A Revolutionary New Flat Iron That REPAIRS Damaged Hair?

October 2, 2012  |  


If you’re like me, your product junkie tendencies don’t simply stop at haircare products. Any kind of news flash on the latest gizmo or gadget sends you into a cold, junkie sweat (shivers and all). I had a moment like that the other night when reading through the October 2012 issue of Allure Magazine. One of their cover articles, “18 Real Breakthroughs” immediately caught my attention, because it included, among them, split-end fixers. I’m a sucker for anything claiming to mend split ends, even though I know that any such “fix” is temporary.

As luck would have it, that very same article also covered the debut of a brand new flat iron that claims to repair damaged hair. This of course is one of the other topics that I am constantly baited for as a natural who also loves to wear her hair straight (but rarely does so). Flat iron technology has improved over the years, it’s true. From ceramic and tourmaline, to ionic and infrared heat, the science of hair has taught us that although our hair naturally has a positive electrical charge, the negative ions emitted from these flat irons (and blow dryers)  smooth the cuticle layer leaving it shiny (dull and damaged hair is the result of rough and frazzled cuticles, with shingles lifted like a house ravaged by a tornado). But over time, repeated use can end up having deleterious effects on any positive benefits that we may have gained. We’ve also learned that Keratin can be a good way to fortify our strands, but on the other hand, bonding it into our hair at temperatures of 450 degrees will likely leave our hair heat damaged over time. Even still, read any of the reviews by women who use flat irons — and you will see that they have their faves, Sedu, Chi, GHD, Croc, you name it — for those of us who are obsessed with heat styled sleekness, we’re not likely to give them up any time soon. So what gives?

Enter the Coolway flat iron. According to their website, the Coolway flat iron actually infuses hydration into the strand, effectively straightening hair at under 300 degrees, where conventional flat irons would use temps of 350 degrees or higher to achieve the same look.  The creators of the Coolway flat iron state that its magic lies in a combination of their “patent pending °Coolway Transform Spray and AutoSense Styler.

Hair transformation begins with the Coolway Transform Spray that works by infusing moisture deeply into your hair, locking in hydration so hair is always moisturized. Transform also allows you to style your hair using low heat under 299°F at the precise temperature for your hair needs, ensuring you do not damage your hair with high heat tools. With more moisture in your hair, blow drying time is cut in half as heat is now transferred efficiently through the hair.

The website goes on to state that “smooth, damage-free results are guaranteed with the °Coolway AutoSense Styler that uses low heat, always below 299°F, proven non damaging for all hair types. Unlike typical (and damaging) flat irons working at temperatures of over 400°F, the AutoSense Styler low heat does not evaporate the moisture within hair. Instead, it measures hair’s moisture level and automatically sets to the correct temperature, working to seal in moisture while styling and protecting the hair. With °Coolway, Your hair will be fuller, healthier, stronger, and frizz-free.” Notice that clever marketing? They don’t even call it a flat iron.

Further, the website reports that studies done by an independent leading US testing lab, showed a 300% increase in Hair Strength, a 75% reduction in Hair Breakage, and a 50% reduction in Hair Frizz, with “all hair types” being tested before and after 8 applications of °Coolway.”

Heat straightened hair without the damage? Hair repaired from the inside out? Sounds like the business to me. But will it work? And is it really effective on kinky/curly hair types?

Well, right now, Coolway is offering a 30 day free trial for their AutoSense Styler for anyone who might be interested in giving their product a test run. The jury is still out on this one, but I must admit, I’m tempted to give it a try. As they say, “Fortune Favors the Bold” and there is only one way to find out, right?

Does the Coolway flat iron sound interesting to you? Would you be willing to give it a try?

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  • Flozzy Anne

    Daily heat from the hot iron will strip your hair of moisture. This causes quite a bit of unnecessary damage – If heat is needed, aim to keep the temperature below 400 degrees. You also should use a Leave in Heat Protector before you hot iron. I use the Shielo Leave in Protector before I hot iron or blow dry. Plus it leaves my hair smelling great for two days. NO BURNT HAIR SMELL

  • elizabetht7

    I prefer Karmin! 😉

  • Hanna Jackson

    Seems like it’s worth it! I have the karmin g3 and that one I love

  • Dez

    I’d try it!

  • SoftballGirl1221

    This product is incredible. When you combine the spray with the flat iron capabilities, I have loved the results. My hair is looking better than ever. A must buy!!!!

  • KateSpade214

    Don’t be afraid. I took the Coolway challenge where they offer you a money back guarantee because I thought that this product was too good to be true. Now, I can’t imagine styling my hair without it. My hair is so much healthier, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible. An absolutely amazing product.

  • laura

    My first time using it, I love it!!! The Coolway flat iron is great. Easy to use just read the instrutions so you know what to do with the product spray and conditioner and you will be on your way to nice volume and straight hair. I like how it doesnt damage your hair because it works with low heat, it also gives you the temperate that your hair should be on.

  • MN_9877

    I decided to give it a try. I am trying to stretch my relaxer. I’ve used it twice now. Nothing special. It does dry hair faster, give the hair a nice sheen and the product detangles if you put enough. But, the straightener doesn’t get to my roots, and it basically sets to the highest temperature every time I use it. So, I am going to lose the cost of shipping and return it. I also found it super suspect with all the positive comments about the product from obvious Coolway affiliates.

    • Jessica

      people are so quick to be negative about anything especially when it comes to product reviews. Are people not allowed to get good results with it if you didn’t?

  • RobinR

    Be skeptical here, I’ve used it now for 4 treatments and every day my hair gets more and more crazy looking. It definitely makes it straighter, but it is full of static and weirdly poufy, I look like a witch. I’ve been straightening my hair for a few years and know how to do it so it wont look too straight, but this makes it look just plain unnatural, and definitely not moisturized.

  • Reading through these comments and thinking somebody is being paid to advertise this.
    Coolway sounds dodgy!

  • wow, I don’t think that’s possible, but sounds really good, for now my favorite flat iron is the Karmin g3 which damage less than other straighteners. 🙂

  • natural89

    I would like to try it but how do i go abt receiving the hair straighter

  • juliet

    I’ve been using Cool way for six months and my hair has never looked so good! I also bleached my hair and it is repairing the damage. It’s awesome!

  • Julie T.

    I think if had a webcam or I could figure out how to post on youtube, I would. This product has literally changed my life – after just assuming I would always have to live with my coarse frizzy hair, I now have sleek and amazing looking hair. I can’t thank Coolway enough, I have never looked like this in my life. the low heat is a bonus but it’s the look of my hair that is the best part.

  • Coolway Hair

    Coolway would LOVE to send Tuere Randall a free Coolway Kit if she is willing to give us a follow up review and take the “Coolway Challenge”. We are 100% that confident she will love it. Please let us know how we may be in contact with her.

  • Ladies – I was as skeptical as you were, but after trying it, I want to share the love. I took an interest on it when I saw the product won an Allure Award for Best Beauty Breakthrough of the year 2012 and they don’t take beauty lightly– they put the product through months of testing. To endorse a product and give it an award like that to not have it work would ruin their credibility – so I decided to try it. This product is really amazing. I’ve never had luck with regular low heat flat irons, simply because my hair was so damaged and fried already that they just didnt work. And if they did, I was pressing on them so hard, or running the iron through my hair 100 times that I was doing the same damage. Or I’d burn it even more with a high heat iron, only to have frizz 5 minutes after walking out the door. The spray is what really makes this product work. I use it with my blow dryer and the flat iron. Usually it takes an hour or more to blow out my hair, but when I use the spray it goes much faster. It keeps my hair so moisturized without any product build up, I’ve actually stopped using conditioner on my hair and it’s awesome.

  • MLS2698

    The only thing that works for damaged hair is a pair of scissors………start anew.

    • Yes – but this flat iron prevents you from causing any more damage.

  • Candacey Doris

    I’ll let someone else try first. I’m transitioning and the last thing i need is breakage from the “next big thing”.

    • no breakage — I own one. I don’t even burn my fingers on the flat iron, the shell never gets hot. It’s AMAZING! I can even curl my hair with it. I use the spray with my blow dryer as well -and it blow drys in half the time – it works.

      • Candacey Doris

        We’ll see after this weave runs its course then.

  • I don’t know what to think about it, but I?ll stick to my karmin g3, at least I know it works and doesn’t damage my hair.

  • Lov3lyLady32

    I also think this sounds too good to be true, however it is a free trial, and if I or my daughters don’t like it we can just return it. So I will be reporting back on this product and let MN readers know if it is crap or not.

    • Definitely try it out — it’s the spray that is the key behind getting the great results at low heat. The more moisture your hair has locked in it, the easier it is to style at lower temperatures. I’d only wish I’d discovered it before so many years of damaging my hair!

  • mbareformed

    The product is probably the true winner here. Whatever is in the product is allowing the hair to retain moisture (lock in technology) so that the hair is easier to manage with less heat. IDK. I’m all about trying a free trial, but I hate the ones that automatically renew and you have to pay to ship it twice!

    • Try it. TRUST ME. That transform spray is amazing!! It’s my new best friend.

  • L-Boogie

    Do not use heat often. Plus, make sure your hair is simply not dehydrated. Sometimes rough hair is hair that needs a deep conditioning treatment.

  • Afroveda

    I agree with NaturalJem that this product sounds unrealistic. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably bs. The claims sound similar to what all those weight loss pills say.

    • It works! I’ve tried it and I have to say that I really love it.

    • Jessica

      It does work as it claims! – but you do have to use it correctly and have the time to use it correctly. You have to blow dry and set your hair with the spray that comes with it. It won’t melt your hair straight in 2 minutes like a regular flat iron. It smooths it out without damaging. Not everyone will care to use it for that reason – some people like to go to bed with wet hair, wake up in the morning, flat iron and go. This product is probably not for them. If you have the time to use the spray and iron correctly its pretty amazing. The first time I tried to use it I didn’t use the products. Just the iron and the results were just ok… I used the products with it and its wonderful. Best of all my hair never gets too hot to touch, or the iron.

  • NaturalJem

    i’ll wait for others to try and post their videos on youtube, then i’ll think about it…bcuz this seems a bit unrealistic to me

    • This product is AMAZING! I own it. My hair has never been nicer. I’m a flatiron offender — I curl my hair with flat irons and destroy it– the transform spray reduces frizz like no other product I’ve seen, and I can style my hair at low heat with no dead ends. I love this product!