A Lesson On Child Support From Non-Broke Bow Wow: Make Sure You Have A Kid With The Right One

October 8, 2012  |  

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Someone must have told Bow Wow being a deadbeat dad isn’t a good look for BET because he hopped on Philly’s Hot 107.9 the other day to clear up the drama surrounding the so-called Mr. 106&Park. A lot of folks have been giving him the side-eye about claiming to be broke in court last week in order to pay a certain amount in child support, leaving people wondering 1) what kind of daddy are you, and 2) where did your money go?

Bow answered all those questions and more with radio host Q Deezy, telling him:

“Here is the honest truth. I felt like I wanted to be on child support. I felt like that was the best thing for our situation.  I’m sure there’s a lot of men out there listening and their baby mama don’t like the new chick, you know what I’m saying. So for me to move on with my life and let her know that everything is still gravy, I felt like the best thing for us to do was to go about it that way. Which I love it because its confirmed money to my daughter.  So I’m fine with it and I’ve wanted to be on [child support] so that I can live my life and not feel like I’m attached to a woman or that a woman got screens on me. I don’t like that. I don’t play that.”

But is he on the financial struggle bus (you know with only $1,500 in his bank account like he told the judge last week)?

“Hell no! You know men can put themselves on child support, right? Sometimes, it’s worth doing it so that you can have that freedom. Ain’t nobody wanting to be dealing with a woman who keeps blowing you up. I’m happy about it and now she can live her life peacefully. She can do whatever she wants to do and date whomever she wants to date and for me, I’m just going to continue on with my career and living life. I’m happy as can be….For the record, I have no issues with my BM (baby mama) not one.”

Wondering whether Bow Wow is just all talk, Q Deezy also asked him whether he still has unprotected sex. Thankfully the rapper said no:

“One and done. I learned my lesson. I just want to let all them young fellas out there know that there’s nothing wrong with having a kid but just make sure you have it with the right one. But I love mine and I love my situation but if you don’t want no headache and no issues definitely wrap that thang up.”

On another note, Q Deezy also asked Bow Wow the other question everyone has been wondering about his new gig, which is what happens when Ciara comes on the show. According to him:

“Ima just do what I do. Ima be Bow.”

Alrightay. How are you feeling about Bow Wow’s take on fatherhood?

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  • Cantria

    Well am a black baby mama of a 2 yr old and I am engaged to get married. So there. And I work & I have my own place & a car.. so there…



  • Kayo Halana Malie

    So, obviously the music he has made within the last year about having ‘baby mama drama’ was fictional. This guy will do anything to be ‘hot’ again.

  • dbatt001

    damn bow wow, there goes another mistake.

  • Tanycha

    @Faith-That was hilarious LMBBO! “…or dor don’t have sex and go sit down somewhere and do something else with you time that makes sense and smart on’t have sex and go sit down somewhere..” Picture that! Good advice, though.

  • Pivyque

    He comes off as an a**hole. Certainly not the kind of guy that I would want anyone in my family bringing home.

  • IllyPhilly

    Get custody of your kids. Rappers talk about how much money, cars, clothes they get. Try something new like- BM’s try to get ne or my paper, but I got the real prize. I got my baby girl, my first lady and I make sre she’s with me and not some gold digging hoodrat.

    • EXACTLY!

      • IllyPhilly

        That’s too much like right though, ain’t it?

  • CarlaKah

    Okay Cool. It is great that he wants to pay for his kid and grants his child’s mother a love life of her own. He is supposed to do that as a father and (supposedly) decent person. Here is what I don’t like about interview. Nowhere does he speak about always having the BM (as he calls it) in his life because even though you are not together you are supposed to raise your child together. Nowhere does Bow mention that kids deserve parents that try there best to first have a stable relationship before having kids, also known as a stable household. He makes it seem like safe sex is for ” if you don’t want no headache and no issues”. How about scarring a future adult? Diseases? Death? People look up to this guy and I see way too much ignorance in his answers to feel satisfied. I am sorry but I need him to do better.

  • Shantia

    my opinion……………. I want the baby sister to get off his ****. U can not make a man want to be a father and writing all these tweeters ( plus i want u to get a life) about him is not make him do anything but get on national tv wit that bs story. My other opinion is women we sees the signs men give out.U kno whether or not ur relationship is gonna last and whether the guy is gonna be a good father. Women put themselves in this postion. There is tooooooo many things out there to stop u from having a child wit a man u kno u thats gonna be no good. Finally if Bow Wow dont wanna be a dad then thats his loss. Go out and show ur daughter a good productive life and show she is loved whether the dad is around or not witout the bad talking of her dad. She needs to form her own opinion when she is older. Would be nice if he was but since he is not. His loss I repeat.

    • CarlaKah

      It is her (his daughter) loss too. If he doesn’t raise her. If he isn’t there. Then she will get the wrong example of what man to seek for. Our dads are often the men we end up liking/wanting the most.

    • We get it. You can’t blame the BM without equally blaming him. If he didn’t want to use a condom everytime he could have at least been smart enough to raw dog a woman he trusted and who he KNEW to be on some form of contraception. Frankly, out of the two of them he has way more to lose than her. He needed to be smarter.

  • Faith

    You know……………..sadly I don’t think these black guys will ever learn the lesson. They will continue producing babies with these women they know who has no intension to be with. The women are at fault just as much as the guy. You have these women out trapping these guys just to get rich off child support so they can shop and eat all day like these reality television stars. Bow wow, athletes, entertainers, men: if you are reading this. I know I am wasting my time if you don’t want any children or headache with giving up you money for child support, you need to protect yourself or don’t have sex and go sit down somewhere and do something else with you time that makes sense and smart . I don’t care how fine you think she is or if she is white, asian, mixed from another race they can be just as bad as some black women,if not worse. When I see some of these cases, I feel sorry for the child who has to be at the brunt end of this foolishness and have to really pay the price. Please, Please just like Judge Mablean says LOOK DEEP BEFORE YOU LEAP! LOOK REAL DEEP!

    • Karma

      It’s not just black men…

  • Nycki

    What is he talking about, I’m lost? What does paying child support have to do with you both dating other people. He’s response only shows his immaturty.

  • When he says “So for me to move on with my life and let her know that everything is still gravy, I felt like the best thing for us to do was to go about it that way. Which I love it because its confirmed money to my daughter. So I’m fine with it and I’ve wanted to be on [child support] so that I can live my life and not feel like I’m attached to a woman or that a woman got screens on me”….It sounds more like “I don’t want to take care of my child and be around my baby mama because I want to live my life and not have any responsibilities.”

    • CarlaKah

      Exactly my point. Bow should hope his daughter doesn’t grow up loving unavailable and inconsiderate men.

    • Pivyque

      Yeah, that is what I got out of that statement. Well…$3000 a month will take care of all of her physical needs. I hope her mother and the rest of the family are enough to cover the emotional ones if he isn’t available.

    • Kayo Halana Malie

      That is what I kind of *heard too.

  • Reese

    Bow Wow, you’re broke hun. Every time I turn around there is an article out about you owing someone money. Celebrities spend money like its going out of style like their career will always be booming and then one day they wake up broke.

    • L-Boogie

      That is why you should invest your money in things that do not depreciate. Buying all types of cars and clothes is unwise. However, I hope him and the mother of his child can work that ish out. Unfortunately, a night of passion can be a lifetime of heartache.

      • me

        “Unfortunately, a night of passion can be a lifetime of heartache.”

        u nailed it rite there!

  • JaneDoe

    Boy stop!!!! Its called knowing someone for more than 2 mins before you impregnate them… SMH

  • Meyaka

    Have a freaking seat, men only get wise after they mess up, you going around sleeping with these women without protection you lucky you didn’t catch aids, talking about let me hold you, pouf be gone! Be a father, take care of your child, she’s the only innocent in this mess.

    And miss Joie, got that’s what you get for messing with a little boy without protection, what did you think? He was going to marry you and be a good father? LIL bow wow? Have a seat next to him.

    • me

      u tell only the truth.
      “And miss Joie, got that’s what you get for messing with a little boy without protection, what did you think? He was going to marry you and be a good father?”

      u shud have stopped right there. U NAILED IT!!!!! that is the question i ask these women

      • Meyaka

        I’m saying! Or hook up with guys in jail, then crying their eyes out when he gets out and move on to other girls, like duh! I don’t get it.

    • Kayo Halana Malie

      So, are saying she deserved to have a deadbeat father to her child?

      • Meyaka

        I’m saying, she could have avoided, breaking her child’s heart. A good men will take care of his child regardless of his feelings towards the mother, bow wow is a kid, an immature kid, and that’s who she laid with .

        • Kayo Halana Malie

          How could she have avoided this? And if a ‘good man’ will take care of his child irrespective of his feelings toward the mother, how do you explain men who take care of some of their children and not the other(s)?

          • Meyaka

            She could have used protection or contraception to avoid becoming pregnant.
            And half fathers are as bad as dead beat fathers.

  • Make sure that having a baby is something that you BOTH want. I’ve seen so many situations where a woman wants to be with a man so bad that she justifies having his baby. She expects him to be excited about having to deal with her for the rest of his life. Ladies, no matter how great you think you are as a woman or mother, he may still not want you to be in his life forever.

    I’ve personally dated some “doozies” in the past as well as some decent dudes and I couldn’t imagine having to be stuck dealing with any of them for the rest of my life just because I got caught up in a moment of weakness. No one should have that much power!!

  • Laila

    Really, I wanted to be on child support. Most men do that in the beginning not when their name is being/has been drug through the mud.

    • Karma

      I’m confused. How is he not taking care of his child? He pays $3000 dollars a month in child support! Some people don’t make $3000 dollars a month. That’s $26,000 a year! He’s paying his baby mama a salary to be a mama. That’s more than enough to take care of the child, so why is everyone calling him a deadbeat?

      • Karma

        Why does everyone assume he doesn’t spend anytime with the baby just because he is no longer with the mom? There’s multiple sides to every story…his, hers, and the truth!

      • Because he’s focusing on the support aspect. He is the one who didn’t say boo about custody. So apparently to him its all about the money.

      • Kayo Halana Malie

        He is not there for his child emotionally it seems, and that will hurt her more.
        He is not paying his daughter’s mother a salary to be a mother. He is supporting his child financially.

  • JustSayin

    Not everyone is meant to be a parent. That goes for both sides. I don’t think mentally he was ready to have a child and just because this woman had unprotected sex with an immature man does not mean he will automatically make a 180 and become a full grown adult. He still calls himself “bow wow.” Seriously? And; I am sure that he does see his child. It is always easy for a woman to call a man a deadbeat, scandalous, triffling and all the sorts but you have to remember that is the same man you were dating. The SAME exact man that had you in the strip clubs throws dollars at chicks or splurged to buy a lease a new car rather than buy a house. So; don’t get mad because he chose not to wife you or chose not to be the one you settle down with. A baby is completely separate from the personal situation. Time and time again I tell people… everyone is born with the parts to make a baby but not everyone is born with the sense to raise one.

    • psylocke_2001

      Thank you! Why can’t people get this through their heads?

  • Lisa

    Women, who thought popping out a kid would lock down a man and his $, are quick to throw the deadbeat card. I dated a guy with a BM. Every time my man got paid, his BM got $400 cash like clockwork. The minute he told her, he didn’t want to ever be with her again, she took him to court for being a deadbeat. Karma: She went from getting $800 cash a month to $575 in court mandated child support. These deranged BMs gon’ learn. They gon’ learn today!

    • SunshineBlossom

      Lol, girl you are definitely right about that, I don’t understand why it is they feel like they gotta go for the throat when the guy is being as responsible AS THEY WILL LET HIM. I know someone who is taking care of their child every weekend, but it’s still not enough. I personally think at the end of the day they are just greedy for the “child support”, which is really “baby mama support.”

      • Laila

        My love went through the same with his ex wife and he gave child support PLUS extras because that’s who he is. Sadly, she passed and he’s a single parent but, he has one less stress of someone not properly taking care of his children financially, physically, or emotionally.

        • So as long as he’s no longer stressed with his ex in his life (I’m sure it makes things easier on you huh) that’s cool. Damn that his kids lost their mom. As long as he doesn’t have to deal with all that baby momma drama. Yeah that seems reasonable.

          • like4real4real

            for real I had to read that twice, losing their mom is going o have an affect on them woman!

            • Yeah I had to read that ish twice. She’s glad her step children (they probably ain’t married but I’m giving the benefit of the doubt) are without a mother because its easier on her man? *looking sideways at the evil step-mom*

      • “Taking care of their child every weekend” isn’t being a father. I’m sorry you don’t get kudos for being a f*cking parent. Do you she get props for “taking care of her kids every 5 days”? of course not because it absurd to give a parent props for actually being there for THEIR child.

    • JustSayin

      I completely agree! That is annoying. I have a son and I refuse to “hate” him because he moved on. If anything I am the one shoving him out the door! Bye! If I am in a relationship with someone I want to know for certain that we are together because we mesh well not because we made this baby. Just like I am sure he doesn’t want to be scared to leave me because its cheaper to keep me. Raising the child support is not going to make him come back. It is going to make him dislike you more. Karma is really going to be something else when they allow men to determine how that “child support” is spent. Then what?

    • nick

      best believe that’s all that will go to the baby mama.

    • Yes and when your man knocks you up and leaves (cause that’s his pattern) you will be another one of his bitter BM’s on the sidelines screaming he’s a deadbeat and now you gotta split that 575 with his first BM. You gon’ learn that you ain’t any different than her.

      *This coming from a woman who is married to a man without any outside kids

  • reese

    Spoken like a true child. He needs way more people because what he is saying actually contradicts what was shown in court, he could have easily just perjured himself. The only thing that was mature was telling others to protect themselves. The Baby Mama’s sister already put him on blast for being a deadbeat, yet everything is good between them? Riiiiiight!

    • KIR12

      When are black women going to stop blaming black men for their pregnancy? The Feminist who fought for women’s reproductive rights would laugh in your face if you got up in front of them explained your pregnancy by saying “he should have used a condom”. LMAO!!! Do you know how stupid you all sound? Let me get this straight. You run down to the abortion clinic when it’s a broke, ugly guy or guy you don’t like but blame the man (you like) for baby you decide to keep? smmfh The truth is blacks are not having anymore nor less unprotected sex than other races. So yes, plan on using a condom every time but you better have a backup plan. Condoms alone have never worked for any race nor nation as an effective, exclusive means of birth control. Fact!!! When emotions and feelings are involved and trust is built the condom is almost always not used or used as frequently.

      Also at what point are black women going to realize that the separation rate for black baby daddies has got to be close to 90%. Black men do not stay with their black baby mammas. thatisall

      • Adrina

        I have to agree…some women want to be wives but in reality they are baby mama material at that time. Maybe when they get older, blah blah blah…but at that time that chick probably saw $$$$ and now she crying. Please. Men do not stay with their baby mamas…it’s very rare if they do…I only know a few ppl and they went through hell and high waters.

      • reese

        You went all the way to the left. I am not condoning nothing about out of wedlock pregnancy on either side you should protect yourself from diseases first, secondly use a condom if you don’t want to be with a person that you may not want to be stuck with, they make condoms for feminazis too! Protection is for both parties’ health. You sound like a man hater not me Ms feminist. He is sounds immature she is even more stupid for putting herself in this position because he obviously does not want her or the responsibility of parenting because it takes more than money. I am not on any one side I simply critiqued a public conversation and situation!

      • No matter what you are blabbing on about, it will always take two to make a baby. Men with more to lose ought to be smarter about who they run up in raw. She stands to gain all that she wants, and he stands to lose a good chunk of his current and future earnings and have the aggravation of dealing with some groupie he was just having fun with. So who out of those two really loses?