Nesting 101: How To Keep Moving In Together From Ruining Your Relationship

October 11, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin
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Before moving in with a best friend, you sit down and think about all the reasons you would and wouldn’t make good housemates. You think about what changes you’ll have to make in order to keep the peace. You think about what quirks of theirs you’ll have to become more comfortable with. For some reason, couples don’t give that much attention to detail when considering moving in together. Fusing your life with somebody else’s will never be seamless, but mentally preparing yourself for the change can help fend off that panic moment of, “Ah! What have I done?!” So, be ready for this.

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  • Many women move in for two reasons: They need someone to go half on the bills, or they think this is the next step in the relationship and that a marriage proposal is soon to follow after he sees first hand your domestic skills.

    Ladies, if you want to marry that man in the future DO NOT LIVE WITH HIM BEFORE he has stated his intentions and put some ice on your lift finger. I can’t stress it enough! I knew and dated my husband for years. We didn’t live together until a year after the marriage proposal with the date set and venue booked. Don’t do it to yourselves.

  • Pretty1908

    honestly, i rather wait until im engaged or married. moving in does what for the couple emotionally? yes , you will grow closer , but you can do that and live apart. I have just seen good relationships turn to trash by moving in together without having a clear consensus on relationship goals. shacking goes by biblical sin. combining money, homes, traditions, and possessions with a person you haven’t established long term plans with is silly and misleading.

  • think

    You really want me to click through 16 times tho??? -__________-

  • diggy.p

    Great article! My boyfriend & I are considering moving in together and I am going to send this to him. I’ve never lived with a guy so I hope everything works out!

    • me

      DONT!!seek God and wait for him to marry u. u r making a big mistake. dont give milk when the cow aint bought.
      anyway, its ur life, make ur decisions

  • Stop Talking Crazy

    I was with you until #11. Just b/c I move in with someone that does not mean I have to stay with him for the rest of my life. I’m really only obligated to stay until the lease is up. The thought that I have to marry someone just b/c we share a living space is utterly ridiculous! Gtfoh!

  • RJA

    Wish u had posted this about two months ago…before moving in together ruined my relationship. I probably wouldn’t have read it though because I would have had to click through all these pages, like i didnt read it now.