Queen Latifah May Not Be Team Nicki Or Mariah, But She Will Say This: “You Gotta Respect Your Elders”

October 8, 2012  |  

At the end of last week, Anderson Cooper had a few ladies from the cast of the all-black “Steel Magnolias” remake on his show and though most of the segment was about the movie, Anderson also had a bit of a one-on-one with Queen Latifah to ask about all the projects she’s working on. The Queen is rumored to be wanted as a replacement judge for Sharon Osbourne on “America’s Got Talent,” which prompted Andy Cohen and Anderson to ask Queen Latifah how she feels about these reality competition shows, and more importantly the amped up beef that’s brewing between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj on “American Idol.” When Anderson asked whether she’s #TeamNicki or #TeamMariah, Queen Latifah said this:

“I would definitely not take sides in ignorance, but that’s really not about them. At the end of the day they are both blessed to be in the position that they are….but Mariah? C’mon now. We’re talking about a hundred million right there. You gotta respect your elders to a point. That’s a grand diva, but I love Nicki too.”

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Unfortunately, I think support for grand diva Mariah Carey is starting to dwindle just a bit, as she appears to be milking this situation for all it’s worth, calling in to “The View” to tell Barbara Walters Nicki Minaj threatened to shoot her and now she’s beefed up her security. Sigh.

Thankfully, the ladies of “Steel Magnolias” can prove drama doesn’t always have to unfold when multiple women are on-set together. After the one-on-one with Queen, Anderson also chatted with Jill Scott, Phylicia Rashad, and Alfre Woodard about their Lifetime original movie and they were all smiles. By the way, did you catch the remake premiere last night? Check out the clip from their appearance on Anderson’s talk show here.

What do you think about Queen Latifah’s respect your elder’s response?

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  • dbatt001

    OK THATS IT!!! Correction Queen Latifa. Mariah is worth 500 million dollars, thats half a BILLION dollars. Nicki, 14 million……the number is not important, its what the number stands for ( a lesson I learned from money ball) Mariah sh(!)ts on Nicki by simply waking up in the morning. Nicki to Mariah is like Wendy Williams to Oprah. Mariah is a legend, we wont be hearing from Nicki 5 years from now. Talk about disrespect, American Idol disrespected Mariah by putting a ghetto hood rat on the same panel as her simply for ratings. If I were Mariah, I would quit the show cuz lord knows she dont need them quarters they are giving her. Ughh Im not even a super fan of Mariah but come on its Mariah, she is world renowned. She is universal respected for her craft. Granted Mariah probably did disrespect Nicki first by being a diva, but everyone expects that out of Mariah. Nicki didnt have to give Marah respect because Mariah didnt give it to her. However, she shouldn’t have reacted by being a ratchet. Nobody respects a loud, ghetto ratchet that reinforces those damn stereotypes but most will tolerate a diva , especially if she has clearly earned her stripes. Nicki will soon be only known for disrespecting a true legend cuz lord knows her music isnt memorable at all. I dont care what you guys say all Mariah have to do is hit that high note and Nicki will be vaporized! Poof!all that will be left is that tacky wig on the floor. Just had to get that one out.

  • Chassie

    Respect begets respect.

  • me

    Black folks and this “respect your elders” mess is TIRED. Respect is a two way street and once certain lines are crossed, that garbage goes out of the window. People use that as an excuse to disrespect folks who are younger than them – and it’s stupid. This is one beef I could care less about but I am getting tired of that being used as some sort of moral code. I had to check one of my aunts – and her stupid daughter – about five years ago and made no qualms about it, because they not only disrespected me but they dissed my mother. Respect goes both ways – I don’t give a damn how old somebody is. Once I became a professional adult with two degrees, my respect was not automatically a given in any situation. Sorry.

  • Mariah I know of, Nikki Minaj, I don’t know her music or anything. Not interested.

  • bluekissess

    Will this topic DIE already

  • Really?

    I’m shocked to read a couple of people saying they didn’t believe Queen Latifah as the mother. I thought she did a great job. I had so much sympathy for her. I actually thought everyone did a really great job in their roles.

  • Lauren G

    Barbara Walters actually called Mariah Carey one morning before “The View” aired, asking her about the situation with Nicki Minaj; Mariah didn’t make that call. Either way, I agree with Queen’s “respect your elders” comment. Nicki Minaj’s position on AI is questionable in itself, as she hasn’t even been an established artist for half a decade yet, so who is she to really judge whether or not someone else has talent? That’s beside the point, however. Basically, although you’d be a fool to think she should allow anyone to disrespect her, she has a long way to go before she can get a pass for acting the way she does. As far as the “Steel Magnolias” remake…great cast (as far as “star power” goes) but the movie paled in comparison with the original, in my humble opinion. I love Jill Scott but her accent was horrendous. Queen Latifah wasn’t believable as a mother of a 25-year-old, let alone as a wife to a man who looked to be at least 10 years older than her. Alfre Woodard as Weezer was great, however. Ms. Rashad was pretty good as well. But..I don’t know, the entire thing just was awkward for me, considering I didn’t go into it with high expectations anyway. Some movies just shouldn’t be re-touched. “Steel Magnolias” is one of them. (I apologize if I’ve repeated some of the same sentiments as previous comments. I wanted to finally express how I feel without feeling constricted lol)

  • charlene

    Ok here’s my 2 cents…I think that Mariah is not as innocent as she wants us to believe. Sure NIcki didn’t have to react the way she did. But from the beginning Mariah wasn’t very inviting to Nicki. When the rumor was out that Nicki could possibly join AI, Mariah was already throwing shade through twitter and asking Lenny Kravitz to join the team. I wouldn’t say that her actions were very welcoming. And I doubt that Nicki would react that way to someone who is being respectful towards her.

    • kierah

      It was insulting to Mariah that they would invite a non-singing newbie to sit on the same panel as Mariah and Keith Urban. Keith Urban isn’t a problem because he has a solid resume. Nicki just stepped on the scene yesterday. MC was already signed before they sprung NM on her.

      • Tishy

        Ppl forget that non-singing, Ellen was a judge on this very same show.

        • kieraht

          And it didn’t work…

  • IllyPhilly

    II’m taking sides- All celebs are big overpaid babies so the childish bickering is both Mariah’s and Onika’s fault.

  • Meyaka

    Respect goes both ways, but in this situation, I’m inclined to go with Mariah. Nicki has been disrespectful from the Jump to everybody ” I just annihilated all the rap bitc*es in the building”? Come on chick, you’re just a product of the foolery America has become, you didn’t annihilate nothing but the self esteem of a race.

  • mel

    Your elders should have enough respect for themselves to respect you as well. I doubt you’d see Queen La, or Patty L, Gladys K etc etc…throwing their weight around on a munch younger, successful, thinner artist. You make yourself look low and petty more than anything. I think it has been made very clear ( although most choose to ignore) that MC aggravated the mess out of Nicky. Elders don’t do that. At least not in a jealous, spiteful, insecure way.

    You don’t think Jlo would have done the same thing “week one” had MC tried that with her….yeah right. Mariah knew who to try it with ! Imagine what Nicky said in Spanish lol !

  • Rebecca

    I’ve never watched the original Steel Magnolias show I don’t know how the re-make measured up but I think the cast did an outstanding job. At MaryAnn Parrish, I too, wanted more insight on Jill Scott and her husband

    • Yup

      You need to see Steel Magnolias the original version asap! You will cry your eyes out! Everyone that watched it has done so. Did you cry last night? I’m sure most people did not. lol

  • Saw the remake last night…..Sorry, but the weakest link in that movie was Queen Latifah. I didn’t get the feeling that she was right for the role. Her performance was stilted. I love Phyllicia Rashad, but she comes across as too dignified for someone as raunchy as Claree. Maybe I am flashbacking too much to Clare Huxtable. Alfre Woodard is always great, and Condola Rashad was wonderful as Shelby. I would have liked a little more insight to Jill Scott and her husband like was shown in the original movie. The new actress played the Daryl Hanna role to the tee.

    • kierah

      I didn’t believe Latifah has a mom either. And her husband was too old for her.
      In the original play and movie all the characters are far more developed. In this production, they started a storyline and left it dangling ie Jill Scott and her husband and Adepero/her boyfriend Sammy/her faith. They just didn’t have enough time to fall in love with these characters.
      Condola Rashad had the gargantuan task of playing Shelby. Julia Roberts got an Academy Award nom for this role! You have to nail it. There wasn’t enough strength behind this performance.
      The accents were off – what’s the point of having a Black production of a movie and still using White Southern accents?
      The only actress that sold it like the rent was due was Alfre Woodard. She almost made me forget Shirley MacLaine.
      The producers should have understood that Steel Magnolias is a beloved movie – a classic. There was no need to remake it. Since you chose to do it anyway, I going to need a home run!

      • You’re right

        omg ur so right!!!! Alfre Woodard played the HELL outta Weeza (lol) last night. She was bar far the best throughout the entire movie. although I adore Phylicia Rashad but not her role lastnight.

    • UmOk

      I thought the exact same thing. I love the Queen but they needed a stronger actress for that part. Maybe a Loretta Devine or Jenifer Lewis. When I saw previews I never imagined they would give that role to Queen Latifah.