14 Most Useful Degrees In Today’s World

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For college students with undecided degrees, first time college go-ers, or those looking to go back to school for another college degree, this list is for you! Here are 14 of the best and most helpful college degrees in 2012. These degrees are in high-demand and are bound to present several different job opportunities.


Computer Engineering degree

Computer Engineering is in high demand as companies need to hire employees who know the steps to designing and developing systems and software for company computers and networks.


Marketing degree

The increase of businesses, both online and off, has created a large demand for people with knowledge in marketing so that companies can gain ground and grow.


Criminal Justice degree

Lawyers and law enforcement are two jobs that will never go out of style, so a criminal justice degree can be put to good use.


Education degree

A degree in education is always worthwhile, especially in today’s world with a growing youth that needs teachers in school.


Computer Science degree

Knowing how computers work and how to create computer programs definitely comes in handy in a virtual, computer-based world.


Nursing degree

With the elderly getting older and new babies being born each day, nursing is a degree that you can never go wrong with.


Accounting degree

Accounting is a helpful degree due to the fact that so many businesses, both small and large, are in need of an accountant (or CPA), who can balance the budget, process tax forms, and so on.


Journalism degree

Many companies are looking for employees who can write and express information in the form of words, in both print and online.


Information Science degree

The ability to create a website and/or a computer system will go far, so this degree is well worth the time and effort.


Business Administration degree

Knowing how to properly run a business and lead a team are important skills that are widely sought after.


Finance degree

A degree in economics or finance is worthwhile, even in today’s poor economy since there is always room for more economic perspectives and knowledge.


Engineering degree

Both mechanical and electrical engineering degrees are in high demand.


Management Information Systems degree

Knowing how technology, the Internet, and computers can be used to advance a business is definitely much needed knowledge.


Psychology degree

A psychology degree holds all sorts of promise since so it offers so many job opportunities including psychiatry, social work, research, and more.


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  • Sd

    Hmmm…. what is this information based on, so vague and naive. Such a bad combination, wonder whats gonna happen to the poor souls that pick a degree from here

  • Khonir

    What a bullshit article , where are the sciences? they’ve proven to be a lot more useful then psychology or journalism

    • khonir


  • Lazy journalism. See, there is nothing really extraordinary about any of these degrees. They are evergreen degrees, valid at any time. The “today’s world” part of the headline is completely irrelevant. There is no research done on present times behind this, nothing that says “THIS is booming right now. If you did a degree in THIS, you have a high chance of getting a job.” I would really love to see an article with solid research backing it up.

  • Med School Odyssey

    This article is a perfect example for why the unemployment rate among people with those degrees is so obscenely high. Good luck finding a job with an undergraduate degree in psychology or any of those, with the exception of engineering.

  • Noirling

    Teaching? Really? How about being a doctor or a lawyer?

    • sinshoup

      And what’s wrong with being a professional blogger when one grows up???
      Especially in this day/age of “social media”-mania imposed upon us via our computers, iPads, cell phones, tablets, (and whatever else is coming in the future).
      Not to mention the growing celebrities & corporations which have a need for their Facebook & Twitter accounts, pages & posts to be maintained.
      Stop for a moment and consider all the newspapers, books & other print journalism, T.V.. radio, computers, magazines, e-zines & e-books that all offer steady & varied employment for Journalism Majors.
      With all of the latest gadgetry, there’s now even a huge demand for Technical Writers.
      These individuals write the user manuals that one finds upon opening their new flat screen TV or other electronic purchase. Technical Writers also write the repair manuals that the technicians use to fix those same gadgets.
      It seems that you can benefit from the work of a Journalism Major, by picking up a book or newspaper and by listening to the latest news on a TV or radio.
      Because judging by the content of your post, you seem neither well-educated nor well-informed.

      • Noirling

        I happen to be a Technical Writer with a Master’s Degree in English. NOT JOURNALISM. If you want a degree in Journalism, you can look forward to being out of a job.


  • Starbright

    There is not any other science degree except computer science. I am one class away from having a degree in Environmental Geosciences, with a minor in geology and that is a major where you are not limited to work just in the United States. With this B.S. or master’s (most higher paying jobs require a master’s these days), you can get a job virtually anywhere in the world. I am not knocking business majors, but I would not want to be a business major in this economy right now. There are a lot of people I personally know in this field who can’t find a job.

  • lee

    the lack of mention for the recent push for more STEM majors is a bit strange. Also, undergrads with psych degrees have some of the highest unemployment rates at the moment.

  • walter17

    just give me a list instead of this scrolling hell i have to put up with.

  • GeekMommaRants

    Mathematics is the best degree to have! One can do and go anywhere on this planet. A four year degree or a graduate degree in Mathematics, will allow anyone to have literally hundreds of positions from Scientific Research to IT and Medicine. The world becomes your oyster!!

  • jr bubpkus

    I don’t think there are enough commercials and pop-ups on this site. Please add more so I can get even less information. I couldn’t even stand trying to go through the slides. Looked like it may be interesting since my son is looking into careers, but I guess I’ll get the information elsewhere.

  • Tyler the Engineer

    Criminal justice is ranked too high. You don’t need a major in criminal justice to be a policeman or lawyer. The best degrees for law school, based on the LSAT are Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, in that order.

    At Cornell, Wall Street hires more Engineering Physics majors than Economics majors to predict stock rises and falls. These people are great with math and predicting the stock market takes a lot of math. Who knows more about applied math than a mix of a physicist and an engineer?

    You don’t have to be an education major to teach. In fact, the best teachers I had in high school majored in the subject they were teaching or had engineering backgrounds that dealed with that subject. My physics teacher was a former civil engineer, best teacher in our school district. My chemistry teacher had a M.S. in Chemical Engineering and worked for 30 years in the USSR as a chemical engineer. She was hard to understand, but she was smart and could answer any question.

    The best degrees are: any type of engineering, computer science, any type of physics, any type of chemistry, any type of mathematics, and others. I chose those majors, because of the depth of knowledge needed to get the degree. These degrees can get you a job in many fields, even outside the discipline, and can get you high paying jobs as well. This makes them the most attracive majors, because of the doors they open.

  • hhhlen

    No good. Medicine or some of the more obscure but growing law options like environmental law would be better. Not that there is anything wrong with being a teacher, but an education degree is NOT a good way to ensure a job right now.

  • lee

    Logistics and supply chain degree…why not on this list?

  • Edd

    Is this based on any published data or is this an opinion piece?

  • Kyle

    Psychiatry is not something you can practice with an undergraduate psychology degree. Psychiatry is a medical specialty and requires an MD or DO degree and a residency. Clinical psychology generally requires a PhD or PsyD and a license.

  • Carley

    You dont have cyber law on there…

  • andrerrcf

    If any of the above gets sick, who do they seek to heal? Where is the medical degree? Bias article

  • Ki

    Ummmm what about sciences?! Too much of a focus on business degrees. Biased article.

  • Hospitality, graphic art design?

    • hjhj


  • Lucas

    She mentions 4 different types of computer degrees, 6 different types of business school degrees, but not a single one from Beta-sciences. Who does this girl think is going to get her her cure for cancer or affordable flying cars, middle management!?!

  • still dissapointed

    Wow, you actually removed my comment. Again dissapointed

  • Dissapointed

    When were any of these careers not in? None of these careers are new. This was a pathetic attempt at an article, seemed like a rushed last minute entry

  • Thomas

    You know what all those jobs need in the workplace…. Human Resources….I recently graduated with HRM degree and got a job as soon as I applied!

  • GeekMommaRants

    Information technology degrees also cover graphic design. Graphic Design now has it’s own programming language GPL. This is usually a C or Java development environment. So, if one is nterested in doing Graphics and Marketing design, programming languages are what one needs.

  • CarmyneRevolver

    Psychology degree. I had a sigh of relief when I saw that.

    • same here

    • Take this from a psychology graduate related to and friends with many others who made the same Psychology degree choice. I totally believed this person knew what they were talking about until I saw them endorse the psychology degree. That is total crap unless you BOTH get a graduate degree AND spend a great deal of time during school interning and volunteering and collecting recommendation letters very specific to whatever job you want to get. I regret with indescribable passion my decision to major in psychology and the fact that I fell for “Psychology majors go into so many different fields” sales pitch. The reason psychology majors go into so many different fields is because they don’t get jobs in psychology. More specifically, a psychology major does not get you a job so the results are going to be all over the place. Do your research – you can find statistics about what those jobs actually are and the term “Administrative Assistant” is seen a lot. I had people who tried to tell me what a useless degree it was but I ignored them and just paid attention to any little scrap on information I could find to make me feel better about my odds. Don’t do it. Not unless you are willing to all that interning, volunteering, research assistant menial labor, and have a very specific plan of what you want to do and how you plan on getting there. Oh, and you have to do it from the very beginning- squeezing in some token volunteer work during your senior year will get you nothing. Sorry, but if you picked a major because you weren’t sure what you wanted to do and just picked what sounded like the one that gave you the most options (so you didn’t have to make a real decision) then be prepared for it to turn out badly.

  • I don’t think this is accurate no Culinary degree?No Graphic Arts degree?I refuse to settle for these typical careers I will be a Culinary graduate and I’m proud!!Lol

  • Yay I’m getting my nursing degree in December

    • gracie


    • GeekMommaRants

      All the best!!! Yaay!

    • jj


    • jj


    • who cares