Check Her! Anderson Cooper Throws The Severest Shade To Star Jones

October 4, 2012  |  

By day Anderson Cooper is a very professional, very qualified, super talented journalist who has dedicated himself to educating and informing the American people about the global and domestic issues that we need to know about. But you might not know that Anderson also moonlights as a lemonade sipping, shade throwing talk show host. I take that back. Perhaps Anderson doesn’t make a habit for reading people; but when it came to Star Jones talking about his personal decision to come out, he did not hesitate to shut her down.

Remember, earlier this year Anderson Cooper decided to come out, in his professional life, telling his colleagues and fans that he’s a gay man. There were several people who already knew this little tidbit, so it wasn’t earth shattering news; but for whatever reason, it was news that Star Jones had to speak on.

In a discussion with Andy Cohen, Anderson explained why Star Jones’ comments were surprising and hypocritical. Watch the video below.

Well, I’m with Anderson when he’s right. The trajectory of Star Jones’ career has been a bit sad if you ask me. She went from being a well educated attorney to a television personality, to a liar, divorcee to a reality show contestant. And in the midst of all of those shifts and turns, Star has managed to talk much trash. Now, I can see why she and Nene couldn’t get along on “The Apprentice.” Star just seems like the girl in high school who always wanted attention but didn’t necessarily know how to go about getting it in the right ways. Poor thing.

What do you think of Anderson’s response to Star? Was it too much or just enough?

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    HA! I love it when a gay man tells someone where to get on and get off. They’ll f***k up your childhood! lol

  • Jenn

    *applauding Anderson* “Who is Star Jones?!” LMAO

  • me

    YAAAAAS Anderson, check her boo! LMAO! She is the WORST.

  • Tamz

    Chile, I am sipping my tea and chilling out under all this shade my boo Anderson Cooper is giving, I am SO here for it!!!

    • FromUR2UB

      Your boo, hunh? WTH does THAT mean?

  • “who is star jones????” daaaaayuuum!!

  • Jerzee Gurl

    Yesssss!!!!! He read her for FILTH!!!!! Serves her right. *pulls out several seats* SADDOWN STAR!!!!

  • Luvn_it

    Just enough she should already know u don’t throw shade at a queen Al should have taught her

  • dbatt001

    yaaasss gaaaawwd! check her! read her! go in and let have in that order Anderson!

  • Hmmmm. Why is it that these so-called “pro-black” news sites r the ones that vilify and negate black people the most? And seem to uphold the tents of “Whites can do no wrong?”

    • Purple Kisses

      Gurl stop! Just because this is a black site doesn’t mean MN has to endorse black foolishness. Star was dead wrong and has been for some time now.

    • Candacey Doris

      Idiocy is idiocy no matter who it comes from. We’re not going to applaud Star Jones just because she’s black when she’s obviously wrong.

    • Afro_Hello_Kitty81

      Gee, I guess since this is a black site, we HAVE to support our own people when they’re in the wrong because they’re black just like us. GTFOHWTBS!!!

    • get real

      I agree wholeheartly. White dudes slam blk women all the time and they won’t critisize them to save their lives. Blk women will not call out white dudes for nothing. But let a black man call out his baby’s mom or something and they will go in. You gotta realise the average blk woman on this site are cheerleaders for these smelly white boys.

    • dbatt001

      this comment is completely foolish, why so Cynical?

  • That heffa needs to mind her own business and concentrate on her career!

    • mdoubs

      What career…?

      • Tamz

        The shade is so real…lmao

  • Skyrider


    • mdoubs

      At least now she can fit on one seat…!

  • cool story bro!

  • Afro_Hello_Kitty81

    I can’t stand Star Jones, she’s like the black Ann Coulter. Plus didn’t she marry a guy who people thought he was gay? #TeamAnderson

    • realadulttalk

      Yes-she married Miss Honey–I mean Al. Lol

      • Afro_Hello_Kitty81

        LOL @ Miss Honey

  • Ooop Gloria Vanderbilt ain’t raise no punk

    • Skyrider

      aint dat da truth loooooooooooooool