Down Til The Very End: 9 Ride Or Die Celebs!

October 14, 2012 ‐ By Kendra Koger
"Weezy PF"

Loyalty is a very impressive trait to have, especially for people who are surrounded by celebrities.  So many times it seems as though people who are too amped to get a taste of the limelight that they’ll sell a famous person down the river for fifteen minutes of infamy.  But what’s even more interesting is when celebrities are so loyal that they’ll sometimes put aside their fans’ adoration, their happiness, and to some extreme incidences their own freedom to be loyal to someone or something close to them.  Let’s examine these celebs:

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  • Guest

    There is nothing and I mean NOTHING remotely admirable or “ride or die” about sticking by a man who treats you like crap and screws around. I believe the word you were looking for was insecure, desperate, lack of self love, etc etc. The only impressive example on your list is about Oprah and Gayle.

  • I guess the definition of “ride or die” is committing crimes to protect your friends/loved ones, according to the majority of the people in this post. The only ones that are sort of positive are the one about Oprah not abandoning her friend, despite the rumors; and Hayden (which what she did was a crime, but it was to prevent crimes against nature). The Rihanna and rappers’ girlfriends and wannabe-wives isn’t about committing crimes, but they are about continuously staying around for someone who strings you along; all-the-while they cheat, and do just about every thing under the sun. The only people you should be “ride or die” for is yourself, your children (if you have any), and your family. And by being “ride or die”, I don’t mean aiding and abetting a crime, committing one for them, or letting them dog you out. I mean, being there for them in times of good and bad, providing support, love, respect, and consideration.

  • psylocke_2001

    Oh I thought the picture of Emily (is that right?) and Chrissie meant they were loyal to each other not their significant others. But I guess that makes sense, loyal, stupid, desperate, call it what you will.

  • NessNess

    You got to give it to Lil Kim, although she was in jail she still found a way to get plastic surgery!

    • stillJUICYbaby!

      She looks horrible…she is drowning in the Michael Jackson sea of fucked up plastic surgery.

      and what’s.sad is that she wasn’t a bad.looking.girl…

  • Noni

    Lil Kimmy needs to go sit down somewhere.. very far.. where the sun doesn’t shine. -_-

  • Ay

    I wouldn’t consider Rihanna ride or die, more like manipulative. As for Hayden, who would really care if they had a warrant out for them in a foreign country? Just don’t go back to China lol

  • gag to the white girl crying over animals being abused in japan. what about the abused humans in japan making your fancy clothes,sweetheart?

    • Guest

      dude it was China, same continent DIFFERENT country

    • let me amend that comment: she protested in norway as well. but,i still find her hypocritical.

  • i still believe that oprah and gayle give each other some “good good” every now and then.

    • darn,no one can take a joke. by my thumbnail,you can tell that i believe that women can be close friends without sex being involved.

  • FactChecker

    Hayden Panettiere protested in Japan, not China. It was in the documentary film “The Cove”, and all over the internet…Try using Google, or better yet Bing.