Stop the Track! Watch Bey Kill The Stage At Jay’s Barclay Concert

October 8, 2012  |  

Do I even need to say much?

This weekend, Jay-Z wrapped up his eight-concert series at the new Barclay Center in Brooklyn and he brought out a very special guest for his final concert last night, his wife Bey Bey.

You know Jay had to do something big for the last of his concerts at the new arena, and what’s bigger than Beyonce? That’s rhetorical. Jay told the crowd he was just getting started and that’s when Bey appeared from behind a cloud of smoke all theatrical like, Brooklyn Nets fitted and all black everything to match.  Fittingly, she performed “Diva,” reminding the crowd she’s still the number one lady in the game, and she followed that up with “Crazy in Love,” complete with her signature uh-oh dance, seizure-like head shaking/hair-tossing, and that “I run this ish” glare she always gives the audience after she does the dang thang. Basically, she killed it as per usual, but even had to laugh at herself  and how hard she was going.

Check out the performance below. I think the Beyhive is in need of another tour. What do you say?

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  • Just saying!!

    The video has been deleted…??

  • Meyaka

    Look, she just looked and sounded like an old lady.

  • serenity1125


    • Bobby

      U are kissing their a$$ and still broke!!

      • serenity1125

        Don’t be so angry Bobby, need me to kiss your azz?

  • Her vocals weren’t as up to par as they usually are, but Bey always slays the stage, so I think she’s allowed to sound “off” every once in a while. And folks saying she can’t sing is laughable. Please search Youtube for the video of her singing 1+1 backstage at American Idol. I don’t understand why folks can’t be fans of her and Jay without being told they are “worshipping” them instead of recognizing and respecting their talents! And I’ll never understand why folks continuously come and comment on posts about them if they don’t “like” them! Nothing wrong with stating your opinion, but expressing your dislike on EVERY Bey/Jay post?? Hating at its finest, I guess…


    She sound TERRIBLE!! She clearly cant sing but as far as shaking her a$$ and dancing she did the darn thing!

    • Guest

      You clearly must be deaf.

      • NONEYA

        I just know singing when i hear it…you must think this a real performance when you can clearly hear a CD playing and she IS NOT SINGING!

  • getittogether

    Can yall go 1 day without singing praises to your true gods bey and jay? Geez… You would think they were Christ second coming…calm down MN with the everyday praise. You have more articles on these for~profit “entertainers” than you do really authentic people of color who care for the community and actively make a difference …hint …the president and his magnificat wife!

    • Applauds for this post!!!!!

    • Guest

      Can you go 1 day w/o coming to a Beyonce post?

  • Rebecca

    This was a cute performance. I never seen the strong resemblance of her and Ms. Tina until now. Beyonce’s voice is a bit different.

  • father time

    Bey looks way older than 31. Babys dont age you. She needs to slow down and rest.

  • True

    She DID that!

  • j

    Im still not understanding how people can hate on her talent. Beyonce is UNDENIABLE.

    • Native_Noir


    • NONEYA

      She can dance YES, can she sing HECK NO!!

      • charlene

        what? are you deaf? ofc beyonce can sing!

        • NONEYA

          No I just KnoW a great singer when I hear one…Beyonce will never be called a great singer aka a songstress! Those titles belong to Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Stephanie Mills, Gladys Knight & Aretha…FOLKS WHO CAN SIIIIING!

        • Just saying!!

          Well she can def sing…but she certainly isn’t in the same league as the ultimate vocalists. I think she sees herself primarily as an entertainer/performer, which she is. There isn’t anything wrong with that whatsoever. People are captivated by her BECAUSE of her performances, not her voice. When Whitney or Aretha open their mouth to sing one word, mouths drop and this is without theatrics. Bey is one of my fav entertainers but there definitely is a difference…

      • Amber

        She’s not the best vocalist but to say she can’t sing is a little crazy. Listen to DIL. She showed her vocals on that song.

  • Meyaka

    I’m over that whole Bonnie and Clyde hood dynamic…

  • real talk

    garbage. need real singers. overated

    • Amber

      Then go listen to real singers. Instead of coming here and bi*ching, go support them.

      • JaneDoe

        Whatever happen to people having an opinion.. Hate it or love it.. I personally am not a Bey stan but I won’t deny the fact that she is a great performer. My goodness. One of the reasons I liked this blog was the maturity level of most of the commentors but I see that is quickly going down hill.

  • JaneDoe

    A Diva is a female version of a hustla… King Bey rocked it

  • Native_Noir

    #DEAD!!!!! She “KILT” me. LOVED IT!

  • Just a thought

    She’s so cute… Luv her, but is it me our was she kind of careful not to shake to much. Was it the heals or a bun in the oven!!??