Put It On Instagram So We Know It’s Real: Diddy And Cassie Share Their Love For Each Other With The Haters

September 24, 2012  |  


In Twitter/Instagram lurking news, Mr. Playa Playa, aka Diddy, and his rumored boo, Cassie, decided to be a bit open about their feelings for one another through their Twitter pages today. For the most part, it has been just pure speculation that the mogul and model/singer/whatever-you-feel-like-calling-her were an item, but they’ve been very lovey-dovey lately. From butt grabbing in public to Cassie’s cryptic/angry messages to the haters that she has been in a committed relationship with “someone” for a LONG time and is “sooooo in LOVE with HIM!”, things have been getting really real.

Today, things got interesting. It all started when Cassie posted the photo below of Diddy getting his jet-ski on shirtless and with a fitted cap on. When she posted it via her Instagram, she captioned the photo with, “.love.him.” And if you were wondering, the emoticon next to her proclamation below is the smiley face with hearts on the eyes.

Followers were excited for her, and of course, about the same amount of followers threw a bit of shade for her to catch. For example:

“Is he going to marry you though? Does he love you that much?”

“About time he claimed you!”

“You forgot to add love him……& his money lol”

” I knew ya’ll were f***ing!!!”

Always so eloquent with their feelings aren’t they? Anyway, Diddy got wind of the photo, and he retweeted, adding, “I am blessed!”

Instagram – Cassie/@CassieSuper

He also proceeded to post a photo of Cassie looking all dolled up and with that damn signature half-shaven cut. His caption: “I’m a very lucky man #knowthat” She retweeted his response for her followers, just so they know ish is real.

Instagram – Diddy/@iamdiddy

Well, there you have it, folks. And if you say “Who cares?” know that you do, especially if you’re in the post. Anywho, now that you #knowthat as Diddy would say, we can all rest peacefully at night knowing that 42-year-old Diddy has finally found an interesting way to claim his 26-year-old love interest after all these years. It seemed to be important to her for him to do so (as I’m sure it would be important to any woman), as some people just assumed she was a side piece messing around for tracks while he still got cozy with other ladies. Maybe she might be the one to get him to finally settle down, or maybe, she might end up in a Kim Porter type of situation. Either way, they’ve taken their love to the streets! Stay tuned ya’ll…

What are your thoughts on their professions of…love/like/something like that?

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  • Rick

    Um, I don’t know if puffy, sean whatever he’s calling himself this year knows this but nobody has been checkin for him for quite some time now so what’s up with the announcements. Nobody cares brotha ;- )

  • Bored Ta Death!

    Lawd ha’ mercy. I can’t. Like, it’s not even hate but the truth. The only woman he will ever stay faithful to is his mother. Thems the facts. So it’s all in the moment and more power to him for trying to make it official. Meanwhile, nobody but his li’l fans are jumping out of their seats. I loved Diddy seasons ago when he was about somethin.

  • shelshel

    Who am I to say I hope its real?! What type of person would I be if I would say “he will never marry her” Honestly I really don’t care about their love life. I just like Cassie because she seems like a really nice girl. But then again I don’t know them personally…..so……who cares! P.S Clarke the only reason why i clicked on because I thought that he had proposed to her. Not because she professed her love to him ON INSTAGRAM. And he just stated that he is lucky. Lucky is not Love!!! So your HEADLINES is false!

    • Come Again?

      Clearly you misread or completely misunderstood the headline. It says nothing of a proposal. Instagram was the key word Miss Lady.

  • quest

    He would get back with J-Lo if she would take him back!

  • CP

    No. He is not going to marry her. He goes through women just changing clothes everyday and blowing money everyday. Diddy needs to sit down somewhere.

    • TRUTH IS

      How about he sit on the floor lol. Cassie is young and will learn. P. Pissy has major issues being loyal.

  • Hello_Kitty81

    And who cares!

  • Shanell

    What happened to the baby Cassie announced that she was pregnant with some months back before her single dropped? Did she miscarry?

    • TRUTH IS

      maybe abort….

  • Yokessm

    What the hell ever, Cassie girl, is that the highlight of your day today? Are you going to break out singing “me and you”? Boo! This man does not respect you and neither do we, have a sit next to Kim porter.

  • Celestial A4

    No shade. But all he said was he was a lucky man not I’m in love with her. Just my observation.

  • Jennifer

    Good for them.I see Kim Porter number 2 in the making. Not throwing shade just telling it like i see it.

  • Quietstorm83

    Diddy has stated he doesn’t want to get married and can’t see himself with one woman. I think it was on Rev. Runs show…think he told Rev. that. Hope she not waiting for a ring!

  • He claimed her when he sang,

    “Baby we’ve been living in sin ’cause we’ve been really in love

    But we’ve been living as friends

    So you’ve been a guest in your own home

    It’s time to make your house your home

    Pick up your phone, come on.” ~ Coming Home

  • JustSayin

    What does it matter? Do people still talk about Stedman for not marrying Oprah? If P.Diddy is in love with Cassie then that who he is in love with. Its been years… not months or weeks. So if their relationship doesn’t work out I’m sure it lasted longer than a few (nobody) relationships. Kim Porter and P.Diddy were together for a while and I’m sure she was happy. People will always find a way to rain on someone’s parade.. even if that means them spitting from the roof tops.

  • flyguy

    Whydo they have to tell us anything

  • Kay

    *yawns* everybody already knew they was bumpin uglies…