K.Michelle on Her Beef With Tamar: “I Wish Miss Piggy The Best of Luck”

September 28, 2012 ‐ By

K. Michelle has stepped on a number of toes since she joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Whether she was beefing with her co-stars or other reality stars, she’s never afraid to speak her mind. She brought that same candidness to our exclusive interview with her. See what she had to say about everybody from Rasheeda’s husband Kirk to Tamar Braxton.


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  • am

    I just think that K. Michelle should just focus on her career. She can sing so just stick to that. Same thing with Keisha Cole just put out good music. People don’t always want to hear them beefing with everyone no matter who started it. Just sing! I believe 50 is a good example of this at first he had good CDs then all that beefing destroyed his career.

    • am

      50s music career is what I meant to say. No one wants to hear anything he has out musically anymore.

  • I.W.

    Kimberly was in a abusive relationship I met her ans she was talking about it way before Love and Hip Hop when no one knew who she was

  • http://twitter.com/LyonsDarlene Darlene Lyons

    At first I didnt get her but I really like and admire her now. Wish her the best!

  • Angeline

    K Michelle has more talent than any of these haters talking smack about her. They’re not doing anything but giving her publicity.

  • Me, Myself & I

    Aren’t these women too old for drama….I guess some are willing to do anything to be noticed!

  • http://www.facebook.com/complexsimplicity1 Ryan Leslie

    What a shame that I have to go over to Youtube to watch your vids because I cannot finish a 2 minute video here without your ads freezing everything up. And heaven forbid I have more than one page open, then it is constant adds that I have to mute. Shame on you.

  • me

    So has she ever had a record deal or what? I am not hating I am just confused as to what she does … Has she ever had any singles or anything?

  • Jane

    This chick is psychotic and needs o be medicated!

  • ann

    …and WHO is this person again????? SMH

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kimberly-Reese/1133593574 Kimberly Reese

    K . Michelle do not have the right to talk about no one, she always stepping on someone toes and tamar can sing and she can not

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  • No1sname

    K Michelle’s whole problem is trying to get someone to believe her about being abused….she is trying to sell sympathy tickets to her pity party & no one is buying them….hee-hee No one is as fake as her….her teeth look like they are too big for her mouth & thats probably why she can’t STFU!

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  • sportstalk23

    I think people can run their mouths about K Michelle probably expected her to be like Keisha or Jen from BBW show you know those two are turn the other cheek girls. K flipped the script and comes back at people then folks got problems. Granny MC,Phony Braxton,the Ex Mrs Weezy F Baby inserted themselves in this situation,people love driving in others lanes then when they get sidewiped wanna complain. Now Ex Mrs Weezy F Baby can defend her husband but she cant speak of a relationship she wasnt in no more than the rest. The rest of her chirping circle had no place in the MemFists/K issue at all. Granny MC stayed her but on mute when Mama Flacka slayed her husband,yet she capping harder for somebody else husband. If those chicks didnt want none should have stayed in their lanes, so they came for K she has every right to come right back.

  • http://twitter.com/Only1SeikoLaRue Seiko

    So let me get this straight… Everybody and they mama has SOMETHING to say about K. Michelle when K. Michelle isn’t around. Whether it be that shes crazy, shes been black listed, nobody wants to work with her, she lied about being beat… BUT TOYA, TAMAR, FLOPSHEEDA AND METHUSELAH REDD ALL CAME AT HER HEAD FIRST!!! I don’t care if shes beefin with whoever but she made it very clear I won’t come at you if you don’t come at me. Tamar needs to be worried about the fact that she looks like contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Methuselah needs to be concerned about the fact that she eats a$$, Toya should be somewhere learning how to read past a 3rd grade level and CANTGETAHITsheeda needs to worry about turnin’ that gay husband of hers ALL the way on… To make this long comment short… K. Michelle is doing more then ALL of the people that have beef with her and RESPECTED people in the industry are still working with her. Now tell me what respected person have you seen Toya, BEENDOINTHISFOR22YEARSsheeda, Tamar or Methuselah “I Eat a$$” Redd even REMOTELY close to? Yeah. ________/ There is that seat some of ya’ll should be taking

    • takeyourseat

      Seiko please have the very seat you are offering.

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  • NikkiS

    It’s crazy how everyone can run their mouth and say w/e about K. michelle, but as soon as K. michelle responds it’s a problem. She’s either ignorant, uneducated or jealous. People please if this was you and ppl was throwing so much shade your way you would do the same. So congrats to K. michelle for standing her ground.

  • Yokessm

    Tamar needs to worry about Vince next snack, and retire from the pop world, i beg of her.
    I love K.michelle she is so funny.

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  • BlossomSunshine

    While I agree that it was VERY WRONG for Tamar to get involved in business that wasn’t hers, K. Michelle stays beefing with other women. I’m really thinking she is just bitter and angry and she needs to have a seat–in a therapist’s chair.

  • ssljc

    children, this is the result of a lack of education, ignorance and low self esteem.

    • ezi

      She has a bachelors in psychology so she’s educated but still acts like this, unfortunately.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richgirlsecrets Marilyn Jolie

    hersecretcloset(dot)com is where its at

  • http://www.facebook.com/richgirlsecrets Marilyn Jolie

    she needs to have several seats (IN MY TAMAR VOICE)

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