Say What? Stacey Dash Endorses Mitt Romney On Twitter

October 9, 2012  |  



From Hello Beautiful

Stacey Dash has her opinion and she’s entitled to it! No matter how detrimental to society it may be… The “Clueless” actress announced via Twitter, yesterday, her support for Republican presidential candidate–Mitt Romney. “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future,” tweeted Dash. She later retweeted this message from Romney’s account: “Women have had enough of @BarackObama’s disappointment. We need new leadership to get our economy growing again.”

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  • Didn’t you people get the message? Only white men are allowed to choose their political opinions! Only us! The rest of you have to be democrats. Period! Don’t you dare have your own opinions or ideas…

  • Bri

    She has the right to vote for whoever she wants but I don’t understand why she would vote for mitt seeing as though she is a woman and her son is gay

  • Josh

    Stacey have you forgot the eight years of Bush!!!!!! Stacey stay off twitter…….

  • jumelle12

    This is ridiculous- I remember a time when people DIDN’T DISCUSS POLITICAL VIEWS due to the controversy it leads to…and sometimes violent endings- I don’t understand why she is being ostracized for supporting Mitt- Please don’t give me that foolish excuse of “she’s Black- she should stick with Obama”- That’s like saying all black women that are not natural are not really black and are ashamed of their race-FOH-

    She as well as other Americans are free to choose who they vote for and support- Who are we to tell her she is foolish in her choice- I COMMEND HER FOR STICKING HER GROUND-
    Social networks empower people to be outspoken when they otherwise wouldn’t be, and this is a prime example- people jumping all down her throat- it’s her opinion- you don’t have to like it, but respect it-

    leave her be!

  • Ann

    Stacey Dash is entitled to her opinion. She really needs to do her research more, hopefully she will see that Romney is lying and doing anything to get into the white house.

    • get real

      Thank you. One of the few women here that gets it. Stacy Dash probably hasn’t listen to one speech, debate, or anything. She’s just going on what her whie boyfriend tells her. I mean to sit and say “women have had enough of Obama ” let’s me know she’s not even paying attention. Romney wants to make abortion illegal even in the case of rape or incest, not Obama. Romney (and his boy Todd Akin) believes there a such thing as “legitmate” rape. So all other rape really wasn’t rape because, ‘the woman was asking for it”. Stacy Dash is a dumb Sarah Palin bimbo. I wish people stop this”i don’t have to vote for Obama because he is black” nonsense. Dam that, Obama could be green and that would be fine with me.

      • Adrina

        And as a woman…you should really do your research for that very reason about making abortion illegal and “legitimate” rape bs .It was so ignorant for them to believe that if a woman don’t get pregnant during rape. If Stacy or any Republican woman got raped…would they really want to keep that child? Because voting for Romney would mean you have no choice but to.

      • Nat

        Bravo. Well said. This isn’t about abstract reality. It is concrete reality. I am guessing that no one on the site wouldn’t be adversely affected by a republican administration.

  • eyeconic1

    Listen I totally understand where the republicans are coming from to a certain degree…some worked hard for their money some inherited money..but when you have money you want to protect it….if all the ppl voting for Obama live’s were in better circumstances you would feel SOME not ALL of what they say. However, middle class ppl make the world go round, the working people make this world thrive. You cannot s^&*on the little people. Poor people dont need to be reminded that they are poor. Truth be told its not the blacks that make up the majority of the welfare population. People in bad circumstances dont need to be pushed even lower. People need to realize that “six degrees of seperation” is real. None of us can succeed or fail without it affecting your fellow man. That is how GOD designed it. Its basic and simple. We make things complicated with greed, selfishness and power. So when you turn your back on me your only creating a worst envirnoment for yourself; the trickle down effect is real. See poor people are use to being poor, use to manevering through crisis, the rich and powerful kil lthemselves and/or their families when yachts and homes get taken, they go bankrupt. They dont nothing but rich. So detached from reality. They cant cope outside of that. They all need a realtiy check and come down off those high horses. All I can say is people need to stop talking and stand up and be the difference instead of talking about making a difference. We all have the ability to make a change but we rather complain then do something. I feel ashamed for the people that fought so hard before us. They were strong, they didnt coward and they fought for they believed. Now we coward, we fight each other vs. the people that are trying to destroy us. People think they are entitled vs earning. People need to stop thinking about their own circumstances and help someone in a worst situation. I guarantee in time your issues will seem minor and you will make a difference for someone and GOD will slowly start to change your life.

  • Ferice

    The surprising thing is how fast people were calling her name and disrespected her. I believe everyone is entitle to an opinion. I don’t believe either man can claim to be for or against the middle class. They both are enjoying tax payers money and claim while bashing the other for doing the same thing. They all drink from the same cups and spit it out on the middle class.

  • Dee

    If her reason for voting for mittens is because of womens rights then she is mistaken and needs to do her homework. Mittens, deep down, might be a moderate but the extremism displayed by (majority of ) the current republican party is bad news for women.

  • La-Di-Da

    I’m not on Twitter but I saw an article earlier that said people were tweeting her telling her to kill herself because of her political opinion…when has it ever been that serious!? That made me so angry that black people have to be that ridiculous that the minute somebody has a differing view they act a straight fool. Stop getting so butt hurt and acting like the lady is Judas Iscariot. She’s not a traitor, just an individual with a different opinion than you…carry on.

  • Adrina

    And in all honesty, I think she’s going in that booth and vote for Obama lol

  • Adrina

    Oh she was serious…I thought she was tweeting something to get some press bc the Clueless reunion thing wasn’t bringing enough hype. Oh ok….well I guess she’s entitled to her opinion and vote for who she wants. But at this point she probably is the 47% Romney was talking about.

  • Miss D

    While I disagree with her political opinion, she has the right to vote for whoever she thinks will make the best president.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is entitled to their preference of political candidates. I’m not voting for Obama just because he’s black. I agree with a majority of his positions on things and like how personable he is. NOW ON TO Republicans, Romney is a lying flip flopper. He tells people what they want to hear. I follow politics very closely. Republican Newt Gingrich said Romney is lying and if he’ll lie to you during election time, he’ll lie as a president. Another Republican representative released a statement saying slavery was a blessing in disguise and the blacks who could endure those conditions would someday be rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation. The GOP is being very extreme. Another Republican candidate said how he rejects evolution, embryology and the big bang theory yet he sits on a science board YET his message is the bible is the only truth about how everything came to be. With these Republicans it is getting too extreme and clearly no division of church and state. Romney recently gave a speech encouraging the war in Afghanistan and to possibly wage more war in the middle east. We do not need more war, body counts and disabled soldiers. Time to really start looking at the facts.

    upon the face of the earth. WOW

    • Anonymous

      Please disregard the last sentence ” upon the face of the earth”

  • serahoke

    I’ve always loved her (and secretly envied how she doesn’t age). This just made me love her more.

    Not sure why this is news. Everyone that’s black doesn’t have to vote for Obama or the democrat candidate. This type of “mob mentality” is what makes politicians and white folks in general believe black people come in one variety.

    • get real

      Ok, you and the other black folks here go right ahead and vote Republican. When Romney and his 10 yr old running mate cut every dam program out there, your sick grandma gets cut from her healthcare (because these idiots think poor folks should show up at the ER for routine healthcare) don’t complain. Are y’all even paying attention to what Romney stands for? Because this “black people don’t gotta vote Democrat” stuff is dumb as a 3 dollar bill.

      • F.D.

        Yep, it’s easier on the plantation where everything is taken care of for you than to be out there on your own.

  • ijs

    And the problem is?! Just because Obama is half black doesn’t mean all black people have to vote for hi

  • ChiTown

    She has the right to endorse whatever candidate she thinks best. Stop with the crabs in the barrell thinking not all of us have to vote the same way and she’s right about the devious agenda of the Left Wing Liberals with their propietary claims on black people.

  • princessoutta23

    So! All black people do not have to vote for Obama

    • TRUTH IS

      Agreed…these Obama nuts are bongers……she is free to chose whatever….everybody cannot vote for him

  • FromUR2UB

    Oh, she’s just trying to make someone think she has 1% money.

    • Jaime

      instead of 1% brains!

      • FromUR2UB

        No, the 1% brainers are the 47% members who support Mitt Romney. I’ve seen them at his rallies.

  • get real

    All of her boyfriends are white, alot of her movies this bed wench is sleeping with white boys so you see where she gets her bs from and I’m suprised one bit. And alot of blk women date these white boys with these twisted idealogies and they take it on. They all never stay themselves. The Republican party can do no more to show minorities (blacks and hispanics) that we can kick rocks. If you are not rich I don’t wth you are doing voting for the party of rich. You broke 47% pasaents. Isn’t that what ole Romney called us?

    • SunshineBlossom

      Well I personally love her… But now that you mention it the only times I saw her with black men were in Mo’ Money and Clueless… To each their own I presume… But I wonder if that is because the type of people she was raised around? One thing she did prove though; just because you date a white man does not mean the grass is always greener. “Sometimes the other side of the grass is dirt.”-as written by Zane.

  • Lola

    So what. It’s a free country and every black person does not have to have a blind allegiance to Obama!!

    • Numero Uno

      Exactly! If she truly feels that Romney would make the better president, who am I or anyone else to criticize her for choosing to do so. It’s a free country and she, like everyone else, is free to vote for who they feel is best. Every black person is not required to vote for Obama.

    • guest

      Preach! Black people constantly vote democratic, but ask yourselves this: where has it gotten you? How are you better off? What law says all blacks have to back Obama. Yet Democrats are the first ones to yap about intolerance…Intolerance works when you benefit, right? Please!

      • mac

        Where have the Democrats gotten me? let me count a few of the ways.

        Lowered pay roll tax
        More financial aid funding for me to be able to get a college education.
        Government backed loans so I don’t have to sign over my life to Sallie Mae.
        Social programs in case me or any of my loved ones fall on hard times.

        Oh yea…
        And the right to vote in the first place.

        • nikki

          Well, the republicans did free the slaves…….

          • mac

            The 1800s Republican party =/= the 2012 Republican party.
            The GOP back then was like the present day Democrats. The two parties switched ideologies in the 1960s. #FreeHistoryLesson

  • .:*whitneyeclectic*:.

    Honestly, who REALLY gives a sh*t? *looks around* Anyone?

  • Rabanger

    And why is this a PROBLEM???? Seriously, if everyone stops drinking what Obama’s serving they would be ok!!!

  • baddvixentype

    gag! Staci boo boo you are officially OVER!…and so is your career *drops mic and walks away*

    • serahoke

      She’s “over” because she’s voting for Mitt Romney? How ignorant of you. She can’t even get some props for having a political opinion, b/c lord knows too many of our folks won’t make it to the ballot boxes this november.

      Have a seat.

  • Beejcee

    I am not questioning her political views, I don’t think it matters, but she has to make herself relevant, make some noise. Her record is out soon!