Cuz I Said So! Celebs We Don’t Like…Just Because We Don’t!

October 6, 2012  |  

You know, celebrities seem to take the place of any real news these days. So its no wonder that whenever you see that one particular star, you want to turn the channel if you’re watching tv, turn the page if you’re reading or turn the radio down if you’re listening. The thing is, sometimes we don’t even know why we don’t like the person…they just rub us the wrong way!

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  • GloriaGovansStetchmarks

    Zoe has a stank attitude. Solange is a weedhead. Jill has a huge ego! Did anyone catch her in Dave Chappelle’s block party? Tombout ‘have you heard me sing?’ Angela Simmons looks like she stinks. Tiny is borderline retarded. Hill Harper….that name. John Legend…no words.

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  • Ms.Mya

    Add Paula Patton to the list. Idk why but I can’t stand her. everything about her irritates me.

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  • TxnTower

    This article served no positive purpose. Females should lift each other, not tear each other down for little insignificant reasons. Please don’t turn into Bossip where they seem to be interested in plotting females against each other on a daily basis. You’re better than that MN, right?

  • BB

    …And the point of this article is?
    Spread positivity. Not recycled negative jargon about what other people “think” they’ve heard. Madame Noire has a significant social media platform; don’t waste it with negativity.

  • CarlaKah

    UGH. I don’t know these people personally nor have I seen any public fiasco (of the Kanye Cray-variaty) that should validate disliking anyone on this list. They all have artistic succes in common + are of color let’s learn from that!

  • Nikkita Michelle

    I forgot about Tiny. The hate mostly comes from females. A lot of chicks don’t think she’s cute enough to be with T.I. But you don’t have to think she’s cute as long as her man does your opinion doesn’t matter.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    I don’t have an issue with anyone on this list, but I do know why some people do. Solange is a true H-town sister, and no matter how famous her sister might be you’re not going to talk to her any kind of way and she demands respect. Kudos to her. Every radio host I’ve listened to have made comments that the attitude that Jill has on records when she’s checking some chick is her attitude 24/7; and they don’t care for her. John Legend is extremely talented, but I’ve never liked his voice from day one. He had that one joint Holla holla that I was kind of feeling but on the same album he started sounding like that old dude in my church choir. People are hating on Angela Simmons because of her family connections. She had no more control over her parentage than the rest of us…get over it.

  • lovely1

    I’m fairly new to this site. Only been on for a couple months and I think Im done. This article along with many others I’ve seen is just ignorant! Nothing but negativity and self-hatred amongst our race (not to get all MLK JR. on you but its true). Of course there are celebs and everyday people as well that rub us the wrong way and we dont know why but do we seriously need a blog about it? What about more positivity uplifting us as a culture? I know blogs and such are about gossip but what about some balance? Can we get balance MN?

  • sheena

    I don’t like Tiny because of her face. Im sorry. Its just atrocious and another example of why you should not get plastic surgery.

  • Caramel_Cookie

    What about Tamar Braxton, she should definately be on this list.

  • think

    Let’s just say this is not the article you want to include in your samples during your next job interview… smh.

  • monitorette

    Not only Jill sort is a good musician, but she displayed very good acting talent in the N°1 Ladies ‘ Detective Agency.
    Jill Scott is an outspoken person, but never insulting.
    As for Solange, people feel that she is being in the limelight too many times too often.

  • Candysview

    i dont dislike Tiny she is just annoying with the way she talks..”baaabby” and the plastic surgery or bee stings on her lips..

  • Jamie

    I don’t know who wrote this article but all with the exception of Solange are very likable people!

  • masave

    And what purpose does this article serve? Honestly, there are a couple of celebrities on this list I can agree to having issue about but its’ pointless. There are going to be haters for anyone out there in the public eye and to do an article about it just goes to show how shallow people are. I don’t see any real valid reasons for the hate except that they rub me the wrong way…really? I bet is this was on a white blog, it would not have flown or would’ve gotten a lot of flak. I don’t see any valid, intelligent reasons here. Why isn’t Rhianna on this list? Or Star Jones or all of the Basketball wives? I don’t know, I just think maybe there is some “jealousy” or resentment; maybe because of selling out or bein a hot mess… some reason other than “something in their eyes” is at least a reason, though convoluted I can give a list of if not valid reasons, reasons because of how celebs present themselves in the media or things that they’ve actually done. I guess that’s what a hater really is…hating for really no good reason.

  • Guest

    I’ll sum it up for you. Zoe is black but doesn’t call herself that yet is only too willing to take roles that are about BLACK people who own being black. Jill Scott is a bit too much like that big girl big attitude image we are tired of seeing. Solange is famous because she’s Beyonce’s sister and that just shouldn’t be a good enough reason to be famous. Angela is not nearly as pretty as her sister Vanessa, yet is the one getting the attention. Hll is a joke, no wife, no woman but a relationship expert, plus he seems a lttle weird. John Legend would do better to fnd a less dipsy girlffriend. It will up his likability quotient. Last but not least Tiny is representing another image of black women we are still trying to overcome. There it is in a nutshell!!!!!

  • Tagirl

    Well I’m a fan of Zoe, Jill, Hill and John. They do their own thing.

  • AJ389

    I like Tiny, I just wish she would hire a personal stylist.

  • mdoubs

    Where is Justin Bieber?

  • jill Scott??? Really???

  • moonrose4me

    Where’s Nicki Minaj?

  • moonrose4me

    The only one I disagree with is Jill Scott, I love her!

  • dbatt001

    those who dont like Zoe are clearly haters.

  • jackieOsassin

    i don’t like jill scott or jennifer hudson but i agree with the writer even if they have stank booty attitudes as long as they make good music i could care less.

    it’s not like i’m going to try and be their friend, after all.

  • shame on you

    you forgot a few ”CELEBRITIES…Bow WoW [dushbag] K.Michelle [ghetto bad] JoLo…[oh no] Nicki Minaj [wow she sounds like mimie mouse rapping]and lets not forget…Bey Bey…and i like her sister because she trying not to be like her sister…go girl…

  • i don’t know anyone on this list personally. So they can’t rub me the wrong way. However, I do have a couple of favorites more than others on this list. Jill, Solange, and Zoe.

  • Mia

    I’ve never heard anything bad about Jill.
    Zoe makes me sick because she tries too hard to swagger jack my girl Thandie Newton- stop it!.
    John Legend has become so haughty and above it all, just because his booty fills out a pair of jeans better than half the women in America.
    Hill Harper changed once he started writing those books…… and looking like Ned the wino. Tiny- a grown woman who calls herself Tiny, pats herself on the back for sticking with a man who cheats on her and talks like a “Jerry’s kid” addicted to helium deserves to be despised.

    • dbatt001

      sorry but you had me dyin lol

    • LeBatti

      You do know that Hill Harper had cancer, right?

    • sheena

      LMFAO! I am so torn between viewing TI and Tiny’s relationship as the ultimate in commitment or the ultimate sacrifice for a piece of a man.

    • Vince

      A grown woman that calls herself “Tiny”, now that’s funny. There should be an age when you stop using a nickname.

    • Meeks

      LOL Jealous much??

  • Soulsis

    I heart Zoe and Hill (period)



    • Soulsis


    • dbatt001

      I just died, burry me

      • TRUTH IS

        LMFAO @ you



    • <3

      Wow lol

    • Seriously?

    • sheena

      I’m just saying….I’ve been thought that. Like c’mon John

  • princessoutta23

    If you don’t like someone that you do not know then you have a problem and need to look within

    • dbatt001

      preach the truth!

    • mspurplerain

      You are soooooo right about that!





    • Mia

      I’ve hated Brandy ever since she and Tyra gave a poor new mom a make over, they talked about the woman like a dog and Brandy had the nerve to say “You can’t use the excuse of being a new mom for letting yourself go, cuz I was a new mom as well”
      ???? Really Brandy? Comparing yourself to regular working class mothers? I’m glad she’s a big flop now.

  • SisterTruth

    The only “celeb” I dislike, for good reason, who should be on this list is Kim Kardashian. How could you all forget her? This list is a joke!

  • Miemie

    WAIT, Kim Kardashian didn’t make the list?? lol

    • Kay Bentley

      Yea Kim K should have definitely been on tha list as #1 bc ppl absolutely hate her, followed by tha infamous “super head” also ppl still hate Mike Vick for what happen years ago & Nicki Minaj & Wendy Williams & Ciara & Kobe Bryant & Star Jones & Kanye West & Nene Leakes & Rocsi (from BET) & just recently Stevie J from LHH (these aren’t ppl i particularly hate but r jus known for being hated by many & should have been on tha list instead of some of theses celebs on here)

    • Candacey Doris

      Kim K isn’t on the list because there are MANY reasons to dislike her. Same for Supahead, Wendy Williams (the mouth on that woman!) and lots of other people. But yeah, no one really asks why people don’t like Kim K.

    • That should be on this list, not Jill Scott and Zoe. Madame we do actually like these people.

  • DeeDee33

    I think this is the WORST post ever!!!!!!!!!! All these women are great. Get it together MN you guys are slipping 4 -REAL.

  • IllyPhilly

    Dead at the title!

    • Soulsis


  • Guest

    I don’t really care too much one way or the other for the people on this list. Maybe that’s why it seems like so many people dislike them because they don’t have in-your-face fan bases and haters ar going to hate on everyone.

  • Bubbles

    this article is crap. why have a list like this?? then the people on this list are somewhat random as hell.

  • Rebecca

    I really don’t understand the hatred thrown at Solo. I personally love her style, her music and the fact that she is private and numb to the comparison and shade with Bey

  • LuLu

    This is not a good list of people, with the exception of Tiny, everyone else on the lis does not belong….come n MN – I usually trust and agree with the opinions of MN writers – but this was far off – way off…..I could think of at least ten other people that should live on this list for the rest of their lives….

  • AJ389

    I think Angela Simmons is a nice girl, now, Vanessa, that’s the snob that really rubs me the wrong way. She seems to me like she thinks she’s better than everybody, even her own family. If I’m one day proven wrong, I’ll admit it, but for now, she’s on my blacklist.

  • Fresh45

    Other than Zoe, I don’t have a problem with any of the celebs on this list. I don’t like Zoe because she comes across as very stuck up. I didn’t know people didn’t like John Legend. I can understand how people can find Tiny’s voice annoying but I don’t see why they would dislike her.She seems like a really nice and cool person. I don’t understand why people dislike Angela either.

    • Tyla Harrington

      I saw an episode of a Bravo tv show where John Legends girl, Chrissy Tiegen was having a, dress made for the Met Ball. She said she had to bring John in for his opinion because he had to approve before she wore the dress. He came across as a controlling jerk, making remarks about everydetail of the dress like he was, Patti Labelle. The dress was, beautiful. After that I resolved to separate person from craft because I didn’t like that at all.

  • Breakdown

    Tiny’s voice is like fingernails scraping a blackboard, irritating, also the extremely poor grammar. Not dislike, It’s like someone with bad breathe, you don’t dislike like them but it is difficult to hold company or have a conversation.


      Honestly I don’t know how T.I. listens to that girl throughout the day and night, and just think what she may sound like when they…….you know have relations! LOL, guess he’s immuned to that ish but hey one things for sure he loves her squeaky annoying voice self!

  • mrsgotrocks

    Funny…I don’t dislike anyone on this list. Now, I’m not a huge fan of a few celebrities but it has been made known that Black women are not allowed to dislike nonBlack female celebrities so I’ll keep my choices to myself.

  • mrskcm

    I must be the odd ball, because i really like ALL of these people! It’s just something about them i just like! I think black people are the only group who sits around disliking and discouraging our own people. Nor, would any other group do a “i just don’t like you because” article! MN Get your life!

  • Chassie

    While I don’t really care either way about anyone on this list, i know many people who don’t and half of the comments on mn are some celebrity being raked over the coals when it has nothing to do with the topic. If you dont like the article, don’t, but I don’t understand why people are acting like she pulled this article out of nowhere, smh

  • Open Heart

    Drenna! You hit the nail on the head with this one! I agree that hatin’ on anyone is a strong personal issue but there are just some celeb folks that irk me For no good reason – deep down I know they could be good people but they just BUG me. I approve of this post!

  • Anna

    Commenters are being self-righteous today. I have read disdainful comments on celebrity gossip sites hurled towards most of the celebrities mentioned, so this article isn’t made up at all. People just rather not admit being a hater.

    • PhD_Chick

      You hit the nail on the Head!!

      • lovely1

        No this article is just pointless

    • What are ya’ll reading???

  • lalasworld

    Im not feeling this topic. At all. We dont know these people to didlike them. Smh. Musta ran into a a no-topic block.

  • Guest

    I think we need to cut Drenna some slack here. While I do agree that topics like this aren’t news worthy, there are situations in which we just tend to dislike certain people for apparently no reason, or reasons that are in our subconscious. For instance a lot will disagree with me but I really can’t stand Rhianna. I don’t know her personally, but the way she is portrayed in the media makes me not like her. It’s not uncommon to have dislike people “just because.”

    • Guest

      to “dislike people” not “have dislike people” lol.

  • Afro_Hello_Kitty81

    Well I personally don’t know these people and they haven’t done anything to me, so why waste time dislike them?

  • Ok allegedly we don’t like Hill Harper because he wrote some books? This seems personal. And really dumb.

    • Candacey Doris

      I don’t even know who Hill Harper is….

      edit: nvm, i wiki’d him. If his books sell then obviously someone likes him.

    • awet

      I think it’s because a few years ago, he milked the whole, “I went to Harvard with Barack” thing dry!!

  • I have never heard anyone say they don’t like Jill Scott.

  • C’Mon People!

    I am so tired of the grammatical errors this publication makes. Can’t you guys hire a proof reader?! We should not have to read articles with so many errors and broken english. Geesh!

    • ondarealfasho

      Amen and amen!!

  • blessed

    This article is the reason people do not like one another. It is he say/she say at it’s finest. Isn’t there an election underway…….. However this is what we are talking about.

  • Erika

    I like everyone on this list…. I don’t like this topic because every celebrity have people that don’t like them… ex: Beyonce have a bunch fans, but theres many people that can’t stand her

    • Lexi

      Me too

  • I don’t not like anyone but do get annoyed when I hear Tiny speak

  • Who doesn’t like Zoe Saldana, and just because people feel she isn’t right to play Nina Simone doesn’t mean that people dislike her. I mean, ur articles are really stupid..

    • Pauola

      People don’t like Zoe because they think she denies her black heritage.

      • Zoe has always stated that she is a black women from the Dominican Republic..

      • Guest

        When has she denied her black heritage? She’s always said she’s a blacl latina.

  • Meyaka

    Mn, as a celebrity/black women blog, you can’t take that kind of stand, now if it was a personal blog , I would be right there with you , beyonce, tiny, toya, Ciara,Christina Milligan, Jennifer Lopez and that’s just at the top of my head, I don’t like the chicks and I don’t think I have to explain why, or be attacked by some insane fans, but you as journalists , you do.

  • Co-Co Diva

    I just can’t believe this list! C’mon….disliked celebs and brother sister duo Brandy & Ray J are nowhere to be found?!

  • I don’t dislike Tiny..

  • This is the type of article I’d expect from a highschooler. Not feeling this at all. “I don’t like her.” “Why?” “Just because” There’s always a reason!

    • DrennaB

      You’d be so surprised! The reason I even “put this on the table” is because I was listening to “strong” conversations about Angela Simmons and Tiny yesterday. Yes, from grown women. They didn’t seem to have any real reasons other than “something about them.”

      If you ever read the comments here about certain celebs, you’re BOUND to hear “Such and such just gets on my nerves. Can’t really put my finger on it yet.” It definitely happens.

      • NONEYA

        @b7274e4f1fa15cc328c47f94229e437f:disqus Why did you leave Tamar off your list?!!

        • Ya know? And Kim Kardashian..

        • Mia

          (bouncing up and down in chair, pulling on weave) WHAT!? Oh you don’t like me!? Get ya life girl! Hater .com! Errybody love Miss Tay-Tay, get ya life, boo boo!! .com .com, A mess .org!

          Ugh! I hate that woman


    I dont understand the hate if any towards Hill Harper, & im not buying his book writing we all know he is an intelligent Harvard man!!
    But, I do understand & agree with Angela Simmons & Zoe they both try to hard and Zoe hasnt been a black Hispanic isnt Drum Line, she is a sell out, she hasnt been in “black” movie since! Angela Simmons is famous for being famous!

    • dbatt001

      lets b extremely real and I know your not gunna like it but “black” movies just dont attract as much attention, viewers, and rewards as “white” movies. Zoe is gorgeous and has “white” features so she gets offers for “white” movies. It only makes sense to accept them for it will further her career. She is not being a sell out, she is being smart. It is what it is.

      • NONEYA

        “WHITE FEATURES”???!! Her skin is dark as Sanna Lathan!! Zoe screws White men, thats how she has gotten ahead, she certainly cant act!!

        • dbatt001

          Thats a very ignorant and hostile comment. Yes white features…. She is very thin, thin nose, small lips, no curves. I am being general here . Black women are known for having strong features, full lips, wide nose, curvy body. Again, I am being general. Zoe basically looks like a white girl that is extremely tan. That is the look hollywood is going for. You have no proof she screws white men besides what you heard or read on a blog somewhere. By the way, whats wrong with sleeping with a white man?
          PS- I luv Sanna Lathan, a much better actress.

  • Kareema

    I think you should find some real news. I can’t believe this is even a topic. I thought this page was about positivity, clearly not. None of us even know these ppl…..piss poor journalism!!!

    • lovely1

      I dont know why you thought that its rarely any positivity on this site.

  • I’ve never heard anything negative about Jill Scott, I’ve always heard she was very humble and down to earth. I respect everyone on this list!

    • Common Cent$

      I completely agree I love this site but not a big fan of this article. The only time I’ve read about Zoe getting any flack was about the Nina Simone biopic. Now I’ve heard women call Tiny ugly and that’s just women being catty and mean nothing new there. And just like with the Gabby Douglas hair fiasco if we would’ve ignored it it would’ve went away.

  • Stupid

  • JaneDoe

    Really MN? I can’t say I don’t like any of these folks because I don’t know them personally.