnamon71

        And if she doesn’t learn her lesson, she will end up in prison or dead. Some people just have that last nerve left and just waiting for someone for step on it.

  • Bri

    Stuff keeps getting worse and worse. SMH

  • People are saying he overreacted. No he gave her what the real world taste like. The route this country take in correcting kids is obviously not working. So now there is a new route to take. The woman was saying how she was a female, well she should have never put her hands on him first. it was all talk and then she took it to another level. If her momma and daddy isn’t going to correct her then as we saw another will.

  • I am gonna make 3 points about this.
    1. The young girl should have kept her mouth shut from the jump and kept her hands to herself. Cause you dont know who your gonna run up on and obviously she ran up on the wrong one.
    2. He should have never hit her like that. Not only because she is a girl, but also because she is a teenager and he should have known and done better then that.
    3. What made it worse for him is that he went back and assulted her some more. He could have possible claimed self defense the first time (dont quote me on that, I am not a legal professional) But once he knocked her down and he went after her again, that doesnt look like self defense. Just makes him look like a women beater (which I wouldnt be surprised if he was).

    • guest

      Watch it again. He did not go after her. He threw her off the bus and then she came back on and went after him.

    • phillysdymond04

      She was a 25yr old women!!!!

  • truly

    You mean to tell me that people think his actions were justified! 1. Now he’s out of a job. 2. He could be facing charges. 3. He’s a man, and an older one at that. He should have put the girl off the bus, immediately. Once it happened, he should have detained her on the bus and waited for the police to get there. Question/s: Was it worth it? Black men have been depicited in some of the most horrific manners, why would we add to the drama. These is exactly why our young black men struggle to know what being a man looks like. He could teach my sons anything and that’s a fact. If it had been a black male, young or old, a white female, young or old, would he have reacted the same way? I don’t think so. The young lady was wrong, no doubt. I’m not advocating for her actions, but, if she were mine, I would own his house, his car and his pension.

    • guest

      You’re making assumptions. 1. No world he was fired over this. 2. No charges have been reported to been filed. 3. Gender doesn’t matter in criminal cases. If you assualt and batter someone it is tried the same whether you are a man or woman and this clearly shows not only did the girl instigate this but after the driver removed her she came back for more. I do not see any charges coming for the bus driver.

  • LuLu

    My initial reaction to watching the video: DAYUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!!! No seriously…it was that long. And then I started singing “knuck if you buck!! KNUCK IF YOU BUCK!! Lol, but this girl is dead wrong, what’s wrong with these damn kids?!?

  • PunkMenHittingAGirl

    He should be dealt with…good thing it wasn’t a family member of mine…they’d be looking for his body in the swamps.

    • MonaLisa28

      And YOU my friend are the reason females like her are boarding RTA’s, MARTA, and Metros everyday.

    • Yea, and we’ll catch your whole family while coming out of a church. Stop defending ratchet behavior. Double that if she is your kin.

  • jackieOsassin

    he’s said it best: “she wanna be a man, i’ma treat you like a man.”

    these females out here today….they want to puff up their chests and talk all loud and act all bad around dudes trying to incite confrontation, and then once and altercation ensues they want to claim, “i’m gonna get my dude!” or the INFAMOUS “you got me f*cked up!”

    no, sweetheart. you have YOURSELF f*cked up. you fooled yourself into thinking you could go toe-to-toe with a man, regardless of the age, and when he didn’t discriminate it left you trying to pick up the pieces.


  • Wow

    He looks like a man who is very used to beating up women, he not only punched her but picked her up and threw her off the bus and grabbed her hair to drag her off again until others stepped in. Mouthing off or not the way he beat her was real b!tch a$$.

  • Blythe1

    All I saw was misplaced agression, disrespect and rage on both parts. This is so disturbing. We don’t love each other, we don’t respect each other as human beings
    Until we understand the psychology behind our self hate we will always have these types of problems and worse.

    • Truth

      There is not self-hate here. What we have is one ignorant person instigating a physical altercation. Unfortunately in this case both are of the same race but this has played out several times across racial lines.

  • bri

    What people don’t know is that she hit him then spit on him. I don’t care who you are if you spit on me, we are going to have to fight. Spitting is someone is the one of the most disgusting things ever.

  • Sonja Newsome

    I definately believe they both were in the wrong but more so the bus driver, he should have called the law on the girl before he allowed it to excalate to him pitting his hand on a minor like this..

  • Appalled

    Wow, I am in shock. I mean he is a man and I know that that little girls hit did not effect him in any way, shape or form. He should just have followed his words and had her arrested. I hope some dude cracks his skull for that nonsense…

  • Okay, so let me get this straight. A bus driver can punch a girl like Mike Tyson and be justified with his actions, but Chris Brown can be dogged out for years for assualting a woman and continuously be ridiculed, and from what we heard here, she starting the argument by hitting him while he was driving, so how is this situation more respectfull then the next. This country is so full of hipocrits its ridiculous. Get it right across the board. Either you with equality in violence or ANY man should not put his hands on a female.

    • Laverne

      There is a difference between hitting someone who is punching/hitting/spitting on you and beating someone up just because you have an argument. There is no actual evidence that Rhianna did anything to Chris…thus, the difference in public opinion.

      • Big Mike

        Well, there was no video of the CB-Rihanna fiasco. If there was no video here, everyone would be crucifying the driver.

  • I think he should have just thrown her tail off the bus. He engaged in too much conversation with her. But just as he should not have touched her she should be held to the same standard. I am a 50 year old Black Woman and I am a firm believer that if a woman runs up in a Man’s face than she is subject to whatever that Man gives her. I do not condone a man hitting a woman but dammit sometimes we just go too darn far.

    • Big Mike

      Mrs. Robinson, you stole my thunder here. The man went back and forth with verbal jabs with this woman, which is unneccesary and unprofessional. One it escalated, he does have a right to defend himself, but he helped escalate it. Just throw her off the bus and/or call the police.

      I’m pretty sure the city of Cleveland have procedures on how to handle unruly passengers, and from this video it doesn’t look like this driver didn’t follow the guidelines. But again I agree that once she hit him, all bets are off.

  • Viv

    feminine or not she is still a woman men should know by nature that they are stronger give a lesson is ok punch her like he did several time is not. ppl don’t even think anymore. she was wrong to act that way but he didn’t show her a better example.

    • Eggy

      That man is not her Daddy. He doesn’t have any responsibility to teach her any kind of example…. And let me get this straight, you don’t think she knew he was stronger than her before she raised up on him??

      • She thought that “invisible wall” that to many american women think exist was going to protect her.She thought wrong!

  • Sukiyaki

    I hate when people wants to separate the fight after the fact.

  • NettyBug

    I feel like a lot of females try to immortalize men. They’re humans just like so if you push then far enough they may fall. I would never in my life provoke a man because of stuff like this. Yea men aren’t supposed to hit women but obviously if you push the wrong one you may end up with an uppercut and a choke out. *shrugs* ladies, be ladies.

  • B

    Oh my damn!

  • Is her face/chin/teeth ok? This was really bad on both parties! There is no telling why she got up (cursing and hitting him first) and no footage as to why he was frustrated and would carry on a conversation like this with a teenager(we didn’t see that part). How is it that you can’t stop the bus and call the police (what is the protocol)? She spent a minute talking up there and the monitor should have directed her to her seat. If that didn’t work(since you are not allowed to put your hands on people)…call the people. Of course parents will be mad because their kids didn’t make it home on time but they can put that all in the hands of the unruly child. Follow the system because there are alot of kids who purposely want to get you fired. No one has time for this.

    • eggy

      This is a city bus. I don’t think that guy with the orange vest has anything to do with the monitoring of the bus. I think he was either on his way or coming home from his job. And i don’t know why everyone assumes this is a child. She looks like she’s in her early 20’s. At least over 18…I knew not to put my hands on others after pre-K.

      • Apologies, didn’t read this in its entirety but what is the protocol on the city bus? Something has got to give because people are going to be taking to the head a lot more.

      • Candi

        Thank you… She is 25. Child my a$$

    • Candi

      We don’t have freaking monitors!

  • Eva

    she was wrong..if you step up and put your hands on someone,man or woman be prepared for the consequences..

  • Guest

    He didn’t react from her hitting him. She spit on him and we all know spitting is very disrespectful. She probably isn’t the first person to get on his nerves. Bus drivers want you to stay behind the yellow line and shut-up. She got in her feelings because he read her and decided to not only hit, but spit on him. It’s not right for anyone to put their hands on anyone, male or female. However, someone needed to put her in her place because she was being a bully.

    • Nenah

      Oh I didn’t see that! She spit on him? Sheeeiiiiitttttnttt! She needed more than just that uppercut!

      • MissLovie34

        Spit?!!!! That’s so DISRESPECTFUL. Spitting on someone is worse than hitting or kicking them in my opinion. Yes, she needed more than just an uppercut; more like a thorough thrashing.

  • Alexa

    She was dead wrong for verbally attacking an elder and for physically assaulting him! I’m only 21 and based on what I see when I ride the NYC bus and train I don’t blame this man for losing his cool. The next generation of kids really have zero respect. Who puts their hands on a adult? Obviously her parents did a bad job in raising her because you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re probably as ratchet as her. I see it all the time! Hood booger mom and dads passing on the torch of not knowing how to act to their offspring. Also a lot of these parents feel that other adults aren’t allowed to chide or discipline their kid so these kids end up getting older, going to junior high school or high school thinking they can talk any way to their elders or act out in any way because they feel “untouchable.”

    • Nenah


    • daz

      Totally agree with ya. except the part where you use ratchet, i seriously hate that word, and usually find people who say ratchet to be wretched

      • The Rain

        I have a problem with people that major on minors.I have a problem with someone being rachet,stupid,dumb,worthless,etc,not someone calling them what they are.You having a problem with someone being called what they actually are,tells me you want to be able to do what you want and not be held accountable for it.

    • got that right. I’m a firm believer you’re old enough to say it, you’re old enough to hear it (my response)

    • Chlo

      Yea but he insulted her, she didnt have the right to hit him, but for him to beat her down like that is uncalled for, it really is.

    • jamie

      She’s an adult herself. Because I’m not a parent nor was I there when this hoodrat was growing up, I can’t say whether or not their parents (or whomever raised her) messed up somewhere in their parenting. With that set aside, she got what she deserved. If she had acted like a civil human being and did what the driver told her to do, this wouldn’t have happened. But she didn’t and eventually sufftered from the consequences of her actions. And we (Black women as I am one myself) wonder why everyone else looks down on us so much. Therefore, I side with the driver. If she ever thought her being a female gave her a pass at not being hit by a male but she can hit them, she can’t think that way anymore.

  • Truth

    I’m have a very hard time seeing the bus driver in the wrong. People can debate the gender issue all they like but it still boil downs to one simple thing, if you don’t want to be hit then don’t hit people. Its that simple. Words are words but when you decide to get physical you are a fool to assume the other person will not retaliate. People say he should have called the cops. During the time it take the cops to arrive whats to say she wouldn’t try to assault him again? She already demonstrated that she was willing to use violence and the bus driver had a very reasonable expectation that he was in physical danger. Lets also keep in mind the bus was in motion!!! She put a lot of peoples live in danger. (If you take that all into account and still say she didn’t deserve that uppercut there is something wrong with you!) Its easy to question the man in the arena but what he did was definitely reasonable. After the uppercut he removes from the bus and she comes back. He deals with her again and when the people finally break it up she continues to try and assault him. To me it seems she didn’t learn her lesson. Sad thing is I believe she will do this again and the other person, man or woman, might be a bit more brutal with her.

  • Meyaka

    Honestly, I’m glad he beat her up… Sometimes when I have to use public transportation I am appalled by some of those young black people’s behavior, they are loud , obnoxious, and sometimes straight down disrespectful, I whipped a lil boy’s behind one time , he was being extra for no reason and tried to get in my face. Since the parents have checked out a long time ago, maybe incidents like this will remind those thugs that not everybody is with it.

  • appassionata

    If she had been a boy, we would be saying “The kid had it coming.”

    Technically, she assaulted him and he had a right to defend himself (that, and hitting someone while they are operating a bus puts all passengers in potential danger). I’m not giving her a pass just because she’s a girl. Unless you are defending yourself, putting your hands on someone larger than you is basically like asking to get checked. The uppercut may have been a little too much force, but given that she had already been talking so much smack he was probably (understandably) annoyed and angry. Could he have handled it differently? Yes. Should he go to jail? No.

  • guest

    What is the purpose of the bus monitor? He was standing there the entire time and did not try to diffuse the situation. In fact, he just stood there while things started to escalate. He gets paid to do that? I can do that too!

    • Sheena

      What city are you traveling in that has a bus monitor on public transportation? That wasn’t a yellow school bus!

      • guest

        ok, my apologies. I thought that it was a school bus, and I assumed he was a monitor. Thanks for the clarification Shena. I kept wondering why he was just standing there.

        • Adrina

          At first, I thought he was a bus driver trainee…but then I saw the safety goggles on his head. So he’s a passenger who probaby does construction or something.

  • “He hit a woman.” SMDH. If you can’t take a hit, don’t hit.

  • Pebblebeach

    My mother told me never ever beat on a woman, simply walk away or find another way out but hands off all women, regardless.

    • Nenah

      But what do you do when they keep coming?

    • KIR12

      There’s a difference between a hoodrat and a lady/woman. lmao

    • Understandable. When your mother was coming up, those rules applied. in 2012, case by case basis.

      These BW out here today, can fight, stab, & shoot with the best of them. You have to see them as LEGITIMATE threats.


    The bus driver did what her parents she have done years ago. we should respect our elders but undoubtedly she was never taught that. Maybe now she’d shout up!!!!

  • ANTMilf

    IDC what people gonna think of my comment but I don’t blame the bus driver for handing that girl her a**! These teens today need that ish done to then for being to damn disrespectful and he needs to give her mom or whoever “raised” her the same thing for not teaching her to respect her elders. He’s a hero to me. Let that be the lesson to you brats, respect your elders!

  • PettyLikeThat

    She was wrong. Point. Blank. Period. But she is an immature child which is obvious by her behaivior. Had he just called the police and had her arrested for assualt, he would have done waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy more damange than that uppercut ever could have. But for him to lose his cool and hit a woman, not as reaction and not once, but to think about then sneak her, choke her, and body slam her shows the type of individual this person is. He made bad situation worse. He could have killed her or cause some SERIOUS DAMAGE. And for people to joke that she can take a punch is dispicable. I am so ashamed and disgusted with this video. This is not a MAN. And i woulnd’t give a what…if he had done my child like this he’d really have to square up.

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      Maybe you should teach your child to BE RESPECTFUL and to have some CLASS. She is a CHILD and he is an ADULT. That is someone’s grandfather! Tyler Perry even did the same thing in his movie when he had Madea attack a teen on a school bus (Diary of a Mad Black Woman), except in this instance, the belligerent teen attacked the driver first jeopardizing everyone’s lives. She’s lucky she woke up from that punch because it could’ve knocked Tyson out.

    • Eggy

      Make sure you also teach your child that not everyone is like you and not everyone cares if you have the ability to walk straight tomorrow…. you hit the wrong person, you might lose all your teeth, have ringing in your ears, and blurry vision for the rest of your life. Teach your child to watch her mouth and hold her anger back and you will never have to worry about a grown man teaching her that on your behalf.

      • my@hotmail.com

        am sure her child isn’t ignorant like the child in the video. As a 55 year old man he should know better point blank.

  • Guest

    Wow i’m speechless yes they were both wrong. He could have called the police and had her taken off the bus. And she should have kept her hands to herself. The whole situation was just wrong.

  • diggy.p

    Only reason I don’t agree with this is because she was a teenager and he is an old A5S man. Not exactly a woman, still a child. Just an older one. And she acted like it.

    • MonaLisa28

      She’s 25.

  • Hazer

    It’s very simple. Everyone keeps their hands to themselves and no one gets hurt. Once you break that rule all bets are off. One standard for all people.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    She had it coming. Putting other people’s lives in danger by attacking a driver while THE BUS WAS IN MOTION. That pause before the uppercut slayed me though. I hope one day people realize that this is not the 1700s or 1800s, but that this is 2012 and if you wanna be ratchet and swing on anyone like you’re big and bad – EXPECT THE WORST. I don’t even know how some of the women on here *cough*VeronicaSmalls*cough* are trying to defend this piece of hoodrat trash. She was vulgar with her word choices and in the wrong for attacking HER ELDER. He didn’t look at her as a woman, but as a DISRESPECTFUL CHILD. I can’t put any fault on this man. These children need to be taught these days. Had it been 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, I’m sure she would’ve still gotten clocked by any adult she talked to like that, nonetheless SWING on.

    • ANTMilf

      Glad I’m not the only one think the same as you. Moral of the story: RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.

      • Chlo

        If you have to respect your elders then he should have been the bigger person

    • Activist1

      She did act very child like but she’s actually 25. The driver, after 22 years on the job, was just fired over this non sense.

      • NSimonefan

        That’s some bull! I hope he gets his job back.

      • realadulttalk

        That man is actually better off without his job right now–cause right or wrong if she had been me–I’d have many male family members looking for this man right now. And that’s if my friends didn’t get him first. Putting your hands on a strange woman can quickly turn deadly. I’d be concerned about that if I were him or his family.

        • anonymouse

          you sound like a damn fool…but i believe you because hoodrats breed hoodrats. And on another note,pops ain’t gonna be fighting with fists if some bozos come after him now

          • realadulttalk

            Really? I sound foolish? Yet it happens everday?? Ok–you sound like you know what you’re talking about so I’ll ride out with you–you must be right–reality could not possibly be wrong.

            • anonymouse

              that female let her mouth write a check that her a$$ couldn’t cash and not just that….she put her hands on the man and spit on him; instead of acknowledging that, you’re gonna say that if it was you, u would have your family members trying to do harm to this man. That’s hoodrat behavior, the thought process of not learning a lesson and if it was my father and some goons tried to come after him because of some twisted ‘defend a chickenhead’s honor’ sort of thing……they would regret the second the idea came into their heads.

              • Hoodrat Nation is like the 1 Million Man March.

        • some people think members of my family are weak because we’re not shouting, cussing etc. If he was my family member and so harm came to him, they’re wouldn’t be a place for anyone who did him harm to hide.

    • my mother was having problems with a young woman on her job. She took her outside and they talked. When the young lady came back in the building she said about my mother, ” I should have beat her old a**”. She didn’t realize my mother was listening and mom’s replied, “don’t let age fool ya”. A lot of these young ones don’t believe fat meat is greasy. Parents on this board, teach your children to respect others because you might end up visiting your child in the hospital or worse

      • Donna

        Amen !

  • Ms. Bee

    This isn’t funny to yall? I screamed laughing. Buddy pulled the bus over just to give baby the fade. How can she not be dead after that 1975 uppercut? Giraffe on deck.

    • LMAO!!!!!!!! This is the funniest comment EVER!!

    • NZYBBY

      This comment is gonna get me fired cuz I just scream-laughed at my desk after reading this! 1975 uppercut though?!? LOL!!!

      • Ms. Bee

        Lol, I’m just saying. That’s old school. New school cats don’t hit like that. He probably eats cream of wheat every morning, cornbread and cabbage every night.

        • Cookie

          You almosy made me pee on my self…Hahahahahahahaha…Tears in my eyes…Yeah that hussy got what she was begging for.. My daddy would have done the same thing.

        • minni

          you got me dying laughing.

        • MLS2698

          Naw, that looked like collard greens with hot sauce to me. Something that makes you go awwwwwwwwwwwww!

        • Mimi


        • Nisha

          Awwwwhhh Hell Naw….LOL….you ain’t lyin! That was some Shaft s*^t!

    • Tamz

      I did an ugly laugh cause that’s how real this comment is…lmfao

    • Guest

      Hell I can’t even breathe right reading this. You are the winner tonight Ms. Bee. Thank you for the laugh, I’m taking a shower and going to bed!

  • KJ23

    Wow…. it is one thing reading about it and another thing seeing it… that was brutal and she was out of line…. oh my goodness…

    • SoozyScrew

      My face went :O when he hit her. My goodness

  • Steve Jobs

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a female or not, if you attack someone prepare for them to defend themselves. Not only did she attack a city employee, she attacked a bus driver responsible for the lives and well-being of all passengers. He acted in response to the safety of all fellow passengers as well as his own.

    • I agree. Women need to stop challenging these men. She learned a good lesson. No free passes cuz ur a female.

  • my gramma always said never put your hands on a woman first, but if she put her hands on you than you put your hands on her back…..i love my gramma.

    • Shaun

      i love what your gramma says too. more people should be taught like that.

  • Veronica Smalls

    Re the the bus driver upper cutting the girl: I’m so sick of these puny men who have no problem with fighting a girl/woman and then coming up with the excuse that lame excuse about she want to like a man etc. etc. etc. He thinks he is so big now but if that had been a situation where that same girl was getting her but kicked by another man on that bus I bet the bus driver would have waited for the police then. He wouldn’t have given the man an upper cut to defend the girl. Better yet I bet if it had been a man period he wouldn’t have come out fighting like that. Grown man should be using more common sense…What a punk!!!!

    • She gets a free pass because she is a female? Men can defend themselves. She got what was coming to her. The bus was in motion, so if i had to upper cut 1 person to save a busload of people, then so be it.

    • Truth

      You can’t be serious. I am sick of all these women who think they can hit on anyone and not face consequences. It’s not my fault that I am bigger and stronger. If you didn’t want the crap knocked out of you then you should have taken that into account BEFORE getting physical. I don’t go around hitting anyone for no reason and I should have the same expectations no one should hit me for no reason. You gender isn’t a shield.

    • SunshineBlossom

      Two things here, 1) If someone is ATTACKING you and trying to hurt you, would you really expect them to stand there and take it, much less keep their behinds on the bus to hit you? I don’t think so regardless of gender. If someone is attacking you, you are gonna protect yourself, point blank period. And 2) Some of these kids really run around here thinking they are grown… My momma always told me if you wanna act like an adult, then you gonna be treated like one, and don’t be upset if you don’t like what you get.

  • BWalker

    It could have been handled better especially on the part of the bus driver. He could have shut the doors, called the police and had her arrested for assault and removed. In spite of shoulda, woulda, coulda, didja, not only do we need to continue to teach our males to never hit a female but we need to let girls and women out here neknow that you do not put your hands on anyone who doesn’t put their hands on you, especially a man. If it is not to defend your life, keep your hands to yourself. So many times I’ve seen females jump up on a man like they were men. I tell my daughter (i am a woman) don’t start the habit cuz one day you’ll meet a man that could give you a stomp down and you played a part in it. No excuses. If you don’t want to be hit don’t hit.

    • Nenah

      But she hit him first. Should he have just let her beat him up without defending himself?

    • Nehemiah53

      Bull crap this man didn’t deserve to be disrespected and assaulted y this women she was very wrong, he had the god given right to defend himself women you can’t have it bought ways neither can men!

  • eggy

    That girl took an upper cut and was still able to talk that ish and keep fighting….. she ought to re-direct that talent to boxing or mma fighting. She has a future career!

    • Na Na

      For real cus she got up like he just gave her a manicure!

      • Alexa


    • ki

      your comment made my afternoon! DONT SHAKE THE TABLE UNLESS YOU WANNA GET SHOOK!

    • MLS2698

      Yeah, I believe she can fight if she took THAT chin check from a man. He snuck-punched her because her hands were not up at all! Call up Laila Ali and get this girl in the ring and out of trouble.

  • Kourtney

    That bus driver had been working on his uppercut since 1970. They were both dead wrong. He should have thrown her off the bus before it even got that far.

    • MLS2698

      True, they don’t throw them bows like that anymore. I think he reached down to his shoes on that one.

    • yup

      She didn’t pay her fare and he was attempting to let her off at the next stop, but she refused to get off and started arguing with him. Do you actually think he could have gotten her off the bus easily?

    • she spit in his face

  • DianaDT

    I agree all parties are wrong but I kind agree with the Bus driver. He has a right to defend himself. I am tired of girls wanting to be treated like ladies and act anything but. I have seen girls physically assault men, get in their face, etc and laugh because they say, you are not suppose to hit a girl. I agree, you want step up like you can take…then you need to take it.

    • KIR12

      There’s not a black man in this country who hasn’t wanted to do that, at least once in his life, to a loud mouth, aggressive, unfeminine hoodrat all up in his face talking crazy about some nonsense.

    • KIR12

      There’s not a black man in this country who hasn’t wanted to do that, at
      least once in his life, to a loud mouth, aggressive, unfeminine hoodrat
      all up in his face talking crazy about some nonsense.

      • BlkWoman

        You are dead wrong. There is probably not a black something or another that hasn’t wanted to do that…..but a Black Man would never do that. This is just an excellent example of what a man is NOT

        • KIR12

          Do you see yourself in the actions and behavior of that black girl? lol

          • BlkWoman

            Never in my 50+ years do I see myself in her actions and behavior. I was brought up by two people who choose to be actual “parents” and I know how to handle myself in a manner that merits the respect of everyone I encounter.

        • Nehemiah53

          You are wrong men are human, have feelings and do not deserve to be
          disrespected just like women don’t deserve to be disrespected and men have a right to defend themselves just like women do!

        • You are one of those b/w that secretly believe that the b/m is your PROPERTY to use and abuse in any manner you so desire without consequence.RIGHT!!!!

          • BlkWoman

            Of course not. I would never consider any human being to be my property or engage in the abuse of a man or anyone else. It seems that your life’s experience may have included some abuse and for that I am very sorry.

            • Yes,i `ve been abused by the feminist propaganda machine. I owe b/w servitude because my mamas black,because of slavery,because of the civil-rights movement,because some invisible man in the sky said so.Yeah i`m gettin` damn tired of the abuse,b/w collectively can`t let b/m live and let live.

              • Pivyque

                Wow. I don’t know what women you have been dealing with, but all the ladies I know don’t think anyone owes them anything. Hopefully, you will be able to live in peace one day. Best of luck to you.

        • I love how woman try to define men. If you are not a black man but a black woman how can you possibly know whats going through Black Men’s Minds?

          • BlkWoman

            Collectively? I am not a member of any collective…Anthony….we are not a monolithic people….Christopher…I was speaking specifically about a behavior: A real man would have shut the bus off and called the police, in other words done the right thing. The young woman was out of control and acting like a lunatic and there is no way he should have matched her actions.

            • Whether you like it or not, because @blkwoman:disqus like you are silent when The Shidea Lane’s act out of pocket, you are thrown in with the hootrats & ratchets.

              He gave her warning, and handled his business. He makes sure that ratchets think twice before trying a BM.

              • BlkWoman

                I going to end it here ….Adonis: Obviously… you mistake me for the women that you have run across in your life. I am probably old enough to be your mother, possibly your grandmother. You may classify me any way that you like but I have the luxury of knowing exactly who and what I am. That young girl was clearly out of control and ignorant. However, the bus driver did not handle his business like a grown man old enough to know better but….. instead acted like an immature little boy…or hood-rat . I pray that at some point in your life you are blessed to recognize the difference.

                • M’am, I’m also a black woman. I was taught to respect people and keep my hands to myself. What would you do if someone spit in your face, had you in a head lock and was punching you in the face.

        • Samantha

          When a couple without much social skills breeds a “hoodrat”, disrespecting them in their own house without any consequences, because of their own lack of standards, thats what they get in return get in return… Education starts at birth, not when the kid is 6 years old or 15 years old for some parents.. Screaming like a savage and beating up kids like a piece of meat in public because they want candies is not education… Too many believe that’s how you educate a kid… Respect and standards in case if you have any for yourself or if you were interested in getting some in your life, so your offspring can behave like human beings, and not like a kid left for 8 hours in front of a TV with a remote control watching BS “reality shows” and violent movies, at an age they can’t even process information properly, or just like another kid left un supervised hanging in street corners all day.

        • The SHE should have been acted like a REAL woman instead of a Trina wannabe! Far too many young black women watch stupid shows like Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives thinking the real world is just like that please.

      • Adrina

        A man? I want to uppercut some of these hoodrats for acting stupid in public for no reason. And they get upset when someone call them out. She should’ve kept it moving. And she was def out of place to spit on him. She thought it would’ve gone down like that after she hit him, but you have to be prepared for the consequence.

    • Nenah

      I’m with the bus driver. People want to run around being hard, but they never know who they’re messing with. She got exactly what she deserved. She actually needed more because she obviously didn’t get the point when he gave her that Ali-esque uppercut!

      • DatsLife

        I agree with you. When parents do not discipline their child someone else will. She showed no respect for an adult. Children should know their place. Her mouth was foul and she attacked him. People take the time to raise your kids.

    • MonaLisa28

      I’m starting to see a trend… Granted much of what we saw coming from the unruly passenger is probably learned behavior from her surroundings. But I’m also willing to say that Reality TV contributes to her being delusional about her actions. This is real life and there are no TV cameras on a city bus. Just camera phones that will land you on World Star Hip Hop or the Breakfast Club as the disgrace or donkey of the week. Most of the women being praised for their brazen behavior and sharp tongues have some people, unfortunately many young people, confused. A simple lesson and rule of thumb for any male or female from the book of old school thought: “DON’T WRITE A CHECK THAT YOUR A$S CAN’T CASH.” Attempts to be the local/Cleveland version of the women they see on TV will more than likely leave one just a disappointed and disheveled as this young lady. And I use the term “lady” with much hesitation.

      • appassionata

        Good points. Notice that after she started ish, then went back for more ish, she’s on the ground talking about how her so-and-so (friends or relatives, I guess) is gonna come eff him up. Why couldn’t she do it herself since she wanted to be a bad-a$$.

      • ieshapatterson

        true very true.but the problem for most young people,is that they can be disrespectful at home and nothing will happen.they do it in the REAL world and they fall apart.if parent would keep on being PARENTS or actually care about what their kids are doing and saying,then these events,wouldn’t happen as much.

    • Natural83

      Yes to everything you just said! This girl was so out of order!

    • Kayo Halana Malie

      The problem with “She wants to act like a man…” is that fighting isn’t a gendered activity.

      • Please!! Then don’t challenge a MAN to a fight thinking you are his equal funny how everyone who brings up her gender fails to notice that SHE wasn’t thinking she was too ‘weak’ to take on a grown man and she is NOT a teen she is an adult and should have acted like one. When you ACT like a fool you get TREATED like you are a fool plain and simple.

    • Stacy L

      yessss to your entire comment!!!!

    • KAT

      That little girl was def not a lady and she def was not asking to be treated like one. Even though the bus driver was wrong for hitting her like that, if she would continue her life doing that she was bound to get hands put on her by someone. Either that or it could have been worse…

    • MLS2698

      Wow! He he hit her like she stole something! I think he has some stress from another source, and she helped him relieve it. Wrong