Jealous Guys In Your Town? 8 Ways To Tell Your Boyfriend Is Envious Of Your Success

October 10, 2012 ‐ By Toya Sharee


It’s bad enough that as women, many of us have to deal with cattiness, jealousy and envy amongst both friends and foes alike as soon as we step out the door each day; but resentment within your own bedroom can be extremely cancerous to an otherwise solid relationship.  I remember a serious relationship I had with a guy who would fight me over the mirror.  And don’t let us go out and a stranger, man or woman, compliment my hair or outfit, suddenly I was bombarded with sarcastic comments like, “Oh, so what you think you’re the ish now?”  Instead of being proud of having me on his arm, he was offended that he wasn’t the main feature in the random flattery.  It was almost as if it could never be just about me.

It’s natural to feel a little slighted when it seems as if life goes so well for others, while you’re always dealt a bad hand.  It can even be hard to be happy for others when you’re unfulfilled with yourself, especially when that success is close enough for you to sleep next to.  But a relationship is about supporting the person you care for, and in many ways being a part of their happiness should make you feel the same way by default.  Mismanaged jealously and competitiveness can cause cracks that can eventually make a relationship crumble.

If your guy regularly displays the following signs, he may be too busy attending his own pity party to celebrate your success:

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  • NicPal

    This was my ex thank God he delivered me AMEN! Thanks for the article:)

  • Your’e on Point with that one

    OMG! You are so right! I just broke up with my cancer boyfriend for the same reason. He was always talking about himself. Another female cancer, unfortunately, my mom, would always replace my accomplishments with either something she was doing or how she contributed to my it. Darn Haters!!

  • JustSayin

    This article should be titled, “How to tell if your boyfriend is a hater!” Some men have to find their own way. It is not “who they are dating” but “where they are in life” that is the problem. To me? If a man is being a hater then he should reevaluate his life. He needs to look at why he is unhappy. If he needs your assistance then happily support him and step in. But; if he doesn’t? Just support him in the way he allows you to. Everyone (no matter what race) has to find their own way and some people find it later than others. But don’t allow him to hold you back because he is scared to move forward.

  • hollyw

    He pushed me down the stairs.

    I mean, he was drunk and they were, like, the last two steps, but STILL. To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised; he had been handsy all night and had already issued the “can’t you let me be the Man?!” earlier in the evening when I bought my own drink…b/c he took me up to the bar, ordered for me, then walked away to talk to some friends =| Smh, second and LAST date.

  • JaneDoe

    I was in a 4 yr relationship with my son’s father and he came over one night. I had just gotten home and didn’t get a chance to put away any of my stuff. It just so happened that my savings passbook was left out on my dresser. He felt the need to open it and be nosey. Weeks later we got into it about some money issues and he brought up the fact that I was the one sitting on money and he wasn’t. So he didn’t expect me to expect him to pay for the vacation we took. This went on for months. I wanted to by some realestate at the time to flip and make some money b/c the market was good and I ended up not doing it because his little feelings would have been hurt. Needless to say I ended up feeling sorry for him each and everytime he played the guilt card on me until my savings was completely depleted. I know they say in relationships you should be open and honest but for me that was a big lesson learned. Some information doesn’t need to be shared