And The Saga Continues: Nick Cannon Comments on Nicki Vs. Mariah Beef, But Throws His Shade At “Idol” Producers

October 3, 2012  |  


After news and footage spread this morning of that cuss fest between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey going at it behind the judges’ table for “American Idol,” you know Nick Cannon had something to say about it.

But don’t worry, there were no diss songs put out (thank you Lord) or tweets. Instead, the fella some call Mr. Mariah Carey showed up for “Access Hollywood Live” this morning to do a rendition of the squabble with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover (he played Randy), and to give his two cents about his wife’s response, and why Fox and producers of “American Idol” should be disappointed with themselves.

When asked his thoughts about it all, the well-dressed man kept it real, and real calm (unlike some people we know who wear pink wigs…):

NC: “I mean, we all have our thoughts and everything. But I honestly think that when you think about the show and what it’s all about and represents, I feel it’s taking away from the quality of what “Idol” is all about. This is about people accomplishing their dreams and you know, experts guiding these young people to, you know, do what they’ve done, so I think…

KH: But does FOX like this?

NC: Yeah, I’m kind of disappointed in FOX and everything because they’re taking away from the quality of what Idol is.

BB: Do you think they’re celebrating like a pack of hyenas here?

NC: Only thing cause…otherwise, how would all of this get on TV? My wife is the strongest and the classiest woman that I’ve ever met. I mean if you watch the video, she just maintains her exposure like she does. So I don’t think she’s moved by the theatrics and pageantry of it all. She signed up to do a job to help young people accomplish their dreams. This is like a sidebar. I hope that’s not what this show becomes about, is the cat fights.”

Interesting point Nick brings up, because I’m pretty sure the thought probably crossed everyone’s mind that this whole argument could have been used and leaked for the purpose of getting ratings and buzz for “American Idol” when it comes back to FOX. What, with “X Factor” and “The Voice” and the slew of other talent competitions coming for the crown, and AI being somewhat unstable and desperate for the past few seasons (We’ve seen everyone from Ellen to J.Lo and now Nicki try and critique singers), so it’s safe to say that producers are thirsty. But then again, Nick’s comments could also be a shot at FOX because he works for NBC as the host for “America’s Got Talent.” But hey, whatever works.  To close out his interview with “Access Hollywood Live” and conclude his feelings about the drama, Nick summed it up short and sweet after listening to the transcript from the divas’ argument, saying, “If you read that you can see, anybody can see what the issue actually is…but you know my wife is strong and classy and she maintains her strengths. I think it’s not about the theatrics, let’s get back to what the core of the show is about.”

Could he be calling the jealousy card? Whatever he’s saying, stand by your wifey. Though I would love to hear what SB would have to say on Nicki’s behalf…Anybody think Lil Kim is somewhere laughing her a** off?

Check out the video from Nick’s appearance at Buzzfeed.

What do you think about what Nick had to say?

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  • Just saying!!

    I’m not going to lie when I saw the video I was like “I wonder what Lil’ Kim is thinking right now” lol

  • bluekissess

    Whyyyyyyyy? In my Mariah Carey voice

  • EnlightenedandAmazing

    Am I the only one shaking my damn head at this nonsense? I have always found it extremely odd when adults choose to act super childish, and Nicki comes off as super childish screaming at the woman over words. But I guess when most of your fans are gullible little preteens, you forget you’re a grown woman who needs to carry herself as such at all times…*shrugs* but whatever.

  • Meyaka

    I blame Mariah for accepting a gig as a judge with nicki Minaj on the panel, I mean why not Ciara or ke$ha while we’re at it? Some celebs will agree with anything to get a little lime light on them , Mariah is one of the legends still relevant in this industry, she should know better.

    As for onika, your wigs….

    • Guest

      Just to let you know, Mariah Carey signed with AI like a month or two before the Minaj or Urban signed to the show. Basically, I don’t think she knew who the new judges were going to be. IMO, Minaj is schizophrenic and that’s no disrespect to her. I really do, lol.

      • Meyaka

        Lol true, but she still did a song with nicki remember?

  • I’m sorry but Nicki should not be a judge period! With all the singers who came before her, there’s not one who can judge talent for this show? I know Randy feels the same way but he’s just rolling with it since he’s getting paid. I believe AI is seeing there last days….

  • phat504

    The reason nicki minaj was most likely hired is because she may not have the skills to critique anyones musical ability but she does knw what it takes to build yourself into a successful BRAND… yeah they have several extremely talented ppl who have gone beyond their a.I. status but let’s be real not everyone has that j.hud carrie underwood or kelly clarkson type star quality… american idol doesn’t teach these ppl how to stretch that 15 minutes of fame into something bigger than being another winner of a singing show… nicki is one of the most influential top selling artists out right now so her being there is somewhat valid… if they could put the b.s. to the side and work together collectively they could probably discover the next hot new artist

  • Ehhh. Fox knows what they are doing. They expect Nicki to bring drama to the show. What else is she providing, really? I actually like Nicki Minaj and I think she has a lot of star power thanks to the marketing machine behind her but everyone knows fox didn’t bring her on to critique singers. They want beef to boost ratings for more ad dollars. Would American Idol even be a topic on MN today otherwise? Nicki is getting paid to keep her name in your mouth but this dynamic only works with a high power talented Diva for Nicki to beef with. Meaning she can pop off but please believe they have her on a leash.

  • there was shade, Mariah has been giving her man lessons cuz i spotted the shade! basically nick is saying that hiring the likes of Nicki has cheapened the quality of the show, it used to be something where experts helped motivate contestants to be as succesful as they are, unfortunately nicki doesnt meet up lol either way, i dnt care of NM she can continue to get her coins anyway she knows how but coming for MC will do nothing for you, yes MC is a diva, and has every right to be, if she threw shade, it was because its true. MC is basically saying what is on everyone’s mind “honey you dnt have enough leverage in this room, let alone this business, to critique anyone”

    • Yes, shade was peeped. Very well done Mr. Carey. I don’t know why Nicki trippen. Does she think she has credentials like that. Get some wrinkles in the game before you come for someone.

    • Merriegirl

      You would consider Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez experts on singing quality?

      • Yvette

        Heck no!

      • Paula has a walk of fame star, has won 2 emmys and a grammy and countless other awards, Jlo has COUNTLESS awards in her names and she two should be recieving a star on the walk of fame, not to mention their achievements in music outside of singing, to sit here and say those women cant judge on music is like saying Obama cant speak o foriegn policy. no you may not like their music, but they are vets in the game, whereas Nicki has only release 2 albums and one of them was a re-release!

        • Merriegirl

          I never said they couldn’t judge, I simply asked a question. Obama has nothing to do with this and your analogy does not make sense. I also don’t understand how a star on the Walk of Fame equates ability to judge singing, meaning that those stars are given to a wide range of talents not just to musicians. Nicki is getting ready to release a third album which is the re-release. The first 2 were full studio albums.

          • Guest

            Bottom line Nicki is not talented and not qualified to judge anyone!!! WTF was that red little bo beep outfit and ridiculous performance about? Please, I’m not a big fan of Mariah but at least she has the talent and longevity to critique!!!!

        • Treacle234

          Jlo is pretty face but she cannot sing nor act.

          • Nyza

            I agree that JLo can’t sing, but she was great in the movie Selena. She was pretty good in the movie Enough too.

            • Treacle234

              I loved Enough and Selena.

      • btw, you dont need to know how to sing to be able to spot talent, Randy, Simon, and LA Ried are perfect examples. But you do need to have some experience in the business

  • No1sname

    Nick Cannon says his wife is the classiest, lol I don’t call anything classy about calling another woman out of her name first! Nick go back to be the house husband that your wife wants you to be!

    • helado31

      House husband? Do you know how much Nick Cannon is worth???? He’s not just a host. It sounds like you don’t have a clue.

      • Merriegirl

        He participated in a spoof with Kevin Heart where he was a House Husband distressed about his wife. So he probably likes that term.

        • Guest

          He most likely participated in the spoof because that’s what people like to classify him as. People see him as Mr. Mariah Carey so he says f$$k em and make fun it so he has the power over it.

      • I agree I knew Nick and his family personally, but yes He has sooo much money in investments and production. He is more behind the scenes with his money and people talk about him because they dont see him making money

      • honest

        preach they talk about this man like he wasn’t doing his own thing before Mariah….its so sad that a man can’t even speak up on the behalf of his wife without being labeled weak…only in the black community…. you never hear white ppl talking down on Brad Pitt when he talks about his wife….Nick is a good man he is a married man with two kids living his life and making money and when he needs to he defends his women…for all you chicks calling him Mr. Carey you probable used to your man not protecting or claiming you…and guys like that aren’t thinking marriage…