Tameka Shuts Down Gold Digger Label: “It’s An Insult To Men Because It Implies They’re Not Loveable”

September 26, 2012  |  

I have to admit, I never looked at gold digger claims from that point of view, although I think that has more to do with men boasting about tricking on women, so to speak, rather than not acknowledging any type of feelings they may have about it. Nevertheless this is one of the labels that continues to follow Tameka Raymond even after her divorce from Usher, and it’s a claim she is shutting down in her three-part interview with Entertainment Tonight.

After moving past the accusations Tameka made against Usher, particularly him being unfaithful and sleeping with her bridesmaids, the discussion turned to the accusations that have been lodged against her, like assumptions that she only got with the R&B singer for his money. She says that wasn’t the case at all.

“You know, I think this is the typical stereotype,” she told Nancy O’Dell. “If a woman who has lesser means — even if she is successful and hard-working, does her thing in her own right — marries someone, what they call ‘marrying up,’ who has more money, they’re automatically a gold digger. … The woman is always the gold digger. … It’s kind of an insult to the men because it implies they’re not loveable.”

I think most people would say the term implies men need to keep a close eye on their wallets and an even closer one on their hearts, but Tameka’s got a bit of a point there. Considering the debacle over her Sak’s Fifth account and Usher having to reinstate that credit line post-divorce, I’m not sure her answer to the question will do much to dispell the gold digger label in her case though.

Moving along to a much more important topic, Tameka also touched on the loss of her 11-year-old son Kile Glover just a few months ago. Understandably, she told Nancy:

“I think I’m still in shock. I think this will probably be the greatest pain I will ever experience, losing him. But, it gave me strength beyond measure and it made me determined to fight for my other [children].”

So far it isn’t clear whether Tameka indicated that the fight is over, or if she’s still pushing to bring her two youngest sons back home with her. As we all know, Usher was granted custody of Usher V and Nayvid last month, and Tameka’s appeal of the judge’s decision was subsequently denied so it’s anyone’s guess what her next course of action might be. Many are likely wondering why her new route appears to be speaking out to media outlets about something so private and tragic so soon, but Tameka implies she had no choice in the matter.

“You know I wouldn’t even be speaking if … you know, my ex hadn’t spoke out first,” she said. “I kind of just felt like it was time to clear a few things up. I have been very guarded and protected.”

Check out the clip of the interview below. Is Tameka making you rethink your opinion of her at all?

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  • Unconditional22

    Tameka is a gold digger.

    Check her background .

    This is all karma . Did you see what she did to her ex husband & past boyfriends.

  • How did Usher and Tameka ever get married? Thier bickering is nonstop, their hatred towards one another intensifies by the hour, and they still can’t fighting over their children. HOW did they ever have enough love to even concieve those two chillens in the first place? I don’t see the attraction between them at all. It’s a relationship in need of professional intervention.

  • Streets

    “Considering the debacle over her Sak’s Fifth account and Usher having to reinstate that credit line post-divorce.”

    Wait, wasn’t the Sak’s card a discount card, and not a charge card? So what does that card have to do with allegations of Tameka being a gold digger? And if Usher agreed to it during the initial settlement, isn’t he sort of a prick for revoking it out of spite. He seems like a spiteful dude who isn’t happy if he can’t have his way.

    “Many are likely wondering why her new route appears to be speaking out to media outlets about something so private and tragic so soon..”

    WTF?! Wasn’t Usher just on OWN crying to Oprah?! But you’re wondering why Tameka is speaking out.

    What have I learned from this Raymond vs. Raymond mess? Women love Usher more than they love each other. Pitiful.

  • diggy.p

    What the H E LL is she talking about?

  • Kim

    That made absolutely no sense

  • Nici

    Usher is a Bastard. Point. Blank.PERIOD.

    The media and public NEVER liked Tameka because she wasn’t the “ideal” woman everyone thought he would be with, namely light bright, long hair, and damn near white.

    What type of man takes the sons from a mother who just lost her other child to death? Then days after the ruling leaks a pic of her kids with his new woman?

    • it has to be alot going on with the mother for a judge to rule against her for guardianship….. is it better to leave children with a parent who is unattached… or leave them there and her neglect gets them hurt. We have no idea what the relationship is like between her and the kids…I think THEIR best interest comes first….not hers

  • Kelly

    O.K, I realize this comment is caddy (and is meant to be) but, what the hell did she do to her top lip? Lol….I wish folks would stop getting these lip injections that make the look weird. It’s so obvious. So anyway, back to the regularly scheduled program…Lol #sidenote

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t think it implies he’s not lovable…it implies that you are not capable of loving him without his money. Tameka needs to stop acting like no one knows the pre-Usher back story.

  • Yokessm

    I feel bad for her, I wouldn’t hug usher with a homeless body, he is disgusting to me.


    Obviously if a man thinks/or says you are a gold digger they do not love you, hence coining the word so they dont connect/love with a woman who they believe is a gold digger

  • kierah

    Nooooo, I’m pretty sure “gold digger” is an insult to women. Stop trying to flip it with convoluted logic. It says nothing about the man except that he has money. There is zero commentary on his lovable status. Chile, please!
    It’s better to have folks think you’re a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.

    • Taj801

      I believe Tameka has a point! Some men internally may not deem himself loveable enough even with his riches, which is why some men use it to attract women. In general, what is the motive of a rich man looking for a woman? Is he baiting women with his riches? If so, then he will surely attract a gold digger or two. It’s up to him to discern the difference. He knows if he’s looking for a wife or just wants to have fun. I don’t believe Tameka is a gold digger. Give her some credit for having a successful career before she met Usher. I am sure that is one of the qualities that attracted him to her. I agree with Tameka, why accuse a woman of being a gold digger who has her own but marries someone with more?! Don’t you want a man who has more than you or at least, is on an even playing field? If I was making six figures, I would want to partner with someone on that level too unless he has some really sound potential and is on a promising path. Money ain’t everything but it is important. I’d think moreso for a woman with kids already. Black women are always called gold diggers while the Asian or blonde woman working as a waitress, who meets and marries a rich hollywood star, becomes known as the “LUCKY waitress” that met and married a rich star. She’s never publicly called a gold digger! Tameka has been drug through the mud (especially by her own people) for far too long. She’s been quiet up till now (although I’ve heard about her few twitter rants) so, if after all these years, even through her bereavement and her losses, if she chooses to speak out now to a national audience she should. Usher is not innocent and I don’t respect what he’s done….momma’s boy!

    • Lanier

      Tameka’s right. It doesn’t automatically make her a gold digger to marry a dude with money. And wasn’t she getting $8k a month after the divorce. That’s not exactly huge money for a woman who was married to a mega star.