Down Til The Very End: 9 Ride Or Die Celebs!

October 14, 2012  |  
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Loyalty is a very impressive trait to have, especially for people who are surrounded by celebrities.  So many times it seems as though people who are too amped to get a taste of the limelight that they’ll sell a famous person down the river for fifteen minutes of infamy.  But what’s even more interesting is when celebrities are so loyal that they’ll sometimes put aside their fans’ adoration, their happiness, and to some extreme incidences their own freedom to be loyal to someone or something close to them.  Let’s examine these celebs:


Mr. Shyne was a Bad Boy signed rapper for P. Diddy Combs, and when the then monikered Puff Daddy was dating Jennifer Lopez, a little thing called a shooting got in the way of a good time.  Somehow, fingers were pointed in the direction of Shyne when he was asked to testify in court, he refused to snitch, giving him 10 years in the pokey.

Lil Wayne

After a successful performance in 2007 he and a friend was relaxing smoking a doobie.  Police followed the aroma of the sticky icky to Mr. Carter, where they also found a gun in a bag near him.  The gun actually allegedly belonged to someone in his camp but Wayne refused to give the person up and instead, served eight months in Rikers Island in New York.  Hmmm, a megastar taking a charge for a member of the entourage? Okay then.


Lil Kim

Sometimes being a friend is hard because you want to protect them even though they have a history of making bad decisions.  This seemed to be the issue with Kim.  After a shooting broke out in Manhattan in front of the Hot 97 radio offices, she performed this thing called perjury where she lied about her, her manager’s and bodyguard’s presence in reference to the shooting.  When video footage placed her and and the assailants at the crime, she was shipped off to jail.


We all know the story.  A domestic abuse charge.  A restraining order.  A forgiveness.  A backlash.  A friendship amidst negative commentary.

Oprah Winfrey

Can two women be friends without people assuming that something extra is going on?  This is the battle that Oprah faces, and she could have just as easily have dropped Gayle (or stop being seen with her in public) to silence the ignorant chatter, but she has stayed a loyal friend to Gayle King.

Heidi Fleiss

When her prostitution ring was uncovered and she was taken into court for tax evasion, it was alluded that her punishment would have been lessened if she revealed the names of her Hollywood clientele (or it would have at least taken some of the public heat off of her).  Then and even now when asked she denies stating:  “It’s not my style [to tell].”

Hayden Panettiere

Sometimes people can be ride or die for their beliefs and this was true for Hayden.  Being very passionate about sea mammals, she tried to stop a dolphin hunt in China that resulted in her having a warrant out for her arrest in the country.



After his Boo-Thang, Remy Ma, was sentenced to 8 years for shooting a woman in her midsection off of rumors of theft, some men would just move on.  But, Papoose decided to marry Remy Ma while she was behind bars and also attempted to smuggle in a handcuff key.  After he was caught and the marriage ceremony was performed, he was banned from seeing her for 6 months, but the consequences could have been extreme if the key would have gotten to her.

Hip Hop Girlfriends and [Wannabe] Wives

Now, if you’re a person to pick straws on what constitutes a person being a celebrity, then let’s consider the girlfriends and wives who have made a name for themselves due to appearing on reality television.

In a genre were infidelity is seemingly rampant and the girlfriends and wives turn a blind eye to it because they feel like it goes with the territory, these women have stayed, that’s pretty ride or die to me.  Not to mention how some of the artists seem to have an aversion to marriage, some of these women have stuck it out for years.


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