Underestimation, Anniversary Plans & Other Reasons President Obama Struggled In Last Night’s Debate

October 5, 2012  |  

Source: abcnews.com

For the past couple of weeks I have been turnt up…for the presidential debates. Mitt Romney had had a couple of terrible weeks. Paul Ryan, his vice presidential candidate was getting more shine than him and those god-awful 47 percent comments had pretty much cemented his name in the list of unsuccessful presidential hopefuls. I was sure that the debates, public speaking, President Obama’s strong suit would be the final nail in coffin that was Mitt Romney’s slowly descending presidential campaign.

But what I saw last night didn’t exactly meet my expectations.

Jim Lehrer, the moderator, though he seemed like a lovely man, was no match for the two candidates. Mitt Romney came across as assertive and well prepared. And President Obama just seemed to be having an “off” day at the absolute worst time to have an off day.

Dang it!

I turned off the television frustrated, hoping that the attention-seeking, almost mythical group of “undecided voters” weren’t persuaded and wooed by Mitt’s shapeshifting, outright lies and overbearing ways.

But in the midst of that I wondered, what was going on with my president?

We’ve known for sometime now that President Obama is a class act. He prefers compromise over conflict and dignity over drama. But last night I was hoping that he brought more of the realness, some zing, punch, pizazz, shade, reading whatever. But that just didn’t happen.

There were so many times throughout the night where I was literally coaching President Obama from my couch, hollering out jabs for him to hurl back at Mitt Romney. Begging him to call him a liar or at least say he was dead wrong. But that didn’t happen either.

The night wasn’t a total bust, I will say President Obama won the healthcare part of the debate considering Mitt was trying to steal portions of “Obamacare” for this alleged plan of his. But when it came to the economy and tax cuts, he just didn’t sell it like he should have.

My Twitter timeline and a New York Times analysis said pretty much the same thing. President Obama just didn’t have that fire last night. Some claimed he was tired, others that he didn’t expect Mitt to come at him the way he did and one hilarious person on Facebook said that he was too excited about that “anniversary A$$” to focus on the debate.

Judging by his more spirited comments today in Denver and the actual mention of the 47 percent, it seems that President Obama’s advisors had some constructive feedback for him.

So, we’ll take the “L”  on this one and hope that people will tune into for the second and third rounds. And in those second and third rounds, I’ma need the President and Joe Biden to bring it and as Rupaul would say lip sync debate for his life.

What did you think of the debate last night? Do you think President Obama’s performance will hurt him at the polls?

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    So what’s with all the Romney campaign adds on MN? Wow………..Obama still has my vote!!!

  • Kenedy

    I must say that i freaking love it when you said “attention seeking & mythical undecided voters” lmao..

  • JT

    He was terrible. I hope Michelle with held the “anniversary @$$” as punishment:p

  • Immapray4u

    I wish racist black folks would stop making excuses for Obama just because he’s half black and a democrat. Most of the black people that voted for him 4 years ago did so only because he looks like them, and that is dead wrong.I’ve even heard instances where people stated that had no idea what he stood for but “All I know is he’s black”. WHAT?REALLY? He choked plain and simple. I’m completely unbiased to politics and I don’t really involve myself in it but Romney straight up owned him. Anniversary ain’t have a daggone thing to do with it either, tackiest and most disrespectful excuse I’ve heard yet. Stay out of his bedroom. ALL politicians are liars as far as I’m concerned, and truthfully WE ARE NO BETTER OFF NOW THEN WE WERE FOUR YEARS AGO.

    • L-Boogie

      I like your name.

    • get real

      “Most of the black people that voted for him 4 years ago did so only because he looks like them, and that is dead wrong”
      I bet this is the very reason that you didn’t vote for him. And I was good four years ago and I don’t know know about you but I’m doing even better today. Why did most black people (about 80-90%) vote for Clinton, Gore, and Kerry, who are white and look nothing like us? See take racist white America back their talking points and quit talking this dumb Uncle Tom sh**.

    • CarlaKah

      Please read and educate yourself.

  • Ann

    I thought President Obama did well although he could have went in on Romney. He could be setting Romney up so he can hang himself and put his foot in his mouth. Romney lied through his teeth the entire debate.


    The puppetry continues….pick the lesser of two evils!!! Want quality lip service, check a politrickian!!

  • get real

    I was just schooling some white boy online about this earlier. Look Fox news has dug up a tape from 07 of Obama giving a speech and Hannity, Tucker Carlson (and the rest of Fox news) are saying he was “angry” and had a “chip on his shoulder”. You know the good ole “angry blk man” bs trying to rile up white folks for votes. Ya know, playing on the subconsious stereotypes and fears that white folks have of us. That’s why Obama was constantly looking down and smiling at stuff that normal people wouldn’t even smile at. He was trying to down play that “angry” nonsense that Fox and conservatives are running with. I guarantee.

  • Luvn_it

    The last election he started off kind of slow

  • MLS2698

    Please! I didn’t watch because I already know who I’m voting for. The End

  • FromUR2UB

    I feel President Obama did better than has been reported. I disagree that he came across as angry or aloof. Since the news shows had talked so much about “zingers” in the days leading up to the debate, I believe the public was disappointed that they didn’t get to see a knockdown, drag out. President Obama methodically addressed Mitt Romney’s claims, but because he didn’t go for the jugular – bringing up the 47% tape, Swiss and Cayman Island accounts, despite that these didn’t fit the content – he was perceived as the loser. Debates have never been about entertainment value; they’re supposed to be about the candidates talking about very dry topics, the issues and their policies, which is what President Obama did. Mitt Romney appeared agitated to me. But, as soon as he began counting off, though providing no substantive detail about HOW he’d accomplish his proposals, I knew that would impress people. Perhaps this is why he feels Sesame Street is dispensable: kids can just listen to him count, instead.

  • moonrose4me

    Obama is doing what he does best. Mitt was moving to fast and brought up subjects that weren’t even asked . I seen this kind of game played before,just wait until they debate again. Mitt has laid all his cards on the table. Obama took some points from Kennedy too. Don’t give up on Obama, he know what he is doing. Just watch the GOP start bragging and then comes the slip up. Classic.

    • Adrina

      THANK YOU!!!! Someone knows the concept of strategy….I said this also. You do not bet all your money in the first game, period! And if people really listened to the debate…you will know that even though Romney was loud…he wasn’t saying anything. He never gave specifics, never…Obama however stated facts calmly, and in my opinion he won because of that. Do we want someone who can talk loud and not say anything? or someone who can keep a calm head and SHOW the country how to get it done? Last night was a small part of the master plan. In the last, debate it’s over for Romney because he already put it out there, and we know he won’t state any facts or specifics.

      • Ann

        You are exactly right. Romney does not have any solutions. He just lied and didn’t give any solutions to what he was going to do. I don’t know how the mainstream declared Romney a winner. I must admit, Romney did put on a Oscar performance.