The Anti-Jumpoff: How To Avoid Being Just A One Night Stand

October 10, 2012  |  


From YourTango

Looking for something more than just one night?

Recently a female client of mine asked me “David, How do you prevent a one-night stand?”  This answer is not going to make a lot of you very happy.

Anyone familiar with my work knows that I am not a person who generally believes in hard and fast rules when it comes to dating.  There is no “right” time to have sex – regardless of whether you’re on your first date or your tenth date with someone.  There is also no way to prevent a one-night stand.

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  • Nope

    I’m tired of women talking about interactions with men as though women always come out empty handed. Women get something out of most interactions with men. The one thing every woman craves: ATTENTION.

  • Yeah I read the article and it says absolutely nothing. How do you not be a one night stand? Choose your partner carefully. Guys wanting just to hit it and quit want to do so with as little effort on their end as possible. If you wait and actually date someone BEFORE getting naked you will quickly screen out those who are open to being with you in a meaningful relationship from those who just want to smash and go. There, Madame Noire I’m going to send you my bill! lol

  • Plumbline

    Sex is Gods Gift to us, to be used within
    Biblical Guidelines……..Sex is like fire, keep it in the fireplace and it
    gives warmth and comfort. Use fire carelessly and it scars and destroys
    society. But mankind often has to learn the hard way. Sexual aggression, Aids,
    STDs, Rape, Emotional scars, Sexual Abuse etc……We cannot meet Gods
    standards without Jesus Christ. Since we think we can live without Him, I
    cannot be optimistic about our future………

    ……….Matthew 24:12 And because
    lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.

  • appassionata

    I haven’t read the article because there’s no need to.

    You want to avoid being just a one-night stand? Then don’t be one-night stand in the first place.

    See how simple that is? 🙂

    It’s called SELF-CONTROL–try exercising some, and see how much more simple and peaceful your life becomes.

    • me

      u tell the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    wait until you get married. dedicate ur life to God and trust in the holly spirit

  • ThisChick

    How ablout don’t sleep with a man that isn’t committed to you!

    • Ann

      Preach! Say it again, I don’t think David didn’t understand or catch it.