Selfishness, Distance, and Other Reasons Why Your Marriage May Have Ended

October 9, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin


"Divorce papers pf"

With the divorce rate at approximately 40% to 50%, you have many more couples asking, “Why even get married?” Another sentiment you often hear is, “Marriage ruins everything.” But that sentiment is a lazy one. It puts the blame on a mere label and set of papers. Did that ring really ruin your relationship? Or that little piece of paper otherwise known as a marriage certificate? You were already living together. You were already sharing your lives, responsibilities and a bed. So let us be real: marriage doesn’t ruin a relationship that wasn’t already doomed for one of these fundamental reasons.

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    Folks marry for the wrong reasons..the good women dont get a chance cus the bad one fcuked things up for them #truth

  • Money is one of the biggest reasons. If money is an issue, many other things become magnified.

  • Pivyque

    I agree with the other posts. Too many pages. I didn’t even bother looking at any other pages, but I agree with what’s on this one lol Marriage can’t ruin a relationship. The people involved make the decisions about what to do with their relationship.

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    Stay single.

    • L-Boogie

      Really? LOL!

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    It may very well hit on some points, but I won’t know cuz I ain’t clickin that many times. Surely you can put this stuff on the same page.

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