When Black Goes Blonde: 9 Celeb Chicks Who Rock The Gold Mane Well

October 5, 2012  |  
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When most people think of the term “Blonde Bombshell,” images of silver screen goddesses such as Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow of yesteryear and even Scarlett Johannsen immediately come to mind. There is something about blonde hair that many people find fascinating, leading them to wonder “Do blondes REALLY have more fun?” and “Do gentleman prefer blondes?” as the movie by the same name would have us believe. Going blonde is not an easy feat to pull off for ANYONE who was not naturally born with flaxen strands, and it can be a particularly difficult color for women of color to pull off. Yet, there is a growing bevy of blonde beauties who are doing just that! Here’s a list of our favorite stars who have rocked out as blondes at one point or another and easily could give Goldilocks a well-worn run for her money any day of the week.

source: W.E.N.N.


Although Bey has periodically drawn criticism from fans who have complained that she, at times, has been styled to look “too white,” she has rocked a variety of shades of blonde hair beautifully for the duration of her career. That’s exactly why she is a spokeswoman for Féria by L’Oréal.

source: W.E.N.N.



With the help of über-talented stylist Ursula Stephen, Rihanna has become a bona-fide red carpet chameleon with her ever-changing shades, shapes and lengths.

source: W.E.N.N.


Mary J. Blige

Mary’s well-coiffed and polished styles have made blonde a signature look for this celebrated industry veteran.

source: W.E.N.N.


Nene Leakes

Love her or loathe her, Nene wears this blonde cropped cut exceptionally well, and the pale color is warm enough that it picks up the tones of her skin perfectly.

source: W.E.N.N.


Eva Marcille

Eva’s platinum pixie is just stunning on her face. With her flawless face, she could easily be a woodland nymph or a fairy queen. Tinkerbell anyone?

source: W.E.N.N.


Nicki Minaj

Whether she’s Nicki, Martha or any of her other myriad characters, she pulls off curly locks, fantasy ‘fros and Cleopatra cuts with equally wacky aplomb.

source: W.E.N.N.



While the cool ashen blonde seen here on Ciara certainly suits her, we love the ombre effect that she has recently been seen sporting. Very trendy and oh so Hot.

source: W.E.N.N.

Leona Lewis

The British/Guyanese singer’s exquisite looks are positively feline with her lion’s mane of tawny tresses.

source: W.E.N.N.


Amber Rose

Few women can work a buzz cut! And the list grows shorter still when you add blonde into that mix. And, of course, it’s impossible to look at Amber Rose and not think of the term BLONDE BOMBSHELL. Without a doubt, she’s one hot, blonde mama-to-be.

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  • E.C. from D.C.

    Nene and Nicki….no.

  • CarlaKah

    Can we please get a darker skinned woman that makes blonde work too? Like Kelly Rowland-black? I would love to see that.

  • Guest

    Most of the ladies on the list are rocking this look and looking good!!! Exceptions being Nene and Nicki. They both look ridiculous!!!!

  • realadulttalk

    It’s all about choosing the right shade. Any color can look bad if it doesn’t suit your skin tone. I once dyed my hair black (my hair is brown) and although I’m black–it looked TERRIBLE!! Seriously–I overheard someone talking about me one day and referring to me as Pocahontas (the long black weave only made it look that much worse) and I couldn’t even get mad ’cause I knew it looked bad and was just waiting to be able to change the mistake.

  • not sure if i could rock that color. might be too much for me. I don’t knock anyone that does as long as it the right shade for there complexion

  • Afro_Hello_Kitty81

    Sorry, I would NEVER rock blonde hair, the only color hair I will only rock is black and red. Blonde doesn’t fit my personality just like fur, high heels and leather coat, hey my opinion and my personal preference.

    • realadulttalk

      I tried once to dye my hair honey-blonde…I guess God knew that was gonna look a hot mess ’cause it sure came out a little lighter than the typical auburn I choose. Lol

  • inthislifeofSYN

    Thank you so much for this article! It came right on time, I just recently went blonde and never knew I would have something in common with so many prominent celebrities. Its refreshing to know I can rock the blonde look with the best of them!