After A Fake Marriage, A Tragedy, And Some Career Missteps, Brandy’s Back And I’m Rooting For Her

October 16, 2012  |  


“No gimmicks. Real R&B music,” is how Brandy describes her sixth studio album to

Is it just me or does Brandy just SOUND so READY both in the press and in these last few singles she’s released? While I have to admit that the duet (“It All Belongs To Me”) with Monica was not my fave, the collab with Chris Brown “Put It Down” had me sitting in the car even after I had reached my destination just to hear the song in its entirety.

About a month ago she released “Wildest Dreams” a nod to the love she’s found with music exec, Ryan Press, and a few days ago she released two more singles off of her upcoming album, including, “No Such Thing As Too Late” and “Let Me Go.” And I must admit – I haven’t been disappointed yet.

Maybe it was watching her whole story told on VH1’s “Behind The Music.” Or maybe it’s simply because I always saw her as a vocal beast and role model from “Sittin’ Up In My Room” up to now. Maybe it’s just a solid mix of the two, but without a doubt I am completely ready for Brandy to take her place sittin’ on top of the charts again. She’s had a rough go of it with albums that just weren’t quite there sonically or were overshadowed by her serious bouts with depression, a publicly failed relationship and a tragedy of a car accident which left vicious bloggers and commenters calling her a “murderer” when in fact, she had not been completely at fault in the ordeal.

It seems the media and fans/haters alike got so caught up in her personal life that they forgot how ridiculously talented and perfectly human Brandy is. She was never a drug addict or a serial dater. She had no leaked sex tapes and never fought in public. But somehow the very human mistakes of her life were blown so enormously out of proportion that her voice and passion for her craft got lost in the melee. So yes, I’m ready for her to put it down on the charts with her new album, Two Eleven, which is set to drop today. To this day I have never heard a teenager riff with the maturity and ease that Brandy had on her debut album back in 1995. Her tone, range, honesty and humility have long been missed. She didn’t need sex to sell because she was just the beautiful girl next door who could SANG. That alone pushed her further than many of the other singers of her era.

Having called upon the talents of some of the most noted producers in the industry to work on Two Eleven, including Rico Love, Frank Ocean and Sean Garrett, Brandy is ready to put it down, not just for herself but for fans and the memory of her longtime mentor, the late Whitney Houston, whose passing on February 11, 2012 (also Brandy’s birthday) was also the inspirati0n behind the album’s title.

“It brings significance to my life… I wouldn’t say it was never there before, but now I feel like I have a bigger responsibility to not only dedicate my life to my family, but my music family as well,” Brandy shared in an interview with Hartford’s Hot 93.7.

There is a huge outpouring of support from fans worldwide as we anxiously await the full return of B-Rocka.

Are you a fan of Brandy? Are you excited for her new material?

Check out Brandy’s latest single “No Such Thing As Too Late” here and follow her on Twitter: @4everBrandy.

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  • dbatt001

    yal dont know how much im rooting for her, yal just dont know,

  • Therealdeal

    And comparing Rihanna to Brandy is ridiculous!!!!! We are talking actual talent here not someone rolling around on the floor to distract people from those horrible vocals. Have a seat.

  • Ms_Mara

    Go ‘head Brandy! I’ve always been a fan. I wish her all the best.

  • I love Brandy. I tried to stick with her through her “Moon” phase when for some peculiar reason she found auto tune and rode with it for the entire album. If this album brings her back to using her vocals I’m in. And girl need to get with Beyonce’s wig maker cause whoever she’s using is getting the hair line wrong consistently.

  • Caramel_Cookie

    I’ve been riding with brandy since she first came out. I think she is so talented & humble, She has been through alot & now its her time to shine. Good job in putting the pieces of your life back together & doing what you were created to do. Good luck on the album.

  • Go Away With LACE FRONTS

    Is it just me or what. Damn. No one Has enough sense on her team to tell her an obvious lace front with a big forehead is a disaster. I would never let someone think that’s cute. Then she pulls all the hair back…Oh Lord … Just wear a pony tail!!!! I dont get it. Its weatherman straight hair line with no shape. IT LOOKS BAD. Sorry but with the barely there promotion I think this album may go close to gold next year. after 6 singles released. Her best days are passed. She is too thirsty for me. Begging that man to marry her publicly… I just cant with her or her hair. Come on just get a sew in. She should have enough hair for that. OR go back to box braids those suited her well in the video put it down. This crazy to me. You had a single out since feb and you just now promoting???? LOL girl please bye

    • TRUTH IS

      CTFU @ your comment! lolz

    • GetYourLife

      I see the judgemental crew is out in full effect! SMH

      • Have a seat

        how is it judgemental to say her hair is a hot a** mess.. Have a seat… and find a point. GO away with lacefronts is right no one around her is noticing how bad that looks? She is cute girl no one said she was ugly, no is judging her … its a simple hair thing. Chill please

  • VeeJay

    So good to hear Brandy’s new album. I raised my kids with her music as it propelled itself in a way that was clean and honest–unlike the music generated by the young population today. I hope she will stay true to her theme and not be swayed to adapt the attitude of “anything goes” that’s so prominent from chart-topping singers today who have no respect for themselves or others and lack conservatism.


    Death to lacefront. RIP

    • AMEN! I was thinking the same thing. I love Brandy but can’t help thinking that years of braids may have made her natural edges a memory.

      • Machelle Kwan

        Well if her edges are thin, the last thing she needs is a lace front wig glued to it. I know she has to have some hair under there. She needs to let it breath sometime before she ends up like Naomi Campbell.

        • yeah its a vicious cycle. If she has bald edges she can’t go out and promote her music looking a hot mess. So she slaps on a lace front that looks like a hot a** mess and messes up her edges even more.

  • Ms. Bee

    I have been pulling for Brandy for years. I even liked her Human album, though I may be the only one. And that’s fine. Even though her eyes are so far apart she could look left and right simultaneously, she has been one of my favorite singers for a while. Go Brandy! Woop.

    • Jennifer

      Your comment is epitome of a backhanded compliment. You could have saved the negativity on her physical appearance.

      • Ms. Bee

        Here comes the judge. You can spare me on the ‘could have’s’, though. Thanks.

  • Nowomannocry

    Of course you will root for her but judge Rihanna harshly. This fake B—- who got knock up and then lied about being married on national TV. Yes Madame Noire she is the epitome of what young black women should aspire to be. At least Rihanna is an open book no secrets and lies to enhance her image. AA females are so un supportive of blacks from other countries. And while you take swipes at Rihanna’s talent , You shouldn’t talk because your journalism skills are lacking at times, from spelling to grammar.

    • Ms. Bee

      Jesus lmao.

    • MNEditor2

      I can’t take you seriously with your comments on our grammar when you had numerous grammatical errors in your comment. Good luck being a Rihanna stan. I heard it pays well.

    • eyeconic1

      LOL! Why you so mad? And so early in the morning might I add. While I am not a Rihanna fan (she just gives oozes trash to me even when they dress her up-my opinion). Most like Brandy because she has TALENT, always have. She can sing she can write she can act. She was humble enough to let the world know the mistakes she made at a young age, with her parents coaching. She’s always been classy. Went through a tragedy pulled through like a viking and has worked hard to put back together what fell apart. With the whole world watching. People make mistakes. live and let live. And different strokes for differnt folks. Your liking Rihanna shows things about your taste and maybe even your character. Those who like Brandy like her for whatever reasons shows their character and taste, as well. And who cares about Rihanna anyway, where did that come from? LOL! SMH!

      • nowomannocry

        You make no damn sense hypocrite, So Brandy is allowed to make mistakes and grow from them and we should applaud and commend her. However, Rihanna who was 17 years old from a small island and thrust in the spotlight is not allowed the same respect to learn from her mistakes as she grows and matures. Since that you think that me supporting Rihanna tells what kind of person I am , I agree with you whole heartedly . However, You riding and defending Bran- Nu or whatever tells me that you are the type of fake , b— that would lie to keep up apperances. Brandy advertise herself as the good, virginal , innocent girl all these years while back at the studio she was having sex with her producer no diffrent than any of the other industry ho’s . So you continue with the prentense. Brandy is like a carton of milk …..she has pass her best before date eons ago.. B – Flopper.

        • eyeconic1

          Not hyprocital. I’m not a fan she has no talent (she can’t sing she can’t dance she cant act- she can strip, girate and tell the world to f off) to me and again she oozes trash to me..period. You know that saying “you can dress em up? Brandy was young and most of her decisons were based on the coaching of her parents to keep her image intact. Coming from Thea and Moesha. Where she portrayed real issues and tried to get young people to make the right decisions. She wasn’t having an affair and she wasn’t sleeping with everyone, she wasnt making it rain on them hoes in the strip clubs. And if you think about it her trying to protect her image tells me she cared about herself. This was not a sitaution she wanted to be in. As most single unwed mothers go through. She expected more of herself and her parents and how can we fix. It may not have been the best decision but she tried to protect her image, herself and keep her family together. This came at a time when people had values and morals where today many,not all, people especially young don’t have. In an era where beating people up on tv, sex, stippers, nakedeness, drugs, jewlery money and having no talent sales. Just talk a good game. A dude fat with a white fur and a million dollar worth of jewelry is considered a “boss”. NOT! Even today with Brandy on “Put It Down”. If you are listening tot he lyics she’s telling you that money and jewelry is all good but at the end of the day what can you really offer me, morally. She’s telling you, I am a good girl from the old skool with old skool values and will be treated as a lady and nothing less. She didn’t go bad from being a good girl. She always was a good girl who made a few bad decisions. Where as Ri is naked, drugs, jumping bed to bed, she is her image not her parents she makes her decisions and she chooses to be a rebel. Its expected at a young age. Like I said live and let live. I ain’t mad at Ri. She is doing what is best for her. She’s fine with her bad girl image. I’m not impressed by her music. If I had to pick one to be a role model for my daughter it would be Brandy but since my daughter has Me. She doesnt need either. Rihanna has you as a fan she don’t need me. Again different strokes for different folks. Brandy bounced back like a viking through all the struggles, negativity, etc. Kudos to her. Ri battered, drugs, making it rain on hoes in the strip club, trash talk…when I see her growing and maturing and making music worth listening to…Ill give her a chance right now she is that bubble gum pop music that only the kids should be listening to and maybe not even them. But has a image that to me only kids would appreciate. If you a grown woman with values then Brandy is your girl. Brandy acted for years-TALENT, Brandy-writes, produces-TALENT. Her endorsements and others business ventures- $$ and TALENT. Ri did battleship-not impressed. But the movie was good. To say she is talented is such an overstatement-no concerts, award shows or performances does she impress me. I like to see her in print ads. I think she photographs well even tho I still see her as trashy. At the end of the day she’s getting her money….her way!Nowomannocry they not paying me so its not worth getting so upset or so defensive they get their checks cut as do. Im just a fan. Or nto a fan. Not a stans not a die hard. I like what I like and me no likey Rihanna.

        • Ms. Bee

          I’m late, but lmaooooooooo @ b-flopper!

    • TRUTH IS

      Agreed, Brandy is no different from these folks in folly. The fact that she faked that marriage is enough for me. Her best days are behind her. Never say never album is a classic tho

      • I hope your marriage never fails. People with glass houses….

        • TRUTH IS

          She never had a marriage doodoo bird….jeez….english comprehension is not your forte I see!!

          • Jennifer

            Negativity seems to BE your forte. Why are you always so mad/bitter/vile in your comments (on this and other articles)??

            • TRUTH IS

              Beech get off my invisible ball sacks…..who am I online has nothing to do with my personality…..I speak my mind…no holes barred…I am not trying to score points with no one! Lifes a beech and mine a gold-digger! gwey!

              • Jennifer

                I’m far from on your invisible ball sacks, your negative is running rampant on this site. Oh, and by no “holes” barred, I think you mean no “holds” barred. Try spending less energy being negative and more energy tightening up your spelling and grammar game. Thank you & goodbye!

                • TRUTH IS

                  Yay…you score some points grammar police….if you want to judge me by my comments on this site, go right ahead. Am sure I’ll rest better at nights and the world will be a better place! the articles posted here are for ppls opinions. We all do not perceive things the same. Agree to disagree…gee. I have strength for you…keep it coming!!

    • Na Na

      I would have to disagree. Brandy played on Thea when she was 13 years old. How many artists have been in the game for a solid 20 years with very few outlandish blunders. Yes Rihanna is an open book but the stories she’s telling of sex, drugs and rock and roll is not one to be praised to teens around the world. the fact that Brandy and her family thought it was important to portray a child being brought into a marriage and a family just speaks volumes of the responsibility Brandy feels for portraying wholesome uplifting images for her fans. I like Rihanna and am not dissing any Islanders (it sounds as if your from the Islands and you dont feel appreciated) however Brandy’s attempt at being a positive role model for two whole decades cannot be overlooked.