“N***as Be Stressing”: Chris Brown Documents His Love For Two Women …& They Respond

October 5, 2012  |  

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*Sigh* The Chris Brown, Rihanna, Karrueche saga continues. After Chris Brown released a public statement announcing the end of his relationship with Karrueche, (because of his alleged friendship with Rihanna), he’s now documenting the depth of his feelings for both women. And I don’t mean documenting it with another public statement; but through a mini documentary, of course, which features clips of he and Rih Rih cuddled up in the club, his outings with Karrueche and images of Brown sitting on the ground, looking too distraught, smoking…something. In light of his probation issues, we hope it was a cigarette.

So extra.

In this 1 and a half minute film, Chris [drunkenly] questions the notion of being in love with two women at the same time. One of life’s greatest mysteries, no doubt.

There are really no words to explain the foolery so please just watch it below.

At this point, I’m no longer surprised by anything that goes down between these three. One minute they want to keep their relationship(s) private, the next, there are fully edited films discussing it.

How is Rihanna responding to the flick? She recently released a statement on Twitter of course:

“Ain’t nobody bidness…but mine & my baby.”

Oh ok. Maybe Chris didn’t get that memo considering the documentary was uploaded to Vimeo for the world to see.

And baby?! Apparently, they’re officially on boo status again.

Considering the breakup is still fresh on Karrueche’s heart, she also had something to say about it.

Wtf is going on? All I’m saying is.. You don’t mess with people’s genuine feelings. You just don’t! Life moves on.. So let’s all.

Poor thang.

It’s hard to believe that homegirl didn’t see this coming, especially after the two of them were in the studio singing about 0-ral sex; but if she did have sincere feelings for Chris and was indeed blindsided by the breakup and subsequent video, this is hella grimy.

As for Chris and Rihanna: Initially, I thought the two of them should leave each other alone. But apparently, that’s not an option either one of them is willing to exercise. So I’ve just resigned to no longer stress about it.

I officially wash my hands of the Chrihanna/Karrueche love triangle.

What do you think of the video, Chris’ treatment of Karrueche and the fate of Chris and Rihanna’s relationship?

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  • Black

    How selfish of him to put that video out there. What a bum.

  • NiceNasty

    But who said that Chris and Rihanna are “back together?” Cause to me it’s like when a dude is in a relationship with the new chick while still hitting the old chick, making the old chick think that if he leaves the new chick then he’ll come back to her. So she continues her “freindship” with him because in her mind she really thinks he’s going to come back to her. And he doesn’t tell her any different cause he’s caught up in passed feelings when he’s around her, but he also claims to love the new chick too. So time goes on and he finally dumps the new chick, well at this point he’s still having sex with the old chick and she jus knows that he’s going to come running back. But doesn’t, because now with the other chick out of the picture he startes to think about what drove him and the old chick apart in the first place. Then as passed issues start to resurface, he realize she is his ex for a reason. IDK, correct me if I’m wrong but that’s what I think.

  • CarlaKah

    Haysoos (Jesus in phonetic spanish) take the wheel…

  • NiceNasty

    Honestly I don’t think any of them are in love with one another at all, it’s just the thought of being in love and not being alone. They have yet to sit and be content with theyselves untill true love finds them. Instead of taking a step back and really focus on improving themselves for the better, while facing and dealing with their issues properly. They would rather run from their problems in any shape, form, or fashion. But then again I think their attraction really stems from them both coming from a abusive home. It’s like they want to save themsveles by saving each other. Idk, but I truly believe that when this is all said and done they will not be together, and major damage will be done. All we can do is pray for them and wait till it’s all over.

  • Luvah12

    wasnt the whole reason for them (chris & riri) getting into that huge fight n the car over his cheating on her, but now she was cheating with him on karrueche! smh makes no sense, this whole thing is a definite train wreck waiting to happen (again) but i definitely lost lots of respect for rihanna for that tho (cheating w/ chris brown, and then rubbing this girls face in it!!!) she deserves watever she gets in the relationship then, in terms of cheating, & better not complain when he does it blatantly!

  • Guest360

    Am I the only one that’s tired of hearing about this ratchet triangle? I would like to throw all 3 of them into a black hole, just to get away from this nonsense. You can’t claim “my bidness” if you’re on twiitter, Oprah, in the club, or where ever proclaiming your love for “your baby”. I would feel bad for Karreche but she knew the deal from the get go. The man sang about eating Rihanna’s “cake” just this past Spring! Come on!! And I have no words for Chris. It’s amazing how in 3 short years he went from being proclaimed this generation’s Michael Jackson to this horrible shell of a man. So much talented waste on immaturity and disgusting behavior. Please stop talking about these folks. We are in the middle of the most important election of our generation. Lets focus on that instead of this desperate seek of attention from these individuals.

  • BelCaramelJoJo

    These 2 can have each other, if Rihanna gets hurt again it will be her own fault, why would you do something like that. Chris did love Kae and was in a relationship. U had him but it didn’t work out because of an unforeseen situation that took place. I have a bad feeling this will not end well for either of them personally or musically.

  • Ambitious12

    I think for right now Chris should stay single…I mean some people love Chrianna but right now it’s too soon and I can’t take it… Chris focus on you right now not your gf or gfs or your 2 loves What ever

  • princess85

    Ms. K knew what she had got herself into, when they first started dating K had put out a video of her making fun of Rih low key, I don’t think Rih responded for a minute. I remember when K tweeted something about him coming home to her at the end of the day.. So she knew what the deal was, everybody in the world knew Chris would leave K eventually, she just wanted to act like she was blind and naive to the whole situation, I dont feel sorry for her at all she let Chris treat her that way

  • naijaglobe trotter

    Somebody!!! Anybody!!!! Please call my dear aunty Iyanla!!!! She needs to ravage through this hot mess!!

  • Space

    Time for all focus on something else no surprise chris and rihanna doing whatever let them do what them. Focus on getting out and VOTE!!!

  • IJS

    Karrueche new he was still in love with rihana all along, she thought she could win his heart. Heffer Please, the whole world new that chris & RiRi were still smashing except you. Now go on about your bidness with your 5 mins of fame & do something with your life.

  • MonaDee

    I’m so blown away by how disrespectful Rihanna has been. It’s bad enough that Chris has been stringing along this poor girl but for Rihanna to participate in rubbing it in this girl’s face is just disgusting. She really needs to get herself together.

  • KSocial

    Chris Brown is crazy. He will go back to Karreuche unless she won’t take him back. Rhianna was much more in love with Chris than he is with her. She is a great friend. He won’t marry her. I think Karrueche dumped him and his PR statement was just to save face. It was apparent that the break up was abrupt an admist Karrueche being tired of his friendship with Rhianna. He smashed Rhianna’s face and deep down will probably never respect he for going back to him an still being in love with him after he did that to her. Too easy. He clearly states in the video its hard when you have a history with someone yet fell in love with some one else. He loves Rhianna, but I don’t think he is in love with her. He is in love with the idea of her not really her.

    • KSocial

      She has made herself appear desperate for this man by crying for him on National Television and constantly professing her love for him. She goes over and beyond to show the world how much she loves him but I don’t see the same on Chris’s behalf. I don’t see him begging for her on national tv and professing his love. She also showed her desperation by not forcing him to set up boundaries. They have clearly been sleeping together for a while during the time he was in a relationship with this woman even after he did all that to her. Yet she still professes her love and makes sure that she reaches out to him and kisses him. He didnt even profess his love for her in this video. He said he fell in love with someone else (Karreuche) but had a history with Rhianna. After all this time Chris is still confused. Don’t you think that if he was in love with her he would know by now. This relationship is a recipe for disaster. Rhianna needs to love herself and stop living in the past. I have been there when you were so in love with someone who hurt you so deeply, was your bestfriend, and then one day something so tragic happened and you want to do nothing but turn back the clock and erase the past. Unfortunately you can’t. She needs to take this as a lesson learned and stop dealing with a man who after all this still doesn’t love her enough to make a video saying that he loves her only. He says he is confused. Thats all. I will keep her in my prayers as she is entirely too beautiful to be dealing with this fool.

  • Chassie

    WHY does Chris Brown still have access to media? Someone in Camp Breezy needs to have a heart to heart with this grown boy because this is ridiculous.

  • polymathk

    Karreuche better boss up. We wouldn’t know who she is if this hadn’t gone down this way. She better seize this as a way to get her bread up and move on. Being young beautiful and famous ain’t THAT damn bad.

  • Jumpstart

    I don’t know why k is so shocked. The world has been telling her all year. She can’t be that delusional.

  • mina

    He’s so hilarious. ALWAYS screaming about privacy but yet publicizing shyt when he should be focused on music, community service, etc…not your damn “feelings”. Please consult a therapist…Dr. phil, Dr. Drew…Anybody!!!???

  • inthislifeofSYN

    Even in that video he was all over RiRi I didnt see that same display of affection between him and Karreuche, he propbably was just messing with her to pass time.

  • Elle

    I think Rihanna and Chris should be together forever, that way everyone else gets spared dealing with their bull****.

  • They asses might as well get married!! Still dnt think RiRi should of ever got back with him…

  • I have a genuine question? Do people REALLY know what love is? Is love an emotion? Something that comes and goes? I don’t even know what to say. These three are very young. They’ll have to figure life out like the rest of us. Just because they are celebs doesn’t mean they don’t have the same emotions and circumstances as the “regular” people.

    What they do doesn’t make me ****, so whatever!

    • Love ultimately is an obligation. You choose to obligate yourself to the object of your affection. how deep your obligation goes is up to you… IMO

  • mochaaa

    i want to literally cry for karreuche she seems like such a sweet girl. aww chris why?

    • gmarie

      Same. But this may very well be the best thing to happen to her. She’s hurt now I’m sure but we eventually see things fall in place later when we’re taken out of an equation. Wouldn’t want to be on that train when it finally crashes.

  • Um, here’s an idea. How about, not getting into a relationship with someone else unless you’ve been sucessfully able to breakup with/get over the previous chick you dated? Crazy? Or better yet just don’t date anyone if both of you have unresolved feelings. All this whole thing seems like with the added video it’s a classic case of a man trying to get his d–k wet with no actual consequences for his actions. Being in love with someone, be it two people or not implies you care about them. Rhi needs to sit somewhere and Chris needs to apologize to both of them because that whole video seemed about how he feels not him and them. When he goes upside her head again as my mom says ”the whole baby party is going to mash up” and no one will be be surprised.

  • Meyaka

    I think Rihanna is obviously a fool in love, kakamou is either naive or a gold digger, and Chris brown is trying hard to show the world that he won’t mess up again, but he needs his woman back….

    Team breezy, how you feeling? You ignoramus launched a hate campaign against Rihanna, called her every name is the book, and when she said jump, Chris jumped no question asked, notice how he is doing all this pr to show he cares for her? Don’t ya feel dumb?

    • TRUTH IS

      Same can be asked about Rihanna navy or whatever…they wanted to hang breezy with barb wire after the incident…..what we (the public) say ot think doesnt matter

  • ShawtyBadd

    So the entire world knew Chris and Rhianna were messing around but Kaurruche didn’t? GTF OUTTA HERE! Chris is a douche but I don’t feel sorry for her not one bit. She chose to look the other way for the sake of expensive handbags and trips. Chile…

  • York

    I just ended a situation like this and I believe there’s a LOT of gray area that can be made black and white if a decision is made and stuck to. Yes u can love two people at the same time but there’s only ONE of you….is it really fair that NEITHER people u claim to love get the full picture of what you offer because you’d rather spread yourself around? If you have two people that you’re trying to give the same thing to, who benefits other than yourself? Its not a compliment or comfort to the “options” that they’re both loved. If either of them have an iota of self respect, they’ll move on to someone who understands the importance of not placing roadblocks in the way! This is how people get effed up, so why create that drama?

  • Rawtid

    No self respecting woman would put up with this foolishness. Rihanna need to get some self-esteem. This entire situation is straight up pitiful.

  • MLS2698

    I can’t believe she ( K) asked wtf is going on. YOU GOT DUMPED IN A MAJOR PUBLIC WAY! So yes, move one. But just watch to see what happens, because what goes around comes around.

  • forljs

    Did anyone catch how he can only say that he and Rhi have so much fun at the club? What about a true relationship?? Not under the influence of substance and during a regular day of functioning, not a social setting. This is key, you can date someone that all you do is party with, but can that relationship actually hold itself together when it comes to the daily grind, real life situations. It just doesn’t sound like they have a solid foundation; just dysfunction, co-dependence, inebriating substances and probably great sex….that usually enough to keep an unhealthy relationship going.

    • Suchalady

      He didn’t say that. Did you notice that the clops of him and Rih his smile was a mile wide and in the clips with Karrueche they were playing on their phones?

    • Kamele

      We all saw the proof that him and ri ri had more than just the party scene when they were actually a couple. Who are we to say anything about them being in love, or worrying if they have a solid foundation?

      • I don’t think it’s a matter of “worry” but observation. Isn’t that why we read blogs? We read a particular thread and we voice our opinions.

        To be honest, I really don’t care what these people do. I’m too busy living my life. That’s enough; however, I do enjoy gossip and reading the varying opinions on said topics. I might even add my two cents. In other words, I don’t think forljs is “worrying” about them.

  • IllyPhilly

    This ain’t young love! This is a whole spoiled a$$h0le trying to romanticize his greedy ways. So why get her tatted on you???

  • I’m Not One to Gossip But…

    It seems a little opportunistic of Chris to make a documentary about it….it makes it seem like he is using the entire situation for publicity. I think if you genuinely have feelings for someone (for Rihanna or Karrueche) you wouldn’t use it to drum up interest, I think the whole thing is tacky.

  • Kendra255

    I agree with Na Na in a sense. Im starting to look at all of relationships different nowadays, What women has not been cheated on? We all act like we have never been through it. Everybody plays the fool at one time or another. And its not just the black community, some countries still allow more than one wife! And if Chris and Rhianna still love each other let them.

    • dimpz

      Sooo if ur best friend got beaten by her ex,you would advise her it’s cool if she wants to get back with him since she still loves him and all…?

      • Kendra255

        Who am I to judge? I would listen to my best friend, give honest support, but in the end it is her decision, and whatever her decision is, I support her 100% and hey there is a 50/50 chance it might work out between the two. If it is a life and death situation all I can do is pray. I have never been the friend to tell anyone to leave their man, because mine is not perfect either. No he is not abusive, but we have issues just like every other relationship in the world. No need of being fake about it. If your relationship is perfect congratulations, I’m living in reality over here where we have issues, so why tell my friend to leave her man when I can’t fix the problems that arise in my own relationship?

  • Chris is human and we have feelings. I think chris just moved to the next relationship way to fast and he was not fully over riri. But in this situation I love chris for being really honest cause you dont find many man that will do what he did.

  • dondada

    Chris , should have kept it on the d low ..and channel it through a new body of work, he is a growing man and people will appreciate feelings on wax other than a mini documentary of your exploits….Remember Usher ..Confessions was his biggest album and apparently his most honest about what a growing male adult goes through. After all its the humanity we want to hear not see!

  • hollyw

    Ahhh lawd…I swear, mental illnesses run rampant in the Black community, and the media (and society) keeps trying to wrap this one up as “young love”…when it’s really a product of domestic violence and low self-esteem…for all of them…well, maybe not Chris lol. But DEF those chicks! Black women, please continue raising ya standards!!

    p.s. he actually exercised decent judgment in breaking up w/ one if he was still in love w/ another…I’ll give him THAT…

    • ennui5

      blame it on the brain transmitter Dopamine

    • Karrueche isn’t black (OK half black), but I think WOMEN need to step up their game. Being in love with the wrong people has NOTHING to do with race. I wish some black people would stop making generalizations!

    • naijaglobe trotter

      I just wanna say i love you!!!!! lmao on this statement!! This is dysfunction at its best being called love!! I swear people love dysfunction; this generation’s idea of love is really mindblowing!!

  • Afro_Hello_Kitty81

    I’m sorry, but Chris Brown is a d*ck!

  • angie

    What he think he’s Stevie J?

    • <3


  • Na Na

    As I was reading this I received a text from my two guys…smh. And you can definitely be in love with two people at the same time. I say why rush a relationship, date both people. the purpose of dating is to audition in a sense people who you can have a prosperous life with. They are young. Like my grandmother says, “Just keep living'”

    • hollyw

      I agree that your youth is for dating…as in, going out on dates…but once you fall in love w/ someone and/or they fall for you, you have a decision to make. I think he made the right one. He obviously has some sorting out to do, and like he said, he’s not trying to be a ‘player’, which I think is commendable.

  • I mean, anybody with eyes could clearly see what was going on all along, but I still feel bad for him stringing Karrueche on! But oh well… live, laugh, love… hopefully Karrueche will move on from this situation a lot more wise and enter her next relationship cautiously! Ladies, stop accepting all this nonsense from these men who don’t deserve your time!!

  • JaneDoe

    The video is like adding insult to injury.. He did the right thing by breaking up with her but he should just proceed now with caution because a woman scorned can do a lot of damage.

    • Miss K

      And he talks about his mama raising him better smh. I’m done judging now.

    • Urbangirl

      I know that’s right…..Just watch the ID channel. You’ll be surprised at what some women do.

      • Ambitious12

        I could see Karrueche now on deadly women……


    I will make no other comment than I will sit and watch how this one plays out…..Time do tell!!